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  1. @Ann Thanks for your post. Yes it's possible to add additional roles. You can do that by adding values to the simple list in the Hornbill Admin Tool: Alex
  2. @Ann I've been advised that the project manager list is being ordered by user id. This has been updated to order by user name instead and will be available in the next update. Alex
  3. @Ann ok thanks I'll ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  4. @Ann thanks for your post. I will ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  5. @Ann thanks for your post. In order to be able to view programmes, you need to have the role 'Programme Manager'. If you get your Hornbill Administrator to assign the role to your colleague they should be able to see Programmes as well. Alex
  6. @Ann thanks for your post. Can I ask who the task is owned by/assigned to? Project Members can only update their own tasks on a project. The Project Manager of a project can update all project tasks. Alex
  7. @AndyGilly I don't believe there is any way to do this currently but I'll raise it internally with the team. Alex
  8. @AndyGilly thanks for your post. No, the supplier is not held against the request table forever. In order to see this you'd need to report on the h_supplier_supplier_contract_events table (where the request reference i.e IN00000001 is held) and join that back to the supplier table through the supplier contracts table. Alex
  9. @Ann thanks for your post. It's not currently possible to sort the columns in this view but ti's something we are planning to add. Can I ask which columns in particular you'd find it useful to sort by? Alex
  10. Hi @Ann, thanks for your post. It is possible but I believe there is currently a bug that is preventing the icon from showing. This bug has been fixed in the upcoming Project Manager update. Alex
  11. @Ann thanks for your post. Yes, stakeholders can be added to project templates (second tab from the right) Alex
  12. @Ann thanks for your post. I will contact you separately about this. Alex
  13. Hi Ann, Thanks for your post. I will contact you separately about this. It may be something like the milestone dates fall outside the project dates etc. Alex
  14. @Ann thanks for your post. The time on a project and on project tasks is currently separate and is something that we are actively working on to unify. I appreciate it's an inconvenience at the moment but hopefully that won't be for much longer. In the mean time I will contact you separately about getting the time values out of the system. Only the PM has access to the info on the right hand side of each project. It shouldn't have anything to do with who's created the project or not - you may find that the person who can't see the time recording function doesn't have access to timesheet m
  15. @Ann thanks for your post. You'll need to add the project template form into your progressive capture flow. Once you've done this, you'll be able to select a project template when creating a new project: Alex
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