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  1. We have a couple of emails that are triggered once a change is scheduled. As of this morning they are not displaying the scheduled date/time - the emails just show the {{.H_start_time|formatLocalTime}} The fields are being populated in the Change Request and other fields in the email are working correctly. Nothing has been changed in the workflow or email template. Any ideas what's going on?
  2. Thanks @Steve Giller, that was the bit I was missing!
  3. Hi I have several software assets that have linked assets. I've been asked to produce a report of the linked assets but cannot figure out how to make it work - where do I find the link between the software asset and the assets that are linked to it? Thanks
  4. Hi I have a catalog item I use for testing captures and workflows. Currently it doesn't seem to be working correctly - it looks as though it's using our default capture - it's asking for asset information which doesn't even exist in the capture it should be using. Is this a known issue? (this is for Incidents, by the way)
  5. @Steve Giller @Steven Boardman That looks like just what I need! Thank you both
  6. Hi I've been asked to add a warning or popup or similar if a certain type of request is raised on a Friday or Saturday. At the moment I can only think of a RequestNotice based on a decision, but I can't figure out how to get the day of the week in the decision expression - it seems that I can only use fields from the variable picker and can't manipulate them in an appropriate way. Anyone got any ideas? Or would like to point out something really obvious that I'm missing?
  7. Hi This feature was included on the latest update. Is there anywhere in the settings we can switch it off please? Thanks
  8. Hi @Steve Giller this is using the Sites form
  9. In case it helps, we've had the exact same issue in the past
  10. Hi @James Ainsworth Yep, that's what I'd expect to see too. But it's not there. We only have the Company Sites showing, and should have about 4 pages available.
  11. Hi When raising a request, we're currently only able to see the first page of our list of sites. We can find the site using the search function, but this is less convenient and is causing many grumbles. Any ideas what's going on? Thanks
  12. Hi Steve Is this a new change? It used to be that the background in the portal was blue but the background on the document library was, as with the request list, boards etc, white, which is what I was expecting to see. I don't want to have to change the background on the home page, but can't direct people to this as it's bordering unreadable.
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