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  1. Hello, After spending time configuring the Employee Portal, I have produced a list of suggestions for improvement. Don't get me wrong, we REALLY like the Employee Portal - a vast improvement over the Self-Service Portal, but we would like to request the following enhancements for the future: Links Widget - if set to Tile View, we would like to be able to set a "Maximum" tile height for all tiles in the widget (even if there are tiles with no text in it) Links Widget - For Tile View, we would like to have the ability to set the horizontal and vertical position of the content within the tiles, for all tiles in the widget (if Centred, then the text justification should also be set to Centered) Links Widget - For the links configuration, can we have the Description field set to Multiline instead of Single line? This is primarily to make it easy to see what text has been entered in this field. I don't expect multiline formatting to be rendered on the Widget though. Links Widget - When creating / updating links in the Links Widget configuration, the list of links under the "Configure" tab should match the formatting set (ie. the background and font colour) so we get a preview of what it will look like when we press Save, before we Publish. Links Widget - Is it possible to not make the Address mandatory? I've found myself using Links more than the Text widget to display information, like events, and to prevent users from navigating away when clicking on a non-navigable link, I put a hashtag ( # ) in the Address field. Alternatively, could it be possible to have a "List" Widget that works the same way as Links, but with potentially more functionality related to lists? Service Portfolio - Can we have a way to generate the Employee Portal URL to the Service itself, from within Service Portfolio? I was thinking on the first page you access when opening a Service, you have a button to "Copy link" which we can then paste into the Employee Portal Links Widget. Alternatively, the link is readily available somewhere on that page. This will make it easier for those who find copying a URL and changing it difficult or too "Technical" as some will say. Employee Portal - Can we have the ability to configure the maximum height against all widgets? If there are multiple widgets in a row, and both have a maximum height set, then the highest number will take priority. Text Widget - Can we have HTML formatting in widgets using the likes of CKE Editor, with basic CSS support? CKE Editor should be fine for most people, but for those who want a bit more control with CSS would benefit from it. Employee Portal? - In addition to Domain Categories, can we also have Subcategories? From a non-technical user perspective, when filtering the My Services widget for example, having multiple of the same category (ie. Applications, Applications - New) in the same list, to display any Current and New Services is confusing. If we could have Domain Category Subcategories, then for each Service, we could set this alongside the Service Domain and Category. 1) This will make it easier to filter the Service Portfolio list too to find any Services where the Domain Category Subcategory is set to "New" without having a messy Category list 2) It is easier to select the Subcategory (if the Service Domain + Domain Category has any) in the My Services Widget. My Requests Widget - Could we have the ability to filter the list of requests by Service Domain and Category? Employee Portal Services pages/Services Portfolio - Could we have the ability to configure the Services Pages themselves? Maybe from within the Services under Service Portolio? It does feel slightly disconnected from the Employee Portal - though just might need to be something we need to get used to. It would be nice to configure the formatting of the Catalogs page to start with (ie. to include a border and background colour to the services) Thanks, Samuel
  2. I think that I have asked about this before, but I can't find any record of it.. Please can a consideration for a search bar to appear in the services list so that analysts can search for a service or catalog item to raise a request against. We have an increasing list that is becoming more difficult to find the correct service etc, I know that there is a consideration for having less services but this is currently not the direction that our teams want to go. Something like this....
  3. Hello I have received a request to change the list of available columns in the request list to include the text from the latest update in the timeline (just like with Summary) I think confusion had arisen from Last Updated and Last Updated Date effectively showing the same thing albeit differently, the users expected to see the Last Update Text. I understand that the number of characters may exceed the maximum allowed to populate this field so perhaps it could show the first x number of characters. This would help agents to see the current status of all calls from one view rather than clicking into each one in turn. I hope this makes sense. Many thanks!
  4. I see that resolution categories are defined against a service. We have received reports of instances when an incident was presumed to be one service but then the resolution was provided by a different supporting team. That team was passed the call but they could only see the initial service's resolution categories rather than the ones used by the service the call should have been logged against. I guess one way to deal with it is to give all services all resolution categories but that seems to negate the purpose of picking resolution categories for a service in the first place. Would it be possible when reassigning a call to present the resolution categories for the services that team supports? I'm not sure I've explained that one too well but I'm trying to avoid a situation where the supporting team are presented with a call they cannot pick the appropriate resolution category for. I hope this makes sense, if there is something obvious I am missing here please let me know. Many thanks
  5. Hello, When defining a label in a progressive capture it seems to default to a faded grey, it is trying to be less prominent than the rest of the text. I understand that it is intended to not take focus away from the question however there are instances where the label is delivering information that needs to be equally or more prominent. Currently, I can work around this by using markup but it would be more practical if there were an option within the label to pick between alert (red/bold), bold and basic (grey). I have not yet needed a label to present information in grey, only needed it to show prominently so thus far I have needed to manually set markup for every label, this would certainly save time. Many thanks!
