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  1. Fixed this as didnt realise the team was missing in supporting teams
  2. Hi I have a business process that runs a couple of manual tasks. 1 task needs to be completed by the Service Desk team before it then gets assigned to the Telecoms team. However the assigned team stays at the Service Desk when viewing the ticket. The manual task however shows that the ticket has been moved to Telecoms and also the "My Activities Tab " shows the assigned task under the correct team. Is there something I could be missing in the process. I have set the manual tasks for each team and also done an automated assign after one task is completed after a check.
  3. Checked for updates to the import utility and low and behold there is a new release with bug fix : Ldap images import from AD all working now. Happy days !
  4. I am try trying to update user profiles on Hornbill and in particular add images to the profiles using LDAP import. I have set the attributes to look to Active Directory [thumbnailPhoto] but this fails to bring across any images. I have search for a solution online and noticed that this feature although part of Hornbill user option was not enabled. This was from 2017 is there any update or solution in place for this thanks
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