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  1. Viewing Sites within Service Manager

    Hi @dwalby, I've placed a change for adding a view that can be reached by a link from anywhere in the system. So basically when you see the site name you will be able to click on it and you will be taken to the site details in the same Collaboration Core. The only thing is that this can take some time to be developed because of other priorities but I'll keep you informed. Daniel.
  2. Contacts - Skype/SIP field

    @Martyn Houghton There is one field called "h_social_network_e" and is storing the protocol (in this case "sip" ) and the value (the Skype Username) separated by colon. Example: sip:myuser I'm not sure if you could add the "sip:" as a prefix to the LDAP value, then it would be possible. Daniel.
  3. Contacts - Skype/SIP field

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, We now have support for Skype for Business. You can set this in your profile. Enjoy ;-) Daniel
  4. Time double logged

    Hi @m.vandun, I am still unable to replicate this problem but without luck. I wonder if you still have this issue and if you have a clue on how to replicate? Do you use the Timesheet Manager in any other place? doe sit happen also there? Thank you, Daniel
  5. Activity Category Outcome Issue

    @TSheward_SGW, The problem is now fixed. You will need to refresh your page (F5) to get the new changes. Thank you, Daniel.
  6. Activity Category Outcome Issue

    @TSheward_SGW, I can now see the problem. I can also replicate the issue. I'll raise an urgent defect for this to be fixed ASAP. Will probably have it tomorrow working if the solution is simple. Sorry for this, Thank you, Daniel.
  7. Activity Category Outcome Issue

    Hi @TSheward_SGW, An administrator can manage the Activities Categories. Can you check if someone changes something in that area please? Thank you, Daniel
  8. Check Lists - Enhancement Request

    Hi @Dan Munns, There is no option at the moment to move the items and I'm not sure the UI is prepared to hold such a big amount of checks. It was never intended to be that big. I'll check what we can do in that area, but it can take some time to for that change. I'll keep you updated. Thanks, Daniel.
  9. Notifications - Sort Order/Grouping

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, Sorry for the delay. What you are saying makes sense but I'm not sure how easy it will be to implement. The platform team is assessing this and once I have an answer I'll come back to you. Thanks, Daniel.
  10. Deleting Document Collection

    OK, thank you @Paul Trenter, I will log a defect for the Document Manager but I'm afraid it won't be ready until after the holidays. Thank you, Daniel.
  11. Deleting Document Collection

    @Paul Trenter, the icon only appears when you hover over the actual collection you want to edit (or delete). I'm saying that because in your screenshot your mouse is over the "Collections" option and not in the sub-option.
  12. Time double logged

  13. Time double logged

    @m.vandun, can you please tell me what build of Timesheet Manager you are using? You can check that in the About Screen. Thanks, Daniel
  14. Deleting Document Collection

    Hi @Paul Trenter, You can hover over the Collection Name and edit it. In the edit popup you will see the Delete button on the bottom left . Hope this helps, Daniel.
  15. Time double logged

    @m.vandun, thanks for the video. Still can't replicate. I'll need to do some investigation. Thanks, Daniel