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  1. Hi @Paul Alexander, OK, now I see. That's in the "Raise new request" view. The domain should be selected in that case. I'll add it to our list to look at. Thanks, Daniel
  2. Hi @Paul Alexander, True, but it will still show the domain as selected indicating that the page you are in belongs to that domain. Regards, Daniel.
  3. Hi @Paul Alexander, It was introduced in our last build (1514) a month ago. The reason was because we were not showing the description before because if it was too long it was showing it all and that looked very bad. Now we show a "more..." option. There is no option to customize or to hide the description unless you remove it from the actual service request itself. Remember this is the same description shown in the list of service requests in the service view. In that other view (Service) the description would be cropped if there isn't enough space as here but shown in a tooltip when hovering over it. Regards, Daniel. ) on the
  4. Hi @Alisha, Thank you for your suggestion. At the moment is not possible to display data from Hornbill Administration. Also is not possible to display Hornbill inside a frame. That will be a security violation - sowing the error you see in the external frame. I've added to our list of things to review and your suggestion will be discussed. Kind regards, Daniel.
  5. @Andy Gilbert, There are various factors. How many columns the widget is using (1,2,3 or 4). If you are displaying it as tiles, then you will see less in the list. Regards, Daniel.
  6. Hi @Andy Gilbert, Thank you for your feedback. The text colour and border should be using the ones defined by you. I'll add it to our list. Regarding your third point, at the moment the items are calculated based on the available space. That's why is sometimes 8 and some other times more or less. Based on how it works now is not possible to implement that, but we do have plans to change the way the layout works and once that is done, we should be able to allow setting a max. number of items per page. That can take some time to be implemented. Regards, Daniel.
  7. Hi @Alisha, The problem having such functionality is that widgets are supposed to be quite simple and minimalistic. Expanding or adding more data to the current widget will result in either increasing the size of the widget or adding ugly scrollbars and that can break the layout of the entire page. Regards, Daniel.
  8. Hi @HGrigsby, That is a static string, so it would be changed using the typical translation using the translation mode. If you have translation rights you should be able to "Start the translation mode" from the user menu (top right) and then right click on the desired string you want to translate (Documents) Hope this helps. Regards, Daniel.
  9. Hi @Alisha, I'm not sure it will be added. The idea if WiKi in our system is to allow basic text formatting such as bold, italic and links. To give me some idea, in what area do you want to use this feature? Regards, Daniel.
  10. Hi @Alisha, I see it can be quite convenient in several cases. The problem we have is that our WiKi doesn't support container elements such as tables or divs. Therefore we can't specify what to collapse as in WiKiMedia elements. Regards, Daniel
  11. Hi @Sam P, This is intentional. The description displayed in the list of the Catalog Item is a minimized short description. The fully formatted description is displayed when you click on the item itself. The reason for that is because the description can include WiKi text and that can include many line breaks, big and small fonts and images. All that is converted to text to allow showing the most in such small space in the list (only two lines). Hope it makes sense, Regards, Daniel.
  12. Hi @Smurfy, Is not possible right now, but I don't see a reason not to add it. I'll add it to our todo list. Hopefully is not too complicated. I'll keep you updated. Thanks, Daniel.
  13. Hi @Adam Toms, You can include in the bulletin's description WiKi mark-up ( https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Wiki_Markup ) So you can add links to whatever places you want. Hope this helps. Regards, Daniel.
  14. Hi @Martyn Houghton, We'll review this and let you know. Cheers, Daniel.
  15. Hi @AndyHill, Can you make sure these users don't have the role "Home Page Manager" or the application rights canManagePage or canManageCompanyPages? Any of these could show the Edit button. Regards, Daniel.
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