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  1. mojahidm

    Including Contacts in the Discussion Thread

    Thank you for the update @alextumber. It helps manage expectations :-) Mojahid
  2. mojahidm

    Including Contacts in the Discussion Thread

    Hi @alextumber, was there any further update with regards to this? Mojahid
  3. mojahidm

    Including Contacts in the Discussion Thread

    Hi @alextumber, yes that is exactly what we are after Mojahid
  4. Hi, I'm newly dipping my toes into the Project Module to see if it is viable for our Projects and Implementations team. One of the key aspects that they currently use is a discussion thread, where co-workers and contacts can post to. I can see the above exists for Project Stakeholders to be able to utilise, but is there a way for contacts to do so as well? The closest I could find anything for, was the below: but the option to add a contact isn't present... Side Note: We use Hornbill predominantly for external companies
  5. mojahidm

    Import Tasks via Excel

  6. mojahidm

    Add attachments as a field rather than a node

    +1 from me also. I've gotten complaints about this when we ran through it with our UK team :-( As you can imagine, we want to make the logging process as painless as possible for our external customers so that they will utilise it, thereby improving our efficiency :-) Many Thanks
  7. mojahidm

    Access to Service Catalog Items

    Hi @James Ainsworth Same for us. This is essential for us. We are planning to delay GO-LIVE for one of our teams, based on this. Many thanks :-)
  8. mojahidm

    UserID Change due to Name change

    Thanks @Gerry I think it will be unlikely that we will change it in that case... We've only got the one instance of this at the moment, but was a consideration for the future. Kind regards, Mojahid
  9. Hi, Is there a way to change the userid? We use the user's name for the userid field and I wanted to know if it is possible to change it, as someone has recently gotten married and changed their name. Many thanks, Mojahid
  10. Thanks for the answer @Martyn Houghton Saves me trying all sorts of things trying to get it working Mojahid
  11. Hi @Bob Dickinson and @Martyn Houghton Just a follow up question to this; we've managed to get some test customers imported into the system, but we realised that we also needed to bulk import password, LoginID and associate to the correct portal access. Is there anyway of doing this using the contact utility or is there another tool that can be used.... kind regards, Mojahid
  12. Hi @Bob Dickinson and @Martyn Houghton Thank you both for all your help! I tried the new contact import utility and it worked fantastically Kind regards, Mojahid