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  1. superb - make our lives a little easier thank you
  2. we have these categories, however I'm una ble to get these to pull through as a view, im only able to view the catalogue (which doesn't cover in depth enough what I would like to view) Any ideas/ways of getting this to work?
  3. Hi Is there a report or an audit available to show what a technician has updated? I could do last updated by, however if someone else has been after them it wouldnt pull through on the report. its around performance management of staff and seeing how many calls they are updating within a working day....
  4. Hi Just wondering if this is something supported within Hornbill service manager, and how to go about implementing this. Most likely be using SCCM for importing, but scanning to update (audit) and possibly disposal could be of benefit.
  5. Hi Is there a way of forwarding any emails to a different emails that aren't logged - we have some emails coming into the hornbill shared mailbox that aren't being picked up by our routing rules and a member of the team is manually going into the mailbox (via hornbill) and forwarding them onto a separate mailbox for action. Is there a rule or someway of setting that for any unprocessed email is forward to an additional mailbox?
  6. Thanks keith, we dont have any of the ports set up in that document for pop3/imap (im thinking this may be the reason we went to this externail mailbox) , we use port 443 and this is what we use our email owa access on phones which works. Is there any way we could configure this, as we dont have a drop down box for the https just imap or pop 3
  7. We are trying to add a second mailbox - or primary mailbox is hosted and i want to move it to our on prem exchange (still on 2010 at moment) but we are recieving the attached error when trying to test the connection and out networks and infrastructure team are saying there is nothing they can do.... we have tried different ports and authentication.... i believe this was one of the reasons when we implemented hornbill 18months ago we moved it to an externally hosted mailbox, but have no documentation/info as to why (staff have now left),
  8. thanks @James Ainsworth, I will see if there is any kind forum members have some spare time (appreciate most are pretty busy), and will give you a shout, thanks again!
  9. Hi All I'm relatively new in post in my organization and we have implemented hornbill service manager prior to me starting - however I believe we aren't utilising to its full potential - and I have little user experience of hornbill (more supportworks/landesk) so relying on local knowledge as to if my suggestions are possible or not. I was wondering if you would be possible for anyone to give me a quick whistle stop tour of their self service portal and service desk logging call process - to see if we have configured it as efficiently as possible or if we can make some great service
  10. Hi all ive just started with a new organisation and they are using hornbill (prev used ivant/landesk). when attaching emails from outlook into a new service call, there is the drag and drop feature (which is useful) however when you do this, the email disappears from outlook - im unable to find out where it goes - is there a way of dragging/dropping this email into hornbill and the email still remaining within outlook?
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