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Found 28 results

  1. Is there any way to set an expiry period for a duration of 30 seconds? Im trying to find a workaround in a BPM whereby an analyst has a window of 30 seconds to add an asset to the call and putting decimals in the minute field doesn't seem to do the trick. Ideally I would like a function that suspends the flow until the analyst adds an asset, marking off a stage checkpoint in the process. At present there is no function I can find that will automatically continue a workflow after an asset has been added by the analyst and mark a stage checkpoint, in the same way as if you suspend a node until a linked service is added for example. My workaround would present the add asset screen and, after 30 seconds, continue the workflow regardless. One minute, the current available minimum expiry period is too long to wait for the workflow to tick over to the next stage. .
  2. Is there a way in the BPM to 'Get Asset Details' so that we can use things like the Owner Field? I would like to raise requests against assets and then to email/assign the request/add as member etc to the 'owned by' field of an asset...Don't think that this is currently easily achieved within the BPM? Also I suppose that this 'Get Asset Details' option would allow us to make decisions and to take other information from the Asset to insert into the request/emails etc.
  3. This may be in the wrong section but please move if needed. When chosing an asset in a form in the Employee Portal it appears, but it doesn't display correctly. It seems to default to an asset and then if you change it to something else this information on the right does not update. It does log the correct information in the request but the portal is causing some confusion to our customers.
  4. So when editing the Description field within an asset we can add wiki markup which works in the asset viewer: But when you are searching for an asset e.g. as part of a PCF is does not rending the wiki markup, can this be changed? I also would take a guess that wiki markup also counts towards the 255 character limit in the description field?
  5. I've seen some posts regarding tags for requests. It would be nice to have tags for assets too. Just like adding tags to a new topic in this forum, it would allow me to sync tagging currently used for deployed resources.
  6. I have also logged as a support request but I am unable to save any changes to asset records since today's update has been applied.
  7. Hi Team, we would like to delete relationships via the asset relationship import tool. Would it be possible to add this functionality?? thanks Andy
  8. Hello, We've been using Configuration Manager for over a week and so far it's been proven useful. This request is likely to be part Service Manager - Assets, and Configuration Manager. We need a way to group a collection of Assets under an Organisation (Menu -> Customers - Organisations / Contacts)... bearing in mind we do not use Customer Manager (since our customers are the Business themselves) though we have third party supporting some of our Assets and Applications - but they would never log in to our Portal or Hornbill at all. We need to be able to link these assets to those Organisations, as well as having it shown in Configuration Manager, and I would really hope that we do not have to set up a "Basic User" in order to show this information. What we expect to be able to do is to use Configuration Manager to see the linked "Asset" against a Request, then to be able to expand that "Asset" and view the Manufacturer / Organisation "Supporting" it, then to be able to expand that node to view ALL the other Assets under that Manufacturer / Organisation. Many thanks, Samuel @Aaron Summers - for info
  9. I sure this is a simple question, but not able to locate the location where you can setup the Asset Vendor, Product and Version drop downs for the 'Software' Asset Class. Any pointers? Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi, We are currently importing various types of assets into our Service Manager instance. We have found that, when logging an incident/service request via the customer portal, all types of assets are presented to the customer - including servers, switches etc. We would like to be able to filter out certain asset types on the portal, via the "asset details" out of the box form, so that only those relevant to the end user are presented. Is there any way that this can be achieved? I've looked within the "Asset Management" section of Service Manager and cannot see anywhere that this would be set. Thanks Lauren
  11. Hello, I am not sure where this would fit in but guessing System Administration cover all other parts of the Hornbill? Anyway, I want to raise a request to add a new row onto Asset Type configuration setting. As we are preparing ourselves for 358 new smartphones that are expected to tomorrow or early next week and deadline is to completed them all and ready to hand out beginning of August so we really only have "8 working days* to complete it. So I want to prepare Excel spreadsheet to be ready for to input information to bulk upload all assets as soon it arrive however I have noticed one missing information that is vital for us and that is storage/memory size of the phone. I was quite surprised that it not on the list as I thought it should be. However I was puzzled when I downloaded template file and open to see that capacity column is visible (if that is for storage or memory size?), if so where would I see that information which is not visible on any list? Unless I am looking at the wrong place? Also if possible to add it as soon as possible before the roll out start in August? (would truly appreciate the swift update to reflect this). My workaround at the moment is to put in Description for storage or Model which we do not want to include. Thanks, Aaron
  12. Hi, I am looking into the possibility of scheduling activities from assets rather than using standard changes, e.g. for server reboots that happen each week on the same day/time. When viewing an activity, after it has been created from the asset record, it displays the asset ID information rather than the asset name - see screenshot below. I would like to propose that it shows the asset name, rather than the asset ID, that the activity is linked to - in this instance, rather than saying "Asset: 1" it would say "Asset: Server123" (I promise our server naming conventions are better than that!). This would mean that the analyst owning the activity wouldn't have to navigate to the asset properties every time to confirm the asset the activity is in relation to. Is this a system setting that I am able to change, or is this something Hornbill would have to put forward as an enhancement? Thanks Lauren
  13. Hi, Can I request some addtional fields to be used for the Software Asset Class: Licence Key Registered Email Address Registered Name Licence Start Date Licence Expiry Date Licence Renewal Date Licence Type (Single User Licence, Named User Licence, Concurrent Licence, Per Device Licence, Optimizational based Licence, Transactional based Licence, Subscription based Licence) Licence Cost It would be handy to be able to... Add multiple users as the "Owners" or "Used By" fields if the Licence is "Concurrent" Other people may have other ideas. Thanks, Samuel
  14. Hi I was trying to create a report about linked assets. However, when trying to build the report, I noticed that some assets in h_cmdb_assets had an entry in The Asset URN column and others did not. Typically, the one I wanted to report on didn't have this info which means I couldn't use it in a report that was joined to the h_cmdb_links table. Any ideas why the URN value would be missing for some assets? Thanks
  15. I was wondering if anyone can assist, we are trying to create a report that will show all incidents closed the previous day with either no asset number or the asset number 0000 attached. How would be the best way to do this?
