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Found 33 results

  1. So I have made a link section and I have managed to sucessfully change the colour and the text at the top of the link box, but how do you change the text colour on the main body of the box? I have changed the colour in the Style but it does not reflect in the body: If you change the colour in the link itself it does not look right....
  2. Hi How do you display change requests on service portal? It only seems to display service and incident request
  3. Hi, We are finally going to start using the change management module in Hornbill, does anyone have a good basic business process which I could build on? Or any suggestions or thoughts around Change. I noticed there was a hornbill example change business process, is it still valid or has it been upgraded a lot since? Thanks in advance Chris
  4. Hi, Is it possible to extend the list of fields available when retrieving the request details in a BPM? What I am trying to achieve is detecting if the customer has closed the request him/herself via the self service portal. The idea is to send the customer an email to tell him that: she / he did not respond in the last 3 working days so we closed the call on his / her behalf she / he has 20 days left to provide some feedback. The ultimate goal is to get people to log onto the service portal a lot more often. One of the method to do it is like so: I would like to compare Flowcodes -> Customer to Flowcodes -> Closed By? Is that something you can help me with? I am happy with another new field too! Whatever is the easiest solution really
  5. Is there a way to change the user id of an account as we have someone who has got married and their username has changed? Hopefully, this is something that can easily be fixed but it's not currently allowing us to change this value.
  6. Hi all, With the implementation of the capture fields within human tasks it would now be even more useful to be able to add a change to the calendar using a date/time field within the BPM rather than 'x time from now' Would it be possible for this to be looked at please? I know I am not the first person to request something like this with regards the change calendar. Thanks
  7. We have recently started using the Change BPM with a few tweaks of our own. I have been testing the various processes and assigned tasks and I have found that when we are logging a Standard Change at the point that the assigned task is to "Perform the Change" I receive the attached Invocation Error I have dug around in the logs and I have found the following: 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]:[PROFILE]:[8496] data:queryExec() Method call results: success (244293632 B, 8 ms, -32 kB, 0 ms, 0 kB) 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]: :[2920] SELECT count(*) as cnt FROM h_sys_accounts WHERE h_user_id = 'Username' AND h_class = 1 [2681 us] 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [WARNING]:[SYSTEM]:[2920] XMLMC Request Failed: The specified user 'Username' does not exist 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [ERROR]:[PROFILE]:[2920] task:taskCreate2() Method call results: failure (244301824 B, 6 ms, -12 kB, 0 ms, 0 kB) 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [ERROR]:[COMMS]:[6280] The specified user 'Username' does not exist 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]:[SQL]:[6280] UPDATE h_bpm_instance SET h_state = ?, h_current_node = ?, h_current_state = ? WHERE h_id = ? 2018-11-30 12:03:26Z [INFO]:[GENERAL]:[7420] Invocations (95cf7f45-f89f-4948-bc58-b2d0b3ace531): bpm/processGetState (I have removed Names from the above and replaced with 'Username') I have looked within Database Direct for h_sys_accounts and the accounts that are listed are none of the IT Department but random users from around the business. I have checked the BPM Process for this task and the Owner of the task is System Administrator and the task is Assigned to the Variable ["ownerId"] Is there anything that you are aware of that can resolve the above? Thanks
  8. Is there a way to add the request creator as a member to a request? I am trying (via BPM) to add our analysts who raise change requests to be added as a member of the request, this is to easily identify your changes that are raised. I have seen that you can add specific users as a member but we would like a variable picker to be able to choose the 'created by' person. Any other ways around this issue?
