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  1. Daniel Dekel

    Festive icon - Great idea!

    Yes @Lyonel, a nice suggestion! At least if we don't see the sun in the sky we'll see it in Hornbill ;-)
  2. Daniel Dekel

    Festive icon - Great idea!

    Thanks @Lyonel, we did the same last year. Yes, is a nice touch ;-) Daniel.
  3. Daniel Dekel

    Can't add a new contact

    Hi @Paul Alexander, Sorry to hear that. We've just seen this problem and are working to resolve it. The contact is created but you get this error when you open the contact details. For now, as a workaround what you can do is create a custom button (no matter what it has), save it and then open the box again and delete it. That will populate some default data that is not at the moment and will make it work. I'll update this post when we have the fix for it. Thank you, Daniel.
  4. Daniel Dekel

    Firewall - Linked Sites

    Hi @Kelvin, This is the list of 3rd party URLs you might need to add. Some of these (the optional ones) are needed only if you use them, specially when pasting for example a youtube video in a workspace. https://*.hornbill.com/ https://maps.googleapis.com/ https://fonts.googleapis.com/ https://platform.twitter.com/ Optional (if used) https://twemoji.maxcdn.com/ (emojis) https://i.ytimg.com/ (youtube preview image) https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/ (youtube) https://*.youtu.be (youtube) https://*.youtube.com (youtube) https://vimeo.com/api/ )(vomeo) https://player.vimeo.com/ (vimeo) https://*.prezi.com/ (prezi) https://*.twitter.com/ (twitter) https://giphy.com/ (giphy) https://web.microsoftstream.com/ (microsoftstream) * Note that some URLs include *. like http://*.hornbill.com you need to add any subdomain linked to that domain. Let me know if you have further questions. Kind regards, Daniel.
  5. Daniel Dekel

    Internet Explorer asking for Temasys plug-in

    Hi All, We've just pushed a new build with the fix. The next time you refresh you should not get the message anymore. Thank you, Daniel.
  6. Daniel Dekel

    Internet Explorer asking for Temasys plug-in

    Hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur, We've seen this, please ignore this message. There is nothing to worry about this. We'll make soon another build so you won't see this. Sorry for the inconvenience. Daniel.
  7. HI @Lyonel, Just to let you know that tonight there will be a platform build that will include the fix for this problem. Let me know if is OK now ( or if is not :-( ) Daniel.
  8. Hi @Alisha, The way it works is is by design and is meant to work in all cases in a generic way. Increasing the amount of records delivered to the client will decrease the performance making it very slow. Because of that you will see paging all over the application and filters being used. Probably in a desktop application that would be possible, but in a web environment that is not possible. Usually we would deliver a max of 30 records, sometimes even 50, but here is already too much (100). So unfortunately we won't be able to make this change :-( . Hope you understand. Kind regards, Daniel.
  9. Daniel Dekel

    Links against an organisation

    Actually @Darren Rose, as long as one of the sharepoint lib is stored in one of the fields (like a custom field) you can create a link using that record. Each organisation will have is unique link. Here is an example of where a button points to a URL and it combines the Organisation ID to it. Daniel.
  10. Daniel Dekel

    Links against an organisation

    Hi @Darren Rose, You can do it with the CUstom Buttons. Each organisation has it on the top of it and each button can open a URL. Hope this is was you are looking for. Regards, Daniel.
  11. Daniel Dekel

    Filter not applying??

    Hi @Darren Rose, At the moment the counters will only return based on the total amount, not using the filters. The idea is to give a first impression of the general totals. But it does makes sense to do it based on the current filter. We'll have to look at that, it might not happen soon, but I'll add the change to our list. Daniel.
  12. Daniel Dekel

    Making Time Spent Mandatory

    Hi @BobbyB, The input will accept various formats, not only hours. By default if you type 1, it will be one hour. But you can put 0.5 that will be translated to 0:30 (minutes) or :90 hat will be translated to 1:30 So is quite flexible. Hope this helped, Daniel.
  13. Daniel Dekel

    Making Time Spent Mandatory

    Yes @Louise, We will make it more obvious. Yo can also make sure that that specific action has a default category, so it will be selected automatically. Daniel.
  14. Daniel Dekel

    Making Time Spent Mandatory

    Hi @Lauren, We can't prevent the timesheet manager from finishing the operation you are performing. What we can do is to make it more noticeable if the category is not selected. Regarding the format, the control will accept time format too, so you can type 1:30 or 1.5, both will work. Thanks, Daniel.
  15. Daniel Dekel

    Email Volume Reporting - h_msg_message

    @Martyn Houghton, h_msg_flag is the star you see next to the email. 1 is True. h_msg_status is the read/unread. 1 means unread. Daniel.