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  1. This issue was caused by blank email templates, deleting any blank templates from the below location in the admin view should correct the problem.
  2. @Frank Reay, From discussing this with my colleagues and looking at your setup via the passcode provided, I believe you can only search on values in the h_cmdb_assets table, h_devicename which as the name suggests stores the Device Name is taken from the h_cmdb_assets_mobile_device table which would not be searchable. It would probably require an enhancement to enable this.
  3. @Frank Reay, thanks for this. I'm currently taking a look and will have an update for you tomorrow.
  4. Hi @Frank Reay, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I've been trying to replicate this but not having much luck, if you could PM me a support passcode I can take a closer look at your setup.
  5. The patch has now been deployed. Please let me know if anyone sees any further issues here. If the issue persists try flushing the browser cache.
  6. All, We now have a patch for this issue, this should be deployed to all instances shortly and I will confirm when this has been done.
  7. You could create a report using the main requests table and also h_buz_activities I believe. There is a h_actor column in the activities table which you can use to filter by technician.
  8. @Ann I've tagged it as an enhancement, if feasible it will be considered for future releases.
  9. @Michael Sharp It would be interesting to determine if this affects all the commonly used browsers or is limited to just one. Is everyone using Chrome for example?
  10. @Ann Not possibly currently from what I can see but would make for a useful enhancement.
  11. @Alisha Don't think this would be possible with the current setup so I'll tag it as an enhancement.
  12. @Jamie Talbot Have you seen any further issues? I suspect the problem may have been specific to your ISP.
  13. The fix has now been rolled out to all instances. Any queued emails should also be automatically resent. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  14. @Adam Toms We have raised an incident on your behalf.
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