  9. Be the change you so desperately seek! I love the idea of this quote, attributed to the wise man Mahatma Gandhi this simple quote is profound because it strikes right at the heart of human behavior.   In every part of our lives, there is change, and most of it is outside of our control; change happens, and we must adapt.  So why is it so many people shy away from change, what is it about change that people don't like?   The most common idea I have heard is that people fear change, they fear the unknown and are happier doing what they are currently doing, just like that saying I have heard so many times "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", and that seems like a rational philosophy on the face of it.   The problem is though; change is essential because change is the mechanism of evolution, the only way you can make something better is to change it; otherwise it will always remain the same, and innovation is born out of the idea that nothing is perfect, it can always be better.  In the world of IT, the world is changing fast, and we do not have time to procrastinate.  Organisations need to not only keep up, but they need to step up and embrace the changes before them.  Digital transformation is a real thing and its happening now, and the most significant barrier to moving forward is the fear of change.  Technology and consumer engagement is driving these changes. This environment is not a problem for IT as its often seen, it is making IT in business is a more powerful force now than it has been for the last decade or more.   Digital Transformation is what the market has labeled it, and it is probably the best opportunity for "IT" since the idea of "IT" was conceived.  Digital Transformation sounds big, but there is nothing fancy or clever here, figure out ways of applying technology to give your organization cost savings, a meaningful competitive advantage or a stronger future vision to help attract new customers, if you can achieve all three then expect a place at the strategic table. Don't let your executive outsource IT to the cloud because cloud companies are more innovative or offer more hope for the future, stand up and lead your organization into their next IT revolution. Your executives want to be innovators, future seekers, and visionaries, so if you're working in IT, grow some leadership b***s show them how.  The bottom line is this.  Don't just complain about something not working or moan that something should change, make the change happen, do whatever you can in your power to entice, encourage, coerce or act to drive change, make change happen.  If you genuinely feel something needs to change and you cannot effect change, try really hard, and if you fail that's fine, walk away defeated, but knowing you have done everything in your power to do the right thing by your organization, and go and find somewhere else where you can actually make a difference. The harsh reality is, not every organization will survive the speed of change.  Everyone can effect change, don't give up, be the change you so desperately seek!
  10. Is there a way of showing if a change is a Normal, Emergency or Standard change in the request list view, we cannot seem to find a way of displaying this information? How do others work with changes in the request list? Kind regards Jeremy
  11. I haven touched the admin side of hornbill today and no updates have been pushed but but whenever someone tries to raise a change they get this error when it comes to selecting a service: IS anyone else getting this error? Changes were being raised fine up to around a hour ago? Hayley. (have also raised as incident on support)
  12. Hi, can anyone assist us with Change Management and the authorisation of the changes? There are a number of managers who we would like to approve a change before it can continue - In this case 3 managers should approve the change before it is ‘approved’, and so the 3 managers each have a weighting of 35%. Our problem then arises if one of these managers is off, we’d like for them to have a delegate who can sign for them. But if we then add the delegates in (with 35% weighting again), we are then left in a situation whereby 3 of the ‘delegates’ could sign off the change without a manager at all or more than one person from the same team An issue with that would be that all the 6 users in this case would be receiving change request emails, when actually 3 of the users only need to be aware if there respective manager is off. We've looked at possibly creating a change management group, but this would have the same issue I think? There doesn't seem to be an obvious way to choose who needs to sign off the change when logging the change request as there was in SupportWorks Another way to do it might be to have 4 managers each with a weighting of at least 30% and then their nominated deputies with a weighting of on 20% ish, where multiple managers are off we would need more people with the 20% weighting to approve it to get above the 100% Is it possible to have the groups listed in the authorisation section with percentages assigned to each group and then anyone in those groups could approve the change in a combination with people from the other groups? We might want to have different numbers of managers to approve a change depending on the type of change or the perceived risk of the change We don't want too many people getting emails about approval as they may get ignored but at the same time we want it to be flexible enough so that it still works when the main IT managers are off for whatever reason
  13. Hi One of our staff has changed name. This means she has a new Active Directory account and through LDAP provisioning, a new Service Manager. How does she access requests she logged prior to her name change? (i.e. logged under her old user name
  14. I have been having a issue with our change process for a few days, We havent changed anything on it to cause it so am a bit confiused by it. This is the error received, I believe its around these nodes that the issue is occuring: I have attached the change aswell, if anyone could take a look and let me know where i have gone wrong? Thanks Hayley.
