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  1. Hi @Steven Boardman We are really interested in this too
  2. +1 - this is something we really want to be able to do, either to be able to select the manager or a colleague raising a request on behalf of
  3. hi @James Ainsworth Just to add to this we did discover that the scheduled reports stopped running when we suspended the user's account, as a workaround I have un-suspended the account and the scheduled reports have started running again. I am wondering if it would be better to set up a user to handle the ownership of documents, libraries, reports and snippets Thanks Helen
  4. Hi @Victor Did this ever go any further with the dev team? I have the same issue, I have disabled assignment for all members of the team but I can still assign to the team itself. You mentioned a workaround in your reply to Kelvin, is that still relevant? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Helen
  5. Hi We would be interested in this change, it is something we have wanted since we first went live Thanks Helen
  6. I'd find this really useful too, a lot of our team names are quite long and it is sometimes difficult to work out which is which! Thanks Helen
  7. @Victor - OK I am now logging a support call
  8. @Victor - Yes it is I am just logging a ticket with expert services for support on the request we had logged before. It feels like I am so nearly there but it just doesn't do the assignment which is one of the key parts of these requests.
  9. Hi Victor It was a script that Hornbill produced for us as part of some expert services work we had done. It started with Bob, then Nadeem and then Conor, who sent us the final script which we have edited. That part seems to be working correctly, the tickets are logged at the time and days we specify, the only thing that they don't do is to assign to the team. Perhaps it would have been better to log a support call for this. Helen
  10. Hi Victor Could you let me know exactly what you want and I will get it to you. Sorry not familiar with the terminology for this area. Thanks Helen
  11. Hi We had some help last year to get some automated tickets logged using the API script. When the tickets log via the API they don't assign to the team, if I log one via the analyst or self service they do assign to the team. Anyone got any ideas? thanks Helen
  12. +1 for us too please - especially the place on hold
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