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  1. Hi, We work with external customers quite significantly. During one of our meetings it was raised as a possible improvement for the Hornbill app to be associated to our customer portal. We would like our customers to be able to add, update and follow their requests, check FAQs and get information about service statuses. Is this something that you would be interested in progressing? If not, is there anything blocking us from doing it on our own? kind regards, Mojahid
  2. Hi @Victor Looks like the culprit was the 'Select Ordering' tab. I needed to select 'Within Resolve Time' instead of 'Priority Name' Thank you for all your help I've no doubt I'll be back posting another thread when I try to do my next report Mojahid
  3. Hi @Victor, what details were you after? Would it be the definition file? Or clarification of the issue...? With the report - I needed to be able to view the priority and how many incidents met the SLA and how many didn't. From the SQL I ran, I thought there would be another row for Priority 3 that stated 'Breached' or a '0' as it has a '0' in the within fix column. Second row in the screenshot below: The count is correct and I have four showing for priority 3 and two showing for priority 2, but it's not displaying the within fix as I expected. kind regards, Mojahid
  4. Hi @Victor Thank you for the help. The report appears to work . I've just been going through the data to make sure it's what I expect. I'm still struggling with the Within Resolve/Fix column... I was expecting to see a priority 3 that breached: The sql I used to get this result was: SELECT * FROM h_itsm_requests AS hir JOIN h_sys_contact AS hsc ON hir.h_fk_user_id = hsc.h_pk_id AND hsc.h_company = 'UK_Review' AND hir.h_requesttype = 'Incident' AND hir.h_datelogged >= '18/03/01' Kind regards, Mojahid
  5. Hi @Victor Unfortunately didn't work: I got the above error Kind regards, Mojahid
  6. Hi @Victor I noticed the same thing when I checked out the result list - the last two are SRs kind regards, Mojahid
  7. mojahidm

    Issue with Saving Reports

    Another side note: I've recreated the report and it works fine. Like you said the report appears to have been corrupted (not sure why) Happy for this thread to be closed :-) Kind regards, Mojahid
  8. Hi team, I'm trying to create a report where I will enter in a date range and a list of orgnizations (from a previously made simple list). From this, I would want the organization name, the priority name and the within fix I have named the report: Sandbox Official 2.Incidents Resolved Count Ver5 - Date and Org with Priority/Fix The issue I have is that no data is being returned. Please see following report construction: FILTERS: 1. REQUEST TYPE WILL BE INCIDENT: 2. DATE PROMPT FOR RESOLVED DATE 3. ORGANIZATION PROMPT SELECT ORDERING DATA PREVIEW I have run the following code in the database direct and can see that there should be data here: SELECT * FROM h_itsm_requests AS his JOIN h_sys_organizations AS hso ON his.h_org_id = hso.h_organization_id WHERE hso.h_organization_name = 'UK_Review' Any help would be much appreciated Kind regards, Mojahid
  9. mojahidm

    Issue with Saving Reports

    Hi @Bob Dickinson I've started to look at reports again. Taking 'Sandbox Official 1.Incidents logged Count Ver2 - Date and Org Works' as an example - the report itself is working fine. I can run it and I'm getting the data that I expected. However, when I make a change to it, the save button stays greyed out. I was hoping that the issue would resolve itself over time, but it doesn't appear to have done so Mojahid
  10. mojahidm

    Issue with Saving Reports

    Side Note: I am able to get data, when I go to Data Collection > Data Preview Mojahid
  11. mojahidm

    Issue with Saving Reports

    Hi @Bob Dickinson I attempted to duplicate one of the reports. As soon as I add the h_itsm_priority table, the save button greys out. It looks like it might be the way I'm joining the tables, as when I tried a join with h_itsm_requests and h_sys_organizations on the Organization ID - the save button wasn't greyed out anymore I'll keep digging :-)
  12. mojahidm

    Issue with Saving Reports

    I did notice one other thing just now. There is a report that I can amend and save. However, when I go out of it and try to amend a different report, the save button on the different report stays greyed out... Could it be that the report is currently locked for me to work with and not letting me work on another one? I tend to click on the breadcrumb menu 'Reports' to go out of the report itself: Also, when I go into this specific report, BEFORE I make any changes, the save button isn't greyed out: Mojahid
  13. Hi, I'm having a weird issue when I try to save a report I do the following: 1. Go into a report: 2. Amend text in description (or anything at all) but the save button stays greyed out... Side Notes: - I am the owner of the report - I'm logged in as mojahid.miah - The report was a copy of an existing report - I have logged out and then back in - I've closed all my browser windows - cleared my history and tried again - The only way I can currently save the amended report is to use the drop down arrow and select 'Save as' - I go into any of my other reports and I now have the same issue, where I can't save any of them - I've tried a different browser (Usually use Chrome - tried Firefox) Not sure why this is happening but it's happened before. I went back to reports a few days later and it started allowing me to save again Mojahid
  14. mojahidm

    Including Contacts in the Discussion Thread

    Thank you for the update @alextumber. It helps manage expectations :-) Mojahid
  15. mojahidm

    Including Contacts in the Discussion Thread

    Hi @alextumber, was there any further update with regards to this? Mojahid