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  1. Thanks Steve, yes I was thinking along those lines, but just want it to stand out on the portal so it doesn't look like a usual request item
  2. Hi As well as capturing feedback at requests closure, we want to capture feedback from our employees on their user experience of the employee portal in general and any suggestions for improvement they may have. Is there a way of having a simple 'give us your feedback' widget on the portal to capture such feedback so that it stands on it's own, away from the other catalog items? Has anyone done anything similar? Thanks, Sam
  3. Hi! Just jumping on this feed as here at MSE we also looking for a way of managing/storing images in Hornbill and using in email templates, rather than having to store images on an externally facing webpage. Has there been any progress in development on this? Thanks Sam
  4. Hi I know you can update, resolve and escalate multiple request via request actions but is there a way to put multiple requests on hold with the same reason?
  5. Hi So I've enabled experimental.feature.bpm.allowcustomtaskfields and created a few task capture fields as attached, making them custom fields K & R. I then use variables in later human tasks to pull in these custom fields but the entries aren't coming through. What am I doing wrong? Sam
  6. Hi @Steven Boardman Yes INSIGHTS19 was great! Yay! This has worked. I had used the Search CoWorkers user picker so I was doing something right but thought just the custom field would've sufficed. Looking up the progressive capture capture and overwriting with the Raw data worked a treat, thank you! Phew, I've been trying to get something like this working for months so this is so good Sam
  7. Hi @James Ainsworth or @Steven Boardman Ok so I have now used the dynamic drop down to capture a user, and I then want this user to be the authoriser for a task. I thought it would be as simple as making the dynamic drop down field a customer field and then entering it in as the authoriser as a variable in the authorisation node as attached but this is throwing up an error. Can you assist? Sam
  8. Hi @Bob Dickinson That's great, thanks for confirming! Sam
  9. Hi A very quick and probably basic question but I want to get it right! lol I want to assign a collaboration license to all our managers so that they can be authorisers in the system. They won't be required to do anything else but view and authorise service requests. Do I just assign them with the Collaboration Role or are there other roles that they will need? Thanks Sam
  10. I'd love to have this too! Any chance of it being something for future development? Sam
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