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Found 21 results

  1. Hello all, We are running into an issue regarding the managing of the Timesheet Categories. A colleague manager of mine would like to change the assigned teams to a certain category I created. This is currently not possible. Will it be possible in the future for other people to change the categories and the people assigned to those categories for those they have not created themselves? Thank you, Alex
  2. Hi, my team have just started using Hornbill to manage calls from users for our social care system. I believe we don't have full admin rights. I've had a look but can't find the answers we need. We would like to do 2 things: See easily when a customer has responded to a call (is there a way to filter/highlight these and do the calls need to be assigned to do this?) this is mainly to know for when one of our team is not in the office/off sick, how do we know if a call has been responded to by the customer if it's not assigned to us. We would also like to be able to categorise calls (Not a closure type, but what we are doing with the call 'with user' 'waiting for auth' 'with other team' 'new user request') I hope someone can help/point me in the right direction. Thanks
  3. Hi, Can we have an option when h_category is selected as a group by to limit the levels? I have a measure that shows all incident requests logged and a saved field is h_category so that I can create a chart to show the amount of each type of incident. The issue is we have so many categories due to the amount of teams it makes the report chart next to useless. I would like to be able to filter the categories to only show the first two levels at most but currently am unable to do this. As you can see the amount of categories is a little on the large side. This is filtered down to only show the IT teams at the moment (about 12 teams) (Also, have a guess at what category is the green one...) Thanks
  4. Hi, We're currently building our Service Manager instance for our IT department. We already have our Facilities department live - this tool will eventually be used by several departments. Our Facilities department do not use closure categories - I today found that when adding IT's closure categories, it stopped our Facilities team from being able to resolve requests. Is there a way round this at all, or has this issue been experienced by other Service Manager users? Thanks Lauren
  5. I want to delete a significant amount of our Closure Categories/Profiles as part of a clean up exercise. If these are deleted, will this affect closed requests in any way? for example: - if we report on requests that used a deleted category, will it still return the list of requests that used it (i.e. the category is embedded in the request, not trying to reference the deleted entry in categories) - if we reopen a request closed with a deleted category, I assume when we update to resolve it, we'd just get the current set of categories available and it won't break anything?
  6. I'd appreciate some help as this is driving me nuts !! I had set up a new external organisation a couple of months ago and then with their agreement setup 3 contacts who they wanted to log requests via the customer portal. The service they log against is used by a number of external organisations not just this new one. Yesterday I demo'ed to the 3 contacts how to log requests by signing into the customer portal as one of them. We went through the service and the 'Make a Request' tab and logged using the progressive capture. The 3 contacts then logged a number of Requests (incidents) yesterday afternoon. Today one of contacts has gone to log a new Request and the 'Make a Request' tab for the service is not visible any more. The same is true for the other 2 contacts. There is only 1 catalog item setup for this service and I'm at a loss as to what setting has changed for this to have occurred. I have tried the following: I can log for the 3 contacts using the catalog item for this service using our analyst portal. I've checked other contacts from other external organisations that use this service and they still seem to be able to 'Make a Request' through the customer portal. I removed the link between the contact and the organisation and then gave access to the service at contact level.....still couldn't see the 'Make a Request' tab. I linked the contact to a different external Organisation that uses the service and signed back on as that contact. This time I could see the 'Make a Request' tab. In all scenarios for these contacts I can always see the Service and I can always see the previously logged Request tab. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Paul
  7. We want to use call request categories but I need the customer to select 2 levels, but I can't see anywhere to set this. At the moment they have to chose something, but they are not choosing/seeing the second level Nasim
  8. Hi there - We are looking to utilise the FAQ section of SM to enable us to signpost customers to other areas of our business. At the moment, we don't appear to be able to section off FAQs into subheadings or areas of the same topic which is making the list very lengthy and difficult to navigate. We appreciate the search function should be used but some people don't know what they are looking for until they see it in a list. Is there a way of grouping FAQs together, or is this something we would have to manage differently i.e. having all FAQs for Pool Cars in one expanding box? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I think we have an issue with custom category outcomes in our instance; they used to work fine but now just offer a single option of "Complete > Done". Any chance someone could help us out to find out why? Thanks in advance! Tom
  10. Hi all, I am adding a new team into our instance and don't want to have their category profiles in the current structure as it will start to get very messy. I have added a new profile for the team but when selecting 'Update Logging Category' in the BPM is only shows the old list. I can't see a way to set the new list as a logging category list and I can see a way to set the new list against a service etc. Any help? Thanks Dan P.S. If this currently cannot be done then can I raise it as an enhancement please.
  11. Hi all, I am going through the switch on process at the moment and I have a question that I'd like to put to the forum. Does anyone think it would be worthwhile to be able to set categories on catalog items? We could potentially have hundreds of services in our implementation as we will be using it in other areas of the business, not just IT. It was clear there would be too many just by setting up one area's services. So, talking to our switch on specialist, he suggested grouping services together as one service and have catalog items for each 'Service'. For example, instead of having ITIL style services, we'd just have a service called IT Support and under that catalog items for email faults, software requests and so on. This works well, except that you don't seem able to assign specific categories to different catalog items. For the time being, I have got around this by setting the category in the business process for specific catalog items I want to categorise, but that will get messy pretty quickly! Just looking to see if others would be interested in this. Or indeed, suggestions from your experience of similar situations? Chris
  12. I posted this a while back but didn't receive any response so I'm trying again! Is it possible t make sure that when a call is closed that the Analyst has to select the relevant closure category? This can be done in Supportworks. Currently a call can be closed without a closure category which will mess up the reporting. Thanks Tina
  13. Hello In a future iteration please can I ask to get a Job type column added to the list of columns available would be useful for filtering
  14. Hi, Can someone point me in the direction of where I can find and edit the category codes please. Thanks Tina
  15. Hi I'm not sure if this is a browser issue but I've tried it in IE and Chrome and neither work. When trying to change the request category within an incident/request, all I seem to get is a spinning icon that says "Loading Categories". The closure categories works without issue. Thanks Forum Admin Edit: The issue was fixed in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
  16. Hi I would like to add a "category" column to the request list. There is no option for this when trying to customise the columns, is there any way of this option being added? Thanks Ben
  17. Hi Stupid question I'm sure, I cant for the life of me remember how to create Request/Closure categories. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ben
  18. Hi, I am trying to create a new profile for Request Categories under Instance Configuration > Profiles > Create New Profile and I get the following error when I click "Create"; Invalid boolean value 'on' found in element . at location '/methodCall/params/profileSettings/userAttributes/attrib1/visible' Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks Graham
  19. Hi, Is it possible to make sure that when a call is closed that the Analyst HAS to select the relevant closure category? I know in Supportworks it can be set (because I have set it) but I can't see anything on the Wiki page to indicate it can be done in this system. This will be needed to ensure reporting can be done.
  20. Trying to view information about setting up profiles but can only view titles of topics - there is no help or instructions. Is there something wrong? -
  21. Hi all, I have a number of Categories and Sub Categories created for Incidents and Requests, though I am struggling to find where to alter them. Could someone kindly point me in the right direction. Thanks, Lee
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