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New Update: Service Manager (3069)

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Service Manager (3069) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • HAI (Beta Group Only) Request Summarizer now passes the first 100 questions (Excluding type, label and file upload) to be used as part of the summary.
  • HAI (Beta Group Only) Now supports Role Level Access control.
  • added the ability to visualise the requests that have been created from a scheduled job {CH00181175}
  • When multiple contacts have the same email address, it is no longer possible to apply an email to a request when the contact has an apostrophe in their name {PM00182055}
  • Re-enabled request list row highlighting in dark mode
  • Service bulletins not displayed in the expected order {PM00182038}
  • global search not returning the expected requests {PM00182017}
  • HAI (Beta Group Only) - Request Summary wouldn't display a user facing error if one was to trigger
  • HAI (Beta Group Only) - Knowledge Draft wouldn't correctly start on closed requests.
  • Email attachments not always shown in IC attachment form when raising a request from email {PM00181841}
  • Datetime not formatted properly in timeline post when scheduling a change request {PM00181744}
  • Notices set via BPM node are not displayed in Employee Portal until view is manually refreshed {PM00181587}
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There were 2 additional release notes that were missed from this build. They are as follows:


  • Employee Portal widget to display all co-workers that you manage {CH00181270}


  • Knowledge Centre not appearing correctly when logging a request through intelligent capture
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