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  1. @Martin.bowman It looks like a reindex may be required for your instance. I'll send you a PM with further details.
  2. @Kelvin The next patch will prevent this from affecting previously unaffected captures, however I will need to confirm if it will correct the problem on currently affected ones. However as the patch may be some days away I would still manually apply the work around for now to prevent issues with day to day request logging.
  3. @Nikolaj If you go to the App Store it should list the install date for 2030, If it was installed a week ago then there may be a refresh/caching issue with the browser.
  4. @lee mcdermott That's good to hear. The next Service Manager update will also contain a fix to prevent this happening in future.
  5. We have determined the root cause and are currently working on a fix for this.
  6. @lee mcdermott Possibly, I'm currently looking into this and will have an update for you shortly.
  7. @Shamaila.Yousaf Any specific reason the scheduled one needs to be run when there is the option to run manually within the report editor?
  8. @Andrew Tasker I have checked with our infrastructure team and their doesn't seem to be any problems with your instance around that time (or any time). It could be network related, it would be worth trying to access Hornbill from a different network at that time to see if the problem persists.
  9. @Adrian Simpkins Possibly due to one of the password related settings, for example security.user.passwordPolicy.passwordMinimumAge. This is set from: Home - System - Settings - Advanced
  10. @Kelvin short of going down the SQL route there is nothing easy that I can see unfortunately that would allow you to do this as the admin view would just give totals for each mailbox folder.
  11. @lee mcdermott In the above example the initial mandatory field appears to be blank, does this get wiped when you try to create the mailbox?
  12. @Nick Brailsford this was discussed last year I believe here You may want to add your voice to those requesting the feature on the post above.
  13. @LawesD certainly strange, if its just the one PC there is always the chance there is an issue with the Chrome install, in which case an uninstall and reinstall may help.
  14. @Giuseppe Iannacone It is probably this post that you read last year: If you have the Super User role there is an option to allow editing as long as the post has not been liked or commented on.
  15. @Shamaila.Yousaf With the board open, the url should give you the ID for example boardmanager/board/241/
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