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  1. @Steve G I trying to import Known Errors into to Service Manager but hitting an issue with how I import their published status. Looking in the database there is a separate table h_itsm_published_requests which sits over Problem and Known Errors. As part of the import I need to be able to pass a flag to indicate whether the request being imported should be published. Is there anyway to currently do this as I am on a tight timetable to migrate the data from a system which has to be decommissioned very soon. Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi Some of our request forms are quite lengthy (e.g. HR recruitment) and can take some time to complete. Customers find that sometimes they lose their request part way through filling out the form due to poor network (local issues - we have many staff working from home at the moment!) If it were possible to save a request before a customer submits it, this would not only mitigate network problems that may occur during form completion, but would also significantly expand the business potential of the product. We could create far more in-depth Progressive Capture forms (e.g. questionaires, self-assessments, fully detailed change request forms, etc.) I appreciate this may require significant development work. Is this a direction Hornbill would consider for the Service Manager product? Kind regards Stuart
  3. Hi all, We're working with our Operational Technology team to create a process in our Incident flow to capture jointly owned asset information from Incidents. Our Operational Technology teams have the ability to replace jointly owned OT & IT communications assets. The incidents they we will raise will be pretty much retrospective as they have access to a joint stock pool, so they will have already replaced the faulty asset with stock from the pool. What we in IT need to be able to capture is the faulty asset and replacement asset information. So the warranty process can be engaged on the faulty asset. I have been able to achieve getting the list of assets through the intelligent capture, which means that we can get information from our asset database to do the look up but i would like to through the bpm, grab the faulty asset details and update our database to place item into faulty status, and then when with replacement asset update the database to go from in stock to in use. Is this possible? Many Thanks Adam
  4. Can we request an enhancement to the Service Manager Request Importer, to have the ability to do Owner Mapping, so we can set up mapping between the owner value in the source system and the analyst id value in the Hornbill system. Cheers Martyn
  5. BPM Tasks with the "Field Type" as "Single line text field" are showing as "Initializing... undefined" when completing the task. Screenshots provided. I have rename, readded and also created a new "Single line text field" but it still bugs Screenshots show clear example
  6. Hi all, A few members of our Service Desk team use the Knowledge Centre when raising tickets through the agent portal. It has come to our attention the whilst this finds the catalogue item then detail inputted does not get transferred and you have to fill in everything again including the request type. I appreciate the knowledge centre was always in beta but we've been using it for the past 18 months, with much success. Especially for our new starters as it makes it easier for them to get up to speed on our vast service catalogue. Some advice on this functionality going forward and whether I need to log this as a fault would be much appreciated. Many Thanks Adam
  7. @James Ainsworth @Steven Boardman The Service Manager Coming Soon pages appears to have stopped being populated. https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/service/2/outlook Cheers Martyn
  8. HI, Is it possible to have a catalog item that is not visible for customers to raise requests on. But is viewable and usable by agents and can be seen by the customer in their active requests? We have a catalog item that is set to service desk visibility so customers cannot raise requests on it, however when we as agents raise tickets on it, the customer cannot see these tickets on their service requests.
  9. Hi all, This is a bit of a strange request. But I was wondering if if an email matched a specific set of rules, i.e sender address and subject that it would allow a ticket to be resolved if the rules matched configured in the business process engine? My reasoning for this is we have a need in IT to vet computer room access to ensure the person or persons requesting access have carried out the right training, aware of IT Security Polices etc. Then assuming all checks pass it will go to another part of the business to eventually provide that person or persons requiring access. I will be configuring that to send an email to that part of the business with the summary description and custom fields injected into an email so they can carry out the access request, knowing that the receipt of that email means the person or persons requiring access have been vetted and the right procedures have been followed. That part of the business doesn't have a need as of yet for Hornbill Agent access or a queue to manage their tickets. So in order for the ticket to capture the full audit trail and the end to end process, if the area of the business replies back to that email - saying access granted. Could that then engage the resolution node in the business process and ultimately resolve the ticket if subject and sender address is configured in the business process engine to allow that to happen? Any help or advice on this would be gratefully received. This isn't something we've needed to try and do until now. Kind Regards Adam
  10. Hello all, I'm not sure whether this is a fault but we are starting to look at reporting and we do use the resolve by previous month in views in Service Manager. I can't see anything wrong with our configuration but it brings back Dec 2020 data. I'm trying to establish if we're the only ones with this issue, or whether other customers are also experiencing this issue? If it's the latter I will raise a support ticket. To help with this please see the attached screenshots. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Adam
  11. Hi Can I request that a third option is added to the search bar please. Currently, you can search either the details or the timeline of requests (as below). We'd find it useful if there was a third option to search the questions of requests. Is this something that could be implemented? Thanks Lauren
  12. We have setup catalog items for a number of new services. One catalog item is to suggest improvements to the related service. Rather than logging an incident, we would like the progressive capture response to be emailed out to our projects team. Our projects team do not use Service Manager/Hornbill. I can't seem to see a way to do this in the progressive capture, but can once an incident has been logged. Is this possible to do?
