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  1. Allow other users to update tasks

    @Paul Alexander I'll ask our team to investigate as that sounds like a bug to me. Hopefully the full functionality will be available in Project Manager soon. Alex
  2. Allow other users to update tasks

    @Paul Alexander thanks for your post. This is an area that we are actively working on at the moment. The basic concept is that any project stakeholder should be able to update a project task for that project, even if it is not assigned to them. Alex
  3. Project Portfolio View

    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. I'll feed this back to our development and product teams. Alex
  4. PM filter on Risks

    @Darren Rose you'll be pleased to know that the ability to filter both projects and project risks by project manager will be available in the next Hornbill Project Manager update. Alex
  5. Including Contacts in the Discussion Thread

    Hi @mojahidm, Firstly, thanks very much for your post and thank you for installing the Hornbill Project Manager application. Hornbill Project Manager is currently focussed on internal projects but that's not to say that it won't change in the future, especially if the demand from our customer base is there! From what I can tell from your screenshots, you are interested in introducing collaboration between internal project stakeholders and external contacts. If the activity stream of a project were to appear on the portals so that external contacts could collaborate, would this be the sort of thing you are looking for? Alex
  6. Unable to add milestone

    @Dan Munns thanks for your post. Our development team is currently looking at the issue. Alex
  7. Can you reset a stage checkpoint in BPM?

    @Dan Munns If you're talking about re-opening a bpm stage that has already been completed, that is not possible. What I have seen in Hornbill business processes before, especially incident processes is where you have the resolution stage divided into what I guess you'd call 2 stage closure. In this example, an incident is resolved by an analyst and will automatically self close after 3 days. If it is reopened before then, the stage in the business process can technically restart and the checkpoints can be updated accordingly: Alex
  8. Can you reset a stage checkpoint in BPM?

    Hi Lee, Sure, you can set the property on the checkpoint: Alex
  9. Activities View

    @TSheward_SGW I'll check with our development team but I believe it's just for new project tasks. Alex
  10. PM filter on Risks

    @Darren Rose if you search for the following strings in the Hornbill Admin Tool you can change the default values provided: * app.features.projects.main.tabs.myProjects * app.features.projects.main.tabs.myProjectRisks Alex
  11. PM filter on Risks

    @Darren Rose if you switch the language to say, Spanish, you can see that all pieces of text are translatable. That means that there is a translation string defined for each. I agree though, you should be able to translate the titles in translation mode. Alex
  12. PM filter on Risks

    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. That certainly seems like a good idea to me. I shall pass this on to our product and development teams. Regarding the translations, that sounds like a bug to me. I will ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  13. Problem with completing tasks

    @Darren Rose this issue has been identified and fixed in the latest Project Manager update, which is now available. Alex
  14. Custom Fields

    @Darren Rose something like this that is currently available in Document Manager?
  15. Organisational Info

    @Darren Rose still no movement I'm afraid but something we would still like to add. Alex