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  1. Hello, I have used a Data Query in one of our captures so that the customer can select the software/application from a predefined list (our assets). However, when searching for an asset, for example Microsoft Outlook, if we begin typing 'outlook' it doesn't pull up the result (second screenshot). We have to start typing in 'mi...' in order for Outlook to appear (third screenshot). Is it possible to have the system search on any part of the text, so it finds the result if we start typing 'Outlook' or 'Microsoft'? Many thanks, Alisha
  2. Hi @James Ainsworth, Customers can still add a comment via the portal even though the request is closed. We would like this option disabled if possible, please. Many thanks, Alisha
  3. Hello, Is it possible to disable comments when a request is in a 'Closed' state? If not, please may I request this as an enhancement? Many thanks, Alisha
  4. +1 This would be handy for us as well.
  5. Hello, I would like to use the {{user.phone}} session variable in a progressive capture. However, it only seems to work if I put it in the Description field. One of the questions we ask our customers is to provide their best contact number; the reason for this is if they are working at a different location, we will require that phone number instead for a call back. In order to improve the customer experience of logging requests, I wanted to use {{user.phone}} in the Default Value of a Single line text field so that their number appears and they don't need to type it in. I could even use both {{user.phone}} and {{user.mobile}} in the same field, and the customer would only need to edit the number if they are not working at their usual desk. Please could I request this as an enhancement, if not already possible. (I have tried, but can't get it to work.) Many thanks, Alisha
  6. Hello, Please could we have a field type for the time only when creating progressive captures. Instead of using a 'Single line text field', where customers/analysts can input times in different formats, e.g. 11am / 11 AM / 11:00 etc, it would be handy to have the option of just a time field to capture the time accurately. I know there is a 'Date & Time control', but sometimes the date is implied (the date of logging the request) or not necessary to capture. Many thanks, Alisha
  7. Thank you @Keith and @Victor Is it possible to use the same wildcard in the Business Process? So instead of 'contains Priority 1', I could say 'contains Priority % 1'?
  8. Hello, I was wondering if someone could help with this please. We have a Business Process and Routing Rule set up to raise a request automatically when a third party emails us. The third party's email subject contains a long line of text and then the priority. The request is logged automatically and the original email subject line becomes the summary. The Business Process is set up to change the summary to something shorter but still including the priority. We initially set up the Business Process with summary contains 'Priority = 1', 'Priority = 2', 'Priority = 3', etc. However, the email subject line could now contain a number of different permutations So we might receive any of the following within the subject line: Priority = 1 Priority: 1 Priority - 1 Priority is 1 Is there a way we can put a wildcard in between the word Priority and the number 1, so that we don't have to add so many different 'contains' criteria in the Business Process? Similarly, for the routing rule, we have several subject LIKE '%Priority = 1%' OR subject LIKE '%Priority: 1%' OR subject LIKE '%Priority = 2%' OR subject LIKE '%Priority: 2%' and so on. Can we include a wildcard here as well? Many thanks, Alisha
  9. +1 for this. And also the ability to select which team the template will be visible to.
  10. Hi @James Ainsworth, Sorry I posted in the wrong area. Thank you very much - this change will be really useful to us!
  11. Hi @James Ainsworth @Steve Giller, Would it be possible to track the changes to answers in the timeline, like it does when we amend the summary line? Many thanks, Alisha
  12. Hello, We have an email routing rule set up to look at subject lines of an email before they are automatically logged as a request, depending on what the subject line says. It has become necessary to increase the rule expression criteria: subject LIKE '%text here%' OR subject LIKE '%text here%' OR subject LIKE And so on. However, I receive an error message because it's too long now. Would it be possible to increase the size limit of the rule expression, please? Many thanks, Alisha
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