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  1. @Paul Alexander It is the first thing I would try (out of hours). If that doesn't improve matters feel free to raise a request with Support and we can look into it further for you.
  2. @Michael Sharp I've tagged this as an enhancement, perhaps the change will be considered for future releases.
  3. @Paul Alexander Are they searchable by name from the main search field? Perhaps a reindex is needed here for the entity index, if you do go ahead please read the below and only do this out of normal working hours. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Index_Storage
  4. @nasimg A reindex would be the first thing I would try. As you say this is best done out of hours. Perhaps at the end of the working day.
  5. A patch has been deployed and this issue should no longer be occurring.
  6. We have now rolled out a fix for this issue, if anyone is still seeing the problem try flushing your browser cache.
  7. @Kelvin As the fix has now been deployed let me know if the issues persist.
  8. @Kelvin I'ts possible that your issue may not be related. After the patch has been applied if the problem persists raise a request with Support.
  9. @Paul Alexander Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we are aware of the issue and I'll have a further update for you shortly.
  10. @James Gallally You can set up a Hornbill Automation node similar to the following with the 'Lock Cancel Request' option set. You can then have a Human Task following it that prompts the user to link to the duplicate request. Once complete this would then move onto another node similar to the above that then unlocks the Cancel option.
  11. @Mark (ESC) This is something Hornbill's Cloud team may be able to do, keep in mind however that there may be a number of sensitive updates that users have specifically set to owner visibility only which would then be exposed.
  12. @James Gallally You could probably accomplish most of that by simply having a task in the business process that prompts the user to link to the original request if it is a duplicate, the process could also lock out the Cancel/Close options until the task is complete.
  13. @Sandip Bhogal I suspect if there is any impact, it will be ingle sign on to Hornbill that may be affected. It would be worth passing on the documentation below to your administrators who should then be able to determine if this will impact your current SSO setup: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Single_Sign_On_with_SAML_2.0
  14. @James Gallally I'n not able to view that screenshot, but you could always change the default recipient on the email when emailing from a request.
  15. @Philip Hanlon What fields are you referring to?
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