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  1. Hi @Tina.Lapere, There is no such option to hide the domains. Talking to the team we've decided to add it but due to the amount of work we have in our pipeline it won't be ready in two weeks but we can have it in probably 3-4 weeks. The change will hide the domains in all the pages based on a flag you will be able to set. Hope this is what you require. Thanks, Daniel.
  2. @Tina.Lapere, It has nothing to do with the fact that is a System Domain. If is not public, it will show only if the logged in user is subscribed to one or more services in that domain. If you look at the subscriptions in the service portfolio you will probably find out that the users are subscribed to some services and therefore the domains will be visible to these users. Regards, Daniel.
  3. Hi @Jeremy, Can you please explain what do you mean with "...currently it exposes every form and service on this portal..."? Changing the style is not going to change what information is displayed. Perhaps you can explain better your concern? Thanks, Daniel.
  4. Hi @Paul Lear, You can disable the sound from your Profile -> Settings -> More. Regards, Daniel.
  5. HI @Alisha, Widgets are designed to be very simple to keep a clean and simple interface. What I suggest if you want to add more information to a section is to create a new page under a domain and using the text widget you can add the extra text. From the original text widget you can add a link to the new one. Regards, Daniel.
  6. Hi @Tina.Lapere, @BobbyB, I need to understand a bit more what you are after. Why don't you want to use the current domains list that appears in the header? Is it too small, is in the location? Do you need an icon? The solutions you are trying right now are not going to work very well. First, disabling the domains from the Administration can lead to unexpected issues because it can potentially disable the entire service linked to that domain. Is not only a visual change. We can't map the links (in the links widget) to domains or services, there is no relationship between these it
  7. Hi @Alisha, You if the domain is set to public then it will always be visible to everyone. If you turn that flag off it will only be available to those who have service visibility against that domain. I think that's what you want right? It's in the domain settings in the Adinistration. Home > Service Catalog > Service Domains Hope this helps, Daniel.
  8. Hi @Adrian Simpkins, I can confirm that the issue has been resolved and will be in our next Core build. It might take some time because we are preparing a major release. Thanks, Daniel.
  9. Hi @Alisha, Most of the widgets that use data give you an option called "Hide if no data is available". You can find that in the widget configuration in the style area. Note that this feature will only work if you are using all the four columns in width of the widget. I think this is exactly what you need. Kind regards, Daniel.
  10. Hi @Adrian Simpkins, I can see there is sometimes an issue where the message is not displayed after changing it. That's an issue with the client but the actual data is being updated. If you refresh the browser (F5) you will see that the data is correct. I'll make sure we fix the issue in the client. Thank you, Daniel.
  11. Hi @MichelleReaney, I'm sorry but we don't have such feature. Kind regards, Daniel.
  12. Hi @Alisha, The image is adapted to fit the image horizontally. If the image is too small for the screen size, it will grow distorting itself and if is too big it will shrink. The Hornbill images are 2000 pixels width. What is the problem exactly you are having with the image? Why are you saying is not responsive? Thanks, Daniel
  13. @AndyHill, That's because the size of the background image is not fixed. The Employee Portal will adapt to the screen size and the image will use 100% of the width of the browser. So the image size is an average size for an optimal view. The only image that can stay fixed to a size is the logo image. Regards, Daniel
  14. Hi @AndyHill, You can look at our wiki for some answers: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Manage_Employee_Portal Kind regards, Daniel.
  15. Hi @HGrigsby, Many of the widgets that are available for normal users are not available for basic ones like tasks and newsfeed. That is because basic users don't have rights to see that functionality. What is weird is what you say that the same user can see some widgets in IE but not in Chrome. Is this the case? Are you testing this with the same user in the two browsers? In regards to converting a page that was built for a group of users (like basic) and convert it to All users, is not possible. Unfortunately you will have to create a new page visibility for that. Regards,
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