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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, Sorry about this, Im running into an issue where the Routing templates I have setup for a specific Email address dont appear to be triggering when emails are coming into one of our shared mailboxes. Very unsure as to why this fails as I have toher templates that are exactly the same but different wording. Any help?
  2. Fonts and font sizes seem to act as if the choice is a toggle. This leads to frustrations and inconsistencies when we are creating templates and when we draft an email within a request (in preview mode, which we use for the necessary advanced features). You cannot seem to highlight all and set the font and size to the same thing unless they all started as the same font/size to begin with. Video of issue attached. As always, appreciate your help. Email fonts.mp4
  3. Hello, i have noticed that one the emails to receive back from Hornbill has a 'z' next to the time: Dear David, Ticket: Service Request : SR00000411 which was resolved on 2020-07-14 13:43:11Z is still waiting for you to confirm resolution. At the close of business today, this call will automatically get closed. This is the markup that I am using: {{.H_dateresolved}} How can i remove the Z?
  4. Hi all, So I've been trying to generate an email with information from the PC which is pulled through in to custom fields and also the same with Business Process Task answers. I understand the logic and have read other topics on here where people said similar but their suggestions usually were to put a pause wait field before the email so it has time for the custom fields to pull through. My email is being generated at the end of the 2nd page before closure but has PC custom fields are being pulled through at the start of the first page which sometimes doesn't populate and I know there is
  5. When we try to send emails with attachments that are held within a request (via associated files) we are getting this error:
  6. We are experiencing an issue with viewing emails that is confusing me and I have no idea why this is happening. We have some requests that have multiple emails that have been sent from a request but some of them do not allow you to view then email messages and we are wondering if others are seeing the same issue? The settings don't seem to make too much difference as I have super user on my account and get the same issue. Example of no email viewing choice: But a later email that has been sent, the 'View Email' option is there:
  7. We have a number of emails that are stored in various folders, some of these folders have over 1000 emails within them. When scrolling down the emails within a folder only 500 emails are shown as an alert appears stating "Reached the max records to load (500) ). Is there a way to increase the maximum limit of this?
  8. Hi, So we are looking at configuring the Hornbill mailbox to auto-log tickets when an email is sent in. As this will be turned on for all emails coming in, we would like to be able to block/blacklist particular domain addresses so they would be actioned as emails and not auto-logged as tickets. Is there a configuration that can be done within Hornbill to achieve this? Regards Aykut
  9. Hi there, I've been getting reports of intermittent 'loading' errors in the past few weeks since we applied Build: 1364 (26th Oct). It's the staff on the service desk who get it when creating requests from emails. mostly this works fine, but it's frustrating when it happens. pressing f5 makes no difference no other Service manager screen was open at the same time. last incidence happened to day at 15:15 if you need me to look in logs. Stu sat there and waited a full 2 minutes and it didn't load. had to close the screen and start again. ideas ple
  10. Is there a way to mark emails a 'read' as part of email routing rules? This would be super useful for us so that we know when they are dealt with.
  11. Hi I need to change the defauut mailbox the email action uses from with a call as it selects an old one,, also is it possible to remove the template the new feature uses. Thanks Chris
  12. When we have a summary in a request, for example, 'Please Send This Email' when the email is sent the formatting is not honoured and the email subject is sent as 'please send this email' Is there a way to change this so that it the text the is pulled across is the same as the summary text?
  13. Hi, I have a number of questions around Emails: 1- Has there been any thought put into emails being able to open in a separate window like in Outlook? My colleagues have received emails with images inside where they have had to scroll left to right to be able to see the whole image which they are finding rather annoying and have asked if this is something that can be done. 2 - Scrolling - I don't find it very easy sometimes to scroll back through emails. I can get to the bottom of list that's displayed on screen and then it can take a little while for the scroll button to move
  14. Hi Is there an option to choose whether to send the resolution email to the customer, as there are some instances that we would not want to send the resolution email to the customer and wondered if there was a way to choose at the time of resolving job? Regards Jeremy
  15. We are currently pushing our Self Service Portal and have had a lot of uptake on it, however we are still getting a large number of emails come through to the Service Desk, How did people phase out the emails? With no auto reply enabled in SM and too many emails for one person to filter through, what did you do? We are currently sending any correspondence with the information that we are no longer accepting emails as a form of call logging. We are hesitant to just stop logging the calls for obvious reasons though. Any ideas would be great! Josh
  16. Good Morning Guys, Here we are for another Monday morning so yet another week of questions Do we know if there a way do we know of dragging emails into the above upload box? I get new new starters forms in my personal inbox that i log cases for and thought it might be easier if i could just drap and drop the original email into the case. Regards JT
  17. In our change process, when a change is refered back for further information we would like to have a variable or a way to pull the task information into a email to go out to a customer. So when one of out agets refers a change at the moment the information goes into the timeline: Is ther a way to pull this into the email template that goes to the customer to supply more information? Hayley.
  18. At present when an email drops in to the Service Desk mailbox, if it has a call reference in the subject line, it is automatically added to the call. Is there a way of the rules looking at the status of the call, and if it's resolved or closed not appending it to the call? Claire
  19. We have a multiple shared mailboxes for different branded services we supply, with our analysts working across them all. When sending an email from the request how do we select which one is used when the analyst updates the request? Cheers Martyn
  20. Hi guys, Following yesterday's Hornbill Insight 2017 event, I would like to follow up on a topic we discussed: Emails, attachments and automation. Just to give you an idea of the situation, here is the first few records of a query I ran on the system: SELECT h_request_id, count(h_pk_id) as total FROM h_itsm_requests_attachments group by h_request_id order by 2 desc Now if we look at the first request, you can clearly see we have a problem... And that particular incident is still open! Now I do appreciate this is an extreme example BUT the point remains as you
  21. Good afternoon!, Me again!, Quick question, since going live we have been receiving a very very large number of notifications from hornbill to outlook via email. For example notifications that advise a call has been assigned to my team, to myself etc.... Is there a way to turn these off for specific people, or teams as some of us are part of many teams and are getting in excess of 400-500+ email notifications a day? Many thanks Hayley.
  22. Has there been any recent changes to Hornbill's SPF Record? We have just discovered that our outgoing emails have been blocked by our mail control as being spoofed - this has been happening for about a week. We have checked everything at our end and cannot find a reason for this unless you have maybe made some changes. Please can you advise?
  23. I've updated the system to v 2.28.18 and unfortuantely we are still not getting any emails or call notifications through when calls are updated. When calls are assigned they are working ok just not the others. Thanks Tina
  24. We have our calls automatically updated if an email comes into the mailbox containing the call reference However if that email contains embedded images they don't appear in the attachments section or in the timeline Also, when sending an email to a user you can't imbed an image like you can in the update call section, you have to save the image and add it as an attachment I would need to test if an attachment is added onto the call if it arrives via an update email kind regards, Pete
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