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  1. we get similar, and it looks like theres no functionality in its disconnected state, our networks team are investigating from our local end - as i believe its a network blip/timeout
  2. ahhh thats where its hiding (wasnt logged with the admin account so couldnt see that - thank you @Steve Giller)
  3. hi @Deen Just created a collaboration role (as couldnt see one as default), however ive added all the system rights, however stil unable to access prev workspaces that we used (we can see them in the newfeed, but can go into them) - any ideas?
  4. thanks for responding @James Ainsworth, they would at least be a basic user within the system (some may also be a full user). Would be for reporting purposes but also im hoping it would indirectly link from configuration management side too, where clicking on the asset you will then see the IAA/IAO - be great to see that from the CM side of things - but doubt that would be possible/asking for too much.
  5. At the moment I can only see owner/used by of assets within service manager (which usually differ to IAO/IAA)- but is there anything that can be done around custom fields or another way of recording IAO/IAA of systems/services within asset management?
  6. just wondering if anyone has any experience/advice around this? :)
  7. thanks @Steve Giller - i need more coffee!
  8. Morning, sure this was a feature before in selecting several incidents, clicking actions then you was able to change the priority of them? Now can only "update" or bulk assign.
  9. Unsure if I'm asking for something that isn't possible. But if a user selects a number within a question could something be in the business process be create to duplicate the ticket? example - if a user has 6 new computers arrive that need setting up/building, we would ask them to raise 6 separate calls...I would like to make it easier for the customer that they could just raise one call, detail there is 6 new pcs from a question and the BPM raise 6 calls for actioning. Is this possible?
  10. thanks for this forum! i thought i was going mad this morning, also impacting ourselves....
  11. do we know how this is working and where the data being scanned is that going elsewhere? just wondering from data sharing agreements as i know some similar sites with AI share with 3rd parties and being and dealing with members of the publics information (potentially in the notes) is this data no longer on hornbills servers. Also is it documented what each function actually does (just so i can explain to others :D), think the first two options are self explanatory.
  12. Currently playing around with azure alerts and getting this auto logged - which we have but as an unknown user and relying on a manual task of updating the customer to the end user. Within the email thats being logged is the email address of the user (which will marry up to a customer), how do i get the auto logging/business process to look for the email address in the body of the email and turn that into the customer? (if its possible?)
  13. thanks @Steve Giller, so when its in resolved state (awaiting auto closure), user replies and it updates the incident/request with the users response and it also emails the analyst with the response - however there is nothing within our BP for reopening this call (which is fine). Would it be possible, somehow, to get this same email that goes to analyst to stay in the shared mailbox for our service desk to check and do any reopening of the call or for them to also be emailed?
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