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  1. +++ 1 for us please!! We have exactly the same issue, have lots of measures and end up with the same type of names.
  2. +1 for us too please - if it is still in the backlog
  3. Hi Is there a way to limit the amount of characters entered into a field? I've had someone paste in a load of references into a single line text field. We only expected one or maybe 2 reference numbers to be supplied It lets the text go into the field, then stops the BPM as that field is used in the summary and it gives an error about the summary being too long. I'd like it to only allow a certain amount of characters and then give a warning. In the meantime I can put something in the description to try and stop them while I think about how to change the PC Any ideas or suggestions welcome! thanks Helen
  4. + 1 for us to on this, haven't set up many templates yet but it would be useful to have some way of splitting up the snippets to either service or team. Another thing we really need (probably need another topic for this) but we have so many reports, widgets, measures and dashboards it would be so useful to have a way of filing them or splitting them between teams or areas.
  5. Thanks James - the second option is doing exactly what I want it to, perfectly!
  6. Sorry the title should read ... Want catalog item hidden on portal but available from the intranet but could someone confirm if it is possible to have a catalog item only available from a web page and not the self service portal? thanks Helen
  7. Hi We would like a catalog item to be hidden from the self service portal but available from a link via the intranet. Is this possible? Thanks Helen
  8. Thank you @Steven Boardman that's really handy!
  9. Hi @Steven Boardman We are really interested in this too
  10. +1 - this is something we really want to be able to do, either to be able to select the manager or a colleague raising a request on behalf of
  11. hi @James Ainsworth Just to add to this we did discover that the scheduled reports stopped running when we suspended the user's account, as a workaround I have un-suspended the account and the scheduled reports have started running again. I am wondering if it would be better to set up a user to handle the ownership of documents, libraries, reports and snippets Thanks Helen
  12. Hi @Victor Did this ever go any further with the dev team? I have the same issue, I have disabled assignment for all members of the team but I can still assign to the team itself. You mentioned a workaround in your reply to Kelvin, is that still relevant? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Helen
  13. Hi We would be interested in this change, it is something we have wanted since we first went live Thanks Helen
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