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  1. AlexTumber

    Next Milestone project Portfolio view

    @Nikolaj apologies, I never answered your original question did I :-( The logic behind the milestone shown is as follows: It's the highest ordered milestone that is not 100% complete in its progress and is also not 'Completed' in it's status. In this example, if I was to move the milestone 'Build Servers' to the top of the order, this milestone would be displayed in the project portfolio view, instead of the Complete Data Backups milestone. Alex
  2. AlexTumber

    Next Milestone project Portfolio view

    @Nikolaj our development team have added the milestone due date as part of the milestone name and progress column on the Project Portfolio view. This will be available in the next update. Alex
  3. @Paul Alexander I'm not sure what the problem is but I'll investigate with our support team and get back to you with the root cause. Alex
  4. AlexTumber

    Error using

    @Tavi Ade that's great news. Glad it's all sorted :-)
  5. AlexTumber

    Error using

    @Tavi Ade OK I think I see the problem. Are you logged in as yourself or with the admin account? The admin account has a role called the 'Super User Role'. If you don't already have the role associated to your account that you are trying to assign, only the super user role can grant it. To fix your problem I would suggest logging into the Hornbill Admin Tool as the admin user and then assigning the TimesheetManager user role to your account. Alex
  6. AlexTumber

    Error using

    @Tavi Ade ok great, so you are in the Hornbill Admin Tool. It appears from the screenshot that you have already associated the 'TimesheetManager User' role to your profile. When you log into the User App (https://live.hornbill.com/<yourInstanceName>/), can you see the application tile for timesheet manager? Alex
  7. AlexTumber

    Error using

    @Tavi Ade yes please. The Hornbill Admin Tool is where your Hornbill instance is administered and configured. The url will be: https://admin.hornbill.com/<yourInstanceName>/ When you try to add the role to your profile, does the screen look something like this: Alex
  8. AlexTumber

    Error using

    Hi @Tavi Ade, Can you post a screenshot of the error in the Hornbill Admin Tool please? Alex
  9. @Paul Alexander the platform build that fixes the issue concerning the field lengths is going live later on this evening. From tomorrow morning this issue will be resolved. Alex
  10. AlexTumber


    @Nikolaj the search here is not a complete wildcard search. If you search for 'app.features.project,mainTabs.tasks' for example, you will see a bunch of application strings returned. Alex
  11. AlexTumber

    Activities View

    Hi @Nikolaj, our development team is actively working on enhancing this area. I will post back here when we have more to announce. Alex
  12. @Paul Alexander is it just this one project that has failed to create or is it happening for all projects? Alex
  13. AlexTumber

    project tasks gantt chart

    @Nikolaj thanks for your post. Yes this looks like a bug. I will pass this to our development team. Alex
  14. AlexTumber

    Project Portfolio View

    @Nikolaj thanks for your post. I can see the value here. I will pass this on to our development and product teams. Alex
  15. AlexTumber


    Hi @Nikolaj, Winter is indeed coming and so are the reports :-) They are one of several main features that are currently in active development. I can't give you specific dates unfortunately but will be sure to update this thread when there is some news to share. Alex