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  1. Hi @Daniel Dekel Thanks for coming back to me. I really wish you could convert or copy a page from one group of user to another and from one service to another. Our pages are quite similar for the various services and it would be easier if you could copy it and then tweak it to fit. On the plus side, I have got a lot quicker at creating them! I still have the same issue with the basic user view but I have created an All User view to use instead. Thanks Helen
  2. Hi We have a field (Case refs) that is used to capture some reference numbers that we update External Ref with. We realised there is a character limit on the ext ref field so a regex have to limit it. It works fine it stops you from entering more than 60 chars in the progressive capture. If we update the field in the details section once logged, as soon as we hit the character limit instead of warning or stopping the page just freezes and eventually times out. Can anyone help with this? Thanks Helen
  3. Hi I have set up the home page for basic users. In Chrome it is missing half the widgets but displays as it should in IE. I just can't see why. Also, is it possible to change a page visibility from basic to all users or vice versa? I have realised I set a page as a basic view but would like it to be for users only. thanks Helen
  4. @Ehsan & @James Ainsworth thank you! He did have the service desk admin role. I still don't have permissions to it in spite of having Super User and Service desk Admin roles Any idea when it might disappear as an option?
  5. Hi One of our team managed to change the colours of the request list this morning. This wasn't only on his view but for all analysts. I started getting calls complaining that the list was showing in green! He called to say he'd clicked the "request list settings" and changed it there, but when I try I get a permissions error. This is surprising as I have more permissions than he does. Is this a new feature, it is something that we have wanted to do but a bit confused why he can see the options and I can't and a bit alarmed that when he changed it, it changed it for every
  6. Hi @Daniel Dekel I found this post and I am also having the same issue where when sent the images come out very large. I set the image size in the template to 5 x 5 and it looks about right in the template. They are individual stars with a link to rarethings.co.uk star rating 1-5, which works fine. I put them into a table in the template in the hope they might stay the right size. But when the message is opened in outlook it looks like this ... It doesn't make a difference if I send the mail from the ticket or if the mail is sent by the BPM. Is ther
  7. +1 for me too please Some tech teams miss the activities assigned to them and it would really help if I could get the BPM to send them an email to remind them to complete the task thanks Helen
  8. Hi @James Ainsworth Is there any progress on this? I have a process that I want to us approval for but want very different wording from the standard one that we use in the change process. Thanks Helen
  9. Hi @Steven Boardman Can I add us to this too please. It is exactly what I am trying to do and thought I was just missing it. We would really like to prompt the analyst to add the document they have used to fix or try and fix an incident, so I'd really like the suspend and wait for a document to be available. thanks Helen
  10. HI @James Ainsworth Just tested and it now does truncate the summary. I must have picked up an old ticket logged before the beginning of March Thank you, if will stop tickets getting stuck unassigned when there is too much in the summary. Helen
  11. Glad to have found this - we keep having the same when users paste too much text into the summary or into a field that we are using in the summary and it stops the ticket from logging correctly. So would be really pleased to see it truncate the text instead Helen
  12. @Steven Boardman More progress - can now get it to work. I think it might have been the permissions on the document as once I shared it with admin it appeared. I've just found out though that you get an error is you use copy request with the document added - have to remember to unlink it before clicking on copy request Helen
  13. Thanks @Steven Boardman Some progress I have checked the credentials and changed the instance ID to all lower case without the URL part and it does run without error, but doesn't actually attach the document.
  14. Hi I know this thread is a bit old but I am also trying to link a document in the BPM and have followed the instructions above I get an error which isn't very helpful Does that mean anything to anyone? Hoping I might have missed something easy Thanks Helen
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