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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, We have approx 90 services where we need to modify the default 'Change Request' details form, adding new fields, changing field settings and re-ordering the fields on the form. Thankfully, the forms all need to be the same for all the services (i.e each of the 16 fields are the same for each service), so there must be a way that this can be done without having to manually, one by one, edit the forms. Any ideas please? We really don't want to have to edit every single one (which could lead to human error). Thanks in advance. Steve.
  2. Hi Guys, my team are finding the multiple request actions extremely useful, however we find ourselves wanting the ability to bulk change the customer, sometimes bulk do tasks etc. I understand that different requests will be at different tasks so that one would probably be near impossible to implement, however could it be looked into for us to bulk change the customer? If you need an example of why this would be useful I am happy to provide Josh
  3. Hi there, We use Service Manager to manage our main support inbox but for a period the SM version of the system was not being used (mail still coming in) and there are now a large number of messages that remain unread between 6 and 9 months back. At the moment we're incrementally going through and marking them as read manually as and when we can spare time but for some reason you're no longer able to tick the top email and control click the bottom one and then mass update them (mark as read in our case). It seems if you scroll too far your original selection is lost and this process can
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