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  1. Daniel Dekel

    UI issues on medium screen devices (iPad)

    Hi @Lyonel, it has been fixed. Will be in our next Collaboration Core build.
  2. Daniel Dekel

    UI issues on medium screen devices (iPad)

    Thanks @Lyonel, I'll have a look.
  3. Daniel Dekel

    Supress Email Move to Folder Confirmation?

    @clampj, no there is no way to suppress the confirmation message, but what we could so in a later stage is to allow UNDO the operation, as the Delete. The we can remove the confirmation because you will have away of roll back the operation. Thanks, Daniel.
  4. Daniel Dekel

    UI issues on medium screen devices (iPad)

    Hi @Lyonel, can you please tell me what is the screen resolution you use and what browser you use? Thanks, Daniel.
  5. Daniel Dekel

    Overlapping and unfinished questions

    Thank you @LawesD. It is a known issue and has been fixed. Is an issue in Chrome on Mac only. The fix will be pushed in our next build, probably tomorrow. Regards, Daniel.
  6. Daniel Dekel

    Overlapping and unfinished questions

    Hi @LawesD, I can't see the first image. Could you send it again, please? Regarding the label that is being cut, this is correct. The label has a limitation of one line. I suggest adding more in the description area, that can have multiple lines of text. Thanks, Daniel.
  7. Daniel Dekel

    New Activity form not Distinct

    Yes @Martyn Houghton, I think your idea of the hint will be quite useful as it will reduce the size of the labels. Also, the reordering will be definitely required to prioritize the most important outcomes. Daniel.
  8. Daniel Dekel

    New Activity form not Distinct

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, I've raised a few requests already. Allow reordering of the outcomes in the BPM. Adding a description/hint to the outcome's label. Once that is done, we will be able to make the UI change to display the outcomes as in the 1st mockup. The number of outcomes will be based on the number and not the size of the buttons. It will be quite unstable to do it based on button size because it can change form screen to screen and things can jump, is quite a bad experience. I'll keep you updated on this change. Thanks. Daniel.
  9. Daniel Dekel

    New Activity form not Distinct

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, I made two mock-ups as options to improve the layout for activities for when you have many outcomes. The first one gives you the option to put two outcomes at the beginning and if there are more, these will be placed in a combo (more outcomes...) The second one, if there are more than two, it just switches to a combo box. The main difference is that the first option will give visual priority to the first two outcomes, the second one gives equal priority to all. What do you think? Daniel.
  10. Daniel Dekel

    New Activity form not Distinct

    Thank you @Martyn Houghton , Are you aware that there is a new feature (under an experimental flag) that allows adding custom forms to the Tasks completion phase and also to each individual outcome? That could help to reduce the number of outcomes you have and still use the BPM with the data from that form. Although is still under " experimantal" and we are still improving this, it can help you. Let me know if you need further details about this. Thanks, Daniel.
  11. Daniel Dekel

    PCF not progressing

    @Kelvin, there was a rare issue for some browsers in some cases but it has been fixed in the last build (this morning). Just refresh your browser (F5) should do the job. Thanks, Daniel.
  12. Daniel Dekel

    New Activity form not Distinct

    We will shortly be pushing a build and revert back to how it used to work. We will need more time to think about how to tackle the problem with large amounts of outcomes with the new UI. Sorry for the issues caused. Daniel.
  13. Daniel Dekel

    Deleting Buzz Posts

    Hi @Jeremy, No, there is no option to delete a post. But, there is an experimental feature you can turn ON form the Admin Tool (Home > System > Settings > Advanced - experimental.feature.activityStream.enableChangePostStatus ) That will enable an option of Archiving a post if you are the owner. It will not delete but will hide the comments and main text from the stream. You will be able to un-archive it in the future. The only problem is that the mobile app does not recognize this post as archived and will show it as usual. Daniel.
  14. Daniel Dekel

    Static checkbox group with dynamic fields

    OK, thanks @Lyonel. We'll have a look.
  15. Daniel Dekel

    Static checkbox group with dynamic fields

    @Lyonel did you try just refreshing the browser (F5) or that didn't work and you had to clear the browser's cache?