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  1. @Paul Alexander if you look at the main server service log and filter by 'error' does it come up with anything relating to creating projects? Also, has this happened with any new projects since yesterday? Alex
  2. @Nikolaj is this happening for all projects or just for a specific project? Alex
  3. @Paul Alexander is there anything helpful in the logs to indicate what the problem might be? Alex
  4. @Nikolaj I will ask our development team to see if they can replicate the issue. Alex
  5. Hi @Lauren, Thanks for your post. TImesheet Manager is currently undergoing a major restructure. We are hoping to be able to share the new update with all of our customers in the very near future. Many things have changed, including the way categories are managed. Alex
  6. @Will J Douglas thanks for your post. Currently the field length is set to 1 as it only accepts symbols. We have a change request in our backlog to break this out into a drop down list full of all currencies. Hopefully that will be added soon. Alex
  7. The latest build of Hornbill Project Manager (264) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: New Project Budgets Change Application permissions updated
  8. Hi @Will J Douglas You will need to map the system statuses to the project sub statuses defined in this simple list. It can be done in the admin tool if you have the Project Administrator role. Alex
  9. @Brhow sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with Project Manager. Yes, this is an issue that occurs when the index storage for projects is not created successfully. I will ask our support team to look into this. Alex
  10. @Giuseppe Iannacone no problem, likewise!
  11. @Giuseppe Iannacone Thanks for your post. The answer is no, not currently but I can see real value in your suggestion. I will pass this onto our product and development teams. Alex
  12. @Jo Sword I've asked our development team to take another look at this. Alex
  13. @Will J Douglas thanks for your post. We are working hard on programme management for Project Manager and I expect it to be released within the next 90 days. Here are some screenshots of what it currently looks like and the sort of things you can expect. Note that this is still a work in progress and some things will change before the functionality is made generally available. Alex
  14. @Will J Douglas thanks for your post. I will ask our development team to investigate. It appears that the data in the custom field is not being translated correctly and is a bug. Alex
  15. The latest build of Hornbill Project Manager (262) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: New Project Settings - As a Project Manager, show/hide project features that are used or not used for each project you manage. Fix missing translation strings
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