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  1. Hi We have created another support team in hornbill with their own shared mailbox. Email flows in and out of their fine. However we need to create a copy of the email or a forward so that a mailbox is visible in Outlook. We had this done previously on our main support mailbox. I have looked at creating a forward in 365 but it doesnt seem to keep a copy. Any ideas please
  2. Hi thanks for the response. We use the same workflows for both and they all have the start timers set in the BPM. I have noticed that the issue may be that when we only pick a Service but not a category then the SLA is not picked up. But when a category is selected the SLA appears. For example Service Request is Laptop support - no catalog item selected then no SLA appears. Service Request - Laptop Support - Catalog item Software Issue then a SLA appears Is there a way that the SLA should appear when the Service is selected ?
  3. Hi Been looking at the email routing templates. Is there a way to route emails sent to the service desk via job title / function or department. Know you can do it by sender but we have over 200 people in one department that is constantly changing . I have tried with key words in the email such as in the signature but the signatures get stripped out maybe because we use Code 2 for email signatures so cant really use that method.
  4. Hi We have set up an email routing policy to automatically log tickets from certain users into a request list, assigned to a team but with no owner. It also assigns a priority when the ticket is logged but no SLA is with the ticket. It doesn't pick one up when the ticket is then assigned to a user. Manually logged tickets all pick up the SLA all the time. Is there a something I should be doing when routing tickets from emails so that the pick up the SLA? Ideally we need this as need to raise when it gets breached for these users
  5. Hi cool thanks for the information ill check with them
  6. Hi we have noticed that hornbill is removing autosignatures from emails that come into the mailbox. Is there a way to keep the signatures as we are trying to use them as a field for auto asigning tickets
  7. Hi we are having the same issue. Connections all show good when testing
  8. Hi we are having the same issue this morning after fridays outage, how did you manage to fix it ?
  9. Hi Thanks for the information. However when the LDAP import runs it puts all users back to basic. Does this mean that I have to run a separate one to put inividual users back to User? Also it removes all the other rolls such as service assignee etc
  10. Hi I have been trying to find a way to automatically add the user account type as Basic or User when the ldap import occurs. I have tried putting a custom field in the user type to look at AD when it does the import but this then fails to do the new user import. If i set the default to basic then it over writes any accounts set as User to basic and locks their ability to use access and action tickets raised. The only way i have managed to get round this is to exclude users in an other OU so they are not part of the Ldap import. I cannot do this for all staff we want setting up with User accounts and not basic accounts as we have various group policies in place in different OUs. Likewise dont really want to be do mulitple ldap imports. Is there any way round this so when new users are added or people changed from Basic to User the ldap import recognises this. Using the attribute just seems to stop the User type being added but throws up errors and stops new users being imported thanks
  11. Fixed this as didnt realise the team was missing in supporting teams
  12. Hi I have a business process that runs a couple of manual tasks. 1 task needs to be completed by the Service Desk team before it then gets assigned to the Telecoms team. However the assigned team stays at the Service Desk when viewing the ticket. The manual task however shows that the ticket has been moved to Telecoms and also the "My Activities Tab " shows the assigned task under the correct team. Is there something I could be missing in the process. I have set the manual tasks for each team and also done an automated assign after one task is completed after a check.
  13. Checked for updates to the import utility and low and behold there is a new release with bug fix : Ldap images import from AD all working now. Happy days !
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