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  1. Hi @Daniel Dekel, that's very helpful - thank you Daniel
  2. Hi @Daniel Dekel, thanks. I know the recommended dimensions of the previous version of bulletin images, but I was hoping that you are going to change it due to new "square" shape bulletin on Employee Portal. Regards, Daniel
  3. Hi All, do you know what's the recommended optimised bulletin image dimensions are? - Employee Portal thanks Daniel
  4. @Adrian Simpkins, @Joyce, on our instance even if the owner's chart is set to "visible" the person you share with won't see it... it will be hidden for him/her. @Joyce could you test it please? thanks Daniel
  5. Hi @Joyce, just to let you know... "shared" charts are set to "hidden" as a default, so users need to change it manually
  6. Hi, I am having the same problem. Can't create shortcuts to documents. thanks Daniel
  7. Hi @James Ainsworth, thank you for quick response. The reason I am asking this question is that I have admin rights and can't see any documents in search results: Are there any settings I should change? Thank you Daniel
  8. Hi All, do you know if "Global Search" option to find documents is still available? It doesn't seem to work on Employee Portal. thanks Daniel
  9. Hi, do you know how to create hyperlinks to documents please? There is no option to right click and copy a link in Edge or IE browser thanks Daniel
  10. @Victor, is it going to be applied automatically? We can't access App Store anymore thanks Daniel
  11. Hi All, is it possible to create a link/shortcut to an existing document stored in a library? Library is shared with Basic Users. I would like to have an icon/link on the main page (Employee Portal) with "featured" forms and documents like in the attached picture. thanks Daniel
  12. Hi All, is anyone getting an error message in Service Request view? This start after today's update. The error message: Also, I am unable to access the App Store or check update history thanks Daniel
  13. Hi @JoanneG, I think it is already possible... see the picture:
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