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  1. Ok @Martyn Houghton, I just wanted to make sure you see when you are supposed to see. I've added your request to our list. It shouldn't take long, probably in our 2nd next build. Regards, Daniel.
  2. @Mark (ESC), That will be in Service Manager -> Service Portfolio -> Select the Service -> Config -> Catalog Item (that's what you want to remove) Regards, Daniel.
  3. @Martyn Houghton I understand the way the current knowledge is not the best and we are looking in to improving this, so it will change. For now, up until you type the third character it won't show you any knowledge. is that not what you see? after typing... Cheers, Daniel.
  4. Hi @Martyn Houghton, The browser's window does allow you to scroll down to see all the results. Is it not the case? Cheers, Daniel.
  5. Hi @Mark (ESC), Is not possible to just create a link out of a Service Request but it makes sense. We already have a change request for this in our backlog but it can take some time to be implemented. Regards, Daniel.
  6. Hi @Darren Rose, I've now replicated the problem and can see the what's wrong. The text colour when is selected taken from the header Background Colour. As a workaround; If you use a background image you should be able to change the colour to a dark one that will make the text show. I'll make sure that we fix this and the selected text colour is taken from the "Text Stripe Background Color". Hope the workaround works for you for now. Regards, Daniel.
  7. Hi Jeremy, Unfortunately there is no such functionality. We will soon release a new feature called Pages Manager where you will be able to manage in one view how all pages work, but it still doesn't have an option to duplicate a page. I'll add it to our list of TODOs. Thanks, Daniel.
  8. Hi @Darren Rose, Sorry but there is no such option. Regards, Daniel.
  9. Hi @LifeOfJonny, OK, the widget is there, is just disabled. We'll enable the External Frame widget to the Employee Portal. It will probably be in the 2nd next build of the Core UI. Possibly next week. Regards, Daniel.
  10. Hi @LifeOfJonny, It was not added because the customer that requested this never came back with the answer about why is needed (see previous comment). What do you want to use it with? Becase an IFrame won't work with any website, in fact most websites are not allowing embedding in iframes. Regards, Daniel.
  11. Hi @Alberto M, I understand your request and it does make sense. I will attach your request to the change we have and it will be taken in consideration when time comes. Thanks, Daniel.
  12. Hi @Alberto M, I'm sorry but there is no such option however we have in our plans to improve the service view, but it will take some time. Regards, Daniel.
  13. Hi @HHH, No problem, whatever string is missing we'll add it. 1. New Passwords Must Match - Added - will ne in the next Collaboration App Build a. guest.portal.core.profile.error.passwordMustMatch b. guest.servicePortal.core.profile.error.passwordMustMatch 2. The key for the password policy is: sys.xmlmcResponseMessage.passwordPolicy.minLength and is already there. "The password policy on this system requires passwords to be at least %1 characters long. The provided password is only %2 characters long" Note that you must keep the %1 and %2 so that the
  14. Hi @Martyn Houghton, OK, the change is split in two parts. One is already done and has been released by the platform in today's build. That will make the empty folder work without timing out but it will also require a Collaboration build to keep you updated with the deletion state. The last one will be probably shipped in next week's build. Regards, Daniel.
  15. Hi @Martyn Houghton, I'm not involved in this KE. Let me have a chat with support and either me or someone else will respond to you. Regards, Daniel
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