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  1. Hello, We'd like to use the Asset details form and restrict the Class to a few different types. Please could we request this as an enhancement? We'd like customers to be able to select assets from the following Classes: Computer System, Mobile Device and Printer. Many thanks, Alisha
  2. Thank you so much for your help @Victor
  3. @Victor Yes, I don't have the Update button!
  4. Hi @Victor, I can add the email addresses - one is a user email address within Service Manager and one is a distribution list - but it won't save them. There isn't a Save button - should there be one? Do I need a specific role to save the configuration? Many thanks, Alisha
  5. Hello, Is there a specific role that we need to have in order to update the SLA Resolution email reminders? I want to be able to add specific recipients but it does not allow me to add them. We have 4 email addresses currently, is there a limit for how many addresses we can add? Many thanks, Alisha
  6. Hello, Is there a way to kick-start a Business Process if it hasn't started? There's no error so I cannot restart it. Many thanks, Alisha
  7. Hi @Victor, We seem to be affected as well. Please could you also reinstate our access? Many thanks, Alisha
  8. Thank you @Steve Giller! That would be the easier option! I don't know how I've not seen that before, or just not realised it's there... I'll have to try it and see, but it looks like what we're after, thank you!
  9. Hello, We would like to update the Status to 'On Hold' in the BPM. I understand that we will need to update the Simple List bpmRequestStatus. I just wanted to check how we should be writing the ‘On Hold’ so the system knows that it’s to go ‘On Hold’? Should it be written as ‘On Hold’ or ‘On-Hold’ with the hyphen? Will we also need to add in an ‘Off Hold’ Status? If so, how should this be written? Many thanks, Alisha
  10. Hi @Daniel Dekel, Would it be possible to add permissions to specific folders so we can restrict visibility and who can file/delete emails from them? Many thanks, Alisha
  11. @Steve Giller Ah, that explains it! I hadn't made that connection yet! Thank you so much!
  12. @James Ainsworth When I remove the tick in Subject and enter the email address, there are no results. I have also selected 'Any Date'.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to search for emails that were sent from a specific address. However, there is no option to search using that criteria and there are no results when I enter the email address in the search field. I can see we can search by 'Subject' and 'Body'; please could the 'From' address be added to this? Many thanks, Alisha
  14. +1 Great idea, this would be helpful for us as well.
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