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  1. Hi I have to say that I am also getting a lot of negative feedback from the users about the new button. I looked at customising the home page to at least make it fit our branding, but when I changed the image the button disappeared and then an ID and password box appeared and you have to then log in, which is definitely worse. So glad I did it on our test instance and not the live one as even having used the "reset to default" it doesn't give me the button back and only leaves the login boxes. Helen
  2. +1 for the time being correctly displayed when we are in BST. I have had several complaints about the time being an hour out when exported. I know we can change in excel but would be handy if the time was always correct when exported. thanks Helen
  3. Thanks @Steve Giller I only seem to have the option of Team or Customer on all the updates or actions - can't see Owner - neither can analysts I have looked at. Can see in ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.popup.values I have "customer, team, owner" listed as values though. Helen
  4. Hi @Deen As mentioned above the settings for visibility are all set to team, including the hold one, that is why I am not sure how they managed to set the visibility to owner. thanks Helen
  5. Was there ever an answer to this - I have a similar problem where the on-hold updates are being saved as Owner only comments. The problem is I can't see how all the visibility settings are set to team and I can't change any updates to owner visibility. thanks Helen
  6. Hi We have a process that asks for a password to be provided. We have found that the formatting is changing the answer, for example if it starts with a #12345 the answer comes out as 1.12345, and a bulleted list if it starts with a * How do I stop that happening? I read about nowiki but wasn't sure where to apply it to format the answer. I added it to the description but although it didn't change the # to a number it showed up as <nowiki>#123232123</nowiki> which isn't ideal It changes it in the progressive capture and in the final ticket and this is causing som
  7. Can you add me too please? thanks Helen
  8. Hi @Bob Dickinson As you know, it is something that we have wanted to be able to do as well, so +1 from me too, if it helps! Helen
  9. Hi I have been using the custom attributes to mark users as either a VIP or pilot users as suggested in a few posts on here. I wanted to add some users to a pilot today and find that if they are a basic user I no longer see the "About" tab which holds this information. This seems to be after the Admin tool update (1285) on Wednesday system - org structure - users: in basic user view only show details and organisations tabs. Any ideas how I get round this? thanks Helen
  10. Hi @Steven Boardman We have been using this method for a while to mark VIPs and pilot users. I have gone to change the list today to add someone in and I can no longer see the "about" tab to change the custom attribute if they are a basic user. This seems to be after the update to the Hornbill Admin tool (1285) Any ideas how I can change the attributes now? Thanks Helen
  11. Thanks Deen - we decided on creating a new team and assigning the tickets over to it. I could see reporting being a problem for us in the future if we didn't Helen
  12. Hi I have been asked if it is possible to rename a supporting team. I can see we can change the Team name but is it possible to change the organisation ID too so our reporting will still work. We may have to do this for a couple of teams so would really like to get some thoughts on if it is possible, recommended and what we would need to do. Thanks Helen
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