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  1. @Dan Munns, @nasimg... I can confirm that the problem in IE11 has been resolved and is now available for customers to use. Sorry for the inconvenience. Daniel.
  2. @HHH , no, is not case sensitive.
  3. @David Longley I can see the benefit but unfortunately we won't be able to deliver this in any time soon I'm afraid as we have other things in our backlog. But I'll add it to our list and we'll review when this can be delivered. I'll keep updated this post when we have news. Thanks, Daniel.
  4. Hi @David Longley, Custom fields in contacts are for internal use only and therefore customers can not see them. Daniel.
  5. Hi @Nikolaj, That is fine, I've added your request of adding the task search to the main search box to our list, but I'm afraid it won't be done very soon as we have other priorities in our list. We will notify you when we have news about this. Thanks, Daniel.
  6. @Martyn Houghton, it should work if you set the type to be "comments" and set the "posted by" to the person who created the comment.
  7. @David Longley, you can put images if you use an input or a lable that will accept wiki markup (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Wiki_Markup) Then you can place a URL of an image to display. Cheers @Martyn Houghton for your help ;-) Daniel.
  8. Hi @Lauren, Sorry for the delay, many people are on holidays these days. Answering your questions... 1. It is intended behaviour that attachments are not being copied. Only the basic details are being copied over. 2. Follow Up and Scheduled Jobs are very different behaviours. A scheduled Job is automatic (unlike follow up) and the activity is created when the schedule is set to do it, therefore is impossible for it to be displayed in the list before. Follow Up can not be programatically created as the Schedule Job does. 3. At the moment there is no option to change ownership of a scheduled job, but we will have in the Admin Tool an option to re-assign these, similar to how you change owner of a workspace or a document. Regards, Daniel.
  9. Hi @Adrian Simpkins, yes, that is correct. We needed to make a new build for technical reasons, but it doesn't affect customers.
  10. Hi, You are right, it should redirect to the desired URL after logging in. I'll add it to out list of TODOs. We'll keep you updated about when is it going to be available. Thanks, Daniel.
  11. @dwalby, if you are referring to the points per card, no, is not ready yet. Unfortunately I can't tell you yet when this will be ready as we have still some higher priorities. But we'll keep you updated when we have news about this. Daniel.
  12. Hi @davidrb84, I've mentioned at the beginning, but later commented this... Daniel.
  13. Hi @Keith, it is a bug and has been fixed already, will be visible in the next release, Thanks, Daniel.
  14. @Dan Munns, I think 80px height is about right, more than that will start getting too close the top of the browser as it happened to you. I'll ask to add a tooltip or a description to the height as you suggested. Thanks, Daniel.
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