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  1. Hi Sam, Not sure although we have a new developer here so i had him create a process using the API which worked out better so used this method instead. ilyaas
  2. Thanks Steve. Can you advise which roles are required in order to make this process work. i will select one of the admins and ensure they have the appropriate rights. feel free to list whatever is required to make this work and i will follow the relevant process. i would assume there is maybe a role already available? if not let me know the relevant details and i can create one to complete this scenario.
  3. Hi Sam, Yes used the same api key associated to "contact import 2" just checked it again to be sure and it is definitely the same. i vaguely recall previously it was either permissions as mentioned earlier or we amended the config file outside the standard to make it work.
  4. System administrator so full admin rights.
  5. thanks steve, in which case are you aware what could be the issue. api key simply has the aforementioned rules as per wiki subsequently in key safe area, i simply associated the relevant api key, added the instance id etc as normal followed relevant OBD steps but get the error. i just figured i may not be the only one. any thoughts? before using an hourly credit we have i thought would try support and community forum first to see if could get anywhere with it as i have simply followed the step by step process
  6. Hi, Seem to be struggling with hornbill contact import utility Followed all the relevant instructions but seem to be coming across a keysafe related error. the below is what is in the relevant wiki link. has anyone experienced similar issues. i assume either the below or the config file may need tweaking, just not sure what im missing. Link: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=SQL_Contact_Import API Key Rules admin:keysafeGetKey admin:portalSetContactAccess data:entityAddRecord data:entityBrowseRecords2 data:entityUpdateRecord system:logMessage apps/com.hornbill.core/Contact:changeOrg apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ContactOrgRequests:changeOrgRequestSetting apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ServiceSubscriptions:add Below is the error i receive 2024/04/15 13:49:23 [ERROR] API call to retrieve key information from Keysafe failed: The API key being used does not have permission to access this keysafe record
  7. Thanks steve, i have just tried this updated BPM node to the below sub status is added to pending update ** automatically opens the log again before a response has been provided ** its as though because the request status is not on hold it automatically kicks in and moves back to open without waiting for a request update
  8. hi @Steve Giller re above just looking into something similar myself. once resolved i have set sub status to "x" in the BPM service portfolio mentions relevant functions im unclear what the BPM should show to enable a request to be reopened once a reply is received to a resolution email. i suspect it would be suspend > wait for request update / wait for request email or something of this kind and if successful update to status open and wait for resolution again, if expired etc continue the BPM process. whatever i have tried just doesnt seem to be working. any help would be great note i do not necessarily want to place the request on hold pending a response, on resolution and a email recipient replying, it would be preferable for the status to change from resolved to open i have tried a number of different variations re the below just cannot get it to work as intended any help would be fantastic
  9. Brilliant Thanks all @Gerry@Steve Giller Much appreciated Ilyaas
  10. Hi, following some discussions, we are looking at different automations using hornbill which can save us some admin time. one of these is to automat portal user creation. i have managed to do this for brand new contacts as they currently do not exist however for existing contacts (someone who has previously raised a request) the functions do not facilitate this. following some conversations with bob, the node below doesnt allow at present for us to find a contact based on email, at present the only options are contact id or login id, essentially the question is can we add in the email 1 option in there. flow code is &[global["flowcoderefs"]["get"]["email1"]]
  11. Thanks @NeilWJ i've requested a support ticket as i believe someone needs to look at it.
  12. hi, thanks @NeilWJ i still fail to understand the reason behind this unfortunately. the first check is to see if To address contains 'manual.payments@elfs.myservicedesk.com' or cc address contains the same. if not it should go through the no match phase to the next decision node etc until a result is found with the relevant email address as normal. The BPM has been in operation since 2019 with probably over 100,000 incidents going through it ok so i'm very unclear as to why this has just stopped working yesterday PM. We have a similar bpm set up in the exact same way which works just fine so seem to be failing to understand the failure?
  13. PS note process was working fine up until yesterday pm. i updated the bpm and it wouldnt save due to result references being less than 3 characters. i updated all relevant nodes with resultref minimum 3 characters but still looks like its an issue for some reason
  14. never come across the below error before when going to the BPM to see where the error has occurred i see the below. the error is at a decision stage the expression closest to the error is relatively simple so cannot understand the reason for the error can someone advise what is wrong?
  15. when i go to create a new user and add an organisation with 'allow task view' and 'allow task action' it does not work it simply continues to show false even though i have ticked the relevant boxes.
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