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  1. @Ann thanks for your post. Currently this is not possible. Are you talking about associating a project manager task with a service manager change request? Alex
  2. @Paul Alexander thanks for your post. This is not currently possible but I will pass the suggestion to our product team for review. Alex
  3. @Jo Sword I'm afraid there is no update on this. It is a feature that is still on our list to add. Alex
  4. @Ann thanks for your post. There is no way of creating sub project types unfortunately. I'd possibly recommend using tags as a method of additional categorization. Alex
  5. @Darren Rose this has bene added and will be in the next project manager update Alex
  6. @Nikolaj thanks for your post. That particular gantt chart will show a minimum period of 3 months. At the moment there are no plans to change this. Snapshots with summary tasks is still on the list of things to be added. Hopefully we will see that in an update soon. Alex
  7. @Darren Rose thanks for your post. I'll speak to our development team. This should be something that's fairly easy to add. Alex
  8. @Martyn Houghton thanks for your post. This is a known issue to us and will hopefully be fixed soon. Alex
  9. @Nikolaj thanks for your post. Project reports are one of the many things we are currently working on but at the moment I have no further updates. Alex
  10. @Nikolaj are you saying that if you click the 'add more details' button you're unable to create a new project task at all? Alex
  11. @Nikolaj thanks for your post. We've identified a problem with file attachment name length and are working on a fix. I will let you know when it's available. Alex
  12. @LouiseT thanks for your post. This is an area we are actively looking to improve. Hopefully some of these improvements will make their way into the Supplier Manager application soon. Alex
  13. @Jack_Podmore thanks for your post. Can you get the user to navigate to their timesheet using this link: This will automatically create their timesheet and they will now be able to log time. Alex
  14. @andrewmorris thanks for your post. Supplier Members currently have no authority. They are simply there for information only purposes. A chance to associate multiple persons to a named supplier and to state their involvement with that supplier. The owner of a supplier has functional permissions. If the owner chooses to make the supplier private (clicking the padlock) they can then set the permission level for other users/groups/roles for this supplier. If the owner was to leave it should be possible for a user with the role 'Supplier Administrator' to reassign ownership. I will check this with our development team as I've just looked at this myself and I don't appear to have the option. Alex
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