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  1. As an update for this, my workaround was to get the code from Wistia to embed the link and so I switched to the source option and did this which has worked.
  2. Hi, Is there a published list of Media content providers that work when adding a media link into an FAQ? I've tried adding a video tutorial into an FAQ to assist our users working from home but adding a Wistia link isn't recognised as Media when publishing the FAQ. Thanks, Gareth
  3. I would love to see the dashboard features expanded so they could be used to plot trends and not just the statistics from the previous month/set time period. This would save me having to export the data and using a pivot table to plot the annual trend, e.g. tickets logged by service for the last year, by month. It would also be good to see the standard reports expanded within the Reports section too, e.g Average ratings by service. I'm a big fan of the dashboard which helps me to provide monthly management statistics in a graphical format and if it were to include trend analysis that would be great. Admittedly I have not done much with the Advanced Analytics tool and have a Trained for Life session booked next week to expand my knowledge in this area but from what I have seen, I agree with Lauren in that it would be good to be able to see graphs within the reporting tool, rather than having to exit and build widgets based on them. Gareth
  4. Thanks @Gerry, unfortunately I'm visiting a customer that day. Will the Webinar be recorded and made available to view? Gareth
  5. Hi, I have a new problem with my dashboard. My incidents for the previous month seems to be showing data for incidents of all time (or at least extremely high numbers): Note the service showing 1.33k which should be 98, but if I then click on the graph title to take me to the relevant view in my request list, there are only 363 requests in total (for all services). What's even stranger is if I preview the graph in the relevant view, it gives the correct data: I'm using Chrome: Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) Is this a bug? Thanks, Gareth PS, I've started to get the overlap of titles into the graph above again which was fixed previously (see first screenshot).
  6. Thanks @David Hall , I've just checked and it looks much better now. One point though, I can see the colours remain in the pie charts but all of the bar charts have now defaulted to blue only. Is there a reason for this? Thanks, Gareth
  7. My dashboard has started doing this as well in Firefox (67.0.2) with no zoom (100%) set. The first two rows of graphs are fine but then I get overlaps. This only happened recently when I went over 18 graphs in my dashboard:
  8. Hi, When we used SupportWorks, we made good use of distribution lists within the Address Book to inform users of either a new deployment or an outage. I would like to see something similar within Hornbill. It would be great if we could create our own distribution lists and also have the option for emailing the Organisations/Users subscribed to a particular service. It was great meeting some of you at Insights 19. Thanks, Gareth
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