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  1. Is there any way to use the default display name from a simple list in the details area of a support request? I am unsure of the variable/string in order to use this, and if it is possible how do you choose a particular simple list out of multiple used?
  2. Admins need the ability to change the User ID of a customer, without having to delete the user from Users within the platform configuration area. Whilst the first and last name successfully changed when the import job ran, the user ID did not - I logged a support request and was advised 'The User ID unfortunately cannot be updated in Hornbill. There are many reasons why this is not possible but one of the main reasons is because the User ID maps or connects to tasks, requests, schedules and a load of other data and would require that all these connected entities are removed from the User ID before changing it and then would need to be re-assigned in similar way to archiving users and having to move or shift their responsibilities and requests to someone else before being completed.' Whilst I understand the above, the reason for this is extremely sensitive, and I would rather speak to a developer directly as this is a need of many people not just a single person.
  3. apoliogies@Steve Giller, I meant checkbox - where you can select one or more!
  4. @Steve Giller thank you, would be a lot easier if this was radio button, the current way is a little painful
  5. Is it possible to request an enhancement to add the holiday exclusions and then select which working time calendars you want to add them to? I am sure we are not the only people who have more than one working time calendar and as you can see adding the same thing multiple times is silly, when there could be a simple step to this to add the date and then select the calendar/calendars you want to add it/them to.
  6. Is it possible to request a enhancement to the support teams element of the service portfolio within service manager? If you are a organisation with multiple support teams it is so time consuming to add each one individually and not being able to add multiples in this text box.
  7. We are also experiencing this issue and are hoping for a resolution soon
  8. Us too please, does anyone have the url that takes the customer to the pop up for the feedback? I have gotten lost in the endless streams of posts in the forum about feeback.
  9. @Steve Giller is there an update to this enhancement request please? @Salma Sarwar
  10. We would like the capture to determine the call class based upon questions and answers e.g. its broke/not working/stopped working etc. = incident then uses a capture and logs the call as an incident or I would like/I need etc. = Service Request uses a capture and logs the call as an service request. Is this possible? and if so how?
  11. Can anyone tell me if it is possible (and how to) create a report that counts how many calls have been logged from and email and updated by an email. Thanks
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