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Found 7 results

  1. When using the Preview UI and viewing a Organisation record the custom field labels are duplicated when there is no value in the field itself. Cheers Martyn
  2. When attempting to attach multiple emails from outlook to a request, where the subject will be the same and hence the attachment file name, the system will report an error when attempting to add the a further email reply with the same subject line. Can we raise an enhancement for the attachment process to append a number in brackets on the end to the filename, much like your browser does when downloading the a file of the same name in to your download folder. This will allow emails from the same email trail to be added as attachments to a request by drag & drop without manual intervention. Cheers Martyn
  3. Could the SQL Importer be extended to give a reason/warning in the log when skipping or failing to process a contact record. This way it would be easier to locate those updates which have not been able to be applied. The only way to locate them at the moment is page through the log file and look for the single line. Also, when the tool errors can the text just be a normal colour rather than red on black which is quite hard to read. I have tried changing the command prompt to change the default background colour, but to no avail as the tool sets both the background and foreground colours for the error message output. Cheers Martyn
  4. When re ordering the priority display order by dragging the priority tile up and down, you can create a duplicate priority tile, which then causes an error. Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi, When reviewing asset information, I've been coming across duplicate assets. We generally use the csv import tool for new assets and assets in the computer system class have some fields automatically populated via SCCM. The duplicates seem to have been created via SCCM. I'd like to create a report in Service Manager to help me identify all duplicate entries so they can be identified and analysed further. For most of our assets the "Name" field should be unique, as well as "Asset Tag". The "name" field matches the "Asset Tag" but has a prefix. e.g. Asset Tag: 12345 Name: DC012345 Any advice on what criteria to use for the report would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Afternoon all, after some assistance in regards to the asset manager side of things. We use the asset manager and currently do this manually via the spreadsheet templates, it has been noticed that as your only able to perform a validation on certain asset class types e.g. computers but not others e.g. telecoms we have unfortunately added duplicate records into Hornbill. I want to know if anyone has an easy way to identify duplicates (A DD query perhaps) and how best to delete them other than going through them one. All help appreciated and would be good for my company if we could have the validation option for all asset types against the asset number. Regards Alex
  7. Morning all, Quick question, when we log a call we ask the user for the building they work in, their phone number and room number. If that same user calls back another day about a different issue we have to ask it all over again as it is not auto populated. Is there a way for the information to be saved against the user permanently without having to go into their profile and manually put it in? Many thanks Hayley
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