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Found 15 results

  1. Search bar is not covering the text of the logo (out of position?) and icons for email (and workspaces when I have new updates) not displayed
  2. Just tapping on a card (I was trying to move it lane): can’t get out of this state without reloading... tapping on fit to screen works within the container as expected, but the container does not resize properly. also moving cards from one lane to another is either not working or not intuitive. Shame because it is actually looking really good on iPad! I could easily sell this to my managers when working 100% on iPad
  3. Hi, Just noticed this morning a small UI issue in the library screen:
  4. Hi guys, Is there any plan to get a menu or something to analysts via the Service Manager app so that they can quickly access reports and dashboards / slideshows? At the moment, you have this really great set of tools but the only way to access them is via the admin URL, which understandably I am not really keen on sharing with all our analysts. I would be fab if they could have access via the normal front-end to the reports and dashboards we (admins / managers) create. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  5. Don't know if it is done on purpose, but I think there is a minor UI issue with the timeline container... Given the free space on the screen, we should not see a scroll bar, should we? Because I am a nerd, I looked at the source code and a simple 5px padding at the bottom does the trick => PS: Are you planning on migrating to Bootstrap 4? If so, I'd be curious to know how you will plan and test that!
  6. When I open an existing cost, I get this: But when i got to change the amount from 25,000.00 to 32,000.00: and then hit update: Now my problem is from a User Experience point of view: you display the amount nicely formatted (and that's great! Don't remove it), but then the validation does not take it into consideration Maybe a simple parsing before validating would do the trick? (note: this is a typical user scenario, your dev guys will probably kill me for this one - I know I would!)
  7. Would it be possible to change (possibly via app settings) the "size" of the modal? Sometimes the standard size feels a bit too small for the content... Changing the class from "modal" to "modal-lg" is a great trick you've used, but the sizing is still not quite there... Nicely sized (using standard "modal" class): Not so great: (timeline feels a bit cramped) With just one change: What I changed: @media (min-width: 1366px) .modal-lg { width: 1200px; } I do realise such change would apply to the entire portal, but I would not mind the
  8. Project ID appears instead of project name in the Activity list pane: Same in activity list
  9. Hi, Has something changed with the feedback feature when a customer closes a request? Before, the feedback form would automatically be prompted, now the user has to click on the button? Thanks for the clarification!
  10. Hi, When creating a new bulletin for a service, it is quite difficult to size properly the image so that the content looks good. Many (if not all) of my colleagues are complaining about this and therefore do not post bulletins. It is not a good excuse I would agree but at the same I cannot blame them. In my opinion (and as discussed with some developers yesterday at the Hornbill Insight 2017 event) a very simple solution to this problem would be: 1. Post an official recommendation on your Wiki or Blog about how to size perfectly an image for bulletins (that would also take into
  11. We have been working on improving the navigation of our UI. For those of you familiar with Hornbill you will know that every time you install an App from the Hornbill App Store you will most likely get one or more icons appear down the left-hand navigation bar. The number of applications we have here at Hornbill has already reached the point where the left nav bar is no longer tenable and would probably require a scroll bar - yuck! So in anticipation of this expansion and taking inspiration from other modern cloud based business applications we have implemented an alternative navigation syste
  12. Any ideas why the search type changes from Requests when I'm in the request list, to Co-workers when I'm in a ticket. I'd prefer it to be Requests (makes it easier to find tickets). Nasim
  13. Hi, Sorry if the question has already been asked, just could not really find anything in the forum. Would it be possible to "group" analytics objects via a category (filter by drop down list)? At the moment, I have 170 measures setup (95% used, rest is under dev), 119 widgets, 30 reports, etc. The tool is great for that except when it comes to organizing content... I use a naming convention BUT it is still not quite good enough. What would make things a lot easier is to have a field "Category" on which we can filter, as we have for BPMs or PCs. Thanks for your feedback!
  14. Would it be possible to have an enhancement to the UI to indicate if a Progressive Capture or Business Process are currently assigned to a Service? Currently we only have a few of each, but as we create more and some are retired etc. there will inevitably be processes that are active but unused. We want to make all unused/deprecated processes inactive but having to click through every service to check if they're in use so we don't deactivate one that breaks something will become increasingly time-consuming. I've attached an image of the kind of thing I'm thinking of.
  15. Hi, Just noticed something odd on the service portal. I have a catalog item with a long title (meaningful for users). See below the configuration (image config-1.png): But when I go on the portal itself, I cannot see the full title! If the description is too long to be displayed in the tile, a "Show More" button appears. If I click on it, I can then see the title: Otherwise, you jump straight into the progressive capture. From my experience, there is a problem here. Either the size of the field "title" for the catalog item should be restricted so that it ca
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