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  1. @HHH I understand it now, the problem is in the contact details, correct? I will update our validation method. Will be in our next build. Thank you, Daniel.
  2. Hi @HHH, Can you please let us know the UI you are trying to send the email from? I've tested the email composer in the email view and it works as expected with all these special characters. Thank you, Daniel.
  3. Daniel Dekel

    Not receiving notifications on some Workspaces

    @dwalby is it possible that you have another tab opened in these two workspaces? That would dismiss the notification straight away. I can't think of another reason that will happen. Daniel.
  4. Daniel Dekel

    Not receiving notifications on some Workspaces

    Hi @dwalby, A few things you need to check: Make sure you are actually a member of these workspace. It could be public and you will still see these, but it won't appear in your newsfeed and you won't get notifications. Check your profile settings. Make sure the workspaces part has the desired notifications enabled Daniel.
  5. Daniel Dekel

    Mandatory Checklist

    Hello all, The last bit of the puzzle has been released yesterday evening (the Admin Tool) so now you can configure a task that will make the checks mandatory. Hope it works as expected ;-) Daniel. P.S. Also a flag to hide the reason field.
  6. Daniel Dekel

    Batch Delete Emails in the Search View

    Hi @Jeremy, New emails always will come to the top until you refresh the list. But, I am considering making a change that will solve the issue of jumping and wrong order of new emails. The change is to make a separate list just for new emails. This will make a better visual display of new emails and keeping the current list in the correct order. I'll speak to the team about this and see what is the best approach. Will keep you updated. Thanks, Daniel.
  7. Daniel Dekel

    Batch Delete Emails in the Search View

    Thank you @Jeremy for the screen recording. I understand better. Will try to replicate. Daniel.
  8. Daniel Dekel

    Export contact details from organisation

    Hi @Cizzling, There is nothing wrong with what you are doing, there is something wrong in our system. We'll solve the issue and should be fixed in the next Collaboration build. Sorry for the inconvenience, Daniel.
  9. Daniel Dekel

    Batch Delete Emails in the Search View

    Hi @Jeremy, I don't see that behaviour. What I can see that happens is that when a new email comes in, the same email that was in focus and showing the details is still selected. The only thing that happens is that that the emails list scrolls a bit down, showing the selected email at the top position, but that is not the new email. Is still selecting the same one. Can you please confirm that is the behaviour? If not, what browser do you use and what Operating System? Thank you, Daniel
  10. Daniel Dekel

    Service Manager status

    Hi @lokent, Can you please ask your colleague if she still has the same issue? Also, is she using the mobile app? Could she had changed the state in the Mobile App? What browser and operating system does she use? You mentioned -"she could receive new jobs but it wasn't allowing her to comment/action anything as the system believed her to be out of the office", what do you mean by receiving new jobs? and what exactly and where she was not able to comment or action things? Thanks, Daniel.
  11. Daniel Dekel

    Service Manager status

    @lokent, The Availability Status is different than the Online Status. Online status can not be set by anyone, is set automatically based on your interaction with the system. Availability status can only be set by the actual user in the profile page. Also, none of these are blocking. So being Out of the Office will not ban you from working with the system in any way. It will only display the orange message in your profile for you and others to see. If you can get some more details from your colleague will be great. Thanks, Daniel.
  12. Daniel Dekel

    Service Manager status

    Hello @lokent, This is really strange. Do you know if she changed the status by herself or that is also wrong? The weird thing is that even if the state is set to Out of the office, she should still be able to work as usual. This does not block anything except maybe automated BPM processes that check on user availability. Did she try F5 (refresh) ? Could you please provide more information about this as we are not able to replicate such thing. Thank you, Daniel.
  13. Daniel Dekel

    Static radioset option text

    Hi @Alisha, I can confirm that the problem was fixed and should be in the next Collaboration Core build. Thank you, Daniel.
  14. Daniel Dekel

    Removing someone from a workspace

    Can you confirm please if this is a typo or is correct? You converted it to a full user and is still NOT allowing you to remove or is NOW allowing you? Thanks, Daniel
  15. Daniel Dekel

    Removing someone from a workspace

    @Darren Rose, I think there is some confusion here. The user you are showing me her eis a basic user. Basic users do not have workspace rights, so no way it can be a member of a workspace. Perhaps you are confusion the user with another user? Thanks, Daniel.