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  1. Hello, I'm trying to create an aged tickets Widget, for creating a list of tickets older that (x) days assigned to particular owner/technician. I saw this had been answered in a previous requests, I'm looking for something similar to the first screenshot in the thread below, but with a cut off in days added, and for just individual owners or teams. Is there any chance you could assist with the SQL query as I've not had much luck. Thanks Ben
  2. Hello, Has anyone run into an error "The Specified Timesheet does not exist" when resolving an incident? The engineer has added time correctly to the ticket (I've watched them do it) and their role and account settings are the same as several other team members who are not running into this issue. They are correctly setting the timesheet category. Thanks.
  3. Have managed to locate the section - Have added the catagory and subcatagory to "Incidents". Now when I start the timer add a comment and save - I still get the "No Catagory Selected" warning. Any ideas?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to set up the categories under the TS manager, but I can't find where to add the catagories and subcatagories. It says in the guide: "You will want to add at least one Category to contain all the different sub-categories you will use to define the different actions performed on your requests. You may simply want to use the term Requests as your top level Category.With the Category added, go ahead and add sub-categories which you would like to use to reflect the activities which are performed on requests." Can you please explain which area of HB this is done in?
  5. Hello, We frequently run into tasks on tickets which cannot be closed off as they're assigned to a different team/technician - I need a way to reassign this through the task edit (the option you get by clicking the square icon that looks like a page, to the left of the task name, below). I currently have the option to do so, but none of my technicians do, I've tried replicating my role structure for them but they still don't can't do this. Am I missing something really basic? The edit option I'm trying to get them to is on the following page.
  6. Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much. -B
  7. Hello all, We've run into a requirement where we need to output the result from a progressive capture form, into any document format from the ticket. (Without having to manually copy and paste the answers out). Is there any way to do this in Hornbill? Thanks, -Ben
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