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  1. @Nikolaj without logging into your instance and looking at this particular example it's very difficult to determine the issue. If you add some more time now to a task on this project for your user that's at least an hour long, and with the 'record as project cost' box checked, does it still not create the project cost? Alex
  2. @Nikolaj In this case, a project cost is added based on 2 things. The first is the Project Stakeholder's rate for the project and the second is the amount of time being recorded. What the system does is take the project rate per hour and divide that by the amount of time entered. If this number is greater than zero, it's recorded as a project cost (if the box is checked which in this case it is). As you've technically not entered any time (your start and end dates are the same) then even if you have a project rate against your project stakeholder, there is no project cost to add here.
  3. @Ann If you'd like to raise a support ticket our team should be able to help you resolve the issue with this particular project. Alex
  4. @Adrian Simpkins thanks for your post. I'm not sure I understand. You want to grant general access to supplier contact records? Are you saying you'd like to be able to log requests in Service Manager against supplier contacts? Alex
  5. @Ann thanks for your post. This sounds like a bug with the progressive capture form. I will ask our development team to investigate. Alex
  6. @Alberto M thanks for your post. This is not currently available but I can't see any reason why we wouldn't be able to add a setting for this. I'll speak with our product and development teams about this. Alex
  7. @Paul Alexander the functionality is done and is currently undergoing it's final rounds of testing. It should be available soon. Alex
  8. @Hannah Stella let me check with our development team and I'll come back to you. Alex
  9. @Alberto M thanks for your post. I will ask our development team to investigate. Regards, Alex
  10. @Nikolaj yes. Our development team have found and fixed an issue which will be included in the next update with regards to projects not having a progress value set. In the mean time, setting the progress, even to 0 for each project will solve the problem. Alex
  11. @Nikolaj can you open up each project within the programme and check that it has a 'progress' value? I think that's the issue and have asked our development team to look at this. Alex
  12. @Nikolaj are all of these projects active? Alex
  13. @Nikolaj thanks for your post. In order to appear in the gantt chart, a project needs either start and end dates or actual start and end dates. The view is also filtered by calendar year. Alex
  14. @joseph.doyle thanks for your post. Currently we only offer the month view in chart form. I will pass this onto our development and product teams as a list view for the month should be something we can add fairly easily. Alex
  15. @Paul Alexander that looks like a bug to me. I'll ask our development team to investigate. Alex
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