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  1. @AlexTumber Thank you for the speedy reply and resolution! Jack
  2. Hi guys, We have a new user who is unable to add timesheet entries on any tickets within Service Manager, they are getting the error "the specified timesheet does not exist". They are assigned the "TimesheetManager User" role and are setup as per all other users who are able to use this functionality. Has anyone come across this at all? Thanks, Jack
  3. Hi guys, In one of our Business Processes we make a decision on a the ticket requestors job title to decide whether or not what they have requested needs additional authorisation and if so will send an email to their line manager. This is working fine in the existing BPM with the "flowcode" entries in the expressions however when we have gone to add additional "OR" parameters we do not have an option to select Customer Job Title. Can anyone point us in the right direction? Thanks, Jack
  4. Hi guys, When emails are automatically created via routing rules into our instance the BPM is failing and the below message is displayed. This looks to have started this morning and is affecting all tickets Thanks, Jack
  5. Hi @James Ainsworth Again apologies for my delayed response. I have tried incognito mode across Chrome, Brave, IE and Edge - I have also tried this across multiple different machines and still running into this issue. Odd one! Thanks, Jack
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, its been a busy week internally! This is being done from the Database Direct section of the system. I have just tried again for my weekly reporting and its still a problem for us. If you need any more information please let me know. Thanks, Jack
  7. Hi guys, We query the database directly for reporting purposes to give us the information we require. For the past two weeks when trying to export this information we are getting the below error - we noticed this on the 19th October and was fine on the 12th October. We have tried in different browsers but are still facing the same issue. Can anyone advise? Thanks, Jack
  8. @Martyn Houghton thank you for keeping me in the loop with this, its very much appreciated! Cheers, Jack
  9. Hi @Martyn Houghton Ah wonderful, at least its not just us! Thanks for the heads up when its being updated via the workflow, we haven't come across that yet ourselves. Again, thank you for taking the time to look at our steps to replicate - much appreciated! Do you have an open support ticket or is this been looked into via the forum? If via the forum I will follow the thread you have raised Cheers, Jack
  10. Hi guys, We are having an issue whereby when adding time to a ticket, this isn't always added meaning entries are missed. We have raised this before (back in 2018) but this still appears to be an issue that our team face on a daily basis. Time is one of our KPI's and its hard to challenge anyone on this when the system doesn't always log time unless you are specifically checking each entry, every time which isn't very efficient. We have checked the categories and these are set correctly. However we do seem to be able to replicate the issue on our instance - it appears to be not adding time just after sending an email until you either do a full refresh of the browser or come out and go back into the ticket. 1. Open ticket 2. Send an email to the customer 3. Click the update button and add an update to the ticket, add time and click "update" - the update goes to the timeline but the time doesn't appear on the time sheet We have tried this in Chrome, IE and Firefox so suspect it not to be a browser issue. Any help on this would be great. Thanks, Jack
  11. @Keith Stevenson Hi Keith, Sorry to hijack someone else's post but we too are having this issue with users with ADFS rather than Azure AD - could this problem be applicable to us to? If so, is it possible to patch our instance? We have checked the other post and again, no issues with unicode characters being used in account names. Thanks, Jack
  12. Hi @Keith Stevenson, This has been happening on multiple machines both at our head office and remote workers. It appears as though things are pretty much back to normal now in terms of speed and the errors have gone away. We will keep an eye on it. Many thanks, Jack
  13. The health check is now failing for our instance
  14. Hi guys, Is anyone else experiencing quite a bit of slowness on their instance today? We are also seeing multiple errors (below) when trying to browse through tickets, add updates etc. (phservicedesk) We have run a status check but this is coming back clear. Thanks, Jack
  15. @Gerry @Ehsan thank you for getting back to me on this. Like I said, I favour the continuous delivery method but this along with a couple of other changes recently in addition to this have caused us issue in house although you are clearly well aware and are trying to avoid any impact to us as customers which I appreciate. @Ehsan as per @sprasad's comments there are statuses that were able to be used before to stop allocation of tickets which do not stop this assignment since the update so we would appreciate any patch/amendment to our instance too unless we have the flexibility to change this ourselves any time soon? Thanks again, Jack
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