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  1. Hi. I tried to find if someone already suggested this, but didn't found. Wouldn't it be nice if the customer feedback answers could include an icon? We have often customers making mistakes on the feedback answers and I believe that using icons in the answers - like the ones in the image - could be easier and more comfortable for the customers and could prevent a lot of wrong answers. Thanks and regards, Alberto
  2. Hello, Would it be possible to enhance the user list in Hornbill to allow you to filter by Domain when you have a shared instance? I am trying to achieve this by running reports at present and I think this option would be of benefit to any organisation sharing an instance. If I'm missing something obvious please let me know. Many thanks
  3. Hello, Would it be possible to add a column to the request list that allows you to see if a request has a linked request and what that reference number is? It would be particularly useful as it would also give the ability to filter calls out that have a linked request, allowing you to search for requests that haven't yet been linked or sort by that field to be certain that calls are linked to the correct request. Many thanks
  4. Hello, After spending time configuring the Employee Portal, I have produced a list of suggestions for improvement. Don't get me wrong, we REALLY like the Employee Portal - a vast improvement over the Self-Service Portal, but we would like to request the following enhancements for the future: Links Widget - if set to Tile View, we would like to be able to set a "Maximum" tile height for all tiles in the widget (even if there are tiles with no text in it) Links Widget - For Tile View, we would like to have the ability to set the horizontal and vertical position of the cont
  5. Hello, While going through translations I have noticed that it can take a long time to find all the values that you have changed and there are other settings where you do have the ability to filter for only modified settings. Here is where the filter would be most useful: https://admin.hornbill.com/[instance]/language/translations/com.hornbill.core/ https://admin.hornbill.com/[instance]/language/translations/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ Here is a section with the filter: https://admin.hornbill.com/[instance]/settings/application/com.hornbill.core/ Would it be
  6. Hello, Please could we have the ability to use Snippets in request updates? Sometimes we just need to update the Timeline with some standardised text so this would be useful here. Many thanks, Alisha
  7. Hello.In the service portfolio page, is it possible to have the service owners drop down in alphabetical sort order? It's far from being critical but it's annoying.ThanksAlberto
  8. Hello, I have noticed that it can take some time to reach the Resolution Category closing a call if you have a large category tree to select from Would it be possible to add a text entry field to allow you to quickly select the category by name? I was thinking that as you type the relevant results would filter so for example, you could type '3rd' and the number of categories would filter down to 'resolved by 3rd party' In the screenshot I have highlighted where such a text entry field might be located. Would this sort of thing be possible?
  9. When you look up people within the Service Manager and get the view below where you can see their services, assets etc can there be an option added called 'Quercuslive's Connections' and so you see the requests that this person is listed as a connection? This is a enhancement that has come about with a new department that we are on-boarding as they want to be able to see the persons connections and to filter by connection e.g. Manager, Budget Holder, Interested, Impacted etc. I know this will probably take some time to implement so may have to look at the API to see if there is anything
  10. Hello, I have seen the External Frame widget go live today and had a go configuring it. I am able to get it to show external sites however it only provides a narrow letterbox view of the site. Would it be possible to control the verticality of the widget? Our intention is to include a support bot and looking at the example conversations many of the responses take up more than the default vertical space allows. Many thanks
  11. I think that I have asked about this before, but I can't find any record of it.. Please can a consideration for a search bar to appear in the services list so that analysts can search for a service or catalog item to raise a request against. We have an increasing list that is becoming more difficult to find the correct service etc, I know that there is a consideration for having less services but this is currently not the direction that our teams want to go. Something like this....
