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Found 18 results

  1. Related to my other post below, can a new configuration option be added to routing rule to enable the auto addition of connections on to a Service Manager request when it is logged or updated using the routing rules. The idea being that any matched existing contacts or coworkers referenced on the To or CC lines are added to the connections on the request. Cheers Martyn
  2. Now that we can choose to add connections at the PCF stage, is there a way to then change the customer to the selected person during the BPM? Our example - A manager raises a request for new piece of equipment for a member of staff, once the equipment has been authorised and arrived we would like to change the customer to be the member of staff that is receiving the equipment to be able to send emails and correspondence without having to manually change the request, we would like to do this in the BPM.
  3. I am sure it is a common occurrence in most service desk, that a request will often spawn a follow on request(s), sometimes at the beginning of its life-cycle, but also at the end when you get ''there just one other thing that might be related' conversation. Therefore it would be could to have the option when raising a new request from an existing one to be able to selectively copy the connections and attachments from the current request. As this would save a lot of manual operations in doing so and ensure consistency. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi Currently, when a connection is added (either as Impacted or Interested), the request timeline is stamped with an entry per connection. Is there a way to turn this off? Some of our requests have a large number of connections, therefore we find this can clog up the timeline. I know that this can be achieved by filtering the timeline, but as we have a large number of Service Manager users I wondered if there was a global setting that I could amend. Thanks Lauren
  5. Hi Is there a setting that enables any linked customers (via the "Connections" tab) to be emailed when the request is resolved? It would be helpful to have a setting to enable which allows either impacted AND/OR interested customers to be emailed when the request is resolved. Thanks Lauren
  6. When adding another customer as a connection is it possible for the call to show in the portal for that employee too? We've not gone live with the customer portal yet so I haven't had chance to test this but when I was speaking to Daniel Riley he thinks it doesn't currently do this We often get users copying in other users on calls and maybe their managers It would be good if they could all have visibility of the call kind regards, Pete
  7. When generating Email Notifications via the BPM, it would be really useful for the notification node to support the ability to specify the addition of connections. For example being able to add Impacted connection to , To: CC: or BCC and similarly Interested to To:, CC: or BCC. This way connections can still be used where the email communication is driven via the workflow, rather than the manual email action. Cheers Martyn
  8. Hi all, I am trying to add 'Interested' connections to a certain call type via the BPM but can only add full users. Obviously if I were to do this in the call itself I could add them but for fear of missing someone off the list I want to automate it. Is there a switch somewhere or is it a BPM limitation? Thanks Dan
  9. Similar to Mentions in Workspaces where you can link in a 'User' into the Workspace update, is it possible or are there any plans to allow a similar functionality for Service Manager Requests? It would be good if you could enter a request reference which provides a preview of the incident title/contact as you enter the reference. Once you enter the reference it could then insert a timeline entry on the request to advise 'Has been mentioned in workspase xxxxxxx' and provide a hot link in both directions to open the request from workspace and workspace from the request. Cheers Martyn
  10. Would it be possible for the 'Connections' button on the Email tab to be highlighted in someway when connections are present and similarly when you expand drop down it hihglights whether there are connections present under Impacted and Interested. This will aid as a visual reminder to analysts to include connections on any emails being sent. Cheers Martyn
  11. In an earlier release of Service Manager, the presentation of the telephone number in the Customer section was changed to allow you click on their telephone number so that it would open in a VOIP application such as Skype for Business. Can the same presentation change be made to the telephone numbers displayed in the Connection section of the request screen? Cheers Martyn
  12. Hello, I would like to request an additional form to allow users on the Self Service Portal as well as Service Desk users to be able to add connections via the progressive capture. This would make it easier to send emails after a call is logged based on who is in the connections list and/or what type of connection it is from within the BPM area. Thanks, Samuel.
  13. Guest


    Hi I am tying to understand how connections are used within the incident process. So for example, if I have an incident already raised and then another user calls to report the same issue - then this user would be added to the original incident as an impacted user - correct? Therefore when I add this user as an impact user (which could be at any stage within the BPM), how do I inform them of the incident number and their call/issue has been associated with this incident? Also how do I inform the impacted users that the issue has been resolved i.e. closed as part of the BPM. I have a node to email the customer informing them that the incident has been resolved but how do I include the impacted connections? Sonali
  14. Would it be possible to incorporate a change that would automatically add people as connections to a call from the email I.e. If the email is sent to the service desk email and other people, could the other people be added to the call as connections? could the same be done for people who are CC'd into an email to the service desk? i suspect this might be a bit complicated and there will probably be occasions where a person included in the email doesn't exist in the system as they are a third party It would also be great if anyone added as a connection to a call could see that call via the portal i like the recent update to allow managers to be set against users and then for that manager to be able to see all the calls of the people they manage. Just need a few hours to get it all set up now
  15. Hi Guys - ive noticed that when you are trying to add a connection, when you start typing there name, the box that appears with the possible user names only appears the thickness on the amount of characters you've typed, making it very hard to choose someone without fully typing there name anyway. is this a bug, or a setting I can change somewhere?
  16. In the latest release of Service Manager Version: 2.27.13 the 'Add Connections' button on email option does not appear to be working anymore. Though I can add connections to the request and specify if they are impacted or interested, on the email option nothing happens when click on 'Add Connections' button. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Cheers Martyn
  17. Title should read Connections option not appearing, Should have had my cup of tea prior to posting. We seem to have an issue with connections button not appearing on incidents we have logged as new incidents or data transferred vie the SW Call Importer. I have checked the Service settings and these appear correct. Is there something else I missing in terms of setup? We are currently on SM 2.25 Cheers Martyn
  18. Would it be possible to raise a change request to specify default connections in a contact (external), so when you log or change the primary contact on a request the system populates the connections with the contact's default connections? We have a number of external customers where they wish any updates on the requests to be copied into the the other team members at the company when email updates are made on the request. This also applies where say a manager wants to be copied in to any emails to their staff. At the moment we achieve some of this via VPME in Supportworks and using distribution email address rather then the contacts individual email, but the latter means matching contacts in the system mailboxes does not really work. Cheers Martyn
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