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  1. Hi I have an issue with a couple of users who instead of being taken to the employee portal when clicking on a link are taken to the request list. Same link (https://service.hornbill.com/xxxxxxxxx/servicemanager} redirects a couple of users to "live.hornbill.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/servicemanager/requests" instead of "https://live.hornbill.com/xxxxxxxxxxxx/internal/home/" so they see the request list instead of the employee portal. Is there a setting I am missing? It seems to be fine for most though. thanks Helen
  2. +1 for me too, I have done the same and used links and not services. Helen
  3. We have a board set up for changes that has been in use for a few years. Today when going to add a user to it it get this error, tried it with a couple of users and a couple of our boards and get the same error. Has something changed? Helen
  4. Hi I have some new SLAs to add to the service portfolio. Would it be possible to be able to either sort service level agreements by name or even drag and drop to rearrange them manually? It would also help if there was an option to search for an SLA. thanks Helen
  5. Hi I am trying to set up a supplier and a contract and event as suggested in a recent call but get the following error When I have looked Custom11 is the notice period field in the dates section of the contract. It doesn't matter what I put in there I still get the error and cannot create a new event. Could someone help me out with this please' Helen
  6. @James Ainsworth Many thanks - that was what I was trying to use. Would be great if this was able to work in Chrome. thanks Helen
  7. Hi I have FAQs that have links to a more detailed document saved in document manager. I want these documents to open in a new tab but they don't. I have found the setting for adding a link and the target tab to set the target but it still just opens in the same in the same tab. Am I missing some setting? Thanks Helen
  8. +1 for me too. Would be useful to be able to see which ones are in use.
  9. Hi @James Ainsworth Is there any date for the Knowledge Articles to be released? We are about to launch the employee portal and are trying to work out the best way to store knowledge. We are putting in FAQs for services and using document manager for more detailed or longer articles but hoping what is due might be a better solution. I have created a service with nothing but FAQs in it to see how that works for OneDrive as there are so many articles that relate that could be across several services. And that seems to work ok so far. Is there a problem with doing that, that hasn't shown up so far? thanks Helen
  10. Hi I want to change the word Documents (as in screenshot 1 above) I can find and change the FAQs and Make a Request but can't find the Documents one. Can someone help me out please? thanks Helen
  11. Hi - I've come across a need to do this for another process, where if certain choices are made they are directed to the intranet helpdesk, so can I ask again for an option to finish without logging a ticket. I've got the field with a regex in it which does work and an autoclose if they do log it but it would be much neater it it could just cancel it.
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