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  1. Hi @Dave Longley, There is not enough space to display the entire description but If you click on the link you will see the entire description. Regards, Daniel.
  2. @Jeremy I can see the problem. The if not using tile and you don't specify the image width it will be aligned to the left of the text. Label Label So in your case if you specify the width it will work. I've anyway added the option (for the next build) to not use the width In the following screenshot you can see the two widgets showing the same thing. One Links and the other Text. Regards, Daniel.
  3. @Jeremy cool. I'll add it to our backlog. This will make things easier for you instead of using the Links widget. Daniel.
  4. @Jeremy, The tile layout is not going to help you because it uses a max of 160px. You can either use the none tile layout and specify width and height or just use the Text Widget. There you can be more flexible. You could ass a wiki if an image + a link: [[file:https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Ql93EuAI4GE0mW1lg7PCOobsoRvkcIpAWYn8Ei108HTHs8icVeehbYGJbBz5TrMWY-6a6wGD=w640-h400-e365 |link=http://www.gmail.com]] See more here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Wiki_Markup Regards, Daniel.
  5. Hi @Jeremy, Sorry for the delay. I was thinking on a new widget, similar to the Services widget but a Service Request. I think at the moment you are using the Links widget to link to the Service Request manually? This new widget would have the favourite requests, and perhaps it could display from a predefined list defined by the domain manager? Daniel.
  6. @Dave Longley, Can you please specify what view are you talking about? Thank you, Daniel.
  7. Hi @Martyn Houghton, Can you please explain a bit more about these requirements? Warning prior to logging out if Status is set to Available. What do you mean with Warning? "you are about to log out - Are you sure?" - YES/NO? Automatically set Status to 'Out of the Office' When the user logs out or session times out - The status will become "out of the Office" - this is in relation to the previous point right? Only if the user has the status "Available"? If the user is on vacation it won't st the status to "Out of..." . Can you please explain why this is needed? Thanks, Daniel.
  8. Hi @David Longley, We need to know what the error is. Can you please follow these instructions? 1. Go to the Service page where you have the link to the Raise Request. 2. Refresh your browser (F5) 3. Go to the profile menu (right top) and click on the "Start Diagnostics" option. 4. Go to the Raise Request view (where you have the problem) 5. After you see the problem, stop the Diagnostics by going to the same profile menu and click Stop. 6. A popup will open. You can either click Download and send the file to me via a private conversation in this forum. Thanks, Daniel.
  9. @Jeremy, In order to align properly all the images, we are taking the tallest image and use that as the height for the container of every link. So if you have one link with an image of 410px height and another with 100px height, to avoid having misaligned labels it will use 410 as the height of the 2nd link although the image will still be fine. Can this be the case for you? This will only happen if you have two or more links. Did you try adding a width? Daniel.
  10. @Dave Longley, In the middle of next week, Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Daniel.
  11. Hi @Dave Longley, I can see there is a problem with the translations for the service view. We've fixed it now so as from the next build you will be able to set Translation Mode and right click on the string you want to change like "Make a Request". Regards, Daniel.
  12. Hi @Jeremy, The fix is now live. Could you please check if is working as expected? Thanks, Daniel.
  13. Hello @Dave Longley, Could you please see if you get some extra information when clicking on the error popup at the bottom right? Thank you, Daniel
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