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  1. Hi @Adrian Simpkins, @Nick Brailsford, Thank you for you interest. We are going to have a series of meetings about this, but to give you an idea, we think that between 5-6 weeks you will be able to have a preview release with the basic functionality. That way you will be able to explore a bit and start configuring your services you wish to expose in the new portal. Still both portals will be available and you will have a choice to enable or not the new and old portal at any time. That will also be a good time for you to give us feedback. From that point, we will be releasing every two weeks updates and in about 8 weeks we will have a production ready and stable version of the new Employee Portal. We will keep you updated once we have more accurate details. Thank you, Daniel.
  2. @Dan Munns, we will add a new co-worker selector field to the task custom form. It requires an update of the Admin Tool, Collaboration Core and Platform, so it can take a few weeks to release all this unfortunately. The latest one will be platform, so look at the release notes. Thanks, Daniel.
  3. Hi @Paul Alexander, Sorry it is taking some time to answer... Is not that simple, especially because custom fields and not indexed and also the visibility of the field can be different between each user, so it might not be available to all users when you search. I'm waiting further answers from development to see if it could be still possible. Daniel
  4. @Vikki Cameron, we did find the problem. There was a property in the header that was not allowing the iframe to use the sandbox property. We've fixed this now and should be going to live today. Kind regards, Daniel.
  5. @Martyn Houghton for that you can use the option in Placement called "Overlap behind Content". That will make it look as before. All this will soon make much more sense and will have a much better interface. working on it ;-) ....
  6. @Martyn Houghtoncan you make sure the image height is set? it might be using 0. Thanks,
  7. Hi @Martyn Houghton, Sorry for that. We'll have a look at this ASAP. Daniel.
  8. Hello @Alisha, Well have a look at this next week and come back to you. Thanks, Daniel.
  9. Hi @Jeremy, yes, we can add it, I'll add a change to our backlog but is quite full soon. We'll keep you updated. Daniel.
  10. @Martyn Houghton, by the way, it will be part of Customer Manager.
  11. Hi @Martyn Houghton, You would be surprised, but we actually have a story for that. It would allow you to add related contacts and each can have a label of relationship as you mentioned ( 'Technical', 'Legal', 'Out Sourced IT', 'Accounts Payable' etc). We didn't have time to start yet with it, but will probably get in to our 2-3 months plan. Daniel.
  12. Hi @sprasad, Sorry for the delay. We are looking at that right now. We'll keep you updated. Daniel.
  13. Hi @Paul Alexander, is in our list, but unfortunately we have higher priorities at the moment. I'll keep this post updated when is done. Thanks, Daniel.
  14. @Martyn Houghton, the platform team told me that it has been done, so you should get it in the platform build that is later than 3018. Daniel.
  15. Hello @Martyn Houghton, I've notified the platform team about this and they will look in to it. Thank you, Daniel.
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