  6. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add some further customisation options to the service portal. It would be really nice if we were able to allow for multiple splash images and cycle through them on a carousel for a given period of time, eg each day of the week, month of the year I have had a suggestion to have make our background image vary depending on the month and I agree it would be nice to see something seasonal. It would also be handy if we could add text widgets so you can say things like 'for trouble accessing please contact us at' etc Many thanks
  7. Hello While recreating reports which were created by a colleague who has since retired I have noticed that the filter within service manager reports is a bit limited. https://admin.hornbill.com/[instance]/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/reporting/ It would be really useful to see which of the reports are scheduled and what the schedule status is (ie running, expired, failed) so you can easily identify which of a list of hundreds of reports require attention. It would be even better to see next scheduled run and report recipients too If these were added to the columns I imagine the filter would then be able to pick them up. I would imagine these additions would be useful for other areas of reporting also. Many thanks
  8. Hello, I have encountered a problem recently where a large number of reports all failed to run and the cause was that a colleague (and report owner) recently retired, putting all the scheduled reports into a failed status. I have asked that the owner be updated and I have been advised that the only way to do this is is to copy them individually. I can do this however I think that it would be far better if it were possible to manage report ownership in bulk within the portal. I have appx 70 reports to copy, correct and reschedule individually, I am certain there will be accounts running hundreds, if not thousands of reports and the time lost rectifying the problems their report owners departure would cause would make it well worth adding this feature. Many thanks
  9. Would it be possible to tweak the means people assign to teams? We often are asked to assign to a specific person but best practice is to assign to the team which that person belongs to. Currently, we can look that co-worker up and see the teams they belong to and assign the call to that team It would be useful if when selecting a co-worker rather than team that the list of available teams then is filtered by the list of teams that co-worker belongs to. That way the agent can assign the call to that co-workers team without breaking out into another tab/browser. I hope this makes sense Many thanks
  10. Hello Currently, when trying to reorder the list of questions in a custom form we can do this by clicking the up and down arrow. Is there any way we can use a drag and drop to reorder the list? The reason I ask is that often clicking the up and down arrows repeatedly can lead to the wrong item being raised/lowered in the list. Many thanks
  11. Hello, We have made a decision to implement a closure category which would link to a decision in the business process to email a specific team. The process itself works wonderfully, the challenge we have is that using the closure category would only work if the user logged the call via a catalogue item that utilised the business process with that automation built into it. What we would like to do is implement this across our BPs and wondered whether there is a better way to do this than updating each of our BPs manually. In addition, if this becomes beneficial to the business then other departments may ask for the same functionality and so we may need to make further bulk updates in the future. Is there a means to apply this change across multiple business processes or do you have a recommendation to do this more efficiently? Many thanks!
  12. I was wondering if it would be possible to enhance the filtering so that in addition to the filter you could colour code results that match additional criteria? Say, for example, your filter was set to see incidents and requests, assigned to the access team that are in an open or new status. It would be nice if you could then add a highlight for specific criteria that you could define in your view, for example, requests or incidents that have not had a response in 4 hours, those that are set with a high or major priority. I am aware you can define views for those specific types of calls and that the priority already has its own colour coded column but I think it would be useful to add colour/font highlighting to an existing view. There may be a particular type of call that would need to be identified urgently so adding a form of highlight to them using filter options would be helpful. I am currently looking for call summaries that begin [SP] and have set up a separate view to filter calls that contain \[SP\] but I would much rather highlight them in my request list so I don't need to flick between views. I hope this makes sense.
  13. Is it possible to request a new field for PCFs to have just time, separate from Date? Also could an option be added or extended on above request to choose length of time eg 25 mins, 55 mins etc
  14. Good afternoon, In the process of asking teams for potential improvements a number of our staff have asked for an improvement to the results when searching for requests in Hornbill. Specifically, this relates to the global search box. When used, the results appear in what I presume is closest match order however the results can neither be sorted or filtered in the same way the requests list can. I am aware of the drop down that allows you to filter before submitting the search but it would be more useful to filter after the search. The requests lists filters also give us more options which I would expect in the requests search like date range (raised/updated/resolved/closed/reopened) Would it be possible to look at adding this type of functionality to the results? I have suggested our users turn to the requests list to search requests but I do feel the power of the request list search is lacking from the global request search.
