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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth, I was off for 3 weeks. This seems to improved. thanks Daniel
  2. @James Ainsworth, it seems to be Ok now... I will keep monitoring this "issue". Thanks Daniel
  3. Hi All, Service Manager is very slow and not responsive. Do you know if there are any issues please? Thanks Daniel
  4. Hi All, there is refreshing problem on "My Activities" section. The notifications numbers keep changing after refreshing the page and are different in different web browsers (Edge + IE) Edge: Edge after refreshing: IE: Any suggestions please? Thank you Daniel
  5. now it's even worse. Any help will be appreciated thanks Daniel
  6. Hi, filter in Assets Management works intermittently. Most of times, after typing the phrase I need to delete part of it and re-type it in order to get any results. This is on (up-to-date) Edge browser. Thanks Daniel
  7. Hi All, it looks like I am not getting any notifications when the request is updated (via "update" field). I am the owner of the request and the call has been updated by another Analyst. Is anyone having the same problem please? Thanks Daniel
  8. Hi @Berto2002, have Basic Users got "Docmanager Portal" role? Regards, Daniel
  9. Hi, any plans to implement this option please? thanks Daniel
  10. Hi James, it is working now - thank you! Regards, Daniel
  11. Hi, I have problem with adding new contacts (error message below), any ideas why please? Thanks, Daniel
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