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Found 26 results

  1. Afternoon all, I am doing a piece of work where we would like a ticket to go on hold waiting a updated email. But then depending on the subject of the email it will do 1 of a few things? So if the email is asking for more information for example it will put the ticket back to open and let the service desk know it needs more info. If the email is advising that the ticket has been logged in the suppliers system it will leave the ticket as it is. If the email is advising that the ticket is resolved it will close the ticket at our end. How would i build a process that follows these paths depending on the email subject for example? I know you can put rooting rule templates in but will this transfer to the ticket? H
  2. Hi Currently, to ensure linked incidents are updated from a parent incident, there needs to be a node somewhere in the business process. This works, however the point at which an engineer will update a parent incident, as well as the number of times a parent may be updated, varies between each incident. What we require, is something similar to the "Resolve linked requests" drop-down you get on the "Resolve" tab when there are linked requests, but for updating on the "Update" tab. We need to be able to filter down every single update from a parent incident to the child incidents, without it being dependent on the business process. Is this something that is possible, or is there a different way to that outlined above, to achieve this? Thanks Lauren
  3. Hi We've recently encountered an issue whereby an analyst added a lengthy update to an incident of critical priority, but set the visibility as "Owner" before going on leave. We therefore didn't know what information the analyst had placed on the request, and had no way of providing updates to management etc. Therefore, is there a role or setting that enables certain admins of the system to see ALL updates, regardless of the visibility? Thanks Lauren
  4. When selecting the 3 dots on an update in a request there are a lot of options that are available, can one be added to email that update to the customer? For example, we update jobs with emails and updates which we would like to ability to forward these within an email template to others etc, but for this to be recorded in the request.
  5. Is there a way to change the user id of an account as we have someone who has got married and their username has changed? Hopefully, this is something that can easily be fixed but it's not currently allowing us to change this value.
  6. We have created a routing rule using the "updateRequest" operation which is updating the linked case fine, but the system does not seem to be sending a confirmation email, even though we have for the option turned on. We are getting them when a new request is logged, but not when it is updated. Cheers Martyn
  7. We have updated hornbill (build 1364) and found that our bpm's that have decisions are not working as the default and customer display have swapped around as they are now looking and the wrong value meaning that our bpm's are not functioning correctly and are breaking. Please, can this be looked at asap? e.g. customer display is Windows 10 (temporary) and the default value is Windows 10 the bpm decisions are taking the customer display rather than the previous default values.
  8. I have two questions: How do you get a request to be moved from the My Requests to the Requests Awaiting feedback in the Customer Portal? When a customer updates a job in the portal is there a way to take the request off hold? Regards Jeremy
  9. Hi, me again, As I mentioned a few times before, I use automation when an email is received to update the request it is related too. When this happens, only the text is copied to the timeline. We lose all formatting, tables and screenshots. This forces our analysts to go back to the original email, which is an issue as not all analysts have access to the mailboxes. Would it be possible to improve this feature and keep the formatting of the email in the timeline post? I do understand how complicated this can be, but you guys are good I am sure you can figure something out. Thanks for any feedback!
  10. Hi, I'm sure I've seen this come up before but I can't find it. We are finding it a little odd that when a call is on hold you are unable to end an email, attach documents or look at the Customers assets. We can still update the request ok but if for example a Customer has a problem with their mobile phone and I'm waiting for them to bring it round so I put the call on hold. In the mean time if I want to contact the mobile supplier I'm unable to see their asset details from the call as it's on hold. This is a pain. Is there any plans for this to change? Thanks Tina
  11. Hi, Currently I am struggling updating assets using the goDBAssetImport from github. No matter what I do when I want to update the assets I always get the same error in the log file: [ERROR] Unable to Search for Customer [<nil>]: FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/flowcode/fc_ops/shrGetCustomerDetails): nodeName: API Call: userProfileGet; nodeId: 3e1a9a7d-45ca-4e80-ae16-3a473865b996; At 182/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[session::userProfileGet] The value in element <userId> did not meet the required input pattern constraints. at location '/methodCall/params/userId'" throw(e); _fc_node_exec_3e1a9a7d_45ca_4e80_ae16_3a473865b996 [DEBUG] API XML: <params><customerId>&lt;nil&gt;</customerId><customerType>0</customerType></params> [ERROR] Unable to Search for Customer [<nil>]: FlowCode Exception (com.hornbill.servicemanager/flowcode/fc_ops/shrGetCustomerDetails): nodeName: API Call: userProfileGet; nodeId: 3e1a9a7d-45ca-4e80-ae16-3a473865b996; At 182/1: "Uncaught EspMethodCall::invoke: Operation[session::userProfileGet] The value in element <userId> did not meet the required input pattern constraints. at location '/methodCall/params/userId'" throw(e); Due to this the update is skipped. Any idea what this error message mean?
