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Found 11 results

  1. I am slightly confused by the Update Request > Closure Category parameter documentation. You seem to be able to use a variable both under the 'Category' field and the 'Category (From Variable)' fields. The documentation seems to state you use the Key/hid column of the hsysprofile table for both options. Can you confirm the documentation is correct or whether the intention of one of the variable options was to allow the setting of the Closure Category by passing the textual code for the profile? Cheers Martyn
  2. @AlexTumber Similar to my other post under Service Manager, can the My Timesheet widget also display the Category and Sub Category descriptions when hovering over the selection, to provide additional guidance to the user? Cheers Martyn
  3. @AlexTumber When a user is selecting a Time Sheet Category and Sub Category, can it description be displayed as tooltip to help guide the user in selecting the correct category? Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi, The new Category icon in a graphical Head's up Display won't appear until refreshing the tab in a browser. Is anybody having the same issue? Thanks Daniel after refreshing the tab:
  5. Hi all, Our Incident BPM is set to suspend for a number of reasons after logging the call. The user will log the call in the portal and then the BPM will suspend - wait for owner. Once owner is assigned it will suspend - wait for category. Now, when the BPM is suspended it will normally focus on the action it is waiting for, however on wait for category there is no auto focus. The analysts have to go into Details > Edit > Category to set the category which is a little out of the way and during our internal test phase almost all of the logged incidents have been logged without a category. There is also nothing to tell them what the BPM is waiting for so most of them didn't know they had missed anything and the ones who did know didn't know what it was. The BPM will not move on correctly without the category and tasks are not generated with is kind of the point of the BPM in the first place. Can I raise an enhancement request to make the suspend - wait for category auto focus on the required step or (preferably) present the analyst with a list of categories to select from based on the category level of the service? I don't want to add it to the procap as I don't want users picking their own categories as that is always a bad idea. Any other ideas welcomed. Thanks Dan
  6. Hello, Occasionally the option to save a logging category is greyed out and won't let us save, I can't seem to find any correlation between times it works and times it doesn't work. It's frustrating because our BPM waits for a category to be selected therefore if it won't let us save the rest of the BPM for that request will never kick in... Any ideas? Thanks, Tom
  7. Hi, Could we have the option to set the category levels per CI. We have a number of CIs within services that need a more restricted category list which we currently cannot provide. Thanks P.S. Hopefully this will be the last enhancement request for today (no promises though)
  8. @Daniel Dekel Revisiting our timesheet categories following my post from a beginning of last year, I now have a number of different Service Desks and need to set different Default Catagories for each desk. How do I share different sets of default catagories? Cheers Martyn
  9. At the moment the Category/Profile field is somewhat out of the way within the details section of the requests. Would it be possible to have a separate action icon at the top of the request to both view and update the category/profile of the requests, as this is quite important for us that this kept up to date, so that trends can be more easily identified and reported on. Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi all, I am going through the switch on process at the moment and I have a question that I'd like to put to the forum. Does anyone think it would be worthwhile to be able to set categories on catalog items? We could potentially have hundreds of services in our implementation as we will be using it in other areas of the business, not just IT. It was clear there would be too many just by setting up one area's services. So, talking to our switch on specialist, he suggested grouping services together as one service and have catalog items for each 'Service'. For example, instead of having ITIL style services, we'd just have a service called IT Support and under that catalog items for email faults, software requests and so on. This works well, except that you don't seem able to assign specific categories to different catalog items. For the time being, I have got around this by setting the category in the business process for specific catalog items I want to categorise, but that will get messy pretty quickly! Just looking to see if others would be interested in this. Or indeed, suggestions from your experience of similar situations? Chris
  11. Is there currently a way to modify values listed in the Services Details - Category Level, as at the moment the current default values are not that applicable to our environment and would like to use our own values. Cheers Martyn
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