  15. Afternoon, The recent changes to the Change calendar are great, however is there any plans to change the text colour when a change is closed? At the moment it goes grey with white text which is not good. Cheers Andy
  16. Hi, Within Progressive Capture for Change there is a "Change Type" form where you can add Emergency, Standard, Planned etc. but when you look at doing the same for Release there isn't one. Is this something that is being fixed at the minute?
  17. Impact Assessments Capturing the impact of a change, an incident, or any other type of request can be crucial to determining how it is managed.  But how do you decide which impact level to select?   Service Manager provides a great way of automatically determining the impact level to be applied.  Taking the guessing out of the hands of the user, they can be walked through a number of questions where each answer has a weighted value that contributes to the automatic selection of the impact level.  The results of the assessment are captured in the request along with the automatic application of the impact level. At any point after the assessment, if things change or a mistake is found, a reassessment of the impact can be completed. The assessments are managed as part of a Business Process which allows them to be presented to a user at any given point within the workflow.  When defining your workflow, you can easily select from any number of available assessments that you wish to present.
  18. Hi Please see attached screenshot. The Workflow in use is ICT Change Process I'm not sure what is going wrong here. Please could you help?
  19. I'm receiving a few questions around the requests list from guys who mostly deal with changes and releases. They'd like a column within the Requests List which shows the BPM status, as in "for approval", or whatever stage it's at. I know we will be using boards for CAB etc. but that will be for all, not just the ones an engineer owns or their team own. Is this possible or is this something I'd be able to request? Or is there a better way of the guys viewing their changes and releases?
  20. Hi, I am creating our change management processes. I have a number of change types, which I have defined in the simple list called "changeRequestType". I can use this to switch to different progressive captures, but how do I determine which BPM to use? For example, if someone raises a Standard change request, I can switch capture to my Standard progressive capture. If they raised an Emergency change request, I can switch capture to the Emergency progressive capture. But if I want the Standard change to follow a Standard change BPM, and the Emergency change to follow an Emergency change BPM, how do I go about it? Many thanks, David
  21. We are in the process of implementing the new Service Level's to replace the original priority levels. We have roles based on the system Full and normal Incident Management Users, but need to understand what permissions are required to allow a user to change the service level on a request. At the moment the users are not able to click and edit the service level on the requests setup with the new service levels. Cheers Martyn
  22. We are trying to get around the current restrictions of only being able to specify a single progressive capture when raising a new change by using a branch node after the service details node and then the Switch Node explicitly set to a different progressive capture based on the service id selected. We have tested this with putting a custom form in the branch and it works, but the process does not seem to take any notice of the Switch Node at all. Is this a known issue or has anyone else got this working in this way? Cheers Martyn
  23. Good Morning, Can you let me know if we have a way to alter a BPM that requires approval part way through to stop the requester approving said request if that makes sense? For Example; Jim raises a Change request, and it gets to the point of needing to be approved, now at present he is given 50% in approval in the BPM, but ideally i would like for him not to have the option to approve his own request, but still be an approver for a request that is not raised by himself. Please let me know if that does not make sense.
  24. Hi, If an activity is assigned to a team rather than an individual, how do members of that team know an activity has been assigned to the team? Is there a way that activity can show up in the request list for that team? Basically my change process is designed to generate an activity to undertake the work once it has been through approval process etc. However the activity will always be assigned to different teams depending on what work is required. I cannot see how to view an activity if your in that team. thanks lee
  25. Is there a way of reporting that a change has been approved or not, and if not, is it possible to show what the approval percentage is? i.e. if there are 3 approvers with a weighting of 35% each and 2 have approved is it possible to show that it is 70% approved? Thanks, Pete
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