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  1. @Steven Boardman Thanks for your quick reply. I was just hoping it was an option because we're running out of custom fields!
  2. Hello, Is it possible to use the h_resolution field in a capture so that the analyst can enter the resolution at the time of logging the request? These would be for requests that resolve automatically. Instead of setting a generic resolution text for everything in the Business Process, we would like to type in what the resolution is at the capture stage. Many thanks, Alisha
  3. Hello, In the Business Process, is it possible to create a new request from an existing request depending on the date given in a capture answer? We'd like to do this so we don't have requests on hold for months or years. Many thanks, Alisha
  4. Hello, When we are bulk closing requests, is it possible to have the option to add a comment please? Many thanks, Alisha
  5. We've also noticed this but if we click on 'Basic Users' or 'All', it returns a result.
  6. Hello, Is there a way to restrict re-opening requests when it's a Critical request? We still need them to stay in the 'Resolved' state for 5 days before it gets 'Closed'. Many thanks, Alisha
  7. Hello, Is there a setting that we need to switch on to enable us to raise new requests using our own set of captures from the mobile app? Many thanks, Alisha
  8. @James Ainsworth @Steve Giller @Victor Please could this be added as an enhancement?
  9. Hi @Victor, The subject line is like this: Ticket Updated - IT20200807U35T161825 - IN00123456 - More text Many thanks, Alisha
  10. Hi @Victor, I've had a look at your FAQ, thank you. Just realised that the subject line contains two reference numbers. One is the third party's reference number and one is the Service Manager reference number. Could the rule be looking at the third party reference number first and because it doesn't match, ignores the rest of the subject line? Is there a way to get around this please? Many thanks, Alisha
  11. Hi @Victor, Ours hasn't worked when the reference number was in the middle of the subject line. Shall I log this on the Success Portal? Many thanks, Alisha
  12. Hello, I'm looking to amend our 'Auto Request Update' email rule so that if the subject line has our reference number sandwiched between other text, it will still update the request, e.g. Subject line: Text here - IN0012345 - Text here If I add a % sign to the rule at the beginning, will this affect subject lines where the reference number is at the beginning of the subject? Our current rule is like this: REGEX_MATCH(subject, '.*\b[a-zA-Z]{2}[0-9]{8}\b.*') AND fromAddress !='email@somewhere.com' How can I amend it so that the request will auto update no matter where the re
  13. Hello, Please could we have the ability to use Snippets in request updates? Sometimes we just need to update the Timeline with some standardised text so this would be useful here. Many thanks, Alisha
  14. Hi @James Ainsworth, Our email template is just looking at the h_summary field. We mapped h_custom_21 to the summary field with some other text. It's showing correctly when the request is logged, but on the email it shows the UTC format again. Many thanks, Alisha
  15. That worked @Steve Giller. Thank you so much! It didn't even cross my mind that that was possible! I was really trying to figure out where to put the 'No Match' and was trying all sorts of things and going around in circles. Thank you again, I really appreciate it!
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