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  1. AlexTumber

    iBridge for link document

    @Joanne if possible, could you make a copy of the business process you are using and remove any sensitive data before exporting and posting it here? There may be something obvious in the config that we can fix. Alex
  2. AlexTumber

    Can't update or close Project Tasks

    @Paul Alexander @Lauren this issue has been identified and fixed by our development team. A new Project Manager update will be available shortly. Alex
  3. AlexTumber

    Unable to Add Project Resources

    @Lauren our development team have identified and fixed this bug. The fix will be available in the next update. Alex
  4. AlexTumber

    Unable to Add Project Resources

    @Lauren no problem. When you delete a stakeholder, it does not automatically delete the resource. This is by design. It may be that you have recorded information against that resource (who then leaves the project as a stakeholder). By deleting the resource automatically this information would potentially be lost. As a stakeholder is added, it should automatically create a resource record. If this is not the case then I suspect we have a bug. I will pass this onto our development team to investigate. Alex
  5. AlexTumber

    Unable to Add Project Resources

    @Lauren resources are added automatically when you add project stakeholders (for every stakeholder you add, a resource record is automatically created). We plan on adding different types of resource in the future, not just 'People' and as this is the only type at the moment it makes no sense to have an 'add' button on the resources tab. I'm guessing the issue might be here that you have added the stakeholder and then deleted the resource record? Alex
  6. AlexTumber

    Can't update or close Project Tasks

    @Paul Alexander @Lauren let me check and see where we are with this. Alex
  7. AlexTumber

    Unable to Add Project Resources

    Hi @Lauren, thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing problems. When you say add a resource, do you mean adding a new stakeholder? (small tabs on the right hand side of a project) Alex
  8. AlexTumber

    Can't update or close Project Tasks

    @Paul Alexander I will ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  9. AlexTumber

    Issue adding a Task

    Great, thanks @Paul Alexander
  10. AlexTumber

    Issue adding a Task

    @Paul Alexander what's the project id please? Alex
  11. AlexTumber

    Project Task & Milestone Queries

    @Lauren thanks for your post. Currently you can only add a dependency when creating a task. This is something that will change in future updates as we are currently expanding the project task dependency functionality. Unfortunately it's not possible to assign a task to more than one person. Currently it's not possible to make a milestone depend on another milestone. This is not something that we are planning on changing in the near future. Having said that, can I ask in what sort of scenario would you want a milestone to depend on another milestone? Alex
  12. AlexTumber

    iBridge for link document

    Hi @Joanne, Firstly, I'm sorry to hear your experiencing problems with this. Can I ask, are you having issues with any other iBridge operations or is it just this one that's causing a problem? Alex
  13. AlexTumber

    Problems with attachment

    @Nikolaj I will ask for an update. Alex
  14. AlexTumber

    Holiday application

    @Aaron Summers thanks for your post. With regard to your points raised: 1. We've not yet started development on any of the Holiday Manager integrations. This is obviously something that has to be done before we can release it to our customers. There is actually already a premium iBridge integration to write calendar entries to an O365 shared calendar (Microsoft >> Office 365 >> Calendar >> Create Calendar Event). This could be added very easily to any business process that runs against a holiday request (holiday requests run business processes). 2. There is a setting per user in holiday manager which allows you to automatically control your status when you take a holiday. For example, I personally have it set to change my status to 'On Holiday' whenever I take some time off. This is all done automatically in the background. Many of the Service Manager bpm operations that handle assignment factor in an analyst's status when invoked, so for example if you were in a team that receives round robin assignment you would not be assigned new calls while on holiday. Part of the integration work that needs to be done (which is probably more relevant to point 1) is to allow behaviour like you have described above regarding updating open tickets automatically when the assigned analyst is on holiday. Currently this is not there. 3. In Holiday Manager, each co-worker's holiday runs against a working time calendar. There is a default one provided but you can also add others. For example, we employ people that live and work in different countries so they run against different calendars which include different public holidays etc. In the administration section you can set allowances for each holiday type for each co-worker. When approving a holiday request, an approver has the option to see in a calendar view which other members of the team(s) already have holiday booked. At the moment there is no rules system to enforce that only 2 staff can book for the same day, for example, but there is no reason why such a feature could not be added in the future. 4. The pricing model for Hornbill Holiday Manager has not yet been determined. I'd just like to say it's great that you have an interest in this app and we look forward to eventually releasing it to our customers. Look out for an announcement and more news at our upcoming Insights event this Summer. (details of this year's event will be provided soon) https://insights.hornbill.com/ Alex