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  1. I am sure it is a common occurrence in most service desk, that a request will often spawn a follow on request(s), sometimes at the beginning of its life-cycle, but also at the end when you get ''there just one other thing that might be related' conversation. Therefore it would be could to have the option when raising a new request from an existing one to be able to selectively copy the connections and attachments from the current request. As this would save a lot of manual operations in doing so and ensure consistency. Cheers Martyn
  2. Is there a way of changing the default of opening attachments that are part of a request? We get a lot of screenshots and doc's attached to request which we have to download and then open, can functionality be included to open these in the browser?
  3. When trying to send emails with attachments Service Manager is erroring with the following: Also when trying to reupload documents this error is occurring: in console: Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com/uopservicedesk/davundefined' from origin 'https://live.hornbill.com' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. core.combined.js?rel=1449:7 DELETE https://mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com/uopservicedesk/davundefined net::ERR_FAILED
  4. I've done multiple migrations (SWRequestImport tool) over the last few weeks and today I'm getting errors and attachments are not migrating. Does this relate to the recent update Service Manager (2246)? 2021/06/22 16:54:06 [ERROR] Added file data but unable to set Content Location on [SR00002801] for File Content [F0011944 - General Question - Please find attached query on question reference 3136_.msg]: The text size provided (309 characters) is greater than the maximum allowable size of 256 characters for column h_contentlocation We are due to kick off our final migration on Thursday, so this is a major issue for us.
  5. When adding attachments it obviously adds them to the request etc, but when you go to remove it says that the attachment is unlinked from the request. Does this mean that the attachments are still in the database somewhere or do they actually get deleted once removed from a request? Then a follow up question, dependent on answer if they are just unlinked how to we go about deleting them from the server?
  6. In a request we are getting this error when trying to open/download the file that has been attached to a request: Is there an issue that we need to be aware of?
  7. When you have an 'Add Attachments' node what does the Attachment title do? As I have set this as below: and in the resulting request it appears as: My assumption would be that a part or all of the uploaded file would reference 'Risk Assessment'?
  8. We have noticed that incidents that are being generated from emails by an analyst are not including the attachments in the request and are 'leaving' them in the emails. Has anyone else noticed this issue?
  9. @Victor In your FAQ post (below) from August you mention "This functionality is currently being developed and will be introduced in a future update." in relation to processing attachments. Is there an update on when this will be released? Cheers Martyn
  10. Is it possible to add attachments via the BPM onto the timeline? As this then allows you to open the attachment in the browser window rather than having to download it and then open it as this is long winded and means we have analysts downloading files multiple times and potentially storing senstive screenshots etc of things that shouldn't be kept on their local devices.
  11. I am trying to restrict the deletion of attachments using a role, so as to limit it to a certain number of analysts. There does not appear to be an 'Application Right' to do this at the moment, but is this something that can be done by adjusting the 'Database Rights'? If so would there be any issues with doing the latter? Cheers Martyn
  12. We have a number of enterprise processes which we want to implement and automate in Service Manager, however as they include attachments which need to third parties outside of Hornbill, we are not able to implement them. Can the BPM Email nodes be extended to include the option to include attachments, even if initially it is the basic option to include Customer Visible ones, Team Visible ones or both? Cheers Martyn
  13. We are finding that when logging emails the attachments are not adding to the request, they are viewable by looking at the original email, but they used to appear in the attachments section of the request but it appears that this is no longer working?
  14. Hi, When we used to raise requests from email it would automatically add any attached files to the call. (This is going back quite some time now) But now we are only able to attach files to the request by either applying an email to an existing request or by applying files that we have downloaded. Is there a setting that we can change so that it will attach files when raising requests again or is this no longer possible? Thanks
  15. Can the Requests - Log Request node be extended to include the options to copy over the following additional characteristics Connections Attachments Service Level Catalog Cheers Martyn
  16. I do not think this is configurable at the moment, so it would be really useful to have the ability to control the default visibility of attachments when they are added on to a request, either via Email or via the Self Service. At the moment they are loaded as Team, but in our case we would like to be able to set the as customer. I know some sites will want to retain them as Team, hence the request for a setting. Cheers Martyn
  17. Hi, Is there a way to delete all (or some) attachments of a request, without this being visible to the customer? Reason being, we have an old request where people have not followed best practice resulting in 467 documents attached! Only 10 of them are relevant. I would like to get rid of the other 457 in a quick way (e.g. not manual) and don't want to clutter the customer's timeline. Any ideas??
  18. Hi again, Is there a setting we can use to decide how the system should behave when dealing with email attachments received? I use the automation to automatically update requests when an email is received (and the request reference is in the title). But at the moment no attachment is added to the request and analysts have to go back to the original email... Having a switch in the settings would be quite handy If it does not exist, could we have one? Thanks!
