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  1. Hi @Jeremy, Sorry but no progress yet. Daniel.
  2. OK, now I see the problem @Martyn Houghton. We'll fix this. Cheers, Daniel.
  3. Hi @Martyn Houghton, it's been a long time, hope you are safe and well ;-) The behaviour in Hornbill is the same as in Outlook and other email clients. BCC addresses are not copied over. Best regards, Daniel.
  4. Hi @Paul Alexander, The setting "communications.basicSessionIdleTimeout" is the maximum amount of time the session remains active. So that is the Max Timeout if that's your question. No matter the client (Employee Portal or Service Portal) as long as that is a Basic User being logged in, it will use that setting. Hope that answers your question. Regards, Daniel.
  5. Hi @LifeOfJonny, Sorry for the delay. We've fund the issue and will be fixed soon. Regards, Daniel.
  6. Hello @Adrian Simpkins, I can see the issue and we'll fix this. Regards, Daniel.
  7. Also @Victoria Heeley you can stretch the left and right areas and add more background and that will give a better handling when using wider screens.
  8. Hi @Victoria Heeley, Sorry this time I've missed your response . We'll look at the style in both areas soon and will link your request so we'll have it in consideration. Thanks, Daniel.
  9. Hi @Victoria Heeley, I believe what you want is to display the full background, right? What you need is to set the height of the header to the same height as the image in pixels. Hope this helps, Regards, Daniel.
  10. Hi @Dave Longley, At the moment is not possible to change the position of the services however we do have a story in our queue to deal with that. It can take some time to be implemented as is part of an entire new view we don't have yet. Once is there you will see the option. Regards, Daniel
  11. Hi @Paul Alexander, This option is not available. We started with the checklist as a simple visualisation feature and later on we've introduced the flag to make it mandatory. I've been discussing about your request with the team and we all agreed that this feature will make both, the configuration of the activity and the completion over-complicated. I'm sorry but it won't be implemented. Regards, Daniel.
  12. Hi @Paul Alexander, There is a defect and it has been fixed already. It will be live tomorrow as part of the Core UI build. Regards, Daniel.
  13. Hi @Jeremy, The system setting is called "communications.basicSessionIdleTimeout" and the default is set to 900 seconds. Regards, Daniel.
  14. Hi @Michael Sharp, The build 142 is now on Live so you should see the fix. Regards, Daniel.
  15. @Steven Boardman, @Michael Sharp, we are still on Build 141 on Live. We'll push 142 today so you will see the fix. regards, Daniel.
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