  15. Would it be possible to have a 'me too' button like problems for Major Incidents so that via the BPM we can enable a button for our customers to quickly add themselves as impacted to a major incident? Ideally we would like this to work with bulletins, so that we can raise a bulletin for an impacted service (requested separately) and then a button on the bulletin (like below) that can be clicked to add them to the incident....
  16. Hi We would like to explore if an enhancement to request reassignment can apply team based auto assignment rules. Currently we have round robin on requests that are raised to the Service Desk team , but when our Service Desk team triage a call and it need to go to 3rd Line , 3rd line assignment rules dont apply ? Regards Si
  17. Good afternoon, I recently submitted a request to have the login prompt updated so that the Harry Hornbill logo no longer covered the login buttons. It appears that this has been done but only on the admin.hornbill.com website, not on live.hornbill.com. Would it be possible to update the live.hornbill.com login page? Also, when a monitor is put in portrait orientation the Harry Hornbill logo on the admin page is separated from the arrow pointing to the login button: This has been posted previously here but doesn't seem to have had a response in the last day. Your help is most appreciated
  18. Hi. I tried to find if someone already suggested this, but didn't found. Wouldn't it be nice if the customer feedback answers could include an icon? We have often customers making mistakes on the feedback answers and I believe that using icons in the answers - like the ones in the image - could be easier and more comfortable for the customers and could prevent a lot of wrong answers. Thanks and regards, Alberto
  19. Hello, Please could we have the ability to use Snippets in request updates? Sometimes we just need to update the Timeline with some standardised text so this would be useful here. Many thanks, Alisha
  20. I am not sure if I have posted in the correct area but.... I know its alot of work to implement but I think the BPM functionality would be massively improved if we could create custom functions with an input and output. The current work around is to import the templates into a stage but these can become outdated. Dragging a custom function into a BPM would be extremely beneficial. They could be created in a similar way to "Auto Tasks". I do scripting on the side and so many times I have thought.. "Hmm. I wish i could put this in a function with variables and re use". Thanks Jamie
  21. Hello, I am trying to improve our change business process and have noticed recently that a number of changes seem to be approved without having a schedule set. I have tried adding an automation which makes the process wait until the change has its change date scheduled but there doesn't appear to be an option among the tasks. Is there something I am missing or can this option be made available? Alex
  22. Hello, Would it be possible to enhance the user list in Hornbill to allow you to filter by Domain when you have a shared instance? I am trying to achieve this by running reports at present and I think this option would be of benefit to any organisation sharing an instance. If I'm missing something obvious please let me know. Many thanks
  23. Hello, We operate in a shared instance where the two main areas have differing requirements for the default visibility of updates in the timeline. One area needs to keep updates visible to the team only as the contents have data sensitivity concerns, other areas need to share updates with their users. Given the importance of preventing unintentional breaches I can see why the switches that control updates are set to team - eg app.email.routing.rules.default.visibility.update Would it be possible to give the option to control default update visibility to the services or even catalogue items? Also, if there is something obvious I have missed please let me know.
  24. Hello, We have encountered an issue where adding external users to Hornbill as basic users potentially leads to those external users being able to see internal notices on the platform as well as links to internal documents It is not practical for us to go down the external customer portal route for these users as we have a shared instance and both areas sharing the instance want all customers to be able to see just their own services. We had explored the option of adding external parties as basic users and adding them to a specific company but cannot use that information to control what they see on the self service portal. Is this functionality something that can be added? If this functionality already exists in some fashion please advise. Many thanks
  25. Hello, I have had a request to add a notification rather than to the homepage or the our domain within Self Service to a specific service. I am aware of, and part of the organisation already uses, the Bulletin widget on their homepage but would it be possible to make this same information visible when you select the service the bulletin relates to? I am just thinking if, theoretically, you had 30 different services and they each had bulletins then the bulletin widget would not be the most effective way to display that information. If you then selected a specific service and instead of being taken directly to make a request you are taken to bulletin instead that would mean there is no way someone who has selected a service would have missed that service's bulletin. Would this be possible?
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