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  1. @ArmandoDM All seems to be working here now. Thank you for getting this resolved.
  2. @ArmandoDM Unfortunately still no luck here either.
  3. I'm afraid I'm still only getting 10 results, despite clearing the cache and logging out/in.
  4. Hi @ArmandoDM This is set to 8,000. The change in export results has happened recently - we were able to export all assets correctly at the end of last week. And having checked again, it's actually only 10 results we're getting, my apologies. Thanks Louise
  5. Hi @ArmandoDM We see over 7,000 in the list, and when we export it we only get 11. With the list filtered to approx 75 assets, we still only get 11 in the export. Thanks
  6. As of this morning, when we try and export from our Asset list, we only get 11 records returned. The actual records do change depending on filters applied, but we are expecting much larger numbers. Almost as if it's only returning the top 11 of the list. Any ideas what could be going on here?
  7. Is there a way to bulk assign assets to a Supplier and Contract? Currently it seems as though I need to assign each individual asset to the Supplier and then go in to the contract and link them. There doesn't seem to be any way to see if an asset is already linked from the asset list, either. Have I missed something? If not, is there any way this process can be improved - it's not really practical when we get into larger numbers of assets.
  8. @AlexTumber Thank you for this. It's certainly a change that we would find very useful. It would also be very useful to have a more straightforward way of linking assets, suppliers and contracts - would you prefer me to raise that in a separate thread?
  9. Hi Frank Thanks for the reply and info. That's a shame - we're going to need a lot more than 500!
  10. We're looking at implementing Supplier Management and would like to check if there's a limit to the number of assets than can be linked to a supplier or to a contract? We have a little over 5,000 assets for one of our suppliers. Thanks
  11. @Ehsan at the moment we're unable to raise anything at all, or even view changes - is there a problem?
  12. I've just raised a change and am having the same problem.
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