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  1. @Keith Stevenson thanks for the info. Ill check with our sys admins if anything has been flagged on our network
  2. Hi we are getting the above message when trying to sign into Hornbill this morning. Is this just us or is anyone else having the issue. Any ideas on how to resolve this
  3. @jamesb & @Art at BU seems to be fixed now after a restart. So guess may have been linked to other issues
  4. Restart of our web browser (chrome and edge) worked for the request list. Haven't needed to clear the cache so maybe the fix is being applied
  5. Hi Since today and the recent update our email template signatures have vanished when sending emails in a open ticket. We had it set so that when sending an email it populated with the senders email signature but this has gone and no option to select a template . Is this related to the other issues today ?
  6. Hi James Yes is an odd one. thanks for the info I've changed the button so they have to select a request type, so that will do for now thanks for your help
  7. We have recently acquired a new business and need them to be able to access Hornbill to raise support tickets but ideally need their own page and be kept separate from our Head office pages. Can this be done so they have in theroy their own portal. Or does it have to be done by restricting their access to the other pages and allows them full to their own via the department or site ID ? Was just hoping I didnt have to go through and assign permissions to all
  8. Hi Have a bit of a weird one that one team have just noticed. When they raise a ticket with the Raise New button (not the drop down arrow list next to it) The ticket gets raised in the usual way with the details displayed. However if that ticket is then re assigned and or refreshed at a later date the Detail fields are cleared and no information is available for the ticket. Also doesn't store any progressive capture information in a question field. If they use the drop down arrow and select Incident or Service request when raising a ticket theres no issue. Also saves any questions in the question field . Just wondered if anyone else seen this or is it something im missing in our work flows thanks mark
  9. Have fixed this sorry it was an error with the time format on the Azure import
  10. Hi we have recently noticed that our date is out by 4 years in hornbill when tickets are raised and also when we try and change the Time zone on a user profile we get this error
  11. I have the Azure import working to update hornbill with new users, departments etc. I cant seem to get the manager field to update. Have tried different combinations but it is the only part that fails. Anyone else had this issue or can help please. this is what I have been using in the json file "Manager": { "Action": "Both", "AzField": "userPrincipalName", "HornbillUniqueColumn": "h_user_id" },
  12. @Steve G Managed to get this working thanks !
  13. I seem to have the Azure import working however it overwrites the usertype to basic on an existing user that usertype has been changed to user
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