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  1. SJEaton

    Pulling Through a Reason

    Fab! Thanks
  2. SJEaton

    Pulling Through a Reason

    Hi @Steven Boardman, is there a way of converting the reason entered in the activity into a custom request field?
  3. SJEaton

    Pulling Through a Reason

    Hi I was wondering if reasons that are entered in activities when they are completed can be pulled into auto-emails afterwards? Are they are variable that can be pulled through? Sam
  4. SJEaton

    New Email Template Search - a tad annoying

    Fab, thanks @TrevorKillick
  5. SJEaton

    New Email Template Search - a tad annoying

    Thanks @TrevorKillick, yes I'm in email templates most days as we have lots!! Auto-emails are one of our favorite features to help provide customers with updates on progress with their requests and they've saved us lots of time as administrators don't have to send out emails manually Sam
  6. Hi I've noticed the new drop downs in the email templates (see attached). It took me a while to fathom out what to select to view our template but got there in the end (had a slight heart attack initially as I thought they'd all gone! haha). The only thing is, when I go into a template and then return to the list, it takes me back to the search options and I have to select Hornbill Service Manager and Requests again in order to get back to my list of templates and its becoming a tad annoying. Am I not doing this correctly or is there a way I can default to the list each time as all these additional clicks take time when I'm creating/amending numerous templates. Sam
  7. SJEaton

    Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

    Hi @Gerry On the subject of Learning, where can we find details of the Hornbill Academy that was mentioned?
  8. SJEaton

    Forum Structure

    Hi All! Good to meet you all in person at INSIGHTS, it was a great day and I'm looking forward to all the new and improved functionality that's coming soon I agree with @Lyonel , I get a bit lost in trying to find out what's new, which I think goes hand in hand with the discussion that was had at the event about clearer details provided of all new functionality/fixes in updates and having this easily/clearly accessible. I also agree with @Dan Munns ! Sam
  9. SJEaton

    Hornbill INSIGHTS 2018

    All that Dan said! I had a great day and cant wait for the next event Sam
  10. SJEaton

    Reporting Date Assigned

    OK, it was worth an ask, thanks Sam
  11. SJEaton

    Reporting Date Assigned

    Thanks, do you think the DATETIME timestamp could be a new column added to the 'Export List' columns? Sam
  12. SJEaton

    Reporting Date Assigned

    Hi Is there a way of pulling through the date a request is assigned to an owner into a report? Ideally it would be great if 'Date Assigned' was a column option in the Export List functionality!? Sam
  13. Looks like this is fixed now too