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  1. Additional Note - Example of going from In-progress status to sub-status with on hold function No Reason is needed, no reminder needs to be set and default visibility can be customer for this sub-status. It adds an additional step that once or twice is fine, but when we're using this on a regular basis and going through a number of tickets can be cumbersome...
  2. Hi team, One of our users advised that the system had too many dialog boxes. When we're working and trying to get work done as efficiently as possible, having those extra clicks can slow us down :-( Following a discussion, we were wondering if it is possible to have a setting that allowed us to choose whether or not a dialog box would pop up. The key ones are: 1. When putting a ticket on hold, having the option to directly put it on hold without the popup boxing asking for the reason. The reason can be put on the timeline before or after putting the ticket on hold. As for visibility, again if there was a setting that lets us decide if we want it to default to be visible for customer or not. 2. When changing the ticket from on-hold to In-progress . I believe this is sub-statuses that we have set up, but the option to not have a dialog box pop up when changing sub-statuses 3. When re-opening a ticket. More often then not, the full details are put onto the next update Many thanks, Mojahid
  3. Hi Team, Would it be possible to have a button/page/section within our profiles that lets us manage our snippets? Currently, you have to go to the email and manage it from there, but one of our users enquired if it could be managed from our profile page Many thanks, Mojahid
  4. Hi team, One of our users enquired if it was possible to attach a file at the point of resolving a ticket? Currently, when you resolve a ticket you see the below: Once the 'Resolve' button is clicked, an automatic email is sent to the customer as per our BPM process. Far as we know, there isn't a way of having an 'Add an Attachment' option here, but we wanted to double check with yourselves and if not possible, is there a possibility of a RFE for it? Or if you knew of a workaround... Many thanks, Mojahid
  5. Hi Team, any update on the above? Kind regards, Mojahid
  6. Alternatively, is there a way to set a threshold. For instance, having it only display Organisations that have had at least 10 tickets logged
  7. Hi team, I'm not sure if this is possible, but can you limit the number of bars that show up on a graph? For instance, we have someone who is trying to create a graph (from a view) where it displays organisations and the number of tickets they have logged. However, due to the number of organisations, it looks a mess. Therefore, they asked if there is a way to limit it to the top 10 organisations with the most tickets. Is this something that is possible with views and their charts? Many Thanks, Mojahid
  8. Hi team, Is there a way to filter against NULL values in Views? We've got some old tickets that have no services, but are being pulled through for a view that has the following criteria: Many Thanks, Mojahid
  9. Hi Team, I was wondering if it is possible to have a pre-timeout message on the Customer Portal. One of our customers was enquiring if it is possible and it didn't seem like a bad idea. I've seen it in other applications and wanted to know if it was feasible for Hornbill ITSM? Many Thanks, Mojahid
  10. Additional Note We would schedule the reports to run on a monthly basis 123 is just random numbers. They would represent the count for the Service/Request Type/Request Status
  11. Hi Team, I'm working on a report where Managers want to know the following information: How many incidents/Service Requests/Change Requests were logged/resolved/are outstanding for each service? Something like the following: Or anything similar that can answer the question. As far as I'm aware, it wouldn't be possible to do using Standard Reports, but I wanted to confirm (It has to be Standard Reports so that we can publish to a library.) The only way I can think to do this is to have multiple reports A report that displays all services for a particular Request Type and a particular Ticket Status But of course this would require a good number of reports The other idea I had was to get the data that is required, publish it and then the end user would have to put it into a Pivot Table. This isn't ideal as the Managers want to be able to just view it without having to learn and understand how Pivot Tables work Hoping you might have some ideas... Mojahid
  12. Hi Team, I'm currently working on trying to get number of services by request types I've got the following code: SELECT h_fk_servicename, SUM (CASE WHEN h_requesttype = 'Incident' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS incident FROM h_itsm_requests WHERE h_datelogged between '19-01-01' AND '19-01-31' GROUP BY h_fk_servicename and when I run it I get the following error: I was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on this. I'm trying to see if I can get a count to work in a CASE statement. Many thanks, Mojahid
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