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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth, Is there a date scheduled for this change please? This is causing us issues since we went live as customers are emailing (and attaching) authorisation for access. While we can see the attached authorisation in the email, when the email gets deleted, the attachment will also be deleted. I understand that we can save the attachments and upload them ourselves, but this is an overhead as we get several requests like this. Additionally, being able to reply to an email and adding an attachment, rather than going to the customer portal, saving an authorisation email, and then uploading it as an attachment, greatly enhances the overall customer experience. Many thanks, Alisha
  2. Alisha

    Knowledge Centre

    Hello, We would like to use the Knowledge Centre as we think this feature is great when searching for existing Problems. However, the only way we can get this to work is if we put an h_summary field on a Customised Form directly after the Request Category Form. We cannot use h_summary after the Select Site form, for example. This interrupts the natural flow of our call taking, as we would normally gather all the customer details first, and then the details surrounding the Incident. I feel that the best way is to have the h_summary field at the end of the request, once all the details are captured so we can search for existing Problems at that point. Please could we request that the filtering criteria be customisable to individual organisations' requirements? Many thanks, Alisha
  3. Alisha

    Info Message on Select Site

    Thanks @James Ainsworth, that would be really helpful.
  4. Alisha

    Last Updated By

    Hi @James Ainsworth @Victor, Is it possible to have different colours for when a customer updates the request and when an analyst updates it? Just so we can differentiate between the two different types of updates. Many thanks, Alisha
  5. Hello, On the Available Display Columns, it would be really handy if we could have an option for 'Last Updated By', so that we can see if the request has been updated by the customer or by the analyst. Please could I request this as an enhancement? Many thanks, Alisha @Gemma Morrison @lokent
  6. Hello, The Info Message has been really helpful on the Add Attachments and Asset forms. Please could we also have an Info Message on the Select Site form? Customers are finding it difficult to search for their site, so it would be really handy if we could add some text to this to prompt them on how to search for their site. We currently have 225 sites in our system and not all the results are filtering in the way the customer expects it to. For example, if we type in 'Headquarters' it only lists the first 5 results, but we have several Headquarters sites. If we could customise the Select Site form, we could could then explain how to use the filter to find their site. Many thanks, Alisha @lokent @Gemma Morrison
  7. Hi @Daniel Dekel, I understand, thank you for looking into this. Kind regards, Alisha
  8. Hi @Steven Boardman, Excellent - I believe we have 225 sites at the moment. Many thanks, Alisha
  9. Hello, We would like to be able to see requests that have been put on hold but have been updated in the last hour. Would it be possible to add extra time frames to the Last Updated Date please? Many thanks, Alisha @lokent @Gemma Morrison
  10. Hello, When using the Data Query - Get All Sites on a capture, it only lists the first 100 site names. Please could we have a full scrolling list of all our site names? On our list, it only scrolls down to 'H'. I know that we can type in the box to filter site names, but for customers who prefer to scroll for their site, they may not be able to find it. Many thanks, Alisha @Gemma Morrison @lokent
  11. Alisha


    Hi @Victor, As we are sharing Service Manager with other departments, can we switch the notifications off on an individual basis? Many thanks, Alisha
  12. Alisha


    Hello, Whenever someone on the Service Desk logs a request, we are getting notifications to say that Incident # has been assigned to your team. Is there a way to switch these notifications off, as we may miss important notifications. Many thanks, Alisha
  13. Alisha

    Email Address Book

    We have now found how to add these via Contact.
  14. Alisha

    Email Address Book

    Hello, Is there a way to add email contacts to an address book in a Mailbox? Many thanks, Alisha
  15. Alisha


    Is it possible to use custom CSS?