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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth, Thank you for your reply, I have added to images below. The first image, named Linewrap Image 1, shows what the current CSS configuration is. The second image, named Linewrap Image 2, shows that when the checkbox show is unchecked the line wrap issue fixes. Thanks Jamie
  2. Hi @AlexTumber, I am only experiencing this with specific supplier contracts not all of them. Also, I am only trying to add a small sentence to the description. Thanks Jamie
  3. Hi All, I have noticed this issue again and found that if you untick the checkbox I show in the attached image the linewrap fixes. Thanks Jamie
  4. Hi All, I have been using the new Supplier Manager feature and have noticed that when you add a description to contracts and click save it does not save. I have attached the error I receive below. Thanks Jamie
  5. Hi @HHH, Did you manage to reopen tickets with emails after being resolved? I am trying to do the same but can't get it to work for me.
  6. Hi James, Thanks for your reply. I have looked in multiple web browsers and they all have the same issue. I have attached an image of the text cutting off mid way through the word. Thanks Jamie
  7. Hi, This isn't a massive issue at all but me and my team have noticed that on the questions and details tab within a ticket words are cut off at the end off a line instead of the whole word being added to a new line. This isn't anything major I was just wondering if there is anything I could do to fix this somehow. Thanks Jamie
  8. Hi all, I was just wondering if it is possible to add the first 50 character of the description to the end of the summary. It would just make it easier when doing specific types of jobs to know which is which when completing them as we don't give the customer the option to give the ticket there own summary. Thanks Jamie
  9. Hi, I have created some SLA's on each service and whenever I try to add an escalation event it does not save against the Target. Clicking Update closes the New Escalation Event accordion - but doesn't save the event. If you close the modal the event is not saved, also subsequent clicks of update does not close the modal either. Recording #2.mp4 Thanks Jamie
  10. @Victor I have attached the BP that I am having problems with. Thanks. problem-record.bpm.txt
  11. Hi @Victor I have figured out why linked requests were not emailing customers. The customer is only emailed if all of the human tasks have been completed within the linked requests. If the requests are linked but all the human tasks have not been completed then the customer of the linked request does not get emailed.
  12. Morning @Victor just wondering if you have any updates on the issue.
  13. The problem was PR00000657 and the linked incidents were IN00000650 and IN00000651, we have tested this multiple times and it doesn't want to work. We last tested it around 10:30am today. The email should have sent the incident customers the resolution email template.
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