  12. Would it be possible to add filters to the suggested subjects presented when a user types in a summary as they open a call? Even a tick box for match entire phrase would be useful. I have received a complaint from a user that they are seeing lots of irrelevant results. When they use "New Self Service Portal" and get 27 suggested FAQs that include the word "Service" It would be useful if you can click on results and select 'match entire phrase', 'limit results to FAQs for selected service' or even give the users the option of switching off the suggestions feature. I ca
  13. We would like the following new fields for Assets please. A few new generic fields Under the existing State field add an extra item in the dropdown of ‘In Stock’, Currently this only shows Current, Active and Archived. We can configure our own Substates but at a high level the the lifecycle of any equipment includes ‘In Stock’ (whether just purchased and waiting to be deployed, being recycled to different user/location, awaiting WEEE). Last Modified By (free text) and Last Modified Date (date field) – under Computer System/Computer Information – these relate to Intune repor
  14. Hello, I have a user with visual impairment who has asked if it would be possible to have a dark mode to help them to better make use of the system. Currently this user uses the dark mode in Outlook Webmail and would like something just like that in Hornbill. We have explored the in built accessibility options in Windows and have tried using a dark mode extension for Chrome but these are not ideal solutions. I have seen that there is an experimental dark mode in Hornbill but colours are not changed meaning that light colours that are subtle against a light background clash
  15. At the moment there is a Document Widget for the Employee Portal, but when you have a large volume of shared documents it display can become very crowded and not easy to use. Can we request an Document Libraries Widget which shows you the libraries you are shared with and the you can navigate tin a structured manner. Cheers Martyn
  16. We have tried to ensure that no draft email templates have been set against any of our Business Processes. This is potentially a lengthy process and I think it would be beneficial to be able to see from within Email Templates which Business Processes make use of each respective template. Many thanks
  17. Hello, We have noticed that as we add more domains to our instance there is a greater likelihood of confusing end users by presenting services that are not clearly identifiable as belonging to one domain rather than another For example: Purchasing, General Enquiries We have worked around the ambiguity by prefixing some services with the domain name however with more domains being added it would be more efficient to present favourites with the domain prefix that the respective favourite belongs to. When browsing to the domain the prefix would not be needed, but when looking
  18. Hello, While building business processes that factor in reopened calls I have noticed that there is no variable that would populate a template email with the reason that the users call was reopened from the text entered at the point of reopening. I can see a variable for the reason a call was cancelled {{.H_cancel_reason}} so would it be possible to create a corresponding variable for the reopen reason? If there is already a more suitable variable please let me know. Many thanks
  19. Hi, I have noticed that when a progressive capture collects a contact number for a user that number is treated as text rather than a contact number. When looking at a request and picking the call option the contact number is provided from the user details and that's fine but as many are working from home at the moment it would be more useful to use the provided contact number. The number can still be located in questions, copied and pasted into the respective telephony system but it would be even better if the provided contact number could be treated as the user's contact number
  20. Is it possible to request a new field for PCFs to have just time, separate from Date? Also could an option be added or extended on above request to choose length of time eg 25 mins, 55 mins etc
  21. Hello, Would it be possible to add criteria that allows us to see the requests raised/resolved within the current calendar week? We do have the facility to run x days and 7 days however if we want to know the progress within the current week criteria for this/previous week would be most useful. As we can see there are criteria for the current and previous month, I hope this kind of enhancement would be possible. Many thanks
  22. When using FAQs and accept them as the solution it does not populate the timeline or add the any links within the FAQs to the resolution. I understand that the resolution is plain text, is there any way to change the type of text in a resolution to allow the link to be included? Many thanks
  23. I would like to remove a team which is no longer in use. All open and on-hold requests have been reassigned to an alternative team. In speaking to support they advise that even all closed requests should be reassigned to an alternative team. However, I see that this would have a couple of issues: 1. This would have an impact on past reporting 2. How would this impact the request owner, since the alternative team assigned may not have the same team members? I can't leave the team in place as I fear it will be incorrectly assigned to (we have some services which are open to all
  24. Please can we request that there is a new System Form or the ability to add a custom field with the closure categories in please, there is the Request Category but we would like a Closure Category for the requests that we log and resolve.
  25. Would it be possible to have a 'me too' button like problems for Major Incidents so that via the BPM we can enable a button for our customers to quickly add themselves as impacted to a major incident? Ideally we would like this to work with bulletins, so that we can raise a bulletin for an impacted service (requested separately) and then a button on the bulletin (like below) that can be clicked to add them to the incident....
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