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  1. @Bob Dickinson That's perfect! Thank you so much!
  2. Hi @Bob Dickinson, I'm creating a chart widget and I do now need to show the analysts' names underneath the columns. At the moment I'm using h_createdby, but that only shows their User ID. Is there a way to do this please? Many thanks, Alisha
  3. @Jeremy This would be when the customers raise the request. Customers whose IDs haven't been specified will just go down the 'No Match' and get a different form. We'd prefer it if we could use team names instead, however, as it's easier to manage and we won't need to update it each time someone leaves.
  4. Hello, I'm creating a capture and need to restrict certain custom forms to individual customers using the h_user_id option. However, it would be better to do this by team name in case the individuals leave or change roles. Is this possible please, if not, please may I request this as an enhancement? Many thanks, Alisha
  5. Hi @Conor, I have another query regarding filtering on Sites. I'm using the Get All Sites Data Query and would like to filter it on the site 'State'. How could I do that please? Many thanks, Alisha
  6. Hello, Please could I request an enhancement for the 'Department' field to be added to the Request List Filter? For ad hoc reporting, it's sometimes easier to use a quick filter and export the results rather than create a report that's not going to be used again. It would be handy to search for requests by Department in this view. Many thanks, Alisha
  7. Thank you @Jeremy and @James Ainsworth - I didn't realise this was already there. I was looking under the wrong section!
  8. @Victor Thank you so much, that's really helpful and saved us a lot of time. Is there a way to see if there were any requests with those departments linked? Would deleting the departments affect any of the existing requests in any way?
  9. Hello, Is it possible to request the use of Wiki markup in resolutions please? Specifically when creating an automatic resolution text in the Business Process please? I know there have been similar requests before about using links in resolutions, but I couldn't find a thread for this particular query - sorry if this is a duplication. We would like to insert a few links into a resolution text within the Business Process and make the links look 'cleaner' by using Wiki markup. Otherwise the links are very long. Many thanks, Alisha
  10. This worked very well, @Victor, and exactly what we needed. Your example and instructions were very easy to follow and understand. Thanks for all your help, very much appreciated.
  11. @Victor, also, we're already using custom fields in the Progressive Capture, do we need to pick different custom fields for the outcomes of the task in the Business Process?
  12. @Victor, thank you for responding so quickly. Is there some documentation that I can read that will teach me how to do this please? I've not done this before. Many thanks.
  13. Hello, I have a Business Process query. I'd like to have two different resolution outcomes based on the tasks on the previous stage. For example, in the second stage, if a task is completed, I'd like it to move on to the third stage (resolution stage) and automatically resolve the request and send an email to the customer. However, if the task is not completed in the second stage, I want it to move on to the third stage and use a suspend node and wait for a manual resolution. Is that possible please? I've had a look but can't see a way of making it work because the task is not on the third stage. Any ideas on how to achieve this would be gratefully received. Many thanks, Alisha
  14. Hello, In System > Organisational Data > Organisation, is there a quick way of pulling up all the departments that have 0 assigned users? We need to delete all the departments that don't have any users assigned. Many thanks, Alisha
  15. @James Ainsworth, we also have a requirement to add a user if someone is logging a request on behalf of them. Do you have an update on the User Picker please?
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