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  1. Alisha

    Custom expressions

    Hello, Sometimes when creating captures I accidentally add custom expressions in the wrong order and have to delete them to put them in the right order. Would it be possible to add arrow buttons so that we can easily change the order please? Similar to how we can change the order of form fields (see second image attached). Many thanks, Alisha
  2. Alisha

    Static radioset option text

    Hi @Daniel Dekel, It appears on the Customer Portal. I am using Firefox, and the screen resolution is 1280 x 1024. I have also zoomed the screen in and out within Firefox using Ctrl + and Ctrl - but the text is still underneath the radio button. Many thanks, Alisha
  3. Hello, Text appears below a static radioset option button if the text is too long. Is it possible to make it fully responsive to the screen size please? Many thanks, Alisha
  4. Alisha

    Progressive Capture - Data Query

    Hi @Steven Boardman, To add to this, it would be really helpful if we could use a free text field to type the location rather than searching for it in the drop down list, since we have so many sites! Would this be possible please? I know we can type the location if we use the Select Site node, but we'd like to have it within a custom form so it doesn't interrupt the flow of a capture. Many thanks, Alisha
  5. Sorry @Ehsan, it's been some time since I read your original message so I missed the crucial date part when I posted today! Thanks for your help.
  6. @Miro We are still having this issue and I'm not sure what's going on.
  7. Hi @James Ainsworth, Do you have an update on this please? Many thanks, Alisha
  8. Hi @Ehsan, I have changed the capture so that the Default Value contains the text. However, there are still issues with how the field displays once the call is logged. The first screenshot is what it looks like on the analyst portal. The second screenshot is what it looks like on the customer portal. Many thanks, Alisha
  9. Alisha

    Override on static radioset options

    Thanks @Daniel Dekel :)
  10. Hello, Rather than having a few different static radioset fields, would it be possible to have radioset options show based on the previous question? We have many instances where we need to hide just one option, which means that we have to create a separate static radioset field without that option. Many thanks, Alisha
  11. @Steven Boardman That's excellent, thank you so much!
  12. Hi @Steven Boardman, Do you have an update on this please? Many thanks, Alisha
  13. Hi @Miro, Do you have an update on this please? Many thanks, Alisha
  14. Alisha

    Suggestion - Tooltips

    Hi @Victor, I have tried this and unfortunately it doesn't work with wiki markup. Please could this feature be added? Just to give you an example, I would like to have a static radioset list with the following options: Extension mobility Phone line Voicemail Then, next to the extension mobility option, I would like to have a link that the customers can click on, which will take them to a page that explains what extension mobility is. Many thanks, Alisha