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  1. Hi @nasimg, I think these are the settings which allow attachments to be added to the ticket automatically. Thanks Jamie
  2. @Victor Yes I believe so, this has been working fine for months but just today it has stopped working. Thanks Jamie
  3. Hi All, It seems like when someone replies to a ticket that is on-hold it has stopped taking the request off hold. Last week when someone replied to an on-hold ticket the ticket would then come off hold and be open. Does anyone have any ideas to why this would have stopped working? Thanks Jamie
  4. Hi All, Would it be possible to add a view to be able to see customer feedback as an optional column within your request list? This would give customer star ratings its own column when reporting and make reporting a lot easier. Thanks Jamie
  5. Hi All, There are a few BPM’s that I create a while ago that are not used anymore that I cannot delete. Does anyone have a solution to deleting them? Below shows the error I get when trying to delete them. Thanks Jamie
  6. Hi All, Would it be possible to add a feature to resolution emails to edit them more than we already can do? When emailing from a ticket there are a lot of useful edits, whereas when writing your resolution, you don’t get any off these options (these options are shown in the image below). This would give the resolution a WYSIWYG style so we could get a better look at the format of the resolution email before we send it. It would also be helpful to allow attachments on resolution emails. Thanks Jamie
  7. Hi All, Within human tasks in a ticket there is a small tick that leads to another prompt (this is shown in the images below). Would it be possible to change this so that the small tick prompt completes the task without being prompted again? This would decrease the amount of click to resolve a ticket with would result in saving time. Thanks Jamie
  8. Hi All, When emailing into a change ticket the attachments don’t append to the attachments field in the ticket. This works in service requests and incidents but just not for change requests. The first image shows an email with an attachment being sent into a service request and the attachment appending to the request. Whereas the second image shows an attachment being sent via email into a change request and the attachment not appending to the ticket. Thanks Jamie
  9. Hi All, Quite often we need to upload multiple images to a ticket, however when uploading an image via a comment you can only attach 1 image or attachment per comment. Subsequent images pasted into the comment replaces the image that was added previously. In the images below I attached an image of the Adobe logo then an image of the Amazon logo and the on image in the comment was the last added image. Could this be changed to allow multiple images? We know that it is possible to upload multiple saved attachments, but it would be better to allow Thanks Jamie
  10. @Steve G Thanks you for your reply. I've got this working now
  11. @Steven Boardman @Steve G Thank you both for your help it's much appreciated. I've edit my Cloud Automation to append instead of update and filled in all but the Spreadsheet ID. I keep getting the error 'Failed to fetch data source'. Is there a node that I must use to fetch the data needed for the spreadsheet Id. Thanks Jamie
  12. Hi All, I am currently trying to create a BPM flow that asks via a Human Task 'Would you like to add this project to a Google Sheet?'. If the answer is yes then I would like to be able to add the summary of the ticket to a project Google Sheet. I believe this is possible through using a Cloud Automation node but I am not sure how to fill in the required parameters (these are shown below). If possible would someone be able to explain how this can be done please? Thanks Jamie
  13. @Martyn Houghton Thank you, I'll give that a try.
  14. Hi All, Recently Service Requests that has a status change from On-Hold to Open to been breaking. This only happens on Service Requests as I've tested wit Change Requests and these work fine. I have attached the error within the ticket and the BPM configuration (also I have attached the flowcode-a5960d91 which is where the BPM breaks as shown in the error message). These BPM's haven't been changed for around 2-3 months and this issues has only starting happening over the past few days. Does anyone know if this is a bug or me just missing something within the BPM configuration? Thanks Jamie
  15. Hi All, Me and a few others within my department have noticed that timelines are not refreshing the same as they used to. An example of this is once a ticket is created the assignment option automatically was shown allowing an owner to be assigned. Then the tasks to complete are automatically shown after. However, know after a ticket is created you have to refresh the page to assign and owner then refresh the page again for the tasks to load. Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue? Thanks Jamie
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