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  1. Hi team, any update on the above? Kind regards, Mojahid
  2. Hi Team, Is there a way to manage Catalog Item visibility for contacts other than adding them in one by one? The scenario is that I have around 300 out of 1000 contacts that need to have access to a particular Catalog item: I can use contact to add them in one by one - but every time I add a new CI, I have to do the same thing again and it takes far too long I cannot use Organization as not everyone from a particular Organization is amongst the 300. (Only certain people in an organization have access to certain Service Request CIs as they are authorized within an organization to request for reports to be created, new users, etc) Many Thanks, Mojahid
  3. mojahidm

    Role for database direct access

    +1 If the role should only be used for an emergency or when first setting up the system, what do we use as a day to day for access to database direct? Thank you, Mojahid
  4. @Victor Each User It's a report I want to figure out how many tickets I've looked through and updated in a particular day.
  5. mojahidm

    Requests timeline table

    Thank you @Victor :-)
  6. mojahidm

    Measures Thresholds not saving

    Thanks @Victor
  7. Thanks @Victor :-)
  8. Hi, I was hoping for some advice on how best to be able to pull through data on how many tickets I looked at during a particular day Ideally, I want to know how many tickets I have resolved, updated, put on-hold, changed sub-status of. If there is a way of doing this or if you had some recommendations on how to achieve it, that would be great :-) Many thanks, Mojahid
  9. mojahidm

    Last Updated By

    +1 for the original idea by Kelvin and for Alisha's idea The main aspect that I require is to be able to know who last updated the ticket and if they were a user or a contact. Alisha's idea would be very good for a quick look to find out if a user or contact made the update and Kelvin's would be very helpful in a report to find out the number of tickets I've updated on a particular day Many thanks, Mojahid
  10. Hi team, One of our customers has raised a RFE with regards to the size of the columns in 'All My Requests' when they are reducing the browser size This is what it currently looks like: However, if you were to reduce the browser size, the 'Date Logged' appears to be fixed and the rest appear to be variable The request was for the 'Summary' size to not reduce significantly as this is the key piece of information, while the exact time of the ticket being logged wasn't as relevant. The Catalog item and Customer were also of less importance, then the 'Summary' itself. Perhaps a filter for the search results would be possible... Many thanks, Mojahid
  11. Hi Team, I've had a bit of a look around, but cannot see if this has already been logged. When an external customer searches for a phrase in the customer portal, it will only search the tickets that the customer is an owner of. It does not appear to search for tickets if a different customer within the same organisation logged the ticket. i.e: - a search for 'Invoice not downloaded' which we know to be: IN00000687 I was logged in as myself and was unable to find the ticket. However, when I logged in as 'UK_Review' (a test account and the creator of the ticket: IN00000687), I was able to see the ticket: Many thanks, Mojahid
  12. mojahidm

    Requests timeline table

    Hi team, would you be able to advise in which table the timeline data is kept? I found the following thread: and it's similar to what we want, but failing that, I was wondering where the timeline data was kept Kind regards, Mojahid
  13. mojahidm

    Timeline Updates

  14. Hi @James Ainsworth Yes, customers have complained due to having to switch between the two, rather then being able to just display everything. Kind regards, Mojahid
  15. Thanks @Martyn Houghton - I'll follow that forum topic :-)