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  1. @Victor I don't think my custom fields are working correctly - going over it again. It sets the SLA on one branch for the existing software but not for the "other" option which means a new purchase. I seem to have gone backwards with this as both options made the priority change to the required one earlier I had to change the custom fields in the PC as in the rules they only go up to Custom_O
  2. Hi @Victor You are right it has only displayed the SLA new and not the service levels underneath. I do have rules for them. Is it better if I log a support call rather than the forum? As usual when I get stuck with something it is needed yesterday! Helen New SW SLA.docx
  3. Hi I am sure I am missing something really simple but I have a new BPM that sets the priority depending on whether it is hardware or software. While the correct service level shows the timers don't. I am sure I have missed something simple but I can't see what - I think I have been looking at it for too long! Any help very much appreciated Helen
  4. Hi @James Ainsworth Did this ever go any further? I've been asked by the service desk if there is a way to link multiple requests. We have a major incident which caused about 100 incidents to be logged via self-service, we need to link those to a master ticket but don't see a way of doing it. I tried clicking on link and searching on status and service but don;t have enough options to narrow down the search, if I could select the CI and the date logged it would have been close enough to use the list it generated Or could it be possible to select them from the list use the Actions button to link them from the list. thanks Helen
  5. Hi I am also having an issue running reports, they all keep failing although they have run Ok in the past The ones we use most are logged on date logged and ones that have been running fine for ages now are failing Will log a support call thanks Helen
  6. I have also noticed a problem with our routing rules, they now log an incident instead of the service request that they have always done. Helen
  7. We have also noticed this and have logged a support call Helen
  8. Hi I have come across this a few times before but I have a decision in a BPM, to decide which team a call should be assigned to based on the user department. If I change the one branch to be the name of the team and the other branch should be "no match" whichever one I go to changes the option to be the same, so I either end up with 2 no matches or custom expressions. I have deleted the decision and put it back in and it seemed ok until I changed the custom expression when the same happened again. Any help much appreciated or should this be a support call? thanks Helen
  9. Thank you both! That's been really useful
  10. Hi I have a similar question - I'd like to add more statuses than instead of the three that already exist. Our asset are being imported from Altiris and can have a status of :- Active Disposed In stock Missing On Order RMA Retired Returned to lessor I seem to be able to add substatuses though. I also would like to add some new locations for assets, as these will also be imported, is this possible? thanks Helen
  11. +1 - we also are affected by this thanks Helen
  12. + 1 for us too. We are looking at a project that needs the tickets once closed to be closed and not editable at all. And +++ 1 for being able to remove or disable the "it's working" or "not working" either on a specific service or everything.
  13. +1 for us too - would be really handy
  14. Hi Can I just ask if there is any update to this or a new time-frame for its release? We want to make some changes to the self-service portal and can see this being a real help in our re-design. thanks Helen
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