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Found 18 results

  1. The HUD on the Request View is not resizing properly when using the Timesheet Manager sidebar app. See example below:- Cheers Martyn
  2. Now that the Admin Tool is within the main User App, can we request that the My Timesheet app on the righthand side now auto populates with links to the appropriate admin screen context you are in, like it does in the other applications. Cheers Martyn
  3. Good day, Hope you are well! Is there a setting where I would be able to set a maximum time of 8 hours on a Timesheet Manager Entry? I thought the timer would stop at 24:00, however it kept recording time well over it. We would like the timer to automatically stop at 8:00 for any given task. If a user would need overtime, they would need to login manually, again to record time over 8 hours.
  4. Good morning, Is there is a way to link the time spent on a project task with timesheet manager? At the moment we are having to add this time in twice if we also want it logged as a project cost. Slightly separate to this but still linked to Project manager, is there a way to set a limit in project manager against an individual so if they should only spend x amount of time on a project, the PM gets notified when they are approaching that time. Thanks
  5. We are on build 152. When looking at the Team view of timesheet manager we have the new graphs available. Upon configuring the chart settings I've updated the trendlines. I've added two new trendlines and selected 'update'. The lines appear appropriately - but as soon as I navigate away from the page they disappear and my configuration settings are gone. I have two teams under my teams and this happens on both. I've cleared the chrome cache and am on version 83.
  6. We have identified an issue where time spent entered on Service Manager actions on the Request View are not recorded in the timesheet manager, if the tab/session has been inactive for over approximately 30 mins. The action itself, such as update, resolve etc, is recorded on the request as normal but the call to append the time record to the timesheet application does not occur. This will continue to be the case until to force a refresh of the session using the CTRL-F5, after which the updates will record successfully both to the request and the timesheet app. Appears to be related to the web socket/access token connection of the request expiring/closing down after a period of inactivity, but this not being picked up by the Service Manager update, resulting in on the update being recorded and not the additional task to call the timesheet app to insert the time spent. We will often has a number of different requests open simultaneously and be using remote access to undertake work or monitor process, which we then return to tab/session to record progress and time spent. Can this be looked at a priority as there is no error or indication on the tab/session to indicate a failure to record the time spent. Cheers Martyn
  7. Can the time spent entered on Request List actions be included in the header information displayed on the timeline entry that is inserted into the request activity stream, so that is possible to see the time spent on each post without the need to open the timesheet dialog in the right-hand side. This would allow the timespent information to be viewable when printing the request. This information was visible on the Call Diary view in Support Works, so it would be good to implement this functionality in Service Manager. Mock-up This could be configured as system setting or at service level, so it can be turned on or off, depending individual preferences for the instance. Cheers Martyn
  8. @AlexTumber When viewing TimeSheet Reports for users, the list of users include archived users. Can we have a filter option like in 'contacts' to show bt default only current users, but still retain the ability to switch to view archived users time sheet information? Cheers Martyn
  9. Good Afternoon, We appear to have issues adding time onto Incident tickets. Other types of ticket are working correctly, however it is not possible to add time to an Incident. The icon is available in the call update, email, resolution and close stages and will allow you to add time, however the timesheet icon does not appear on the ticket.
  10. Linked to the post at the bottom of this one, can the Time Sheet option on the Shared Mailbox be enabled so that we can also record the time spent against raising new requests and applying updates from the shared mailbox on to Service Manager requests? The options is there but does not seem to function or setup. Cheers Martyn
  11. Hi, I think this is a really silly question but I can't seem to find how to make the Timesheet Manager icon appear on the right-hand panel - we have icons for bookmarks, conversations and activities but not Timesheet Manager. We use Timesheet Manager with Service Manager but can't see where this gets set. Is someone able to advise, please? Thanks Lauren
  12. Hi, I have a few queries regarding the categories in Timesheet Manager: 1) We need our system administrators to have permission to edit existing categories that haven't been created by them. Currently, it seems only the creator (owner) can edit/delete them. Is this possible? 2) I believe that anyone who is listed as a Team Leader or Manager in their respective team has the ability to create categories. We want all staff within IT to be using the same categories, therefore need to remove the ability for Team Leaders or Managers to create their own categories. A way round this would be to mark everyone as a Member of their teams, rather than Team Leader or Manager. However, I think this means that they'll no longer be able to view the timesheets of their staff within the Reports area of Timesheet Manager. How can we get round this, as we still want managers to view their staff members' timesheets? Thanks Lauren
  13. Hi, I am trying to capture the time spent logging a request in timesheet manager, but can't seem to find out how to do it. Has anyone set this up in the past and using it? thanks Darren
  14. Hi When adding time retrospectively, is there a way to link it to an entity? We've recently had a major incident and, understandably, our engineers are focused on returning service rather than updating the incident record at the exact time. Within a users' timesheet, they can add retrospective time and select the relevant categories but cannot link it to a request or asset. Is this something that could be added if it isn't possible already? Thanks Lauren
  15. Good afternoon We have an issue with a widget on a report that is not adding the call details of a call that they have worked on (and added time) where they are not the owner of that call. The technician can see the time that they have added to the call is shown in their 'My timesheets' and the call itself shows their time too but the call details are not displayed in the widget. The widget component to gather the accumulated technician data is: select h_pk_reference as 'Call No', h_summary as 'Summary', h_datelastmodified as 'Last Modified', h_withinfix as 'Status' from h_itsm_requests where h_status IN ('status.open') AND h_ownerid = 'AVAUG' AND h_datelastmodified >= CURDATE() The report then uses the following: select h_minutes, h_update_time from h_timesheet_values where h_member='AVAUG' order by h_update_time Looks like the update field (h_update_time) on h_timesheet_values is not being updated. @Hornbill Support Team - Where are we going wrong please? See attached Regards, Andrew cc: @Geoff Soper @Ann-MarieHolloway SR00027821.docx
  16. When using timesheet manager, would it be possible to automatically add the scheduled meeting duration to a timesheet. i.e. If I had a meeting booked from 13:00 - 14:00, when I mark complete it already had 1 hour in the duration. If the meeting was less or more, I could adjust, but it would be good if it picked up the planned meeting duration thanks Darren
  17. Hi When trying to use timesheet manager to capture email activity, I seem to have hit an issue. I have set a default category for email in Timesheets > Manage default categories. However, when replying to an email the default category is not being selected. The timer starts automatically, which is great, but the default category isnyt being applied. Any ideas? @Daniel Dekel? Thanks, Darren
  18. Morning, we have added the Timesheet Manager app to our Organisation but it will not allow me to add the User rights to a user as it says Error2No rights on application com.hornbill.timesheetmanager any advise on where we are going wrong?
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