  13. Hi all, We would like to be able to add a link to the change calendar inside our employee portal. Certain members of our IT department don't need to log or manage tickets through the IT agent portal, but would find access to the change calendar useful. So our IT Business Analysts and IT Project Managers, can gain visibility of what's going on, and avoid any potential conflicts when planning project activities. We wouldn't want to open this information up to all, so we would need it to be controlled with a permission, that we can add into our IT Business Analysts and IT Project Managers profiles. I can't see any ability to do this currently, so could I please request this as an enhancement? Many Thanks.
  14. Good Afternoon, We currently use Hornbill Service Manager at Milton Keynes Council IT, to log, process and record all issues raised by council officers. We also have the Employee Portal, currently only available internally (only the council network as it requires Office 365 authentication) which is used by council officers to log these issues for investigation, monitor the progress of their tickets and also contains a FAQ area for useful IT information. **Officers can log in on a private connection, using a personal device, but only if they log in using their email and password not using SSO** A proposal has been put forward by the councils Finance and HR departments to bring in these to service areas into our existing IT instance of Hornbill Service manager, under our current subscription. To bring in both Finance and HR, the setup must meet the following conditions: Tickets must be kept separate and in their own queue from the existing IT tickets Must be accessible to technicians in HR and Finance across domains – HR and Finance officers are spread across a mixture of Milton-keynes.gov.uk domains as well as Northampton and Cambridge domains It needs to be accessible to those mixed domain officers using SSO Is this possible? What additional components are required to make this work? What are the issues with this setup? Regards Rashid
  15. Hi All, We have a particular change request which requires two authorisers before being reviewed by the our change management team. Due to leave and the authorisers work loads, we want this still to be a manual selection of the two authorisers (as they may differ) We have found that when authoriser approves rather than waiting for the second it will continue onto the next step. I understand that if these authorisers were always the same and known, we could alter the weighting of the approval, and set each one to 50%, but as mentioned above this wouldn't work for us. I have checked out Service Request BPM, which places the ticket on hold, but as changes do not have an SLA, there would be no reason for the change to be placed on hold. Is there another way of being able to add suspend wait for authorisation to occur? Below is a screenshot of the suspend node, to allow the authorisers to be manually selected, but there doesn't seem to be a similar process for suspend await authorisation: Any help would be gratefully received. Kind Regards Adam
  16. I have had a scan of the forum and cant find this issue talked about elsewhere. I am sure its a problem with my understanding, but i would appreciate any assistance in making sense of the resolve time and total time on hold calculations. My circumstance is that i have run an export to CSV of a selection of tickets as i am particularly keen to see how my team are using the "hold" function, an example is below: I have calculated the "calendar days open" and the "working days open" myself. We work on a 10 hour day, so have converted the resolve time and TTOH on that basis. The trouble is, that i cant make it tie up with the number of days the ticket was open. I must be missing something in my understanding as i would expect the RT and TTOH to add up to the "working days open" total, but the numbers are either not calculated in the manner i am expecting, or there is another factor that is not included in my calculations. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi, When using the link document action button in service manager, the timeline entry does not provide a hyperlink. We wish to use this to direct customers to documents when the customer visibility is selected, so they can see a link in the portal. Can a link be included in the timeline entry and not just be plain text? Many Thanks
  18. Good morning I have a BPM that includes an authorisation node, set to allocate to an individual based on a variable from the prog cap, and have set an expiry on the authorisation. The lifespan settings I entered do not progress the call past this stage if the expiry time lapses and no expiry time is listed in the activity pane. This node is followed by a decision node that directs the call depending on approve, reject or expire. Further in the process I use the same setup but with an auto assign node allocating to users that have a specific role and this works fine, even displaying the expiry date in the activity pane. AM I doing something obviously wrong?
