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  1. @Deen Thanks for checking back! Yes I have implemented the updated version and it looks to be working again. Thanks @Steve G
  2. Thanks, Steve! Will look at implementing that.
  3. We are having a problem with our CSV exports too, but this is with the goHornbillDataExport tool, so I don't think the xls workaround will work for us. Do any of the developers have an estimated time this might take to fix? Would be good to know if we need to look into alternatives or wait it out.
  4. Would be really interested to know when this functionality is available too!
  5. Hi @Lauren how did you determine it was a fault in your local network?
  6. @Lauren Every time we have had this, when we restart the failed bp it continues as normal, and we still haven't made any changes to the BP or email template since well before this started happening. Edit - Haven't actually had a problem restarted bp, it was just a few tickets in a row that errored at the same point.
  7. Just want to update the ticket to say this is still happening for us, would appreciate any suggestions or updates! Quite an inconvenience when there are no hornbill admins around to repeat the failed stage.
  8. Thanks @Steven Boardman will give that a go, hopefully resolve it!
  9. Hello, We have had this issue twice now on our log against existing standard change tickets, with it all working correctly in between the incidents and no changes made. This is what it looks like when it doesn't work: This is the section of the BPM that is grabbing the scheduled date and time and assigning it to custom field 22/23. Below is part of the config showing the custom fields being updated with the start and end date. Below screenshot is showing the get request details before the email is sent out. Part of the get request details node config
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