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  1. Morning all, We are in the process of following the steps provided pre-switch on to bring our AD into Hornbill, but have got to the point whereby we require a sign in URL and Identifyer, Who would we need to speak to in order to get this as presumably it will be unique and i need to get this ASAP Regards Alex
  2. Good Afternoon, Apologies if this is the wrong area, But is there a way to easily only show certain CI's / Portfolio items on the customer Portal. Currently every CI i have on the Service portal shows on the Customer one?
  3. @Steven Boardman Thank you for the above, that is exactly what I am looking for.
  4. Morning all, Can someone tell me how easy it is to create a query to pull back all change requests in a select date range but also to show the date they have been scheduled for? I cannot easily do/find this? Thanks Alex
  5. Hi @Victor, the request number is RM00000390 and was raised at 11:56:22 today.
  6. @Victor I have just noticed the same on a request that has been raised. User was prompted to answer questions as part of the progressive capture, but then the Questions tab is not present on the request any longer. Please see screen grabs below, one is a release request from last week and another is from today.
  7. Awalker

    BST time

    Keen to know when this will be resolved as we have just noticed the same when sending automated email.
  8. @DeadMeatGF / @Victor I have just re-installed and everything seems fine now, i am still showing as having an update available for the Service Manager, but it does not give me the option to update. I will leave the update for now, and run few checks, appreciate the prompt replies as it was rather concerning.
  9. @Victor, Thank you, I will re-install this now.
  10. I have looked into the logs (hopefully the right ones) and can see the below error messages: -
  11. Good afternoon, I have just updated to the latest version of the service manager, once i then logged into the application i noticed it had actually uninstalled the app, has anyone else had this issue, and do we have a way to find out what happened? Presumably i just need to re-install but will this mean i have lost all the work previously done?
  12. @James Ainsworth That is great news, thank you very much for this and the update.
  13. Thank you to both, @samwoo & @ArmandoDM many thanks for the help here. I have taken both and used the below query to bring back a count of asset tag numbers if more than 1 entry: - SELECT h_asset_tag, count(*) FROM h_cmdb_assets group by h_asset_tag having count(*) > 1
  14. Hi @ArmandoDM, This is really useful many thanks.
  15. Afternoon all, after some assistance in regards to the asset manager side of things. We use the asset manager and currently do this manually via the spreadsheet templates, it has been noticed that as your only able to perform a validation on certain asset class types e.g. computers but not others e.g. telecoms we have unfortunately added duplicate records into Hornbill. I want to know if anyone has an easy way to identify duplicates (A DD query perhaps) and how best to delete them other than going through them one. All help appreciated and would be good for my company if we could have the validation option for all asset types against the asset number. Regards Alex
  16. @Victor, I knew it would be something so simple, As always thanks for the prompt reply, i will update and re process. Regards Alex
  17. Hi @Bob Dickinson, Can you please help me in the above in regards to the above, I have a progressive capture which has multiple questions on and i have (hopefully correctly) followed the link and as seen below set them to a custom attribute, but when a request is raised i cannot see where i am able to then update these as you denoted above.?
  18. Good morning, I am in the process of creating a release process, however when testing the process i get the below error, but not fully sure what it actually means, I get to the point of approving the release and the next node should be to schedule the release, but it fails prior to this. Any and all hep appreciated.
  19. Good afternoon, It has been highlighted that when uploading assets in the computer system class you have the option to 'Validate' whilst you upload and identify of for example you have already uploaded an asset, Can you confirm why this validate option is not present for all Class types. We are currently reviewing our assets and have seen lots of duplicate entries on other classes so are trying to find these manually and delete(Any and all advice appreciate), but it would a major benefit if we could have the validation option on all the classes for future uploads.
  20. @Victor Thank you for all your help on this, greatly appreciated.
  21. Hi @Victor, Oddly i am unable to replicate the issue now, I have gone back to the original process and it seems to be working 100%.
  22. HI @Victor, This is odd, I have re-raised a CR using the original process, but pointed it to my test team instead of the Change management team and it worked absolutely fine. I have since removed that node ad added a stage checkpoint and re-raised a CR and again it worked fine.
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