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Found 27 results

  1. We would like the following new fields for Assets please. A few new generic fields Under the existing State field add an extra item in the dropdown of ‘In Stock’, Currently this only shows Current, Active and Archived. We can configure our own Substates but at a high level the the lifecycle of any equipment includes ‘In Stock’ (whether just purchased and waiting to be deployed, being recycled to different user/location, awaiting WEEE). Last Modified By (free text) and Last Modified Date (date field) – under Computer System/Computer Information – these relate to Intune reporting from user devices such as laptops and PC’s which we want to inject into Hornbill Asset Management. These will indicate the last time an admin accessed the device and when. We have a number of spreadsheets with our infrastructure asset info that we want to load into Asset Management. We can't always find an appropriate field and my Infrastructure colleagues know from experience that this info is actually really useful eg physical attributes for hardware planning in the racks No. of Power Ports – under Computer System/Hardware Information – number of power ports. No. of 10 GbE Ports – under Computer System/Hardware Information – can be 2, 4, 8, 4/2 etc so not always numeric No. of 1 GbE Ports – under Computer System/Hardware Information – can be 0, 4/0, 8 etc so not always numeric. No. of 1 GbE MGMT Ports – under Computer System/Hardware Information – can be 0, 1, 2 etc. We have a requirement for a number of dates in a number of Classes which don’t currently seem to exist. We want to be able to capture these dates so that several months beforehand a Request can automatically be raised as a warning. Hardware Support Expiry Date – linked to a support contract (Hardware End of Life – can be different to above and we could use Scheduled Retired Date in Disposal Information). Software Support Expiry Date – linked to a support contract Operating System Expiry Date Last Audited Date – the date that the Asset details were last reviewed internally by us We have a number of Infrastructure Comms Contracts with BT, Virgin, IDE etc. These are not directly linked to any particular hardware/software so maybe this needs a new Asset Class? Some of the required fields are already in different sections (such as Financial Info) but we can’t find anything explicit for the following (the Software Information section has some of these but refers to ‘Licenses’).: Vendor Contract End Date (but we could use a suggested Expiry Date from above if under General Properties) Term - eg 1 year, 2 year, 90 day rolling (if expired then many contracts continue with 60/90 day notice period) A End – one end of the comms ‘line’ B End – other end of comms ‘line’ Cost – could be monthly or Annual (but we could use Maintenance cost in Financial Info)
  2. Please can we request that Impact/Risk Assessments are made available to use as part of the PCF so that when completing a form the user can complete a risk assessment of the issue.
  3. Could I ask for these 3 enhancements to be considered for Asset Management: 1. Ability to hide Asset Classes. We may not wish to use all the Classes and want to ensure that users don’t use it by accident or get confused. We could use Translations to change the name to ‘Don’t use’ but that’s not brilliant. 2. Add Asset Class of ‘Access Rights’. We view Access Rights for our users to be an ‘Asset’. Our plan is to tie this in with our Starter/Mover/Leaver processes. We are under increasing ‘audit’ pressure to show that we have a record of what access people have to all our key systems. We need to be able to report by system to show who has access and at what level – this could be done from the systems themselves but a central source is much easier. Also, and arguably more importantly, we need to report by user so that when they leave a business we have a quick reference of which systems we need to access for user removal. We would configure Asset Types in this new Class on the following basis ‘System name – Access Level’ which avoids the requirement for any new fields and is easy to report on. The users with each access right would all be Shared Users. 3. Audit Trail of Shared Users. Linked to the above is it possible to report on when a Shared User was added to an Asset? Again this to satisfy our auditors to show on a certain day who had an Access Right to a particular system. This is far from perfect as it won't show when people were deleted but we can use Leaver Requests for that.
  4. We want to be able to use BPM Operations with Asset Management (AM) to assist with our Starter/Mover/Leaver processes. Ideally we want to be able to ‘push’ and ‘pull’ data between Service Manager and AM. Examples are Starter Requests with activities that would enable the details such as laptop, mobile phone, access rights info etc for the user to be injected into AM – doing this manually is prone to error and sometimes get missed. Equally when we have a Leaver Request the BPM could pull relevant info from AM attached to a user and inject that into the Request.
  5. Unfortunatly we recently had an issue where the primary hornbill IP was blocked (inbound) for approx 24 hours. This caused a few issues including blocking email sending (we send mails through our internal SMTP server). This was found and sorted, however the backlog of emails took ~12 hours to clear. I assume this is because these mails had tried and failed previously and so had backed off to only retrying after 12 hours or so. Request: It would be occasionally useful to be able to force an email to retry. Either globally from the admin screens, or from the mailbox interface.
  6. Is it possible to request a new field for PCFs to have just time, separate from Date? Also could an option be added or extended on above request to choose length of time eg 25 mins, 55 mins etc
  7. We have forms with quite a few sections and when the data appears in the right hand side you don't know how far you are etc, would it be possible to allow the previous completed sections to be collapsed to just show the section header? Also I have noticed that when going to a new stage in the Employee Portal it doesn't return you to the top of the page and sometimes leaves you in the middle with empty white space when go from a section with lots of questions to one that has a few, guess this is something to do with the sections on the right filling more of the page...
