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  1. We have lots of reports that we open in excel. Today when I open them I get an error message And a corrupted file if I open it. This seems to be affecting all our reports even ones that have been used frequently Anyone else having the same? I will log a support call too as this is a big problem for us thanks Helen PS just found out that saving as a .csv works and it opens without any errors
  2. We are having problems too - with the self-service portal and the analysts views too Helen
  3. Hi I use the "save selected nodes as template" and "paste nodes from template" a lot in business processes. Would it be possible to have the same when working in progressive captures? I have a form that we may want to include in several existing PCs which has several questions and options and I'd love not to have to recreate it in each one and be able to "paste nodes from template" Or if there is any other way of doing it that I've missed it would really help me out thanks Helen
  4. +1 I would also interested in this if it gets any further Thanks Helen
  5. Hi I have a new BPM and get the error message below when trying to log using "Log New" "There was a problem registering the business process for this request. Please contact your system administrator." If logged via SSP it does log the ticket but without any of the BPM running, no assignment, SLA etc Can anyone advise? Thanks Helen
  6. Same for us! We have noticed that our emails about zipped files are now looking rather different. Please can you advise when this might be fixed? thanks Helen
  7. @Steve Giller - Thanks very much, that sorted it! Helen
  8. @Alberto M Thanks for coming back to me so quickly. I was following the wiki page and found that part, and created a new role with the rights and have assigned it to myself, but it still didn't work.
  9. Hi I have created a couple of custom buttons and some auto tasks but when I go to add the task I just get a blank in the drop down field. The auto tasks are published and show as active. Am I missing a permission or something? A custom button going to a URL works fine. Helen
  10. +1 for us as well. The banner that could be added to the top of a request manually would be really useful. Being able to add it in to a BPM would be a good too. thanks Helen
  11. ++ 1 for us too Like the idea of it being configurable at service level Helen
  12. ++ 1 us too - we are talking this at the moment in about a process that Expert Services are going to be building for us. We have a date the request was received in the building that we need to start a timer from rather than the date the ticket was logged thanks Helen
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