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  1. @Keith Stevenson our instance now seems to be running a lot smoother with no errors. Thanks for looking/resolving this so quickly!
  2. +1 We are also seeing issues with Hornbill and are not able to connect!
  3. Hi @Deen, I was wondering if you have been able to query this with the dev's at all? Thanks, Jack
  4. Thanks @Deen - much appreciated!
  5. Hi guys, Has anyone else noticed that "Calibri" as a font is missing from the main email section within Hornbill? By default our email templates are of this font but if we manually send an email out this is missing. From within a ticket is fine: When composing a new email from the "email" section: Thanks, Jack
  6. @Ehsan thank you for this. Also thanks again for the patch release, we have had no more issues reported of error's so fingers crossed this is all resolved!
  7. Hi @Paul Alexander I am interested to know more about the 'restart last step' within the request you mentioned in initial post. Is this something you have configured yourself in a BP? Thanks, Jack
  8. Hi @Ehsan, We are also experiencing this issue across the majority of our tickets on this build. Is it possible to apply this patch to our instance or give us an ETA on the release? Thanks in advanced, Jack
  9. Thanks @Victor! At least there is a cause - the reason why we did this initially was to keep all our custom templates separate to the inbuilt ones without having to delete them. Hopefully this can be fixed Jack
  10. Hi guys, We are pushing out a new catalog service and are trying to set the default "email template" to be used for this (Service Portfolio > Service > Config > Email Template) but are experiencing issues. The list is blank except for 1 we have created and some of the ones already included with out instance. We have tried in Chrome, IE and Firefox and the issue persists. Has anyone else encountered this before and knows how to resolve? Thanks
  11. @James Ainsworth Thanks James - we will await the collaboration update and will discuss internally whether we can make do without custom roles to completely remove access if its needed Jack
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