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  1. @Lauren thanks for your post. This looks like a project manager issue. I will ask our development team to take a look. Alex
  2. @Tom Gilbert thanks for your post. I'll ask our development team to take a look at this. It shouldn't be possible to cancel a project when there are still active tasks and it shouldn't be possible to delete a project unless it is cancelled. Something clearly isn't right here... Alex
  3. @Tom Gilbert thanks for your post. This is something that actually came up earlier this week: I can confirm that it is a feature we are looking to add in a future update. Alex
  4. @Nikolaj I will ask but I don't think so. Alex
  5. @Michael Sharp Project Manager has the ability to use the Hornbill Business Process engine, the same way other apps do, such as Service Manager. Not all projects are rigid enough to use something that's so inflexible as a defined business process though which is why it's an option. In this screenshot, you can see the business process running against the project and what I meant in my last comment was that you could have a bpm operation (node) at the end of each stage which automatically updates the project progress. In future updates you will see the ability to automatically calculate project progress based on milestone completion percentage added as an option to the logic settings of a project which are available to the project manager of each project. Alex
  6. @Michael Sharp thanks for your post. Currently there is only one way to automatically update the overall progress of a project and that is to set the value in one of the available bpm operations. We are planning on adding more project logic functionality this year that will allow the behaviour that you require in your screenshot - for example, when a project milestone is completed, automatically update the project progress. Alex
  7. @Katie thanks for your post. The answer at the moment unfortunately is no. This is not the first time this has been requested though and it is something we are looking at. As and when there is any movement here I will update this thread. Alex
  8. @Moe thanks for your post and suggestions. I will pass this onto our development and product teams. Alex
  9. @Moe thanks for your post. What type of fields are you looking for specifically? More text fields or more date/time fields etc? Alex
  10. @Nikolaj Currently the reports are limited to the project manager. We have plans to expand this in the future and offer visibility to other users who require it. Alex
  11. @Nikolaj I'll ask our development team to take a look but can you drag the right hand bar further out to the left so that the settings icon returns to the top line? Alex
  12. @Moe thanks for your post. Unfortunately the import functionality currently only caters for new suppliers. I understand the requirement to update existing suppliers in bulk though and will pass this onto our development and product teams. Alex
  13. @Nikolaj ok thanks. I will ask our development team to try and replicate the issue. Alex
  14. @Darren Rose glad you like them :-) . A very happy new year to you as well! I'll speak with our development team regarding the Harry Hornbill image on the report. I know that the plan for printing the report is to offer choices on which sections of the report to print (much the same way as it works in Service Manager) so I'll make sure it's something that's taken into account. We are working on the other report actions right now so hopefully they will be available soon. Originally we weren't going to show the icons if they weren't available but we wanted to give you visibility of the functionality that's coming. Alex
  15. The latest build of Hornbill Project Manager (313) has been released to live.Change Log for this release are as follows: New Project Manager Comments - A new field has been added to the project details section of a project that only the project manager has access to change. It allows the PM to provide a text update that is visible to all project members. Project Reports - Project Summary - As the project manager, view a pre built project summary report on your project. Additional reports will follow in the future as well as actions such as downloading the report as a pdf file, adding it to Hornbill Document Manager and printing.
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