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  1. Hello, I have used the Select Site Form on a Progressive Capture so that different questions appear based on the customer's location. Is it possible to add a few more options on the Customer Search form so that we can have different questions based on Attributes 1 - 8, please? Many thanks, Alisha
  2. @Miro Just to add, the looping does not occur when we change 'Process To Run' from Variable to Process, but this increases the number of Switch Capture nodes on one capture, which is not so ideal since we have so many separate captures.
  3. Hi @Miro Our captures are set up like the below. We have one main capture to gather all the basic details, which then goes to a second capture that branches off to further captures. The loop error occurs when we go back and select a different category when logging a request. Many thanks, Alisha
  4. @Miro Please see example below. BobbyB has described the issue above.
  5. Alisha

    Link to local file

    @Dan Munns Thanks for your helpful suggestions!
  6. Alisha

    Category Name

    @Victor For the criteria before the switch capture node, I have used the following for the Custom Expression: Request Category, ...->categoryName = Application/Software > DEF > Firefox This stopped working sometime last week. But then I changed it to: Request Category, ...->categoryName = Application/Software->DEF->Firefox Just a slight change in the category name made it work, so I was wondering if there was a change within Service Manager that altered the way the category name was displayed.
  7. Alisha

    Link to local file

    How about if we just use the URL to point to a folder on a server, instead of the document itself, is that possible to do with wiki markup? I will also have a look at the document manager. Thanks for all your help! @Dan Munns @Victor @Pamela @Steven Boardman
  8. Alisha

    Link to local file

    @Steven Boardman @Pamela @Dan Munns Thank you, I have tried what Dan has suggested. However, the only issue is that people would be downloading copies of the same file onto different computers. When the file is updated and uploaded again it could mean that: 1) People might be downloading multiple versions of the same file. 2) They might refer to the outdated file if they think they've already downloaded it. Having the file in a shared area on a server that everyone can access would mean that they would be looking at the most recent version each time.
  9. Alisha

    Category Name

    Hello, Has there been a change to the way the category name displays? I have set up a capture to branch off to other captures, depending on the category selected. I titled the individual captures with their category name. For example, Application/Software > DEF > Firefox. Today we discovered that this no longer works, but if I change the category name to Application/Software->DEF->Firefox it then works. Many thanks, Alisha
  10. @Miro Thank you for the update. Unfortunately, I'm still receiving the same error message when going back and selecting a new category. I also can't select the original category again due to the same error.
  11. Alisha

    Link to local file

    Hello, Is it possible to link to a local file in a progressive capture using wiki markup? I have tried using the below, but this has not worked as it adds https://service.hornbill.com/instancename before the actual file:///// part. [[:file://///servername/folder/folder/filename.xlsx]] Many thanks, Alisha
  12. Hello, I am creating a progressive capture for an Incident. One of my questions is, ‘Have you previously had access?’ If the answer is ‘Yes’, it would remain an Incident. However, if the answer is ‘No’, I would like it to change to a Service Request for new access. Is this possible? I tried using a switch capture node, but this didn’t work as intended since they both have different business processes. Many thanks, Alisha
  13. @Miro Thank you very much!
  14. Alisha

    Display Order of FAQ's

    +1, this would be really useful.
  15. Has anyone else experienced the same issue?