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  1. @David Hall thank you for the clarification. When I will use mailbox view and reply to Customer it won't appear on the Timeline. How can I keep a conversation history without using "comments"? Thanks, Daniel
  2. Hi, when Customer replies to an email sent by Analyst from the Request in Hornbill - it appears on a Timeline as "System AutoResponder". There is an option/button called "Reply". When I click on it I got @System AutoResponder as a recipient. As a result - should the Customer get an email or notification only? See the picture. Thanks, Daniel
  3. +1 for us for option to add connection(s) via self-service
  4. @David Hall, reloading the app cache resolved the issue thank you Daniel
  5. Hi All, we have the problem accessing any requests. Error message in the picture. Latest update installed today Thanks Daniel
  6. Hi All, I know that "Dark Mode" is an experimental feature, but some of text is invisible when this option is ON. Please see the picture. Tested on new and old Edge browser, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Any chance this will be changed it in the future? This is in a "Requests List" view: Thanks, Daniel
  7. Hi @Steven Boardman, thank you for your help. Basically I was trying to create a "Copy" button to be able to copy/duplicate an existing asset and save it as a new one. Thanks Daniel
  8. Hi All, we can (can we?) create Auto Tasks for Asset Entity, however I can't see any app or entity available in Hornbill Automation node. I am trying to create Custom Button for Asset View to trigger the Auto Task. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Daniel
  9. Hi, I am getting the same error message when trying to upload csv via "Asset New Assets" in Asset Management: EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[data::entityAddRecord] A database or query error occurred while inserting the primary record data into the database Processed records 80/80 from assetmobileDevice.csv 0 records successfully uploaded 80 records failed to upload I am using Hornbill template Thanks Daniel
  10. Thank you @Bob Dickinson Regards, Daniel
  11. Hi @Bob Dickinson, are you able to help please? thanks Daniel
  12. the attached pictures show difference between Report and Timeline. The "Last Timeline Update" column (h_buz_activities.h_content) in report doesn't show the latest update from the Timeline in Request. Could you help, please thanks Daniel
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