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  1. Still intermittently happening for us too, fortunately not affecting too many tickets (touch wood)
  2. From today/yesterday's update it seems that our tickets have a new colour code, the regular dark blue we're used to for dark mode, a new dark red and a very light blue. This only seems to be an issue in dark mode but as you can imagine it's not very easy on the eye as multiple members of our team has reported this as an issue.
  3. Hi there, Today when using a node to send out an email I wanted to CC the customer using the following to capture the customer's login ID. &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getCustInformation2"]["logonId"]] However these value appears to be blank, even though all of the users in our organisation (and I've double checked the account I tested this on) have a loginID setup. I was able to get around this issue by using the following to capture the customers email address - &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getCustInformation2"]["primaryEmailAddress"]] Would there be any reason why my original use of the loginID wouldn't work despite having a 'GetCustomerNode' and the Customer's account having a valid loginID?
  4. Also seem to have some visual issues with the new preview when trying to add new nodes in dark mode.
  5. With dark mode on the new UI the request list has a blue background but also blue text in some parts like the Total number of requests, ticket reference, summary, owner and customer. However Raised On and Last Updated show up as white text which is a lot more readable. My request would be that all the text would be white on a blue background (like when you open up a ticket) as this is much easier to read, or of course and option to customise this. Thanks! Fin
  6. Hi, In our orgnisation there's a few workflows that require a specific group of people to have access to the ticket, this being the same group every time and this list of users being updated semi regularly. Currently we have these nodes on the required workflows and have to manually update every workflow whenever this list changes. Is there anyway that I'm missing that we can add multiple users as a co worker on a ticket so that we only have to update one list (instead of multiple!) Thanks! Fin
  7. Recently since 16/08/23 (when we first noticed this issue) System Internal Context has been making updates on the timeline as 'Public' which our users can now see. Before 16/08/23 we can see that an identical update has it's visibility set to 'Team' As far as I can tell these settings are all showing as 'Team' so I'm unsure as to why System Internal Context is now providing updates that are visible to 'Public' Any ideas?
  8. Minor gripe but it looks like on the new UI, the 'Raised By' seems to be square instead of circle, looks a little odd.
  9. Looks to be an issue with any drop down boxes via Darkmode where text isn't showing up unless highlighted.
  10. In our environment we often have to update multiple tickets with the same updates and I believe there is a function in VelocITy to bulk update multiple tickets (via selecting the tickets with the tick boxes on the left and using the 'Actions'. However it seems that tickets need to be under the same service for a bulk update. It'd be very useful if we were able to bulk update tickets from multiple services (both incidents and service requests), is this something that is possible/is this a feature that could be implemented at some point? Thanks!
  11. Much appreciated! Thanks, Finley
  12. Since the latest Hornbill update dark mode seems to have started showing text in a Dark Blue instead of a white, this is causing some visibility issues in the Team and making it difficult to read a lot of options like snippets, teams, etc. Would it be possible that this could be changed back to white text on a black background or even a setting to change this? Thanks!
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