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  1. Turn on Automatic Backups notification keeps coming up

    Hi @HGrigsby, The notification will apear each time you get in to a new machine, this is because the information (backup) is stored against the machine. That's why for security it asks you. Once it asked you once, it will not ask you again on that machine (unless you clear all your browsing cache). A new option in coming soon that completely disables the features for all your machines if it keeps on bothering you. Thanks, Daniel.
  2. Bulk import of Contracts

    Hi @Darren Rose, The Contracts feature is still a Beta feature and it does not have an import capability. If you still would like to import the contracts, you will need to speak to our Profesional Services department and it will be a chargeable job. Daniel.
  3. Search this Workspace

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, We already have a change to do this, basically, the Global search will automatically select the workspace that you are on, so it will only search on that one. We still have other priorities, but it will come. Thanks, Daniel.
  4. Line breaks in Bullets

    @samwoo I was informed that it was just added to the platform, so you will probably be able to see it in a week or two ;-)
  5. Line breaks in Bullets

    @samwoo, that part is in the Service Manager. Let me speak to the team to look at that. Daniel.
  6. Line breaks in Bullets

    @samwoo where are you sending the email from?
  7. Turn on Automatic Backups notification keeps coming up

    Hi @HGrigsby, Are you working with a special configuration of the browser? What browser is it? This will happen if you keep clearing the browser's cache every day. Is that the case? Thanks, Daniel.
  8. Line breaks in Bullets

    Hi @samwoo the change is in LIVE already
  9. Automatic Backups

    @Lyonel, then in that case it will because the backups are stored in the Local Storage of the browser. In the IE it appears as "Website Data".
  10. Automatic Backups

    @Lyonel When you refresh the page (f5) do you get it every time in IE11? In what cases do you get the prompt?
  11. Automatic Backups

    Hi @Dan Munns, The option in the profile "Is my personal computer" is the one to turn it ON and OFF. The label is wrong and we will correct this. Can you ask your colleague what browser is he using? The other possible reason could be that he is using the browser in Incognito Mode. That mode starts the browser without cookies nor data storage, where we are saving this setting. Let me know, Daniel
  12. Line breaks in Bullets

    @samwoo, you are right, I was probably using our "local" language. Our next build is under testing and will be pushed to live in the next few days, so no new code can be added to this one. The new wiki feature will be added to the following build. No major release (for now) ;-) Thanks, Daniel.
  13. Line breaks in Bullets

    Hi @samwoo, Yes, is fine ;-) . You will be able to see this working in the 2nd next release of collaboration core. Regarding the horizontal rule, is based on the same wiki mark-up definition. Use four dash chars in a new line. Outlook will also work in a similar way you you type four dashes so it might be OK for email. We'll have to see how it behaves. Also each email client will use a slightly different code. Anyway, first let's have the proper wiki mark-up and then we see how we go from there. Thanks, Daniel. P.S. Thanks @Dan Munns!
  14. Line breaks in Bullets

    Hi @samwoo, We can add the option of adding a : at the beginning of line and it will indent the same as a * or # but without the symbol ( https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Formatting/en ).So I'll add that as @Dan Munns suggested. I'll let you know when it's done. Thanks, Daniel.
  15. New Activity Templates

    @HHH, no, at the moment you can only select a template from the Collaboration Core, not in the Admin Tool. Also since the BPM is repeatable you have to create it only once.