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  1. HGrigsby

    Encouraging Customer Feedback

    Hi @Steven Boardman is it possible to change the wording for "Please rate our service"? I've looked at translations found the entry and changed it but it hasn't added my new wording. Thanks Helen
  2. HGrigsby

    Analyst Notifications

    +1 Can I add us to this as well Thanks
  3. HGrigsby

    Adjusting column widths?

    @Victor Thanks for the response on this, did you get an answer from any of your colleagues? It would be more useful for a smaller picture to appear and see more of the summary.
  4. HGrigsby

    Email Attachments not appearing in requests

    + 1 for us too please!
  5. HGrigsby

    Corporate Service Levels and Priorities

    Hi, Did this ever get any further? We have a lot of different priorities in the list and would like to restrict them to the ones that are relevant to the service. Sorry if I've missed another post about this Helen
  6. Thanks again Victor!
  7. @Victor - so glad I found this but do I need a special role to be able to change the text? Though I found the translations I don't seem to be able to edit them. I just want to get rid of the option for a user to re-open a ticket or at least change the wording to discourage it! Helen
  8. HGrigsby

    Adjusting column widths?

    Sorry @Victor I knew I wouldn't describe it right! Does this help?
  9. HGrigsby

    Adjusting column widths?

    Thanks @Victor The part we have found is when you look at the customer profile the image/photo is really large. if it was smaller we could display more columns in this view. If there was any way to change that it would help us out. Would you be able to check with the dev team if there is any way of changing this? thanks Helen
  10. HGrigsby

    Encouraging Customer Feedback

    + 1 from us too! thanks Helen
  11. HGrigsby

    Change mailbox for sending authorisation emails

    I would like to do the same - is there any update on this? Thanks Helen
  12. HGrigsby

    Feedback 'No Thanks'

    Hi - Is there any way of reporting on the No Thanks answers? thanks Helen
  13. + 1 for us too - I've been asked several times for people to be able to see more than one type at a time.