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  1. Hi @Ann, unfortunately there is no update here at this time. Alex
  2. @Ann thanks for your post. I'll speak to our development team about this. Alex
  3. @Ann thanks for your post. I can't think of anything currently. Perhaps something like a progress timeline would help with this... Every time the progress value of a task changes, we take a snapshot of the progress and timestamp it so you can see at the end of the task how it has progressed over it's lifecycle. Any solution though is obviously dependent on tasks being updated on a regular basis etc with good quality, accurate data. I'll feed this back to our product team for review. Alex
  4. AlexTumber


    @Ann thanks for your post. Without looking at the data it's very difficult to determine the issue here. Please can you log a ticket with our support team so we can investigate further. Alex
  5. @Ann thanks for your post. Currently this isn't possible. Time can only be recorded against an individual user's timesheet (with appropriate optional links to Requests/Projects etc). One of the many things on our list to add is to give the Project Manager the ability to add time to other user's timesheets. Hopefully we will see that added to the product soon. Alex
  6. @Ann I'm sorry but I personally have very little to no involvement in our Service Manager application. I will leave it to my colleagues to comment on. Alex
  7. @Ann thanks for your post. If you set the status of the Programme to 'Cancelled' you can then permanently remove it from the Hornbill Admin Tool. You will need the role of Project Administrator to do this. Alex
  8. @Frank Reay @Ann The Service Manager team have informed me they have fixed the issue with the supplier id field. Apparently it was a simple fix. It will be included as part of the next Service Manager update. Alex
  9. @Frank Reay thanks for your post. The data should be removable - if not that's a bug. I'll ask our Service Manager team to investigate. The supplier id field has no functionality behind it so ignoring it won't create any issues going forward. Unfortunately this is one of those cases where we haven't managed the evolution of the functionality particularly well. Assets in Service Manager needed to have a field for storing a supplier id, well before the Supplier Manager app was created/in existence. When we first introduced Supplier Manager, it didn't have any asset functionality so th
  10. @Ann thanks for your post. I'll try and explain the current situation as best I can :-) The Hornbill Service Manager app comes with a field for storing a supplier id against an asset. This is the field shown in your screenshot. It is a free text field that has no drop down menu. If you have the Hornbill Supplier Manager app installed on your instance, you have access to the functionality that allows assets (from Service Manager) to be related to suppliers (from Supplier Manager). These relationships are handled by the Supplier Manager application. What we recommend is that if you
  11. @Ann this is still being investigated. Alex
  12. @Will J Douglas unfortunately this is consistent across the platform as a Project Task is an extension of a regular task. I will feed this back internally to see what can be done. Alex
  13. @Will J Douglas thanks for your post. This sounds like a bug. I'll ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  14. @sprasad thanks for your post. It's possible to record time against workspaces or indeed individual workspace posts but it needs to be done using the Right Hand Menu. At this current time there are no plans to add a timer option to the workspace post box as you have shown in your image. Alex
  15. @Ann thanks for your post. 1. In order to be able to access a project, you must either be a stakeholder in that project or have the Project Portfolio role which grants access to all projects. Relating a Service Request from Service Manager to a Project through the relationships tab in Project Manager takes into account the user's Service Manager access. I suspect one of your users has access to (possibly only certain) Service Requests where as the other has no access at all. 2. Not currently, but one of the many things we are working on is the bi directional relationship between Service
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