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  1. Hi @Daniel Dekel Thank you for the prompt response! That's great.
  2. Hi there, For the titles to each widget in the employee portal, by default the title is uppercase. Is there a way we can change this? This causes some issues with screen readers as words in full uppercase will result in each letter being read out.
  3. Hi @TrevorHarris, The error I get is in the screenshot below. I've done what you asked above, can you confirm that will resolve the error? Hoping to fix this asap as most of the tickets getting stuck now. When I click the refresh icon towards the right of HUD to progresses the ticket and removes the error.
  4. Hi Team, I've set up a BPM where once the budget holder approves a request via the authorisation node, it moves a card from the board to the next lane. However, it randomly throws an error and crashes the workflow when you open the ticket. When you then refresh by clicking the icon next to the HUD, the error disappears and the request correctly progresses. Surprisingly, when I do this it works completely fine with no errors, not sure if its because I am a super user. This has happened with several requests now and as a result leaves tickets hanging in the system, hence
  5. Hi, Is there a way to send out what the customer attaches in the ProCap as part of the authorization node (Approve / Reject Button email) so that the manager can view the attachments?
  6. Hi There, Is there a way to get a basic report in Hornbill showing the number of tickets logged per day. I need to link this report to PowerBi. Unfortunately, the current way I'm doing it is exporting all the tickets, this will soon cause an issue as we will hit the 25000 limit for report rows very soon. I'm after the following format:
  7. Hi @Miro, We still have the old platform active, doesn't work on there. However just checked the employee portal, works perfect!
  8. Hi @Miro, I tried both siteName and siteID, it doesn't work?
  9. Hi @Miro, Amazing, that worked thank you! Is there a way to get the 'Site' and 'Manager' as well please?
  10. Hi There, Does the suspend node work against the SLA clock. E.g. if we add a suspend node for 21 hours, and our SLA clock is 7 hours, would that suspend the BPM for 3 days?
  11. Hi Is there a way to do historical reporting. I want to check the stats on the number of open tickets per week/month for the previous months in order to put a performance report together.
  12. Ho @David Hall Thank you for your response. I've created a report from the service manager using the requests table and filters accordingly. When I generate the report and download it, the date format is like this 06 05 2020 16:02. Looking to schedule the reports to be created and would be much easier if the date is in the correct format which prevents having to play around with it in Excel. Exporting the request list is perfect and in the correct format as per my profile.
  13. Hi When I export the report into excel, the date appears like '06 05 2020 16:02' which excel does not like. Is there a way in Hornbill to change the date format in the reports? Regards
  14. Hi The Telephone variable {{user.telephone}} doesn't seem to be working? I'm looking to build a form where the customers can see there existing information stored in the system (First name, last name, Email address, Telephone, Mobile number, Site (address)). All but the the Site and Telephone is not available. This is so that they can go back in a request a change to their details if needed Regards
  15. Hi I'm relatively new to Hornbill and want to start using buttons in the analyst portal so that when the analyst clicks the button it invokes an iBridge to raise a new Hornbill incident for a specific catalog item. Is there any webinars or tutorials to help? I believe I need to set up a new Key in the KeySafe section but not sure how/what to do.
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