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  1. @Nikolaj I'm not sure what's happened here. I will ask our support team to investigate. Alex
  2. @Lauren I'm pleased to say that the ability to change card colours for Project and Project Task board cards will be included as part of the next Project Manager update which is currently scheduled to be released very soon. Alex
  3. @Nikolaj it looks like the milestone status was originally driven from a simple list which allowed you to add your own values and at some point that was changed to system values. This is most likely due to the fact that functionality can not be driven from values that the system does not know about. When I have some more updates on this, I will post them here. Alex
  4. @Nikolaj thanks for your post. I will ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  5. @Nikolaj oh I see what you mean now. You'd like a timeline against milestones. I'll feed this back to our product team. Alex
  6. @Nikolaj I'm not sure I understand? You'd like to add posts to a project template? Alex
  7. @Michael Sharp Unfortunately I can't give any time estimates. All I can say is that we will make them available just as soon as they are ready. Alex
  8. @Tom Gilbert the values in the drop down for dependency type can be added by yourselves through the Hornbill Admin Tool. If you wish, you can even change the default label from Type to Inbound/outbound. Alex
  9. @Nikolaj there is no news here at the moment unfortunately. Alex
  10. @Michael Sharp thanks for your post. You will be pleased to know that both of these requirements are in our backlog of features to add to Project Manager. They will be added in future updates. Alex
  11. @Lauren thanks for your post. Currently there is no way to automatically resolve all linked requests when a project is closed. I know exactly the functionality you are after and will pass this onto our product team. Enabling the linking of different request types is also something I will pass onto our product team. Alex
  12. @Lauren I will ask our development team in Project Manager to add this feature. Alex
  13. The latest build of Hornbill Project Manager (246) has been released to live. Change Log for this release are as follows: New Project Issues Fix There was an issue when clearing the filtering for Project Raid items
  14. @Lyonel if you look at the simple lists for Project Manager, does the list 'Project Relationship Type Requests' exist? Alex
  15. @Lyonel what does the error in the log say now? Alex
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