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  1. Daniel Dekel

    Failed Delivery on Email

    Hi @HGrigsby, @Aaron Summers, I've discussed this with the platform team and they will add a new feature that will allow to set all emails in a specific folder to "read", meaning that in the Sent Items red flags will disappear. I will let you know when this is ready. Thank you, Daniel
  2. Daniel Dekel

    Failed Delivery on Email

    @HGrigsby, regarding resetting the emails. The red lines are read/unread flags. From the screenshot I saw you have 30, you can just select the 30 and mark them as read (the eye icon). Hope it helped, Daniel.
  3. Daniel Dekel

    Failed Delivery on Email

    Hi @HGrigsby, Regarding the filter of unsent items, if you go to the "Sent Items" folder, you can order by status,. That will give you all the unsent (in red) at the very top of the list. Regarding the reset option. Is not available, but I'll ask the platform team to see if something can be done. I'll get back to you soon when I have an answer. Thanks, Daniel
  4. Daniel Dekel

    Resending emails with failed delivery

    Hi @HHH, Unfortunately there is no option to re-send a bulk of messages. However it is possible that the Customer Support team can do it but that will require you to raise a Service Request. If you want to go that way you can do it through https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/ or if is complicated use support in the Hornbill website https://www.hornbill.com/support/ . Kind regards, Daniel.
  5. Daniel Dekel

    Searching by Handle

    Hi @Lauren, There are two reasons for the names being searched from the beginning. Previously we offered results from any part of the name but customers complained because it would return too many results and that required people to type much more accurate queries to get what they wanted. The second reason is efficiency. Searching from the middle makes the query run very slow making it frustratingly slow. Hope you understand. Redards, Daniel.
  6. Daniel Dekel

    Mailbox Rights - Hide notification of unread emails in top bar.

    @samwoo , @Martyn Houghton, I think I have the solution for both of you. In the Shared Mailbox Rights tab in the Admin Tool, you need to uncheck the "Can Get Folder Properties". If this is unables, than the user will not have rights to see the email folders and therefore the entire email view for that particular mailbox will be hidden for these users. That will also make the notifications disappear but it will still allow to view a single email and send emails. Hope this helps. And by the way... Merry Christmas and happy new year! Daniel.
  7. Daniel Dekel

    Mailbox Rights - Hide notification of unread emails in top bar.

    I'm not sure what would happen if the user removed his email notification flag in the profile. Not sure that would work, but worth trying. If it does nothing, perhaps we can use this flag to remove the notification icon for the email.
  8. Daniel Dekel

    Mailbox Rights - Hide notification of unread emails in top bar.

    Sorry @Martyn Houghton, you actually, do not want to see the indicator? I thought you did wanted. That is not possible, if you can read messages, you will get the indicator. Sorry! Daniel.
  9. Daniel Dekel

    Mailbox Rights - Hide notification of unread emails in top bar.

    @Martyn Houghton, Actually, if the user would not have the "Can Get Message" right, he would get a permission denied when opening the email to view. Cheers, Daniel.
  10. Daniel Dekel

    Mailbox Rights - Hide notification of unread emails in top bar.

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, In order to see the message notifications, the user has to have the "Can Get Message" right associated to the mailbox. The fact that he can send, doesn't mean he can read. Is all about rights. Daniel.
  11. Daniel Dekel

    Festive icon - Great idea!

    Yes @Lyonel, a nice suggestion! At least if we don't see the sun in the sky we'll see it in Hornbill ;-)
  12. Daniel Dekel

    Festive icon - Great idea!

    Thanks @Lyonel, we did the same last year. Yes, is a nice touch ;-) Daniel.
  13. Daniel Dekel

    Can't add a new contact

    Hi @Paul Alexander, Sorry to hear that. We've just seen this problem and are working to resolve it. The contact is created but you get this error when you open the contact details. For now, as a workaround what you can do is create a custom button (no matter what it has), save it and then open the box again and delete it. That will populate some default data that is not at the moment and will make it work. I'll update this post when we have the fix for it. Thank you, Daniel.
  14. Daniel Dekel

    Firewall - Linked Sites

    Hi @Kelvin, This is the list of 3rd party URLs you might need to add. Some of these (the optional ones) are needed only if you use them, specially when pasting for example a youtube video in a workspace. https://*.hornbill.com/ https://maps.googleapis.com/ https://fonts.googleapis.com/ https://platform.twitter.com/ Optional (if used) https://twemoji.maxcdn.com/ (emojis) https://i.ytimg.com/ (youtube preview image) https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/ (youtube) https://*.youtu.be (youtube) https://*.youtube.com (youtube) https://vimeo.com/api/ )(vomeo) https://player.vimeo.com/ (vimeo) https://*.prezi.com/ (prezi) https://*.twitter.com/ (twitter) https://giphy.com/ (giphy) https://web.microsoftstream.com/ (microsoftstream) * Note that some URLs include *. like http://*.hornbill.com you need to add any subdomain linked to that domain. Let me know if you have further questions. Kind regards, Daniel.
  15. Daniel Dekel

    Internet Explorer asking for Temasys plug-in

    Hi All, We've just pushed a new build with the fix. The next time you refresh you should not get the message anymore. Thank you, Daniel.