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  1. @nasimg, thank you so much! that works perfectly, really appreciate your help on this. @Steven Boardman, thank you for getting back with the auto assign authorisation suggestion. I will look into this for other processes.
  2. Hi @Steve Giller, Many thanks for the prompt response, just read through the link you sent above. Is there anyway so that the '...Full Access' roles allows completing tasks that you are not directly assigned to except where the task is assigned to e.g. CAB approver role. The reason is, there is many cases where the users with the '...Full Access' roles should be able to complete tasks which they are not assigned to. However, some processes have high importance tasks which are completed by Head of service or a group of people, e.g. CAB Approvers, so giving access to approve any task can cause a lot of issues. So we are a bit stuck in the middle of leaving the setting on or off.
  3. Hi, I created a CAB Approver role and assigned it to handful staff members. I then assigned the role to the Human Task in the BPM. My assumption was, whoever has the CAB approver role assigned will only be able to complete the Human Task. But it seems like that is not the case? Can someone help and guide me on how this can be done? Below is a screenshot of the Human Task Below is the roles assign to a user who managed to process the human task without having a CAB Approver role
  4. Hi All, I am also interested in this request by @samwoo, would like to know if this is being considered
  5. @Victor, Thanks for getting back. My question is, is there another way to do this? Maybe something I am missing?
  6. @Victor, Yes the answers are mapped to the custom fields e.g. custom field B. So once its submitted, if change/edit the answer, would that not update the custom field?
  7. Hi @Victor, Yes an actual report built in service manager pulling custom fields through
  8. Hi, Once a request is logged e.g. a Problem, we have situations where the initial assessment may need changing. So for example, if the submission said the impact is 200 people, and I go into the question and change it to 300, the report set up still shows 200 and not the updated entry? Is there a way that the report shows what the new question field answer is?
  9. Hi, Under the Known Error configurations, in the actions there is no option for adding a workaround. I can see there is an option for 'Publish' where there is a checkbox for 'Include workaround'. How can the workaround be added?
  10. Hi All, Is there a specific role a user needs to allow them to add/change bulletins?
  11. Hi @Steve Giller, Many thanks for responding, The user (owner) this error keeps popping up for has the following roles for Boards : Board BPM Access, Board User and My Boards. As for the assigning, at this stage this is the first time the request is assigned to an analyst. There is no re-assigning requests to other staff members. Hope this make it more clear? Still experiencing the same issue
  12. Hi There, I keep getting an error which results in the BPM crashing. Screenshot of the error is below. I have given all Basic and full users the role 'Board BPM Access' but still get this error. Sometimes it works completely fine. When it crashes, the refresh icon appears on the bottom left of the HUD, once clicked it all refreshes and works. This is causing some issues now as we have to keep manually refreshing the workflow. Is there something I'm missing?
  13. Hi All, Can someone help me with info on how to set up a incident breach board. I can see there is one in the Demo instance, but could not find a BPM which does this. I want to set up a board where it automatically moves the card on the board according the timings e.g. Breaching in 2 hours, breaching in 30 mins, Breached etc. I've already set up automated boards in our instance previously where the card moves to the corresponding lanes depending on the actions taken e.g. once assigned to an analyst it moves to the assigned lane. Just not sure how to do this with the timers.
  14. Having said that, there was an update on Hornbill that took place, any chance it removed the access?
  15. Hi @TrevorHarris, Hope you're well, just coming back to this post again. Unfortunately, I've just seen the error again. After getting the error I checked the user's roles, Board BPM Access was missing? I followed what you said above and assigned the roles to all type of users, but looks like it didn't do it. I checked in the BPM Board Access role, it seems like it only assigned it to 663 odd users only but we have much more basic users. Really worried as this will start causing workflows to fail again
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