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  1. + 1 for this for as we are just starting to look at FAQs and how we could use them. Being able to send out a nicely formatted resolution emails with links in them would . I'd also like a central place to hold the documents too as some of ours may be across more than one service. Reading the other thread on this post it sounds like there are some changes coming to knowledge management so these may help me out too.
  2. + 1 for this too. Would be really interested in finding out about what improvements to knowledge management are coming as it is something I am looking at right now.
  3. +1 for this idea. Just starting to look at FAQs and have come across the same issue.
  4. +1 for us too. This would be really useful as a lot of our tickets have summaries made up from the answers given when the call is logged. Helen
  5. Hi I am using a switch capture to go to another PC and I get this error when it does. It sounds pretty obvious, but I can't see any form ids that are the same. If I try it with switching to a different progressive capture it works. Before I scrap it and start again anyone got any ideas? Thanks Helen
  6. Same here. Just had to turn bulletins off on the one restricted service they were running on as visible to all today.
  7. @nasimgThank you for confirming, sort of glad as it means it isn't just me! Hopefully it will get sorted soon Helen
  8. Hi - This has been reported by a colleague today. Should this have already been fixed or can I get an update on when this will be available thanks Helen
  9. Hi @Ehsan I have raised a new change which has given the correct impact, thank you. The ones that came through as undefined can also be reassessed and now work as expected. Helen
  10. We have noticed that some changes logged today are coming up as "undefined" when the assessment is completed. It doesn't seem to be on all, seven changes logged today only 2 have an impact the rest are undefined. Have tested using same assessment as one that worked and mine didn't set the impact. Hope someone can help Helen
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