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  1. SJEaton

    Linked Requests Query

    Hi @James Ainsworth Ok so I'm trying to get around this now as another snag is that I am raising a linked request that I then want to generate email templates that will include custom field variables from the original request. I have updated the request description by pulling through some custom fields into it. Is there a way to then convert these into custom fields for this request or am I clutching at straws here? Sam
  2. SJEaton

    Simple List Updating

    OK thanks @Victor @Stuart Torres-Catmur please see Victors suggestion, thanks Sam
  3. SJEaton

    Simple List Updating

    no, they just can't select the + or delete button
  4. SJEaton

    Simple List Updating

    WE have that
  5. SJEaton

    Simple List Updating

    Hi I have a user who has the Simple List role but can create them but not amend them. Is there another role I need to give to them in order to do so as I cant see anything different from hers and other users roles? Sam
  6. SJEaton

    Dashboards Error

    {@status: "fail", state: {code: "0200", service: "apps", operation: "smGetChartFilters",…}} @status:"fail" state:{code: "0200", service: "apps", operation: "smGetChartFilters",…} code:"0200" error:"FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/entities/Charts/fc_ops/smGetChartFilters): nodeName: Prepare Output Data; nodeId: 5f56bf25-7409-45a5-97ab-cf9ca2da0216; At 149/1: "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1"↵ throw(e);↵_fc_node_exec_5f56bf25_7409_45a5_97ab_cf9ca2da0216" operation:"smGetChartFilters" service:"apps"
  7. SJEaton

    Feedback 'No Thanks'

    this is true
  8. SJEaton

    Dashboards Error

    Hi @Mohamed Nothing is coming up, its been loading for a good few minutes now. Sam
  9. SJEaton

    Feedback 'No Thanks'

    Hi We are still not receiving much feedback at all for our requests so wondered if its possible that the 'No Thanks' button is made optional? Sam
  10. SJEaton

    Dashboards Error

    Hi @Mohamed, we are now on build 1310 and although the error is not now coming up, my dashboards are still not loading. Just 'Loading.....' and never getting anywhere Sam
  11. Hi, We often send emails from a request to an external address (eg a new starter or our interpreter provider for our interpreter requests), giving the SR no. in the subject of the email but when these people respond, we have noticed its not updating the request with the emails they send back. (If the email recipient is internal its fine). Has it always been this way that emails received from external addresses don't update the request timeline even thought the SR no. is in the subject or is this an issue? Sam
  12. SJEaton

    Linked Requests Query

    I've added my interest on this post too as its definitely something HR teams will want for sure Sam
  13. @James Ainsworth we totally need this too! We have HR users complaining now that attachments and/or questions/custom fields aren't brought through when linked requests are raised and its annoying/time consuming for them to keep referring back into the linked request. It's definitely a feature that HR teams would like so hopefully something can get progressed soon. Sam
  14. SJEaton

    Linked Requests Query

    Hi @James Ainsworth, that should be the trick then as I am wanting to transfer the custom field information into a new linked request that is created from another request. Hopefully the added interest will get this pushed through quicker Sam