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  1. @Ann are there other errors showing on screen? I must admit I've not seen this sort of problem before. It sounds similar to issues you were having the other day. Feel free to DM me so that we can try and figure out what's going on. Alex
  2. @Katie thanks for your post. I will ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  3. @Nikolaj I'm currently checking this with our development team and have been since yesterday. When I have an answer I will reply back. Alex
  4. @Nikolaj if you go into design mode within the board and configure it you can remove it from the popup. Alex
  5. @Adrian Simpkins thanks for your post. We are currently working on an update to the supplier catalog which will allow each user to customise their own view so that they can show/hide the data that they want to see. The custom fields should be editable inside the supplier record if you have the required role to design forms. This update should be available in the next week if everything goes according to plan. I will ask our development team to check the import of custom fields. @Darren Rose FYI. Alex
  6. This issue has been identified and fixed by our development team and will be included in the next update. Alex
  7. @Will J Douglas thanks for your post. I will ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  8. @Ann thanks for your post. You will need to access the Hornbill Admin Tool and you will need to have the 'Project Administrator' role. From there you can add/update/delete Project Types Alex
  9. @Ann thanks for your post. I will ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  10. @Katie the next update is not available just yet. I will post back on this thread when we push it live. Alex
  11. @Will J Douglas The simple list you are looking for is called 'Project Sub Status'. Once you have created the 'on hold' value in there, you need to map it to a system status. This can all be done in the Admin tool if you have the Project Administrator role. Alex
  12. @AndyGilly the latest Supplier Manager update is now available. Alex
  13. @Martyn Houghton not personally, no. I will check with our support team to see where we are on this issue. Alex
  14. @m.vandun we believe we have fixed the issue and are currently preparing the next update. It should be available very soon. Alex
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