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  1. Hi @Darren Rose, I can confirm the app is now live. Regards, Daniel.
  2. Hi @Darren Rose, Sorry again for the delay but we will have to delay it for Thursday. We usually don't give exact dates of a build because of this exact reason. Regards, Daniel.
  3. Hi @Michael Sharp, Sorry but nothing yet. Is is not in our scope yet, so it can take some time to be implemented. Daniel.
  4. Hi @samwoo, Thanks for your suggestions. regarding the UI and style, all that is under review and is all subject to change. I'll pas on your suggestions to our UI designer, but I believe all that will change too. Thanks, Daniel.
  5. Hi @Darren Rose, I'm sorry but there will be a delay for this build as we've found a problem on our testing process. We've fixed the issue and it is expected to go live next Tuesday. Regards, Daniel.
  6. Cool @samwoo, Will be in our 2nd next build ;-) Daniel.
  7. @Martyn Houghton we are aware that the usability of the knowledge is not the best as mentioned previously and that will change. This popup height is just a temporary solution to the scrolling issue. Cheers, Daniel.
  8. Hi @Martyn Houghton, Yes, the build was released but depending where the summary field is, there is a minimum height of 250 pixels because if is smaller than that it will be unusable. I found also that in some cases the popup will go some 30 pixels off the screen and I've just fixed this. The following screenshot is how it looks now. Next week we'll make a new build with the correction of the 30 pixels. Is that you case? Thanks, Daniel.
  9. Hi @samwoo, 14. So the solution I suggested will work for your case. The issue is that it will take some time because it conflicts with some existing functionality. Perhaps the solution will be to allow a property in the wiki called target: [[http://forums.hornbill.com/|Hornbill Community|target=self]] or an image: [[File:https://www.hornbill.com/images/logo.png|link=http://www.hornbill.com|target=self]] So you will need to add this to the wiki to open in the same tab (self) will this work? Thanks, Daniel
  10. @Darren Rose, if no issues found I expect it to be available this Thursday. Regards, Daniel.
  11. Hi @samwoo, FYI, We've added your request to our TODO list and It will probably be available next month. Regards, Daniel.
  12. Hi @Darren Rose, I found an issue where the "Text Stripe Background Color" defined in the Admin Tool is not being used in the Mobile, instead it is using the Background color. The fix will use the Text Stripe property and use the Background Color if the Stripe is not defined. The fix will be available in the next mobile build. Regards, Daniel.
  13. Hi @Darren Rose, That is because we hadn't released yet the mobile with the update. It will be in our next mobile build. Regards, Daniel.
  14. Hi Darren, We'll have a look at this. Thanks, Daniel.
  15. Hi @samwoo 2. Aligning all to the centre can mean that icons will look in different levels, it might not look nice at all (see following screenshot) or if moving all to a lower position will also not look good I think these should all be aligned to the top to maintain it nicely. Now, if there is no icon at all for all of then you might want to align the text to the centre. But I'm not sure that's your case. 12. I'll think about that. We are looking in to overall style improvements in the Employee Portal. But it does make sense to have similar options in bot
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