  19. A little while back our service desk noted intermittent connection errors. Other staff then reported that they cannot open attachments. Initially we thought this could be a permission issue, but comparing Billy Perridge's account to Hetal Vadher's account, this doesn't seem likely. Both cannot open the attachment section of the request view. See attached. [Attachments removed]
  20. When sending an email from Service Manager and adding attachments, it would be really useful to have the feature to optionally to add them as an 'Attachment' on the request itself and determine their visibility. This was the customer/coworker can always manually download them from the portal if they are blocked by email rules etc. Cheers Martyn
  21. Hi guys, Following yesterday's Hornbill Insight 2017 event, I would like to follow up on a topic we discussed: Emails, attachments and automation. Just to give you an idea of the situation, here is the first few records of a query I ran on the system: SELECT h_request_id, count(h_pk_id) as total FROM h_itsm_requests_attachments group by h_request_id order by 2 desc Now if we look at the first request, you can clearly see we have a problem... And that particular incident is still open! Now I do appreciate this is an extreme example BUT the point remains as you will from the stats below: Now the problem comes from our corporate standard e-mail signature (over which we do not have any control!) as it includes a number of images: Every single email we send internally / externally will contain this signature (if the client used to send the email is outlook). I picked an average request raised from an e-mail to show you the impact: Every attachment to this request but 1 is an image from the signature. None of them of relevant to the request except a screenshot... But which one is the relevant one ??? Another example: Actual email (extract): As you can see from this example (one amongst many!), we have a lot of attachments with meaningless names and only 2 of them are relevant to the issue experienced by our customer. IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS for our setup: 1. We do not create automatically requests upon email reception. They are created manually by operators 2. Emails with a reference to an existing requests will automatically update the request Let's summarise the issues we are facing: 1. When creating a new request from an email, the "attachments" section of the progressive capture get's "by-passed", meaning the operator does not get prompted to remove some of them The problem is that operators raising calls will not follow instructions and got back to the attachments to remove the signature related images... And even if they did (which I repeat most of them don't! Even if we repeat 10000000000000 times), this is what they get: No exactly very explicit is it? You need to download each image on your machine, open the file and then decide what to do with the attachment... Mega time consuming hence why they don't bother. 2. The link between the email and Progressive Capture: when raising a request from an e-mail, you need to fill in the default "summary" and "description" fields for the request in the PC. Why can't it be imported from the email? That would save a LOT of time and prevent many mistakes! 3. Every time an email is applied to a request manually, we get a nice pop-up where we can choose the attachments to include: This is great BUT only available when applying to the request... And again which one of these attachments is relevant? (Note: I have a screenshot somewhere in the list!) 4. Every time an email is applied to a request automatically (using email automation), attachments this time are NOT included?? Note that no "attachments" section is displayed Actual email: This email also includes my "corporate standard email signature" so I would have expected a minimum of 5/6 images! 5. How can I delete 24 out of the 26 attachments of a request without wasting 30 minutes of my time? I can't right now... I understand this is a lot to take in but as discussed yesterday all these "small issues" to you are actually a big deal when trying to resolve calls on a daily basis. I might have some suggestions on how to improve this: Attachments preview: this would be a game changer !!! - Images preview should be very easy to implement (although you might want to build thumbnails to speed things up which I can understand requires a bit more time to develop) - PDF preview should not be very complicated either to implement - Other types of documents: I can understand this is a more tricky business (and I would personally understand if it was excluded from the scope of any development) Issue 1: - fix the "by-passing" of the attachments - alike the "apply to request", show the modal with the attachments to consider BEFORE going into the PC? - preview attachments (on "hover" or by default in the screen) would considerably help too! Issue 2: - find a way to link email.subject and email.body to request.subject and request.description in a progressive capture (by default) but still overrideable by analysts Issue 3: - Preview attachments would literally solve this issue! In this particular example, having it inline with the name of the attachment would be better than "hover" BUT User Experience (UX) should be considered Issue 4: - Is it a bug? Is it supposed to work like that? Or is it just me being stupid and having a wrong setting somewhere?/ Issue 5: - we need some sort of mass delete button that would display all attachments in a scrollable modal window with preview of the attachments, a "select / unselect all" button, checkboxes for all attachments (unchecked by default) and a "delete all" button (which confirmation just to be on the safe side!) Sorry for the length of this post but I cannot possibly imagine being the only customer having these issues with regards to attachments, emails and automation. We spent a lot of time yesterday discussing it with a few Hornbill developers and I know there are simple solutions available which would not require that much time to code, test and deploy. But they would make a massive difference to us on a daily basis.
  22. I want to utilise the add attachments form in my progressive captures but can you add more details in the question about what attachment the customer should attach or is it just the basic attachment upload that's displayed in the portal? Can you also have add attachments as a question in a customised form?
  23. Hi I thought the behaviour of inbound emails to a call that contain attachments where added to the attachments section, is this not the case? As its not always easy to see if the inbound email has an attachment in it unless the customer says see attached. Thanks Chris
  24. Good Morning, We have an issue at the moment where attachment are not appearing to customers in the portal on their calls(see Attachment Error). The log shows that an attachment has been added however the Header for attachments is missing. If you add an attachment however as the customer all become available again (See Attachment Error 2). Please see the below call as an example, this has been working fine until reported yesterday (May not have been working longer), no changes have been to permission. Any advice appreciated
  25. When Historic Updates are created via the Request Loader tool, each update record has the View Attachment link associated with it, even if there are no attachments. Would it be possible to have a count of the attachments next to link or the link disabled/removed when there is not any present? Cheers Martyn
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