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  1. @CarrieM I always use Regex101 for testing this kind of thing, it shows you what matches, explains the match string (see below), and has a searchable list of tokens to help you work out how to construct it. It's made me look a lot better at regex than i really am on a number of occasions!
  2. I've not seen that error message but my first thought would be to check that all the branches within a Parallel Process are connected to the End Parallel Process node.
  3. I think the Associating a Group to Hornbill User Accounts section may be of interest here.
  4. @David Longley Have you tried pushing the Change Type to the Timeline for troubleshooting purposes? That way you will be able to see exactly what value you are comparing against.
  5. @David Longley I think the issue is the Team Name, possibly it was changed since you created that node.
  6. The only way I can recreate that is to Open the Bell Notification dropdown Right-click and open in a new tab/window Move to the new tab/window without closing the dropdown Make the updates in the new window Go back to the initial window. Even then, closing the dropdown clears the notification.
  7. I think the information you're looking for is at the foot of the Service Manager Notification Settings page under the Email Notification Templates heading.
  8. The simplest way is to set up a routing rule to catch Out Of Office replies with a higher priority than the Update Request rule.
  9. @Stuart Torres-Catmur The settings for this action are shown here: You can choose whether emails applied to requests are automatically archived, and if so to which folder. If you create a folder called, for example, Applied To Requests then clearing the Deleted Items folder will not affect these emails.
  10. Is it visible in the mailbox? If it's been deleted and then removed from the Deleted Items folder then it won't be available for viewing.
  11. Admin Tool Build Number: 1259 has this update. Your current build can be viewed from the About option in the Admin Console. The release will be applied automatically during your maintenance window and announced on the forum. It is currently completing testing and will be released asap.
  12. We have reproduced this issue internally and are investigating the cause. Where possible we'd recommend using the CSV option until we can supply a fix.
  13. You can use the forcerun=true switch to force the new import to start (documentation on the wiki) The logs for the import will be stored on the machine that you are running it on, any errors will be detailed in the logs.
  14. Have you reviewed the common issues in the following two FAQs? These cover most of the caveats that crop up with Routing Rules. The REGEX you have there will match the subject you have posted, so the issue appears to be after the match has been made.
  15. Can you post the subject line it's matching against? (Minus any sensitive information, of course)
  16. @Stephen.whittle It's been a while and the image was removed for privacy reasons as mentioned, but if I remember correctly there were examples with CN=Surname\, Firstname and CN=Surname, Firstname - as noted one has the comma escaped with a '\' character and the other does not, and the two options will produce different values to match on.
  17. @Adrian Simpkins I've only just spotted this - firstly, I've removed the images - there was personal information on there that is probably not suitable for a public forum. From the error message it would appear that the distinguishedName does not match your regex for the import, my first instinct is that it is the CN=Surname\, Firstname is being broken by the \ character, so the first thing I'd check is whether the managers that do import are CN=Surname, Firstname without the \ If the working ones are missing the \ you have two options: adjust the entries in AD to all fit the same template or adjust the Regex to cater for the \ If not, please post back and someone will pick it up for you.
  18. Yes, this is correct. The sorting is case sensitive, so you will get [A-Z] then [a-z]
  19. @Adrian Simpkins Where are you trying to sort them? There are sorting options (Asc/Desc/None) when using a Simple List in a custom form, for example - see this thread:
  20. @Adrian Simpkins I have added your request to this exisiting thread as we have a change in the backlog and this should get you added to it.
  21. As indicated by @Joe above, the switch of has been delayed : https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/exchange-team-blog/basic-authentication-and-exchange-online-april-2020-update/ba-p/1275508
  22. That may be one where the number of QoL updates managed to outpace the documentation, I'll look into it.
  23. Hi @RIchard Horton Is this what you're after? If so, ensure that no nodes are highlighted, then click on the connector so it (and nothing else) is highlighted, then right-click the connector and you can insert a node.
  24. @Jeremy If you are simply wanting to exclude Out Of Office replies then you can put a rule before the Update From Email rule that, for example, moves the Out Of Office to a subfolder - this will prevent the Update From Email rule from firing.
  25. @HGrigsby In the Auto Task, under Manage Process Settings there is a For Entity option. This needs to be set to Requests in order for it to appear in the dropdown for a Request.
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