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Found 196 results

  1. Hi, We're in the middle of a 30 day switch on, configuring direct outbound routing for email. Our Information Security have asked if Hornbill supports DKIM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DomainKeys_Identified_Mail If not, is this something that is being considered for the future? Many thanks, David
  2. Not sure it this is something new introduced in one of the recent Core build or something that been present for sometime, but can I ask what triggers a 'New' email notification? The reason for asking is that one of our users this for some reason was turned on any they where getting Hornbill notifications for new 'Sent' email, rather than just for new incoming emails. Also are these notifications triggered after the routing rules are applied or before. Cheers Martyn
  3. We currently have the setting for the email composer set as: If we change this to 'message text' this will default all users to that setting, our question is do analysts need to login for this to take effect? The reason we ask is that we have found people using the 'template' view and sending emails that are not formatted correctly so wanted to change the default to be the message box. Our plan was to change this to message text then wait a few hours then change back to analyst setting hoping that the default will then be set to the message box and if people really need the template view they can then switch back to that specific one. Would this work?
  4. When attempting to attach multiple emails from outlook to a request, where the subject will be the same and hence the attachment file name, the system will report an error when attempting to add the a further email reply with the same subject line. Can we raise an enhancement for the attachment process to append a number in brackets on the end to the filename, much like your browser does when downloading the a file of the same name in to your download folder. This will allow emails from the same email trail to be added as attachments to a request by drag & drop without manual intervention. Cheers Martyn
  5. As a hospital we often send planned and unplanned notifications out to staff by all user email. We are a recently merged organisation from three previous legal entity hospitals so we have a long way to go from an infrastructure perspective until we are on single platforms/services so one of the challenges we have at the moment is coordinating multi-site wide comms being sent to all users from the respective exchange environments. We could utilise Hornbill Emails to do this for us as all users have at the very least a basic account and would receive service notifications but we like the notices we send to be purely informational and not encourage a reply as they are sent to circa 18,000 members of staff. With this in mind is anyone already doing something similar as a no-reply function within Hornbill or can suggest a way we could do this. One limitation I have noticed is when composing an email you cannot simply send to "all basic users" so what prerequisites are there to set this up? Perhaps a group on Hornbill where we simply add all LDAP imported active users. Keen to get thoughts and thanks in advance for anyone that takes the time to contribute.
  6. Can the 'Apply to Request' action from Shared Mailbox, be updated so when the email is attached to the timeline in the Service Manager request, the update includes any CC: recipients, so it is consistent with the way emails sent from Service Manager are displayed in the timeline. This will help analyst identify any new connections which need to be added as well as save time as they will not have to use the 'View Email' option to see this information. I thought this had been logged before but was not able to locate this via the forum search. Cheers Martyn
  7. Linked to earlier post for Auto Responder to include To and CC addresses in the timeline entry when new request is logged, this is an enhancement request for the same functionality when raising a new request via the Shared Mailbox - Raise New Request option. Currently this option does not include the details, but when logged by the Auto Responder it does. Example screenshot below. Cheers Martyn
  8. Hello Hornbill Forum, Has anyone managed to bypass the uniqueness requirement on email addresses when building new Contacts? We used to be able to accept raising multiple new Contacts all with the same email address, but I think a Hornbill update put a stop to it. Wondering if anyone knows of a setting to switch this check against emails off? FYI, many of our clients choose to use an internal mailing list (its@whatever.org for example) that we associate with all the contacts of the organisation. This allows all the members to receive email notifications rather than the one contact that raised an issue. It seems I can no longer add its@whatever.org to a new contact so they can join the mailing list essentially, as the email address is currently in use. The logon ids are certainly unique, but how do I switch off the uniqueness check against email addresses? Appreciate any feedback! Chris Axiell Group
  9. In our business process when tickets are logged, an email notification is sent to all members of the relevant team. We are getting bouncebacks on this, and was wondering if anyone could assist in pinpointing whats causing it. I have attached the contents of the bounceback message below From: Hornbill Postmaster Address (Removed) Date: 10:12:24 27 Apr 2020 To: DataQuestUK Email address (Removed) Subject: Undeliverable: Ticket assigned to your team - IN00009257:
  10. Hello I would like to use the functionality of Activities in tickets, the process of setting them up seems simple enough the think I do want to know is the email notification part, How to I sent this up? Where does the template live? How do I assign the template to be used for Activity notifications?
  11. Can I request an enhancement to the Email options held at a Service level, to enable the automatic inclusion of connections when opening the request 'Email Action'. Connections is a very useful facility, but is let down by the need to manually have to add the connection on to the email action each and every time you use it. This whole relies on the analyst remembering to add the connections, which with human error results in an inconsistent application. We would propose there is an options as below:- Impacted connections - option None, To, CC or BCC. Interested connections - option None, To, CC or BCC By having a setting a the Service level this can be controlled and set due to the particular needs of the the service, rather than a system wide setting. Having the options above give complete flexibility to fit different service desk needs. Cheers Martyn
  12. When sending an email from the request view 'Email' action the subject line is not included in the related timeline post. Can the subject line content be included in the post as well? Cheers Martyn
  13. Hi, Due to limitations with my SMS provider that we use for sending emails as texts (and the fact that there is no integration as yet with Hornbill for this provider), does anyone know if I can send emails as plain text from a Hornbill Automation task? I have a email template setup, and if i use the mail email application within Hornbill the email is sent as plain and html, however it appears by default it only sends html from the automate task? I know there is the app.email.request.operation.composerType, but I believe that this is just for when the technician sends an email from within the email component in the incident. Thanks James
  14. We have a number of emails that are stored in folders, some folders have over 1000 emails. When scrolling down the folder only 500 emails are shown as an alert appears stating "Reached the max records to load (500). Is there a way to up the max limit of this? Thank You Karen
  15. I have managed to set up an email routing rule that will raise a service request for any email sent to change@... The idea is for staff to raise a change request using a word change request form which will be stored in SharePoint and reviewed. If a change is authorised then a change will be raised in Hornbill and follow that BPM. The problem I have is that the word attachment gets removed when the ticket is raised in service manager All help appreciated - or recommendation on how you deal with Change Management that isn't just IT related.
