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  1. SJEaton

    Actions after Request Off Hold Query

    Hi @Victor, The sub status I want when an analyst takes a request off hold manually is only relevant to a particular catalog item in the service so I'm concerned it will impact on requests raised in other catalog items incorrectly? I also don't understand how I build the sub status into the business process if my Suspend and Wait For Request Off Hold node is intercepted (ie taken off hold manually). Can you provide an example please? Thanks Sam
  2. SJEaton

    Catalog Items not visible on portal

    Hi @Victor where's my previous topic gone, I still want to see what you said about the use of sub statuses, thanks
  3. SJEaton

    Catalog Items not visible on portal

    Hi @Conor, that was it!! haha @Victor, no further investigation required. Thanks Sam
  4. SJEaton

    Catalog Items not visible on portal

    Hi @Victor, I've performed all the usual checks again as u have outlined above and still have the issue Sam
  5. Hi @Victor, can you just check something out for me please. I've created a test service called 'TEST Service with Sub Statuses' so I can have a play. I've added in 2 test catalog items but when I go to the portal these catalog items don't show up and i cant see why. It just says 'There are currently no Catalogs or Requests against this Service ' Can you take a quick look at it? Probably something silly I've missed but can't see what. Its visible and I'm subscribed to it. Thanks Sam
  6. SJEaton

    Available Export Columns Have Disappeared

    Hi @Steven Boardman, I can confirm the update rectified this Sam
  7. SJEaton

    Available Export Columns Have Disappeared

    Hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur, when we will be doing the next update? Sam
  8. Hi I'm just doing an Export from a request list and selecting all columns but there seems to be a number of columns missing that used to be there eg. Resolved Time and Within Resolved Time. What's happened to these? Sam
  9. Yes its assigns a few nodes back prior to the H/T
  10. Hi, I have this error message coming up in a process (TEST HRA Honorarium Process (NEW) BSO selects HoS) when its supposed to move to human task. I've never seen this before. The User in the h/t is System Administrator so I don't know where its getting specified user 'SYS_BPM_MANAGER' from? Any pointers as to what this might be please? I'm sure i've tested this process before and it didn't error? Thanks Sam