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  1. Thanks @ArmandoDM Is there any way this functionality could be added? - it's something we'd find very useful.
  2. Is it possible to restrict what shows in the search when clicking the Asset action button in a request? We only want to be able to see the assets for the Site the request is raised for. We've restricted the progressive capture to show only the correct assets, but have realised that the Asset action button then gives people the opportunity to search and link all assets belonging to the customer. How can we prevent this happening (ideally without removing the button altogether)? Thanks
  3. Previously when raising a change we would be presented with a list of the relevant sites at this point, but as of today, we get no sites and clicking on the Company Sites button results in the Loading Sites... message and the spinning icon which never progresses. This was working yesterday, though apparently a little slowly. Has anything changed that might be causing this?
  4. Hi James I've been working with Nick on this. This does seem to be exactly what's going on... hopefully we can figure out a simple way round it now we know what's happening. Many thanks - I don't think I would have found that on my own. Regards Louise
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