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  1. Calling all customers..... Looking for anyone who is willing to have an call / session on how they have designed their service portfolio. I will detail the issue I am trying to work through and anyone working within a similar environment who have successfully cracked the nut I would like to know how. Scenario: We are looking to mature our Service Portfolio. We currently have 50 live services. We are looking to inject all assets into the Hornbill CMDB and associate assets to the relevant services Utopia would then be the service availability status would automatica
  2. @steve giller - Thanks for the really quick response. I have check out the wiki page.....As a quick fix I have used the 'Empty variable modifier' which is working.. The ESP conditions look good, but I think I need a quiet space and an little more time to digest that option. Thanks again :-)
  3. Does anyone know if its possible to have the following: Scenario: Progressive capture has a number of custom fields...The intention is to provide a summary and/or authorisation email, in this instance, to a change authority with enough information about a change request that they can comfortably approve or decline without checking the ticket in Hornbill. The change authority in this exact instance is the business owner of an application so they are not a full Hornbill SM user, just a collaborative user. The issue I have is the progressive capture has fields that are
  4. Looking to see if its possible to update existing Hornbill assets, but from a different source. Scenario: We currently have an SCCM import running on a schedule. This pull into Hornbill all our computer assets... we are looking to shift the source database from SCCM to Snow SAM as we believe it holds a few more useful fields than SCCM does. I would like to achieve this by disabling the SCCM import and enable the Snow with the preferred end result being the existing asset gets updated (based on asset name) rather than have duplicates created for all computer accounts An
  5. Just wondering if this ever happened or if its still on the roadmap?
  6. Can anyone confirm if this fix was ever released. I have noticed that my organisation is affected by this same issue. Our Hornbill instance is up to date, but standard users are still seemingly seeing a lack of images on FAQs
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