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  1. Hi Team, Was there any further update with regards to this? Kind regards, Mojahid
  2. Hi Team, Was there any further update with regards to this? Kind regards, Mojahid
  3. Hi, This may have already been reported, but I had trouble finding it on the forums When you update a ticket and then click the Resolve button, you are brought back to the update box Please see the below clip Changes Screen.mp4
  4. Hi, Currently, we have the option to sort the 'Deleted Items' folder by Date The Date refers to the date of the email Is it possible to have an additional option to sort by the Date/Time that an email was deleted/moved to this folder? Something similar to how the recycle bin on Windows can be sorted by the date a file was deleted This is wanted because the mailboxes are shared and if a colleague deletes an email, rather than you being able to check the 'Deleted Items' folder for the most recent deleted emails in there... you have to scroll down and due to the number of emails that are received on a daily basis, spend some time searching for the email.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to allow users to manage snippets that are shared with them? I found the 'manageSnippets' permission and added it to a role However, when I tested a shared snippet, I still get the message Is there some other permission that I may be missing?
  6. Hi, Currently, when a major incident occurs and multiple tickets are linked to the Master Ticket, there is no way for us to email out to the contacts of the linked ticket to let them know of the progress of it Is there a way to do this currently or if not, can it be a enhancement? The function to update and resolve the ticket and the linked tickets is possible. It would be good to have the same functionality for when we need to email out to the linked tickets contacts
  7. Hi, Currently, when a user raises a ticket and the option of Date and Time is given, the Progressive Capture Form has the option of choosing a particular Calendar (such as Sweden Calendar). However, I could not find an option to limit the hours so that only working hours are displayed The request above is for selecting a date and time for when a customer goes live with their system Due to the nature of the request, this is giving the user a mistaken impression that the time can be set for out of hours Is this something that can currently be done by the system or is it possible to request this as an enhancement Kind regards, Mojahid
  8. Thanks @Victor There would still be contacts that need to raise the CIs... so for instance, out of 50, 10 contacts would need to be able to raise the tickets and 40 we would no longer want them to raise tickets...
  9. Hi @Victor Just to give an example of the scenario we have... We have an old service and our customers are gradually moving to the new service We want to make it so that the customers that have moved to the new service can no longer raise tickets for the old Service However, if we unsubscribe the customer from the old service, they can no longer view the tickets that were associated to it With regards to the above... letting them see the Service, but not raise new requests against it... how would you go about implementing this? Kind regards,
  10. Or would it be feasible to move a Contact's tickets from one Service to another?
  11. Hi Team, Currently, Contacts are unable to see their tickets if they are no longer Subscribed to a Service Although they should not be able to raise new tickets against the Service that they have been unsubscribed from and not be able to see the Service in the Customer Portal, we did need them to be able to see the old tickets, especially the tickets are are still open Is this something that you may be able to assist with? Or any ideas on how to achieve? Kind regards, Mojahid
  12. Hi Team, any update on this one? Just going through some of my old tickets Kind regards, Mojahid
  13. Thank you - Was exactly what I was looking for!!!
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