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  1. Hi Is there a way to transfer ownership to someone else? The person who wrote many of our dashboards, reports, measures and widgets is leaving the organisation. Or is there a permission that allows you to take ownership? Thanks Helen
  2. Hi We would also find this useful, did anyone have any ideas on how to achieve it or if it is possible? Helen
  3. This would be really useful for us too if it ever gets any further. I will try the suggestions in the attached post when I get time as it is something i have been asked for frequently to see where a breach happens when a ticket is assigned between teams. If anyone got any further with this I'd be happy for any help! Helen
  4. HGrigsby

    Response timer report

    I am so glad to have found this post! It is something I have been asked for a lot and never known how to. Just need to see if I can work out how to do it!
  5. HGrigsby

    Self Service Portal - can you upload your own icons?

    +1 from us too. We have a few icons that we would like that don't exist in the standard list available. thanks Helen
  6. HGrigsby

    Failed Delivery on Email

    Hi @Daniel Dekel Thanks for the response, don't have quite as many failed deliveries as some but we do have 1885 which is enough to make selecting each one then deleting quite tedious. They all seem to be from the weekend we went live so can be deleted. Helen
  7. HGrigsby

    Failed Delivery on Email

    Hi Was there any update in being able to filter on just the unsent ones, our sent items is very large and takes a lot of time to try and scroll through? I'd also be interested in the option to reset the counter and an easy way to clear out the sent items. Thanks Helen
  8. HGrigsby

    Encouraging Customer Feedback

    Hi @Steven Boardman is it possible to change the wording for "Please rate our service"? I've looked at translations found the entry and changed it but it hasn't added my new wording. Thanks Helen
  9. HGrigsby

    Analyst Notifications

    +1 Can I add us to this as well Thanks
  10. HGrigsby

    Adjusting column widths?

    @Victor Thanks for the response on this, did you get an answer from any of your colleagues? It would be more useful for a smaller picture to appear and see more of the summary.
  11. HGrigsby

    Email Attachments not appearing in requests

    + 1 for us too please!
  12. HGrigsby

    Corporate Service Levels and Priorities

    Hi, Did this ever get any further? We have a lot of different priorities in the list and would like to restrict them to the ones that are relevant to the service. Sorry if I've missed another post about this Helen