  16. Hi, Just realised that our outgoing mail to O365 from Service Manager is not going, and the test button confirms it. Outgoing via Hornbill was ok but that's not what we need. The config looks ok to me. Example errors attached, extract below: Unable to login to the SMTP server HornbillMailLog VerifySmtpLogin: DllDate: Mar 18 2019 .... ........ --sendCmdToSmtp readSmtpResponse: Failed to read beginning of SSL/TLS record. b: 0 dbSize: 0 nReadNBytes: 0 idleTimeoutMs: 30000 Failed to receive more TLS application data. tlsApp: Socket operation timeout. elapsedMs: Elapsed time: 30919 millisec idleTimeoutMs: 30000 --readSmtpResponse --auth_login Failed to login using LOGIN method --smtpAuthenticate --smtpAuthenticate --smtpConnectAndAuthenticate initSmtp: Socket operation timeout. Failed. --VerifySmtpLogin --ChilkatLog
  17. I am looking to make use of the Customer Timeline Update Notification that emails users when a comment is added to the call. This is a nice feature that will remove the need to use the email section which is what we have been doing to this point. Is there a variable I can add to the email template that will display the last comment made? Cheers for the help.
  18. Hornbill receives emails with images in the body and displays the image in the incoming mail window fine, but when we go to forward that email, it doesn't handle displaying this image, leaving a blank square where the image should show (as attached) The image in the email is .png
  19. If we are seeing a common issue within the company we normally raise a problem or known error and associate all the relevant calls that have been logged to them. When we close that problem or known error is there a way for users of all the calls that have been associated to be emailed the resolution? Not sure if this in existence, if not it would be very useful as did exist in Support Works.
  20. I hope that this makes sense. Would be an easy thing to add another option for emails in the timeline, so if there is a email associated to a request you can click the 3 dots and choose reply to email. This then allows you to reply to the email that the customer has sent with the original email trail included? As currently if you email from the system it is a 'new email' that is sent and if you are referencing something previously mentioned you need to copy and paste the email into the window.
  21. Can it be possible to have the feedback questions to be included in the HTML email so that customers can complete the feedback/survey within the email (like the authorisation approve/reject buttons) and then for this feedback to go onto the relevant request?
  22. As a follow on from the request below which has now been implemented, can the timeline update be extended to include the text of all the email addresses on the To: recipients. At the moment it does not show any details from the To: part of the email and you have to open the linked email to view this information. Having the information as part of the timeline, makes it easier for the analyst to pick up and add additional connections. Cheers Martyn
  23. Morning everyone, We've had a few people who have emailed our Service Desk regarding an open ticket and their email contains an attachment (a .doc or something similar). Although the email itself is being added to the relevant ticket, the attachment isn't being added to the 'Attachments' section. Is this something that's a config we need to turn on somewhere? Currently we need to scroll through the timeline, view the email, save the attachment then go back to the ticket and add it. Thanks in advance
  24. Hi, We have a new external customer that we are going to support and I have created an Organisation for them in Hornbill. They have a service desk team of approx 20 people and their IT Security team are requesting that they have individual logins to Hornbill (so I would set up 20 unique contacts, associate them with the Organisation and give them Customer Portal access). They have requested that whenever we send any email comms (using the Email action) relating to & from the request, the email goes to the person who logged the request, and the email also goes to a group mailbox address that all the service desk team have access to. The reason for this is that the service desk team operate in a shift rota and if we communicate out via an email, currently it will only go to the requester and not get looked at until they come back on shift, unless we always remember to manually add the group mailbox address directly to the email, or (if at set-up time, we add the group mailbox address as a contact,) always add the group mailbox contact as an 'interested' person then manually add the interested person to the email comms. Is there any way that on a per contact basis we can say that both their email address & the group mailbox address will ALWAYS be selected, or at an organisation level, all emails to contacts will also always go to the group mailbox address. Not all our external customers operate in this way so to have it left to a 'human operation' to add this group mailbox to the email comms is not practical. If we can get something working for this new Organisation, I want to be able to move two of our other Organisations to this model (remove their 'generic' logins to the customer portal and give all their service desk personnel their own logins, to help us spot things like, which contacts are consistently logging requests with us that are woefully missing the right information or are just being logged using the wrong Service Item, etc....) Thanks in advance.
  25. Has anyone else recently started seeing an issue where when selecting view email from the timeline of a ticket you get the Oops! You do not have access to view this email error as below. This started sporadically after the latest updates. The emails are all attached from a generic mailbox by the same group of users and there doesn't appear to be any connection between the emails that error like this.
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