  19. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow#Request_Timers Hi, This forum was particularly helpful with another config change query I had, I was hoping to everyone's brains again? Request Timers; we've recently looked to apply this new enhancement via Application Settings, we have looked to pause the timer on resolve, restart the timer on re-open or end timer on close. We've however found that calls that have been resolved, though they appear as paused seem to also show as 'Timer ongoing' and don't seem to end on close. Our BPM's conditions for resolution timers are: • We do not mark the Resolve Timer as complete – it marks automatically when the call is resolved. • We have chosen to mark the response timer as complete when an analyst is assigned to the call. This is not the same as when the customer is contacted but does give us a measure of how quickly calls are picked up and assessed. Via the Application Settings i understand that only one of either pause on resolve or stop on close can be enable. Will we need to make changes to our BPM to be able to pause the timer on resolve and also have it continue if it gets reopened? Regards Rashid MKC
  20. I am struggling to restrict the view of cases that are logged into a "Team" that the Service Desk Technician is not present in. Am i missing something basic here? I have created a new role that contains the following roles. When logged on as this User and select "All My Services". Every case shows
  21. We are currently looking at migrating from SupportsWorks ITSM Foundations to Service Manger and as external customer facing servicing service desk we have a in excess of 1,000 organisations(aka company) and 1,700 sites. At the moment in Service Manager, there is now the ability to hold sites as well as organisations, however this current facility is abstracted from users and organisations, with it just being a list of sites. Though for a primarily internal focused service desk this wold probably not be a major issue due the normally smaller number of sites etc. However as we have a large number of sites, presenting this list with out filtering/relating it to the customer/organisation context means that it is not practical to use. Are there any plans to link the site object to both organisations and users, i.e. an organisation can have one or more sites linked to is a site is linked to a organisation a user has a default site from the list of the organisation they belong to. Thanks.
  22. Good afternoon I'm hoping someone can help me resolve an issue I am having with roles and rights. I would like to create a role that when associated with a user enables the editing and reassigning of tasks in calls by said user. This facility does exist if one has the superuser role but, for obvious reason, i wont be giving out that role to the larger community. I cannot seem to locate what application or system rights are required to carry out this function as part of a role. Giving the "Manage tasks" system right in a custom built role doesn't have the desired effect. Is there a library of the rights that underpin these roles and, if so, where can i find it? Additionally if anyone has achieved this goal, I would be grateful for an explanation as to how.
  23. This was working fine until this weekend without any changes that I am aware of. The BPM issue is a follows "Status : Failed Last Updated On : 09 Nov 2020 08:57:56 Xmlmc method invocation failed for BPM invocation node 's1/flowcode-b0352867-2f33-4f4c-804e-b6b6d6a26918': <methodCallResult status="fail"> <state> <code>0200</code> <service>apps</service> <operation>notifyEmailCustomer</operation> <error>FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Requests/fc_bpm/notifyEmailCustomer): nodeName: Exception; nodeId: acd1ebbe-1cd9-4aed-bf14-50ce53f9a013; At 317/1: &quot;Uncaught FCSException: The email template specified is invalid. Please contact your Hornbill Administrator. More details: EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[mail::sendEntityTemplateMessage] Access token session mismatch&quot; throw(e); _fc_node_exec_acd1ebbe_1cd9_4aed_bf14_50ce53f9a013</error> </state> </methodCallResult>" I am not sure why the BPM is failing to find the Email Template. If logged via "Self Service" or "Analyst" it works fine. Please see screenshot of BPM failing inside the "Manage Executed Process" If I restart the BPM on the case without any changes it will work fine so I know the BPM works fine.
  24. Good afternoon, We have noticed that when raising a request for a user in Hornbill that we are able to see current active requests. These should be filtered by domain so when the Service Desk raise a request they cannot see requests raised by HR and vice versa. I have started raising a request and have seen a HR service request along with its title, my presumption was that this was due to elevated rights however I have verified that co-workers in Service Desk see not just the reference but the title too and the title could refer to a private matter which HR would not wish to disclose. Service Desk cannot see the content of the service request, just the title.
  25. There was an announcement yesterday for Service Manager 2041, which now appears to have been removed from the forum. Given that this was not auto applied over during the maintenance window, I presume this release deployment has been delayed. Is there any idea of the new timescale? Cheers Martyn
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