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  1. Hi @Steven Boardman Thanks, this is exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for. Whether our two organisations can put in the time (and money) to set up this solution remains to be seen. I've certainly done my best to pitch it to them as a significant service improvement/efficiency saving. All the best Stuart
  2. Dear Hornbill We have an interesting one for you! A neighbouring organisation is using Hornbill, accessing their instance via ADFS as we do. However, they use the services of our procurement team, who have their business processes set up on our instance of Hornbill. We know that where there is a will there is a way to get them set up to access our instance of Hornbill (e.g. VPN onto an RDS server within our organisation), but wondered if there is a straightforward way for them to access our instance and their own instance without much fuss (e.g. using our Customer Portal)
  3. @SJEaton updating Tomorrow morning at about 7:30am
  4. Thanks @Victor I understand the Your News explanation and have now removed all the unnecessary ones. It was tedious setting them all up and I did think 'surely this shouldn't be necessary...' I'll get an example of an email not grabbed by the rule [subject LIKE '%Automatic reply: E-Mails On Hold for%' or subject LIKE '%Undeliverable: E-Mails On Hold for%'] for you tomorrow.
  5. Thanks @Victor Yes @SJEaton I'll arrange to make the regex change probably first thing tomorrow morning. Victor, in respect of the 'delete Your News' rules, each one applies to an individual mailbox as the Your New bulletin is sent to everyone, so needs to be deleted from each of these mailboxes. Is there a way to have just one rule that applies to this mail item for all mailboxes? Also the code [subject LIKE '%Automatic reply: E-Mails On Hold for%' or subject LIKE '%Undeliverable: E-Mails On Hold for%'] doesn't seem to work. I note that Sam has done individual rules for various email types received to be pushed into a single folder, rather than incorporating multiple mail criteria into one rule. Is the OR statement not supported?
  6. @Victor This issue and another one regarding a mailbox rule has prompted me to review the rules we have set up on our instance. The attached shows the list of rules, with the coding used and the mailbox destination where applicable. I've hi-lighted in yellow a few cases where I wonder if the coding is correct or where rules might possibly be amalgamated. If we have autoresponder enabled, I'm not aware of it I can't see any issues with rule order/precedence H routing rules.xlsx
  7. Thanks @Daniel Dekel Confirmed - we are no longer getting the plug-in message. Thanks for sorting it quickly
  8. Hi @Daniel Dekel Thanks for that. We'll advise our staff to ignore
  9. Morning Hornbill This morning we have been getting reports from staff that Internet Explorer browser is asking for temasys plug-in to be installed to run Hornbill Service and Live (see attached screenshots) Seems to have coincided with the release of Collaboration 969. Please advise
  10. Thanks @Victor It's about half way through now. No performance issues reported.
  11. I calculate that it will continue running for 6 days at current rate of progress!
  12. Hello a colleague found we had some issues with mail searching earlier today so I thought it worth reindexing mail to see if that helps. Unfortunately I selected All rather than New, At current rate of progress, this will overrun into the next working day (unless it speeds up significantly. Is there a way to roll this back please?
  13. @TrevorHarris Thanks. @SJEaton give me a call. I did the Library sharing thing for our Service Desk recently.
  14. I just checked this morning and it's ok now. Guessing it might've been a browser cache issue perhaps. Or someone's been waving about some pixie dust?
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