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  1. Error

    @dwalby thanks for your post. I'll pass this information on to our development team. Alex
  2. Error

    HI @Prathmesh Patel, does the progressive capture flow exist in the Hornbill Admin Tool? I'll raise this with our development team but you may find a simple log out and in again or a refresh (f5) fixes this issue. Alex
  3. Forms

    Hi @Prathmesh Patel thanks for your post. Unfortunately we do not offer this capability at the present time. That's not to say that it won't be added to the application in the future. I will pass on your feedback to our product and development teams. Alex
  4. No capture ID

    Hi @Prathmesh Patel I'm sorry to hear this. Is the progressive capture flow available in the Hornbill Admin Tool? Alex
  5. Errors

    @Prathmesh PatelI'm sorry to hear this. Your issue has now been resolved. I have raised the problem with our development team. Alex
  6. Project Manager errors

    Hi @Prathmesh Patel It appears that the index storage for projects was not created when the Hornbill Project Manager app was installed. Please can you try again now. I will raise this with our development team. Thanks for installing the Hornbill Project Manager application. We have lots of exciting new functionality coming in the new year so watch out for future updates. Alex
  7. Project Budget

    @Darren Rose Yeah unfortunately at the moment, the currency situation is quite unclear. What we are leaning towards doing is setting an overall project currency and then making all calculations in that currency whilst providing conversion functions so that you can get the currency values in other currencies as and when you need them. Alex
  8. Project Budget

    @Darren Rose Thanks for your suggestion. I'll feed this back to our development team. Alex
  9. Risk Owner / Asssignee and PM's

    @Darren Rose No update on this i'm afraid. It is something that we are aware of and would like to do so hopefully we will see it added in a future update. Alex
  10. Organisational Info

    @Darren Rose No movement as yet but it is something that we would like to add to the application for sure. Alex
  11. Unable to add a Milestone to an Existing Task

    Thanks for your post @Darren Rose. I can confirm that this is a change that we are planning on making in an future update. Alex
  12. Dates validation

    Hi @Lyonel, just to let you know that development on this feature has been completed and will be included in the next project manager update. If a project is in a status of 'Draft', the scheduled dates will be used for validation. If a project is in any other state, the actual dates will be used for validation. Attached are some screenshots of what to expect. Alex
  13. Errors

    Hi @TSheward_SGW, I'm sorry you've encountered these problems. It looks like the index storage for projects has failed to create when the app was first installed. Can I ask when this was that you first installed the app? If you try and create another project now it should work correctly. Alex
  14. Project Templates

    @Keith I'm pleased to say that the behaviour of project templates has changed to that which you describe and will be available in the next update, currently scheduled for tomorrow morning. Alex
  15. Failed to update task

    @m.vandun Just an update on this; the next Project Manager update will feature additional informative error messages regarding failed updates however the real problem unfortunately will not be solved just yet. Our dev team is working hard at the problem as it requires an underlying platform change to work correctly. Incidentally, the same problem exists in the Service Manager application so I would like to think we can fix this quickly as it is impacting multiple applications. Alex