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Enhancement: Assign Roles to User from a Template (as well as another User)

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The only option we have for the idea of copying permissions is to copy from another User. IT Security people don't like us copying from other Users as other Users may have unnecessary permissions for new users; but copying from an agreed Template is acceptable.

At present, User Templates are not useful for me because our users are created with AD imports and you can only use them when manually creating a new User.

However, I would like to use Templates to alter permissions when someone becomes a Full User, gets promoted or otherwise changes roles or teams).

Could Hornbill please enable a Copy from Template in the Role Assignment feature?

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We are using the Hornbill Import scripts but at the time we import we don't always know the exact role so specifying a template then won't always help.

The point I am driving at is the ability to apply a standard set of Roles to the profile AFTER the user has been created; also allowing for people to change jobs and get a 'standard' set of perms for the new role rather than us having to manually cobble it together by comparing someone else.

Or maybe you're about to tell me the import scripts can be used to give a user a new set of perms during sync of an existing user rather than just at the point of creation?

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If you configure the scripts correctly, probably separating out the Create script from the Update script, you can have different Roles for a newly created User and an Updated User.

If you make the scripts more granular you can update based on Group Membership (or any searchable LDAP parameter) by using precise LDAP queries in the import, so an Employees moving Job Roles will have their Hornbill privileges updated to match as long as you update AD accordingly.

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