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  1. Hi All, I am looking to try and setup a BPM to do the following:- Customer selects the option to purchase a laptop which spawns an activity to review the laptop request - we then have 3 outcomes - rejected, loan laptop and perm laptop. If it is rejected we take the comments and inject this into a resolution email, if it is a loan laptop we want to capture the laptop issued and add this to the customers profile & place the request on hold until the loan period is over, and if it is a perm laptop we will either create a brand new issued asset, or reassign an existing laptop. What i wanted to ideally be able to do is in the activity specify a laptop not yet associated to the customer / request if we issue a loan laptop(we have a stock of loan laptops that will be issued and reissued), as well as being able to update the owner if we decide on issuing an existing perm laptop. I have set a custom field to capture the date it is on loan until and this places the call on hold with no issues, but we do not appear to be able to associate the loan laptop to the request mid BPM. Same for the reallocated perm laptop. There is an add asset node but this appears to look for and add any asset that falls under the specified class to the customer associated to the request, but as this is a loan laptop the customer would not yet have this asset associated to the request / their profile. Same for the update asset node, this again appears to just be pulling assets already associated to the customers request / profile. What I want to do ideally is add the asset to the customers profile and the request mid BPM from the activity - is this possible? Or would this just have to be a manual activity for our engineers in that I would just change the activity to advise them to manually open up the asset in the database and mark the new customer as the owner? Many thanks
  2. Afternoon All Hope you are all well. Please would it be possible to advise if it is possible for archived assets to be hidden from view, so that they do not inadvertently get linked to jobs? Thank you. Kind Regards Ann
  3. When users have a large number of Assets they use or are shared with them, the current 'Link Asset' screen can become somewhat cumbersome to locate the correct asset, whilst the the current Search option does not help given that it's scope is all assets. Can we request an enhancement to add in a Filter option on both the 'Used By' and 'Shared with' options, to make it easier to locate the assets linked to the current customer. Especially useful would be able to filter by state and operational state, so archived/retired assets can be excluded. It would also be useful to be able to have some control on the display order with sorting options, as not sure what order is currently applied by default. Cheers Martyn
  4. The 'Link Asset' - 'Used by' option is not returning all the rows, only showing the first page of 10 matching assets. Can this be looked at please. Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi all, Has anyone experienced the list of Software CIs within Assets (IT Asset Inventory) being in the wrong order alphabetically? I've tried to click on Name on the heading in both direction (A to Z, Z to A) and this made no difference - not sure why this is happening? Cheers, Claire.
  6. We are thinking of using Service Manager to list our major equipment assets in our business and then to link audits etc to them via PCFs. So I noticed that in 'Software' Assets you can create tasks, is this available for all Assets? As I have created a new Asset type and it doesn't seem to show in the same place, just wondering if I am missing something. Also where are the translations for these fields as we want to make some changes? Can we add custom fields to assets? (We want to create service intervals against equipment)
  7. Though you can link Assets to external contacts, you can on see these in the Asset Request List or from a Request itself. Can we request an Asset View on the Contact screen just like the options for 'Requests' and 'Services' which are already present. Cheers Martyn
  8. Though you can link Assets to external organisations, you can on see these in the Asset Request List or from a Request itself. Can we request an Asset View on the Organisation screen just the options for 'Contacts' and 'Requests' which are already present. Cheers Martyn
  9. Hello, I would like to request have the possibility of viewing the Asset"s relationship to an entity when linked. Assets can be linked in multiple places (requests,assets,sites I think etc.), so it would be good to have this work the same way as the connections regions when we can define the connection type, in this case it will be to define the asset relationship type (for lack of better wording). For example a customer raising a request to have their laptop replaced, so the old laptop is linked and marked as "To be replaced". When a new laptop is added to the request, it can be marked as "Replacement". It anyone is using configuration manager then it would be good for relationship value to be pulled in from here, and if updating the value outside of configuration manager for example in teh asset region against a request, for that also to feed back into configuration manager. This can eventually extend the assets functionality in the BPM to only target assets of certain types of a certain relationship. I hope that's clear what I'm requesting. Thanks, Samuel
  10. In a PCF if you add an asset selection, you can't seem to make any conditional decisions based on the asset selection. If you have customer search or questions you can show/hide questions based on those choices but doesn't have the same options for the Asset node, please can these be added?
  11. I am trying to locate the simple list which provides the drop down list for the License Type field in the Software Information for the Software Asset type. We need to add for few extra options, i.e. Domain Licence. Cheers Martyn
  12. I want to assign assets to contacts, but the contacts do not show in the list for 'used by' and 'owner by' how can i get contacts to appear?