  12. Hi We updated our Service Manager software on 11/01/2018. Previous update was back in October 2017 so we were a few versions behind by the time January came! Since then, our development community have lost the ability to amend a Simple List (that they created) and can validate but not save a procapture. Please see attached the permission roles they have and the error they get when trying to save a procap. Those of us with SuperUser role can still perform these tasks Please help! :o)
  13. Bit of an odd one. Last couple of updates have been to version 1048 both times - which I thought was odd at the time. 1052 that is pending now is clear enough, but shouldn't what is shown on the 'About' tab be consistent with the 'Update History' tab? (i.e. where are the details about what changed in 1049?) The attached shows what I mean. Latest Changes.pdf
  14. At the moment you can control the time of day the Platform updates are applied to your Hornbill Instance via the parameter autoUpdate.maintenanceWindow in settings. However this is only the time of day and does not give the option to determine which day(s) of the week at all. Though most platform updates do not take very long at all, i.e. 9 seconds, some of the more complex and larger ones have taken a considerable amount of time to apply depending on the data volume, i.e. over an hour,. As we move towards 24/7 operation we would also want to be able to control the day(s) of the week when the maintenance window is available as well, to better schedule the suspension of the system, to have the smallest impact. Cheers Martyn
  15. Hi, Since I performed an update this morning, we get all sorts of error messages all over the place... Anyone else getting that?
  16. Good afternoon, I have just updated to the latest version of the service manager, once i then logged into the application i noticed it had actually uninstalled the app, has anyone else had this issue, and do we have a way to find out what happened? Presumably i just need to re-install but will this mean i have lost all the work previously done?
  17. Hello, Last night i updated the Service Manager. Everything seems to be fine except for one thing.. One of our users has just raised an issue with me that they cannot update the External Ref No on a call. It appears in the Timeline stating that the Call Details have been updated, but it doesn't change the field. I've tried changing the External Ref to the one she wanted - "Implementation", it doesn't work... as you can see in the Timeline below I then tried it again, adding a full stop to the end of the Summary and changing the External Ref to "Implementation"... the full stop shows but not the new External Ref number. This has worked prior to the upgrade I did last night, can someone action on this? She urgently needs this field to be updated. She uses the External Ref column for the stages in the CAB Change requests so she can view in on the Request List (she doesn't use boards). This has worked for her since we started using Hornbill last year. Thanks, Samuel.
  18. @James Ainsworth I think I must have something not configured correctly as I am testing sub-statuses and putting an request on hold in the BPM, though it does not currently set a sub status, then updating it with a post on the customer portal, but the status does not change. In order for the automated sub-statuses change to apply does the request have to have a set sub-status already? Service is configured as below. Cheers Martyn
  19. Hi we have a customer portal and I've an entry in the Business Process to send me an email whenever a call is logged via there. That is all working fine. What I would like to know is if it's possible to get an email alert whenever the customer posts an update to one of their existing calls via that Portal?
  20. Similar to my earlier post (link below) about, is is possible to do a direct SQL update to set the 'Feedback Expiry' value on multiple services? The default is null/not limited when the feature was introduced and want to set a common value across all 100 plus services. Cheers Martyn
  21. At the moment when updating an application via the App Store, it is only possible to select the most recent release of an application to update too, irrespective of the number of intermediate releases. Would it be possible to have the option to be able to select and update to an intermediate release? Cheers Martyn
  22. I am told that there is currently no way for the customer to receive an email or similar notification when a request is updated by the analyst in Service Manager. How then is the customer made aware that there has been a change to their request. Surely we can't expect the customer to continually log on to the portal to check for an update? I am aware that we can send an email instead. If this truly does not exist today, why not, and how do other people feel about this? Is this something you need too? I would love to hear how you deal with this in your current processes. Regards Keith
  23. Hi @TrevorKillick, Based on your experience of the LDAP import utility, is it possible to change it so that when a user changes department, the utility updates the profile accordingly? At the moment, it only adds the new department. This forces us to run a report on a regular basis to clean these profiles. With 4000+ users, you can imagine the amount of time I am going to spend on this Any ideas are welcomed! Thanks
  24. At the moment when you make changes to any field in the 'Details' section of the request form a timeline entry is created, but simply states ' Request details updated ' with no further details. Would it be possible to include details of which fields where updated, as there is no indication which and what number of fields where updated. Cheers Martyn
  25. I applied two updates to Service Manager today, the second one seems to have wiped out the progressive captures set against each of the catalogue items Has anyone else experienced this? We're looking to go live next week but we can't have an update knocking out these settings especially when we start getting users to use the service portal
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