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  1. TrevorKillick

    URGENT: Cannot login to Hornbill

    @P. Nordqvist Can you try logging in again now, please? Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  2. TrevorKillick

    URGENT: Cannot login to Hornbill

    @P. Nordqvist Apologies for this we have identified the cause and are working to fix the issue ASAP, I will update you as soon as we have a resolution. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  3. @Cizzling At this moment both are not possible, however, supporting multiple teams is the next highest priority change in the backlog for Live Chat. This will likely be done using Service Domains and something similar to service subscriptions the exact details of this have not been decided on yet but when support for multiple teams is provided is very likely going to be possible to restrict who has access. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  4. @Lyonel Just as an explanation, whenever you see an error like that its due to the JSON configuration file being invalid throwing it into JSON Lint returns this: https://jsonlint.com/ Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  5. @Lyonel Perfect thank you, looking at the code and the Github docs the AssetTypes section has changed in recent versions of the tool to the following format: "AssetTypes": [ { "AssetType": "Server", "Query": "AND OASysEncl.ChassisTypes0 IN (2, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23)", "AssetIdentifier": { "DBColumn": "MachineName", "Entity": "Asset", "EntityColumn": "h_name" } }, { "AssetType": "Laptop", "Query": "AND OASysEncl.ChassisTypes0 IN (8, 9, 10, 14)", "AssetIdentifier": { "DBColumn": "MachineName", "Entity": "Asset", "EntityColumn": "h_name" } }, { "AssetType": "Desktop", "Query": "AND OASysEncl.ChassisTypes0 IN (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17)", "AssetIdentifier": { "DBColumn": "MachineName", "Entity": "Asset", "EntityColumn": "h_name" } }, { "AssetType": "Virtual Machine", "Query": "AND OASysEncl.ChassisTypes0 = 1", "AssetIdentifier": { "DBColumn": "MachineName", "Entity": "Asset", "EntityColumn": "h_name" } } ], If you update this part of the configuration file it should resolve this new error you are seeing. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  6. @Lyonel This error is now suggesting a problem with the configuration file, can you post up a copy of it minus and credentials of course. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  7. TrevorKillick

    Data->Background jobs

    @Aaron Summers So the list of background jobs is maintained only in server memory so when the service get an automatic update and restarts the list is cleared. There have not been any updated recently so not sure when this list has cleared, you can re-run the index with "new" only option and it should continue where it left off if it had not already completed. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  8. @HHH If I remember correctly this is down to how the 'type' (terminology might be different) of issue being logged have different fields enabled or not, I will double check here on our test instance. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  9. TrevorKillick

    Forum error message

    @lokent Ah ok, yes @Victor has been on a spree of spring cleaning the forums this error can indeed occur while a post is being moved from one forum group to another. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  10. TrevorKillick

    Forum error message

    @lokent Can you post an example of one of the links where you get the error message, please. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  11. The Trim action is now available when configuring a Pre Import Action. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  12. TrevorKillick

    Unable to download report - HTTP Response: 404

    @Darren Rose There is a known issue when a report name contains a % character if you remove this from the report name and run it again the report should download. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  13. @chathway That's great, with regards to the new line characters I have added a new Pre Import action of 'Trim' which will remove any pre and post whitespace as well as any new lines inside the string, this is available in the latest Import tool I just need to get the Hornbill Administration update out so you can select the action. I will post back once this is available. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  14. @chathway That's why in my screenshot I pass {subdepartment} into a replace action that will find and replace colon and space with an empty string. I will take another look and try and replicate this carriage return line feed not replacing. Kind Regards Trevor Killick
  15. @chathway Apologies the error was a crash due to a coding error for handling invalid regex, the latest version 3.1.2 has been released this morning with a fix: https://github.com/hornbill/goLDAPUserImport/releases/tag/v3.1.2 The errors you should have been getting for this are: 2018/08/13 08:07:36 [ERROR] Regex Error: error parsing regexp: invalid or unsupported Perl syntax: `(?=` 2018/08/13 08:07:36 [ERROR] Regex Error: error parsing regexp: invalid or unsupported Perl syntax: `(?<` GoLang the language used to build the import tool does not support these regex functions. I managed to get both Department and Sub-Department matching with the following: :(.*?)(?:,[A-Z]+=|$) ^[^:]+ As for the carriage return issue I tested this on Friday when Dan mentioned you were having issues replacing them have you got a text extract from AD containing an example of the text you are trying to edit? Kind Regards Trevor Killick