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Reporting on Workflows assigning to a team

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I have been presented with a piece of work to remove references to a specific team within our workflows.

I have been trying to think what would be the best way to go about identifying those workflows through reporting.

Is there a way to look at the team ID/team name within workflow tables?

Is it better to look at request timelines and look for the specific phrase "The request has been assigned to the [insert name here] team by the Business Process Engine" and if so, how?

I have tried the latter however the filter only has 'like' not 'contains'

Any help would be great. I'm keen to not let this piece of work become larger than it needs to be and this report would give me an idea of scale.

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15 hours ago, Steven Boardman said:

@AlexOnTheHill have you tried the advanced search on the workflow list to find which workflows have specific values in them?


Thank you for this, I have given this method a try and it returned one result while I have been able to locate seven workflows that assign to this team so far. Is there an accurate way to report on this information?

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