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  1. Happy New Year @James Ainsworth Has this development request moved any nearer being incorporated into a release? Kind regards Stuart T-C
  2. Happy New Year @Victor You last update said this would be moved to the relevant forum section. Is there any update? Is this under another thread somewhere? Please advise. Kind regards Stuart T-C
  3. Hi @Daniel Dekel I've just tested one example that wasn't working before and it's fine now. Thank you I've asked for the member of staff to test as well. Kind regards Stuart
  4. Hornbill receives emails with images in the body and displays the image in the incoming mail window fine, but when we go to forward that email, it doesn't handle displaying this image, leaving a blank square where the image should show (as attached) The image in the email is .png
  5. Us too. Thanks. May the force be with you
  6. Same for us at LB Waltham Forest
  7. @Victor Big thank you sir . I enjoyed your 09:07 update a great deal. It was a most amusing tale and I think I understand better now. However, I think I shall bow out now and let you and @Foley Coker continue dialogue on this matter. I'm off to write some songs instead. Maybe a book as well. I wonder how jolly Joris Bhonson is getting on these days? Sigh...
  8. @Victor I'm sorry, I'm getting confused with the Update Request option. You are right, this is just the same as before, but showing references underneath now. The rest of the explanation I will leave to cleverer people to understand. I think I may have confused this with another issue. Sorry about that. I'll try to get more details and, most likely, start a new thread so as not to muddle it with this discussion. Wibble!
  9. @Victor OK, I get the bit about this being an update to the design of the node rather than it being a fault. Sorry, I don't understand your explanation at all. Can we have it in 'before and after' pictures please? Or is there a video that demonstrates this new thing, what it does and what we need to do to our existing Hornbill Automation Nodes in terms of updating them? The last point is the priority. We want to update our Automation Nodes (such as the one shown in our screenshot), but we don't know what to do to enable this.
  10. We think this issue started after we updated to Service Manager 1667 on 10th September. When we go into our Business Processes to any Hornbill Automation node set up to do Requests > Get Request Information > (any option chosen), the Output Params / Context Reference section is not editable. See attached example on the BPM Data Proection Data Breach v3.0 If another Requests 'type' is chosen (e.g. Update Request) normal update options are available. Please advise what the issue is and how it can be resolved.
  11. @Victor I don't know what changed, but I can access it now. Thanks
  12. @Victor Thanks for bringing it back. Still can't access Status site
  13. @Victor Status page won't load. Please could you update here?
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