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  1. Email Formatting Glitches

    Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone, I've been looking especially at the Outlook formatting and there is a known issue with Outlook as from version 2007. They add extra line breaks for every written line. Outlook will just not display the extra lines because is their code, but the other email clients will display these. I'm not sure what can be done in this matter as this is the original message. I suggest looking at Outlook documentation to see how can these extra lines can be removed when composing an email. We do not have any default setting for colour nor size for composing an email. However, as a workaround, you can create an email template that will include all the formatting you want including your signature and that will be used when you compose a new email. Regards, Daniel.
  2. Email Formatting Glitches

    Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone, The email client is not re-setting any font or line breaks, it displays what is sent. What can be happening here is that the original email does not have formatting and in that case each email client interprets and renders as its defaults. The same will happen in Outlook or Gmail. We have a default font that is used when you compose an email. You can set it in the Admin Tool if you have rights or you need to request the administrator. Is in Home > System > Settings > Advanced and look for the key "mail.client.defaultFont". Hope this helps. Thank you, Daniel.
  3. Email Formatting Glitches

    Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone, Can you please clarify if the email is received or is sent. I need to know if the problem is when the email is generated either using template or simple email composer in the Email View or it is how is coming. Thanks, Daniel.
  4. Mailbox Integration query

    @SJEaton, The screenshot I've sent you is just a preview of how it will be displayed, but is not in Live yet. It will be displayed in two places. 1. In the Email Preview: When you open an email, at the moment the right hand side shows the Received Time, in the next release it will show something like "11/10/2017 15:20 -> 13/10/2017 10:30". 2. The emails list column: If you expand the column using the icon on the bottom to make it wider, it will show the full time format (not the elapsed time) and if time is different it will show also both times (11/10/2017 15:20 -> 13/10/2017 10:30) . Thanks. Daniel.
  5. Mailbox Integration query

    Hi @SJEaton, Make sure you click on the read/unread on top of the list and not for the individual opened email in the right hand side. By the way Sam, you can see how the time will be displayed now if the sent and received time are different. (thanks @DeadMeatGF) Daniel.
  6. Mailbox Integration query

    @SJEaton date sent means the date the email was sent. When you write an email and press the send button, that is the date. It can take about a week to g to Live and it will work for emails you've already received. Hope is OK for you, Thanks, Daniell
  7. Mailbox Integration query

    Hi @SJEaton, I do understand the problem. We display as most email clients the date that was received. For us the received date is the date that our server processes the email. But obviously in this case the date received is very different than the sent one. We can add an option to display the the sent date in the email message and maybe also in the list, but the list will be quite busy with two dates. We can add it as an optional parameter to display or not that Sent Date. Regarding the unread flag, there is no way we could mark it as unread when is first processed. What you can do is select the the first message in the list and pressing Shift, select several messages down and mark all of them as read. You will only be able to select up to 50 messages at a time, so in not going to be that easy, sorry. I will add a change for displaying the sent date if that will work for you. Thanks, Daniel.
  8. Contacts - Skype/SIP field

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, Yes, we can add it as a field. I'll add a story for this. We already have one for adding multiple IMs in co-workers like Skype for Business. We'll do something similar. Thanks, Daniel
  9. FAQ change request

    @Keith can you provide more info about why do you need colour in the WiKi? I was thinking on adding options like <important>some text</important> or <warning>...</warning> that will translate in to text colour and will stand up to our colour scheme. What do you think? Daniel.
  10. Hi @Jenny, We've raised a defect for this. We'll let you know when is fixed. Thanks, Daniel.
  11. Emails

    Thanks @Tina.Lapere, The Service Manager have raised a change for copying the details when creating a new contact. We'll keep you updated when this change is done. Thanks, Daniel
  12. Decision tree within a form

    Hi @Paul Alexander, Thank you for sharing your idea. We had some conversations about how beneficial it will be to other customers too and as a result we will add this new feature to the progressive capture. It will not be quick mainly because we have other things on our list but I'll keep you informed when we have more details. Thanks, Daniel.
  13. Emails

    Hi @Tina.Lapere, Answering to your questions... 1. There is an option to open the email in a full window. Hover over the email and click on the icon as in the picture 2. I understand what you mean with scrolling, but technically, in a web page this is much more efficient because it can't load all the emails. So it loads a number of these and when you scroll, it loads more. We are looking in to adding better filtering and that could improve the experience. 3. This is when raising a new request, right? I'm checking this with the Service Manger team. Will come back to you when have some answers. Thanks, Daniel
  14. Workspace Scope - Need something between Public and Secret

    Another great idea @Lyonel! I think the T-Shirt should be done even before this change ;-) I definitely think the visibility for workspaces this will improve collaboration! Also, the more people comment on this post can potentially increase the priority of the change... so go for it! Daniel.
  15. Workspace Scope - Need something between Public and Secret

    Hi @Martyn Houghton, Just letting you know that people like the idea and it will be done, but is not a simple task. I'm not sure we can an add it to our three months window but, it will be done. I will keep this post updated when we have further news. Thanks for the suggestion, Daniel.