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  1. Calls not auto closing

    @Victor I have raised a request - just makes it easier to send stuff through to you and for Claire to pick up when she returns
  2. Calls not auto closing

    @Victor Ill do that now thanks. Shall I do this on the forum or raise a request?
  3. Calls not auto closing

    @Victor thank you. Nothing has changed with our internal processes so not sure why we are having issues with calls randomly not closing automatically.
  4. Calls not auto closing

    @Victor are you able to confirm if the above BP is correctly set up? TIA
  5. Calls not auto closing

    Ah right ok thanks @DeadMeatGF. I will try it as automatic. Odd as that was added by Hornbill during a remote session. Thanks, Melissa
  6. Calls not auto closing

    @Victor FYI I will be picking this issue up whilst Claire is away this week. Thanks, Melissa
  7. Question not visible in the App

    @James Ainsworth thank you for the response. It is certainly quite important for us as almost all the call details are contained in the question and answer fields. Without being able to see these, calls cannot be worked on through the mobile app. Thanks, Melissa
  8. Full email trail

    That's great @Daniel Dekel Thank you, Melissa
  9. Question not visible in the App

    @James Ainsworth is there any development on this? I don't believe the workaround mentioned is at all practical and our analysts are having difficulty using the app without visibility of the questions. Many thanks, Melissa
  10. Automatic closure applying once call is reopened

    @Victor we are still having problems with calls closing regardless of them being reopened (un-resolved). Is this being looked at? I am quite keen to avoid a messy workaround. Thanks, Melissa
  11. Full email trail

    Hi Sorry yes entire company is fine. Thanks, Melissa
  12. visibility of new releases

    @Victor thanks! Fingers crossed
  13. visibility of new releases

    I have just tested and I do not have access
  14. visibility of new releases

    @Dan Munns thanks!
  15. visibility of new releases

    Hello, Some time back now (October time) we were advised that we would soon have visibility of what was called the "90 Day board" where we would see what changes and releases were being worked on currently/planned for the near future. Is there a date for this yet please? Thanks, Melissa