  13. Is there any way to set an expiry period for a duration of 30 seconds? Im trying to find a workaround in a BPM whereby an analyst has a window of 30 seconds to add an asset to the call and putting decimals in the minute field doesn't seem to do the trick. Ideally I would like a function that suspends the flow until the analyst adds an asset, marking off a stage checkpoint in the process. At present there is no function I can find that will automatically continue a workflow after an asset has been added by the analyst and mark a stage checkpoint, in the same way as if you suspend a node until a linked service is added for example. My workaround would present the add asset screen and, after 30 seconds, continue the workflow regardless. One minute, the current available minimum expiry period is too long to wait for the workflow to tick over to the next stage. .
  14. I've seen some posts regarding tags for requests. It would be nice to have tags for assets too. Just like adding tags to a new topic in this forum, it would allow me to sync tagging currently used for deployed resources.
  15. Does Hornbill offer any software that can detect assets without having to manually upload them?
  16. Following on from my previous request to be able to create new Assets from the Service Manage Request View, can we also request an enhancement to be able to create new assets from the Service Manager BPM. We would like to be able to:- Create New Asset, to be able to create a new asset passing the required fields. Link existing Asset, be able to link an asset to the current request, passing the asset id. Share Asset, i.e. turn on sharing and pass the id to the object to be shared too, in our case external organisation (Organisation ID) Update Asset, as per Create, but providing asset id and updated fields. Cheers Martyn
  17. Is there a way in the BPM to 'Get Asset Details' so that we can use things like the Owner Field? I would like to raise requests against assets and then to email/assign the request/add as member etc to the 'owned by' field of an asset...Don't think that this is currently easily achieved within the BPM? Also I suppose that this 'Get Asset Details' option would allow us to make decisions and to take other information from the Asset to insert into the request/emails etc.
  18. This may be in the wrong section but please move if needed. When chosing an asset in a form in the Employee Portal it appears, but it doesn't display correctly. It seems to default to an asset and then if you change it to something else this information on the right does not update. It does log the correct information in the request but the portal is causing some confusion to our customers.
  19. So when editing the Description field within an asset we can add wiki markup which works in the asset viewer: But when you are searching for an asset e.g. as part of a PCF is does not rending the wiki markup, can this be changed? I also would take a guess that wiki markup also counts towards the 255 character limit in the description field?
  20. I have also logged as a support request but I am unable to save any changes to asset records since today's update has been applied.
  21. Hi Team, we would like to delete relationships via the asset relationship import tool. Would it be possible to add this functionality?? thanks Andy
  22. Hello, We've been using Configuration Manager for over a week and so far it's been proven useful. This request is likely to be part Service Manager - Assets, and Configuration Manager. We need a way to group a collection of Assets under an Organisation (Menu -> Customers - Organisations / Contacts)... bearing in mind we do not use Customer Manager (since our customers are the Business themselves) though we have third party supporting some of our Assets and Applications - but they would never log in to our Portal or Hornbill at all. We need to be able to link these assets to those Organisations, as well as having it shown in Configuration Manager, and I would really hope that we do not have to set up a "Basic User" in order to show this information. What we expect to be able to do is to use Configuration Manager to see the linked "Asset" against a Request, then to be able to expand that "Asset" and view the Manufacturer / Organisation "Supporting" it, then to be able to expand that node to view ALL the other Assets under that Manufacturer / Organisation. Many thanks, Samuel @Aaron Summers - for info
  23. I sure this is a simple question, but not able to locate the location where you can setup the Asset Vendor, Product and Version drop downs for the 'Software' Asset Class. Any pointers? Cheers Martyn
  24. Hi, We are currently importing various types of assets into our Service Manager instance. We have found that, when logging an incident/service request via the customer portal, all types of assets are presented to the customer - including servers, switches etc. We would like to be able to filter out certain asset types on the portal, via the "asset details" out of the box form, so that only those relevant to the end user are presented. Is there any way that this can be achieved? I've looked within the "Asset Management" section of Service Manager and cannot see anywhere that this would be set. Thanks Lauren
  25. Hello, I am not sure where this would fit in but guessing System Administration cover all other parts of the Hornbill? Anyway, I want to raise a request to add a new row onto Asset Type configuration setting. As we are preparing ourselves for 358 new smartphones that are expected to tomorrow or early next week and deadline is to completed them all and ready to hand out beginning of August so we really only have "8 working days* to complete it. So I want to prepare Excel spreadsheet to be ready for to input information to bulk upload all assets as soon it arrive however I have noticed one missing information that is vital for us and that is storage/memory size of the phone. I was quite surprised that it not on the list as I thought it should be. However I was puzzled when I downloaded template file and open to see that capacity column is visible (if that is for storage or memory size?), if so where would I see that information which is not visible on any list? Unless I am looking at the wrong place? Also if possible to add it as soon as possible before the roll out start in August? (would truly appreciate the swift update to reflect this). My workaround at the moment is to put in Description for storage or Model which we do not want to include. Thanks, Aaron
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