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  1. @Steven Cotterell Thank you, I've got it scheduled to go next week, so that will be handy! Reading the what's new there is also the ability to use snippets in the resolution so it is a really useful release for me.
  2. Thank you - it is something that has caught me out before now! Helen
  3. + 1 for us please. I am getting lots of complaints about this (and it irritates me too!) Helen
  4. +1 - this would be handy for us too thanks Helen
  5. +1 +1 +1 for us - I've had lots of complaints about this since we updated to the latest build Thanks Helen
  6. +1 for me too! Remember about it whenever I click on the charts button by mistake! Helen
  7. @James Ainsworth - unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a particular user or any other setting or options that link them. I have looked at changes in the last week and there doesn't seem to be a particular theme to the ones that take the wrong route. The same analyst logged two changes, same priority, same profile selected, same impact and one closed and one went to review. Sorry it has taken so long to reply, I keep going back to check to see if there is a pattern to it.
  8. Hi @Chaz Is there any update on this? We don't seem to be able to schedule under 24 hours if it goes to the next calendar day. The actual timing of this change is between 23:00 - 01:00 thanks Helen
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