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  1. Hi Team, Our external customers have asked if it is possible to have an 'All' option when looking at their requests: Many Thanks, Mojahid
  2. Hi Team, Some of our external customers have complained that when they go into 'My Organisation's Request' and then into a ticket, if they want to go back to that same filter they can't (I would imagine that 'My Requests' filter is the same) Clicking the back button on the browser will take the customer to the 'All My Services' page There is of course the option to right click the ticket and open a new tab, but is there an easy way of going back to the Requests list? Or Is it possible to have a 'Back to List' option in the ticket? Maybe a back arrow link or forward arrow link to navigate through the list of tickets. Our external customers have a number of tickets that gets raised and are looking for easier usability to help them reduce the time taken to look through the tickets Many Thanks, Mojahid
  3. Hi team, one of our external customers has asked if there is a way to "Watch" tickets within their organisation Is this something that is currently possible? If not, would we be able to request this as a future improvement? Maybe a 'My Watched List'? Located here: Or anywhere else that you think would be better :-) The scenario is that there are hundreds of tickets for an external customer. They want to flag the ones that are of high urgency or more relevance to themselves (i.e. they may only want to flag tickets that relate to acquisitions) Many Thanks Mojahid
  4. Hi team, We've noticed that when you click the Resolve button on a ticket, the cursor doesn't default to the 'Resolution' field. Instead you have to click into it, which has led a few analysts to type away without realising they aren't typing anything and it's an additional mouse click Not a major issue, but one that would help make using the system a tad easier :-) Many thanks Mojahid
  5. Hi team, It's been reported that it is not possible to upload multiple attachments to a ticket I did some testing and found the following: On Customer Portal (External Customers) Unable to 'Upload' multiple attachments and unable to 'Drag and Drop' multiple attachments when creating a ticket The same applies when trying to upload to the timeline On Service Portal (live URL): Unable to 'Upload' multiple attachments and unable to 'Drag and Drop' multiple attachments when creating a ticket You can however, when you try to upload to the timeline Many thanks, Mojahid
  6. mojahidm

    Highlight Search Term

    Hi Team, Is it possible to highlight the Search Term when searching in Requests List: As can be viewed from the above the 'Data Migration' isn't highlighted. We are after something similar to what is within the Hornbill Forums: The word 'highlight' is highlighted. Many Thanks Mojahid
  7. Hi team, I've got a bit of an issue where if I change the threshold for a measure > click Save > refresh the page > the changes I made aren't saved. The Threshold values return to what they were set to originally. Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong... Many thanks, Mojahid
  8. Hi Team, I'm currently working on a report where we need to know the timescale of priority 3 tickets being resolved i.e. how many tickets took a week to resolve how many took a month how many took 6 months and how many took longer than 6 months I have the following SQL that I ran in database direct and it works as I would want it: select h_pk_reference, h_fk_servicelevelagreementname, case when h_fixtime between 0 and 16200 then 'Less than a week' when h_fixtime between 16201 and 648000 then 'Less than a month' when h_fixtime between 648001 and 3888000 then 'less than six months' else 'more than six months' end as P3Timescale from h_itsm_requests where h_requesttype = 'Incident' and h_container_id between 88 and 104 and h_fk_priorityname = 'Priority 3' and h_status in ('status.resolved', 'status.closed') order by P3Timescale But is there a way of getting this to work in a report? I could also do with having this as a measure/widget if possible. Many thanks, Mojahid
  9. mojahidm

    There is a CSRF Token mismatch Error

    @James Ainsworth It's a bit slower in Incognito mode (weird), but it is leaps and bounds better than working in Firefox and IE Thank you Mojahid NB: Could just be an issue with my computer/browser setup - haven't done any testing
  10. Hi, I have an issue in Chrome, where I cannot log into both admin and analyst (live) URLs at the same time If I try, I get the following error: Is there a way to use both URLs in the same browser? I've tried to use different browsers (IE and Firefox), but Hornbill works a lot better in Chrome. (It's just plain faster to load and move between different screens, which is extremely important when we have a lot of work to do and need to get it done fast :-) ) Many Thanks, Mojahid