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  1. We were seeing a similar issue, alongside the multiple issues mentioned elsewhere - but for us now seems to be fixed - are you still seeing it @Mark Priest
  2. Hi @Sahana. Shenoy, If you haven't seen this other thread linked below I would have a look here. We have experienced a similar issue ourselves and have raised a support ticket, although we are still waiting for a resolution we believe the issue is being actively worked on. Restarting the workflow appears to be the workaround for the moment. Regards, Art
  3. Hi all, Today we are unable to upload any attachments to our asset records which is having a major impact on our work. We see the following error. Has anyone else encountered this today? To recreate we select a file to upload, we get the message 'uploaded successfully' then when we click the Upload button we see the error below. A refresh of the page shows no file uploaded.
  4. After the 2nd April new UI deadline, I was preparing a notification to our users about the orange UI button and the impact of clicking on it and turning the new UI on early. I noticed this anomaly Firefox (124.0) that there appears to be no orange button and the new UI appears live already. I am using my Admin account and I don't believe this has had the button pressed. My Admin account in Edge shows this: My Admin account in FireFox shows this I get the same issue with a test account - the new UI seems already applied. Does anyone else see this or not? I'd like to know so that I can issue a consistent communication to me user base about what they will see in different browsers. Thanks, Art
  5. Can anyone on the HB developer side give a view on this suggested enhancement? I see also this other thread below which seems related and is being considered(?) however the ability to search attachment content as well as view it would be very useful so it'd be good to know if here is any possibility of such an enhancement moving forward? Thanks, Art
  6. Hi @Sam P, We have restarted the workflow and it seems to be OK now. This is good but I just wonder if there is anything you can suggest we check? Regards, Art
  7. Hi @Sam P We seem to have the same or similar issue this morning. Can you advise if this is another example of the problem? We see the similar message... and the failed node is the date formatter... Thanks, Art
  8. I am writing to request consideration of an enhancement to Hornbill so that it could index and search the content of .msg and image files. Could Hornbill have functionality to automatically process and integrate the content of these files into the ITSM system itself? This would ideally include stripping repeated disclaimers and making the content more easily accessible and searchable. Attaching .msg files (i.e. email files from Outlook) to Service Requests or Incidents requires additional steps to detach and access the content. This is the standard procedure but this process disrupts the workflow within the ITSM and is particularly a challenge for our non-Microsoft users. In a way the information attached is somewhat hidden, even though it can be presumed to be relevant if it has been attached. If this functionality was available this would improve searchability, reduce 'Information Loss' for non-text based information and probably benefit the escalation of issues where important information / error codes etc has been captured on an image or in an email. Regards, Art
  9. Hi, We are not yet using the Supplier Manager App in Hornbill but I am investigating it's potential for us. I have noticed that although the Supplier Manager app appears accessible the address fields on Suppliers are greyed out. Is there a way to make these fields editable or does the app need to switched on somehow? Thanks, Art
  10. Hi, I am not sure if this is a 'New UI' question or an 'Asset Management' configuration question but some guidance would be appreciated please. We have been asked by our customers if it is possible for the 'Notes' field in the General Asset section (see screenshot below) can be made wider when editing and viewing, because if there are a lot of notes (there often is) it requires a lot of scrolling. Perhaps if it was possible to re-size the main ticket information in the new UI then fields could expand to fit the space rather than limited by field width? Thanks, Art
  11. Hi, We had some Asset Types defined when we went live with Hornbill. Our customers have now asked if we can add two extra fields (basically a start date and end date) to one of these existing asset types. I have checked the documentation and don't see any obvious way to do this via the Asset Manager application. Is this possible, and are there any 'spare' custom fields available that we could make use of? Any advice on this would be appreciated. Art
  12. Looks like this one has gone away.
  13. Here's what we see - as noted above - this will be confusing for an end users point of view and works against the benefit of having an image included in the resolution. As it stands I don't think we'd use this - which would be a shame given the potential for including images to help explain resolutions.
  14. Hi @AlexTumber, Take Two - just reading the documentation and I see this, so that is explained. My enthusiasm to use the new feature overcame the natural inclination to check the documentation first! We all know the mantra... Art
  15. Hi @AlexTumber, This look like a very useful feature. I have run a couple of scheduled requests through which works fine but can I ask about how we can link this to our existing custom forms that we have created for our various requests? For example, I can select our 'general request' but don't to go into this catalog item to fill out the fields in the custom form. How does a schedule request link to the workflow that sits behind a custom form? Do you have any advice on this - or have I missed something? Thanks, Art
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