  8. When creating views and the associating charts would it be possible to ask for department to be added as a option to create a chart we have site and customer and for us the ability to be able to use department will greatly help our teams out when working out where resources should be distributed.
  9. I hope that this makes sense. Would be an easy thing to add another option for emails in the timeline, so if there is a email associated to a request you can click the 3 dots and choose reply to email. This then allows you to reply to the email that the customer has sent with the original email trail included? As currently if you email from the system it is a 'new email' that is sent and if you are referencing something previously mentioned you need to copy and paste the email into the window.
  10. Hi I wonder if anyone else would find it useful to be able to have a clickable link in the request view of FAQs to jump straight to an edit screen for that FAQ. Use case would be, I'm about to use this FAQ but notice it's incorrect/typo/incomplete and want to quickly go and correct it. *Wonder over the epic mockup I've produced*
  11. Can it be possible to have the feedback questions to be included in the HTML email so that customers can complete the feedback/survey within the email (like the authorisation approve/reject buttons) and then for this feedback to go onto the relevant request?
  12. We have Business Owners listed in the Owner section of the Service, however we are realising that by giving these people the 'role' of Services Manager it allows for them to potentially cause a lot of damage in the system. Is there a way to create a new role that allows us to choose then as a Service Owner so that we can pull them through for Change Requests etc but not to allow them so many privileges? Also the ability to select more that one person would getting towards Utopia!
  13. We want to able to utilise the option in the PCF to allow customer to choose another user as affected which we can do very nicely with a Dynamic Drop Down box linking this to users. However, as this list has all users this is causing us issues, for example we have all students and staff in this list and need a way of restricting this list by department/organisation or a query. To be able to define this list would help us as we have approaching 57,000 users and the vast majority of these are students and when completing these forms we are asking for other affected staff members, this would also make the list faster and easier to use and cut down on the potential risk of having duplicate names and choosing the wrong affected user.
  14. Currently when you send an email with an attachment, the attachments remain with the email within the timeline rather than appearing in the attachments bar. please can you look at enhancing the system so that all attachments show in the attachment bar
  15. I want to display more fields within the customer ‘my profile’ section. I can see that I can add new fields within he contact section (e.g. I just created a filed called VIP): How would I be able to display for example VIP in the 'my profile' section so that the contact can populate this information: Please can you configure the style sheet so that you can select what extra files to display fo the contact to update.
  16. Good morning, So we are currently in the process of creating an external facing customer portal that will be categorised based on the software the customer is seeking support on. As it stands, we are having to use very generic icons that have no relevance to the category. I believe it will be a massive value added if we were able to upload our own icons; as it will make it clearer for the end user. Currently we are able to add icons to our organisations sections which helps massively (see below); as this is the case, can we not replicate this for the category icons also? [ADMIN EDIT: Image Removed] Thank you and kind regards Aykut
  17. Hi, Would it be possible to add some indication as to whether a request is present on a board or not (Boards app). This would be veery helpful in the context of managing our development queue. Thanks for considering. Keith
  18. An idea came from one of our analysts which I liked very much. I would like to propose this as an enhancement request
  19. I would like to remove a team which is no longer in use. All open and on-hold requests have been reassigned to an alternative team. In speaking to support they advise that even all closed requests should be reassigned to an alternative team. However, I see that this would have a couple of issues: 1. This would have an impact on past reporting 2. How would this impact the request owner, since the alternative team assigned may not have the same team members? I can't leave the team in place as I fear it will be incorrectly assigned to (we have some services which are open to all teams). One major concern, is what would happen if a user reopened a resolved request (which I have not reassigned). Would it be possible in future to mark teams as archived so that they are inactive and provide an alternative team for assignment purposes. Regards Keith
  20. Enhancement Request - when raising requests and adding customers or contact can we search by email address as well as a name?
  21. Would anyone else support the idea of a type of connection that defaults to being included in 'emails' i.e. would populate the TO: or BCC: fields. This would accommodate the desire to cc an account manager, or PA, or other interested party when notifying the main customer. I'm aware it's easy to add to the TO: field based on connection type, just have to remember to do it!
  22. We have a process where a user will not have access to their primary email account (due to Google thinking it was compromised) but where we want to be able to communicate with them via email (or at least notify them of updates) Contacts have alternative emails address fields, but co-workers do not. Also would it be possible to be able to determine in an email notification bpm node that you might want to send the email to both primary and alternative email addresses.
  23. I wonder if anyone else thinks it would be useful to be able to pass PCF answers as parameters in the URL. This could be used where some context could be automatically (and perhaps concretely) be established. e.g. a report a broken web page link could include the url (or some reference)
  24. Hi, Would anyone else find it useful to be able to pin workspace posts to the top of the stream. We use it to keep information that's more transient than we might use an FAQ item for. But sometimes there's posts we would like to hang onto rather than lose down the stream as we post subsequent bits.
  25. The ability (or lack of) to use custom fields in various locations i.e. Request list, view criteria etc is well documented but can I add to this the ability to create SLA rules which can make use of the custom fields. I just went to setup a new SLA and failed due to this inability. We will now have to manually choose this SLA. Keith
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