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Attachment uploads for connections/members


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HI there folks,

Is it possible for Impacted/Interested members of a ticket to upload attachments? At present I can only see that the customer can, but we have a requirement for connections to be able to view and upload attachments in self service as well.

If it's not currently an available feature, can it be looked at as an enhancement please? :)

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@GJ06 there is a setting which already exists, which allows connected users to view existing attachments of a request on the employee portal.


Nothing currently for allowing connections to upload attachments

A connection who is allowed to collaborate on requests they are connected to, can add updates or comment on existing posts, and in both scenarios they can add 'images' to their update / comment.


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thanks for the reply @Steven Boardman useful to know, issue is it's not obvious to a standard end-user to upload an image and in our case, it's scans of wet signatures on documents that will be our biggest use case for members uploading attachments. Feel like this could be useful for purchasing teams etc if implemented to upload GRN's, quotes etc that come in on PDF's or .DOCx

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