  16. Hi, I have noticed that a number of our assets have been duplicated in Hornbill. We use the AD asset import which runs each night. There is only one of each in AD of course. For the AD LDAP user import, there was a line that specified whether users were updated/created but I cannot see that option in the .json file for asset. Is it possible that instead of updating an asset in Hornbill, it is creating a new one if there are changes made in AD? Thanks, Melissa
  17. I'm trying to create a CSV file to upload our software assets and we want to populate the ownedBy field. This field is a lookup field and I'm struggling to get it to populate from the CSV. file. Is that actually possible or am I going to have to go through and manually add the user who is the owner? Any advice would be great, I'm teaching myself how to use CSV files for the first time so I'm really new to all this Thanks Katie
  18. hello, I have made a report which combines a few tables in order to pull information related to Leavers requests, including the assets linked to those requests. Whilst it initially worked, I wanted to get the "Asset Type" name attached to it, so as soon as I joined this table and included the field, the Asset Name column is now sharing the same details as the Asset Type Name column. If i remove the Asset Type Name column, the Asset Name column reverts back to the actual asset name. That was probably confusing I have attached the report definition file... tech-support-equipment-assets.report.txt You can also see the screenshot below: Without Asset Type Name With Asset Type Name As you can see the Asset Name column shares the AssetTypes->Name fields. Can someone assist? Thanks, Samuel
  19. Hi We're not really using Asset management yet, but as I prep for next year, it would be good to be able to use Asset management for managing software asset in particular from a budgeting perspective. I'm keen to hear how others are using Asset Management, and if there are any tips for things to definitely do, and things to definitely avoid! Thanks Darren
  20. Hi, As we currently are in the Switch-On period this is my first topic in this forum. We are just about to import all our assets and especially one property is missing and I am pretty sure no other customer needs this (Old Asset Tag). For different historical reasons we need this information in any case and my only solution is to misuse any other property which I would like to avoid. The request I have is to have additional custom properties similar to what exist for customers and co-workers. Some additional custom properties available under the different categories (e.g. General Property 1, General Property 2 available under the category General Properties and Additional Property 1, Additional Property 2 under the Additional Properties). Maybe even have some custom properties under every sub category (e.g. Financial Information, Hardware Information and so on ...) Regards Per
  21. Hi, When reviewing asset information, I've been coming across duplicate assets. We generally use the csv import tool for new assets and assets in the computer system class have some fields automatically populated via SCCM. The duplicates seem to have been created via SCCM. I'd like to create a report in Service Manager to help me identify all duplicate entries so they can be identified and analysed further. For most of our assets the "Name" field should be unique, as well as "Asset Tag". The "name" field matches the "Asset Tag" but has a prefix. e.g. Asset Tag: 12345 Name: DC012345 Any advice on what criteria to use for the report would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. When a end user is crating a request from Service Portal with a progressive capture that allows an Asset to be selected, the end user can search all assets. There is no way to restrict which assets can be searched, as far as we can tell. We consider this to be a security issue, and will have to disable the possibility for end users to pick assets when registering requests. Furthermore, this might be considered a security issue also for agents. There should be ways of restricting which agents can see which assets.
  23. Hi, When using Asset Management, we don't want to see archived/retired equipment on a day to day basis as often it is equipment we have disposed of. An initial though I had was to develop an icon filter similar to the service manager i.e. Current/Active/Archived or icons for Operational/Pre-Production/Retired. Ideally this filter could be fixed to our preferences on a per person basis. Not sure on developers thoughts on this? Mike.
  24. Hi all, I was wanting some help, at the moment I cannot add or amend assets as the name field appears to have a red section within it, almost like the name is wrong, a colleague of mine however can put any name in he wants and it will upload the asset fine for him, this is something that I really could do with an answer to as, the assets are always moving and this is our way of keeping track of them, thank you. Ash
  25. Good afternoon, We have been trying to update information on a Asset. when we click on the asses and then select Edit - select the dropdown for Physical Location infromation and edit it. Then click save. It does nothing. The button doesn't even register that i have clicked it. We have tried doing it on different Pc's, Different users access on hornbill & The admin account on hornbill aswell. Also we have used Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and Edge. The issue is happening on all of them. It appears that it is a issue with windows 10 from what i can see. as it works on other pc's if they are not windows 10? Any ideas? Hayley.
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