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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to set the impact of a ticket without doing an impact assessment? I am trying to create a new flow structure which sets the impact based on the answers a user inputs within the progressive capture. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Best Regards Jamie
  2. Hi @Daniel @Victor, Disabling the experimental.elasticsearch.enable setting worked :-) Thank you both for the suggestion. Best Regards Jamie
  3. Hi @Victor, Thank you for your reply. The tickets I've tried linking range from days to weeks old it seems no tickets can be linked at all. Best Regards Jamie
  4. Hi @Adrian Simpkins, Thank you for your reply. It seems to be any ticket number I try to link is not found. The image below show tickets that are assigned to me. If I go into SR00008155 and try to linked any other ticket assigned to me I get the below message. This is happening to all users on our instance. Best Regards Jamie
  5. @Deen I've not had anymore issues since Monday so it must have just been a one off thing.
  6. Hi, This issue still seems to be occurring, does this seem to be happening for anyone else as well? Best Regards Jamie
  7. @Chris Thompson Yes a few people on our instance have the error again.
  8. Hi, Is anyone else experiencing any issues when trying to login to Hornbill? Everything was fine earlier this morning but now everyone is getting a timeout error when trying to login. Best Regards Jamie
  9. Hi @ArmandoDM , Thank you for your reply. I have tried setting the decision nodes base on your response. However, this does not seem to work for me. The below image shows what I am doing, do this seem correct? Best Regards Jamie
  10. Hi, We currently use the star rating feature when customers go into there resolved tickets, but because our customers don't really use the portal unless logging a ticket these ratings never get completed. I was just wondering if anyone knows of a way to implement the star rating feature into resolution emails? Best Regards Jamie
  11. Hi, I have recently found that when trying to link a request I am getting a 'No results found' error. Does anyone know if this is due to an update or if there is another way to link requests? Best Regards Jamie
  12. Hi, I was just wondering if there is a way to use a decision that has a different outcome based whether the previous node has expired or not. An example of this is in the image below I have set a Hornbill Automation to wait for a request email, if a request email is received within the expiry time I would like to proceed down the BPM flow as normal. However, if the time expires before receiving a request email I would like to send a chaser email. I believe this is possible through a decision node through the setting shown below but I am not to sure what to set these to, if anyone has an idea of how to do this it would be much appreciated. Best Regards Jamie
  13. Hi All, Within the last month we started using the employee portal rather than the old customer portal. However, today one user has tried logging in using the employee portal and is getting the error shown below. No one else has had any issues logging in and normally clearing cache and cookies solves this error but unfortunately this time it doesn't solve it. The user has no issue when logging into the old customer portal only the newer employee portal. Does anyone have any ideas to how to solve this? Thanks Jamie
  14. Hi All, I have noticed that in a request under the 'Board App' tab if you have over 5 lanes on a board you can't view them all. The below images show a board with 6 lanes and the 'Board App' tab only shows 5 options to move between lanes. Would it be possible to see more lanes under the 'Board App' tab? Best Regards Jamie
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