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  1. @IT Specialist If the Users to be archived are all in the Disabled OU, you can exclude that OU from the main User Import, and then run a second Import on just the Disabled OU to mark all of those Users as Archived (and perform any other actions deemed necessary.)
  2. This was also spotted internally, it appears that the menu is there, but not visible - if you move the mouse to where the required menu item should be you will see the mouse pointer change and can even click the invisible option. This has been fixed and is working its way through testing before release. In the meantime the workaround is, as you've noticed, to refresh the page; or, if you're confident, just to click where your menu item should be ...
  3. As far as I'm aware this is not going to be developed further, and if anything is more likely to be removed from the Product. We would recommend exploring whether you can use Progressive Capture to achieve what you need with Quick Requests.
  4. I'm not aware of any, but that doesn't mean there aren't. On the other hand, that does somewhat go against the principle of a codeless environment.
  5. @samwoo The error is correct. There is no such context variable as: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getReqInformation"]["customField26"]+1]
  6. @Drew Davies Sorry, my mistake - I think I misread the error. It's the {{.status}} that's not being accepted. The Tool translates the active/suspended/archived to the correct numeric value. Can I check that you're using the SQL User Import tool? If so which version are you using, and what is your Data Source?
  7. @HGrigsby From the error this looks like a Service Manager Board - is that correct?
  8. @Drew Davies Active and Archived are display values - in the database you need to use 0 for Active and 2 for Archived.
  9. Please be aware that the settings on the wiki are examples, and may or may not match the setup of your Active Directory and Hornbill Users. i.e. If your AD Users are not formatted as CN=lastname\, firstname,* and/or your Hornbill h_name attribute is not firstname lastname you will need to adjust the Manager Regex and/or the Value fields accordingly. You can check precisely what value has been imported by looking at the User's record in the h_manager field of the h_sys_user_profiles table.
  10. This could simply be an incorrect setup of your import configuration. Assuming you're using the LDAP User Import then this section would deal with assigning a Manager.
  11. @7oaks It appears that Firefox may be blocking access to files.hornbill.com and/or files.hornbill.co I believe that this can be configured automatically for Chrome/Edge/IE so it may be that you need to allow/trust these endpoints manually in Firefox if this is the case.
  12. @Mark (ESC) As mentioned on the My Activities wiki page, in order to view another User's Activities you must be defined as their Manager in their Profile.
  13. I can see why you'd think that, but it's simply not correct. Even if we only take our US customers they have 6 time zones to deal with even if they don't deal outside the US - some have 2 time zones without leaving their State.
  14. Custom T is a TEXT type field - as these can hold virtually unlimited amounts of data they cannot be displayed in the Request List View. If you wish to see this data in the Request List View you'll need to use a VARCHAR type field (Custom A - O)
  15. @7oaks Are you able to let us know which Browser the User is connecting with, and whether the same issue occurs in a different browser? Is this just the one User or have any others been affected?
  16. @nasimg If the reason is so common you're looking for a snippet wouldn't it be better to have a sub-status and remove the need for a reason at all?
  17. Just to confirm that this has been added to the backlog, but there are currently no timescales attached.
  18. This isn't my area, but based on that observation I wonder whether it's a combination of a stale tab (we do refresh the open tabs but the browser will take over and put them to sleep after a time) coupled with another User changing the status to read already - so you're trying to "change" them to their current state.
  19. If you're "pushing the button" to raise the Priority could you not have "Major Incident" as a Custom Button which fires an Auto Task that raises the priority to Major and does any other actions you require?
  20. @CarolineI've moved this to the Collaboration forum as email is not part of the Service Manager application. Can you give any more details, maybe a screenshot would help. This is not an issue that we are seeing, or that any other Customers have reported as far as I can find, so any additional information that you can share would be useful.
  21. If you have no need for an (in the above example) Incident to be raised against the Service that should work fine.
  22. I believe (although someone from Service Manager may correct me here) that the statement above explains why you're seeing that behaviour, which is kind of what you're saying in your last post. The easiest way to prevent this is not to have any Services which have no CIs for Incidents and Service Requests - even if there's only one CI it will force the selection.
  23. @Alberto M Just to clarify - are you saying that it does nothing, or that it does nothing if you have a Service with no CIs? Also, where are you seeing this (lack of) behaviour? Is this in the Employee/Service/Analyst/Customer Portal? I have this set and if I select a Service only, I get this message and the Progressive Capture will not continue: When I select a CI the Capture will continue as expected.
  24. @Philip Hanlon The h_sys_audit_trail table might be a starting point, although it may not be in a format that's ideal for your report.
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