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  1. Publish Raise a Project to the Portal

    @Darren Rose thanks for your post. To be honest I don't see any reason why we would not want to allow this at some point. I will feed this back to our product team. Alex
  2. Clearing out projects

    @Darren Rose apologies for not replying to this sooner. We don't currently have any process for doing this but the ability to delete projects is a feature that has been heavily requested. Hopefully we'll see this added to the application in the not too distant future. Alex
  3. Failed to update task

    Hi Mark, I'll take a look but what does it say in the server service logs? There are a number of ways that a task update can fail at the moment and we are not sending a detailed enough error message back to the user initiating the action. This is something that we hope to address in the next few updates. Alex
  4. Hi Sam, You should be able to toggle visibility of the service in the portal by changing the switch on the service record itself. Alex
  5. Documents management

    Great :-)
  6. Documents management

    Ok, I've just looked at the 'MyLibrary Manager' role and it is indeed missing the rights to that table. I'll raise this with our Document Manager team. In the mean time, if you grant yourself the 'MyLibrary User' role, that should solve your issue. Alex
  7. Documents management

    @m.vandun that table's rights are associated to a role(s) in the Document Manager application. You should only see the Documents tab within a Project if you have rights to the Document Manager app. For the user that you are logged in as, which roles do they have that belong to Document Manager? All users of Document Manager should be granted the role 'MyLibrary User'. Alex
  8. Project Templates

    @m.vandun currently it's normal days as there is no working time calendar against the project template. As and when we introduce that though, the days will become working days, defined by the calendar.
  9. Project Templates

    I should add that data provided during progressive capture such as project name and description will override whatever is defined for the corresponding piece of data in the project template. So for example, you could provide a generic description in your project template and leave the field blank when completing the progressive capture and it will pick up the value from the template; but if you provide a value in the progressive capture, it will use that instead.
  10. Project Templates

    The latest Hornbill Project Manager update (131) brings with it the ability for project administrator's to define templates that can be used when creating projects in progressive capture. These templates can be configured in the Hornbill Admin Tool. For the first phase of this feature it is possible to define project details including the project type and business process as well as associated milestones and project stakeholders. In future updates we will be adding the ability to associate tasks, costs and risks, as well as additional fields and related data. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this new feature :-) Alex Project Templates in the admin tool: Defining template details: Associated template milestones: Associated template stakeholders: Adding a new milestone: Adding a new template stakeholder: In progressive capture:
  11. Project total Time

    Thanks for your post @Keith. A full integration with the Hornbill Timesheet Manager app is high on the agenda in terms of upcoming Project Manager features. Hopefully we'll start to see some of this integration in forthcoming updates very soon. Alex
  12. Organisational Info

    Thanks for your post @Darren Rose. I'll feed this back to our product and development teams. Alex
  13. Custom Fields

    @Keith @Darren Rose thanks for your posts. Custom fields were something that we talked a lot about internally during initial development and is something that we definitely have plans for including in the future. Watch this space... Alex
  14. Project Portfolio Improvements

    Thanks for your post @Keith. I'll pass on your feedback to our product and development teams. Alex
  15. Multiple Progressive Captures

    Thanks for your post @Keith. For the beta release, we felt the easiest and most straight forward thing to do was to have a single progressive capture for all projects. I have no doubt that this will evolve and change and we may see functionality like that of the service catalog in service manager. For now though, you should be able to switch progressive captures in project manager by using a switch node. If you are using project type to make a decision, then maybe something like this would work for you: Alex