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  1. @Frank Reay the latest update of Supplier Manager has just been made available to customers and it includes revamped (and working) functionality for duplicating/renewing supplier contracts. Please let us know if you have any issues. Alex
  2. @Jo Sword thanks for your post. I don't have any updates at preset but I can tell you that resource management is something that we are looking to add to Project Manager over the coming months this year. As soon as we have something to share I'll post back to this thread. Alex
  3. @Ann thanks for your post. Yes, the time still remains recorded against the request and will still show in the user's timesheet. Alex
  4. @Ann yes there is an issue. It will be resolved with an update tomorrow: Alex
  5. @Nikolaj thanks for your post. We are aware of the problem and a new update will be available tomorrow to fix the issue. In the mean time, and as a workaround, if you add the project template form to your progressive capture, and create a simple project template, you should be able to create projects successfully. Alex
  6. @Ann thanks for your post. This sounds like a bug. I will ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  7. @Martyn Houghton we believe we've found and fixed the problem causing this issue. It will be resolved in the next update which is due very shortly. Alex
  8. @Nikolaj yes the team are investigating this now. I will post back when I have an update. Alex
  9. @Nikolaj if a task is created without an assignee/owner and is less than 100 progress it will be created as In Planning. If it has an assignee/owner and less than 100 progress it shows as Assigned. Once it reaches 100 progress or is specifically completed by a stakeholder then it shows as completed. There is no way to manually change the status. Alex
  10. @Nikolaj we're currently investigating a couple of issues that are being reported. It seems there was a problem in updating project template tasks. If you go into your project template and check the tasks tab, can you see the status of each task? If not, open up each one and click 'Update'. That should set the status correctly. I've not heard of a business process not firing from a project template - I'll ask the team to look at that one. Likewise with the new tasks - when you create them with more details are you specifying an assignee? Alex
  11. @Nikolaj great to hear that's fixed the issue. Hopefully you'll find the updated wiki useful: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Project_Manager Also, i've outlined a few of the noticeable new features here: Alex
  12. @Alisha thanks for your post. This is definitely possible. I will pass this back to our development and product teams. Alex
  13. @Nikolaj if you are using chrome, can you try the following: Open the browser dev tools (press f12), then click and hold the browser refresh button and select the bottom option to empty cache and hard reload. Let me know if that fixes it. Alex
  14. @Nikolaj looks like an issue with last night's update. I'll investigate with our support team. Alex
  15. @Ann we've added the ability to record time in Timesheet Manager directly against assets from Service Manager. This functionality will be available in the next Timesheet Manager update. Alex
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