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  1. Thats helpful thanks @Ehsan Where do you change this? Sam
  2. OK, can this be put forward as a suggestion then as they display nicely in email templates but not in authorisation node tasks (or other tasks) so that would be a nice improvement, thanks
  3. Hi @Ehsan, so basically, date/time custom fields will always display like this if pulled into authorisation nodes? Sam
  4. Hi @Ehsan, do you have any further thoughts on how I rectify this? Thanks Sam
  5. Hi Is there a RegEx validation to limit a monetary amount e.g we don't want them a customer to enter more than £1500 in a field. Is this possible? Are there any regex examples /guidance published on wiki?? Sam
  6. Thanks @Bob Dickinson, I can see where this could be useful so will get this switched on and inform our users its there. Sam
  7. Hi @Ehsan, nope still not working for me. Must still be doing something wrong. This is what I've entered: Original Payment Start Date: [&[global["flowcode"]["customField22"]]] Original Payment End Date: [&[global["flowcode"]["customField23"]]] Proposed New Payment End Date: [&[global["flowcode"]["customField24"]]] This is what displays: Original Payment Start Date: [2019-02-26 00:00:00] Original Payment End Date: [2019-04-03 00:00:00] Proposed New Payment End Date: [2019-04-05 00:00:00] Sam
  8. Hi @Paul Alexander, the get request details node didnt make any difference. I ended up deleting and reconfiguring it and it all seems ok now so must've been some kind of bug?! Thanks both for your assistance. Sam
  9. Thanks @Martyn Houghton I'm liking your logic but the one's with '&' and '/' in are working fine. 'Volunteering Leave' is the one that isn't. I've also tried changing the 'No Match' option with a custom expression to no avail. I might just reconfigure it again just in case there's just a bug in it somewhere but other than that, this is definitely a head scratcher! Sam
  10. Hi @Martyn Houghton, but I know the decision node is doing its job because the PC goes on to the relevant forms in the Volunteering Leave PC that it switches too. The issue lies when it hits the 2nd decision node in the BPM, which is based on CustomA Sam
  11. Hi @Martyn Houghton, sorry, what would I have in this custom form?
  12. Yes it does switch based on Catalog ID. Attached are some screenshots showing the ProCap, the request types and then the BPM and whats configured for the No option from the decision. Basically anything other than these two request types should go through the no match route. All others work except Volunteering Leave Sam
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