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  1. Hi @Michael Sharp, In our new Employee Portal (coming soon) you will be able to add a Links Widget. That will allow you to add an image and a link to that. What you need right? Coming soon ;-) Daniel.
  2. I understand the problem @Dave@crown. Let me see what we can do to improve the experience in that area. I'll get back to you. Daniel.
  3. Hi, I'm sorry we did not manager to release last week as we found some issues. We are testing it this week and hopefully this week we'll have it available. Probably medd week. Sorry again for the delay, Daniel.
  4. Hi @HHH, This is done in purpose for security reasons. We don't want to give details about whether the user exists or not or if the username or password are wrong. That's why is a generic message. Hope you understand Regards, Daniel.
  5. Hi All, Thank you for your patience, We are working on a preview release of the Employee Portal for next week. We'll give you all the details and documentation when time comes. Regards, Daniel.
  6. @Martyn Houghton, thanks, a better clue. I'll check with the Service Manager team about this. Daniel.
  7. @Martyn Houghton, having multiple tabs or opened at the same time can lead to dismissal of notifications when you are not expecting. Imagine you have one tab opened in a specific workspace and another tab in a different workspace. Want it or not, the notifications from both workspaces will be dismissed. Still it will show up in the dismissed list. Some notifications will not appear in the bell area for example Tasks (Events) or Conversations as these have their own specific UI area. Daniel.
  8. @Martyn Houghton, I prefer not allowing anyone dealing with SQL or parts of SQL. If there is an alternative, I prefer using that. Daniel.
  9. Hi @Martyn Houghton, Can you please clarify what do you mean by desktop notification? For us we have the normal notifications that appear in the bell and desktop notifications that will be displayed by the operating system if the browser is not in focus. Thanks, Daniel
  10. @Jeremy, that is fine. I've added this to our list. I'll let you know when is ready. It will be depending on the latest platform and Service Manager builds. @Martyn Houghton, just the thought about opening up SQL to customers gives me headache ;-) . We'll add a "kind of" query that will allow you specify parameters in the query, but you won't have access to the actual SQL if it makes sense. Cheers, Daniel.
  11. Hi @Jeremy, @Martyn Houghton, We can add an option to the user's list to be able to filter based on Group ID. So it will only return users that are assigned to that specific group. Will that work in this case? Daniel
  12. Hi @Jeremy, Yes, I understand, unfortunately, this will be quite difficult to implement and given the amount of things we already have in our backlog it won't be any time soon. Sorry, Daniel.
  13. Hi @Jeremy, Perhaps you should see this document https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Designer about conditional fields in the progressive capture. I think that will do what you need. There is also a video that will give you an idea of what you can do. Daniel.
  14. @Nikolaj thanks, I've moved this post to the Service Manager area as it is related to the specific application. They will be able to assist you much better on this. Thanks, Daniel.
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