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Found 52 results

  1. Hello All, We currently have a number of processes utilizing the automation for authorization, with the data query in the procap set to co-workers alone, and then using the raw value for the authorization node to send an email to the selected person. This in theory would work well as our cost center managers would all have a collaboration license for this purpose. Although there is the ability to use external authorization with an email input, this extra level of protection was deemed more suitable. However, in practice, it appears that the data query in the procap even if set at co-workers is allowing the customer to select basic users. The selection works when a actual user with the license is selected, but it should not present the basic users. This in turn causes the request to fail every time it reaches the authorization node as there is no collaboration license for the basic user. is this a known error, or is there something else we can do to ensure they are only able to select the collaboration licensed users through that data query? Thank you, Foley
  2. Hello, Every now and then we get an issue with releases come up. Within the progressive capture it asked the user to select from a form either 'Planned' or 'Emergency' release: Within the ticket this then populates the field: h_release_type although in a couple of tickets this information does not seem to be brought forward and then leave this section blank in the form causing a no goto if error later on in the BP where it will decide if its emergency or planned. Below are a couple of recent tickets with the issue seems to be happening alot more and all of the below are from today. Is this a current issue with this custom field? RM00068407 RM00068409 RM00068422 RM00068414
  3. When attempting to attach multiple emails from outlook to a request, where the subject will be the same and hence the attachment file name, the system will report an error when attempting to add the a further email reply with the same subject line. Can we raise an enhancement for the attachment process to append a number in brackets on the end to the filename, much like your browser does when downloading the a file of the same name in to your download folder. This will allow emails from the same email trail to be added as attachments to a request by drag & drop without manual intervention. Cheers Martyn
  4. We are experiencing errors on some of our BPMs with the following error is there anything that can be done? I know that obviously, there is no actual need for this node...however it makes it the flow much easier to follow and these worked previously till the latest update (I think).
  5. We have had a BPM fail with the below error nothing has changed within the BPM recently and all other tickets have not had this issue, after retrying the last step it sends out the notification email it is complaining about but does not progress. Any help would be great thanks.
  6. Most common scenarios that will cause an error in the workflow/business process as a result of incorrect configuration
  7. When users try and put Incidents on-hold, they are receiving the attached error. This is purely only on Incidents, and not Service Requests. No changes have been made to the Incident process since early December, and this issue has just been occurring today. Health Check returns no issues. Can you advise what needs to be done to investigate this further and resolve the issue? Many thanks, Neil
  8. Hi all, I am trying to add a change to the calendar using variables from a task but keep coming up against this error: The BPM looks like this: And the task setup like this: Add to calendar node looks like this: I am supposed to be presenting this this afternoon so any help to resolve will be greatly appreciated (as always) Edit: I added the 'Get request info' after the first failure in the wild hope it would work. There was no change (to be fair I didn't expect there to be) Cheeky tag: @Victor
  9. Hi, Our customer 'contacts' are unable to re-open tickets again following a recent update to Service Manager. We are on the following build versions and yesterday I updated our instance of Service Manager. When clicking on the "It's still broken" button we are seeing this error in Chrome's Developer Tools console. Is anyone else running on 1781 who is seeing this issue please? Also, could someone from Hornbill look into this please. Thanks Steve.
  10. Has anyone else recently started seeing an issue where when selecting view email from the timeline of a ticket you get the Oops! You do not have access to view this email error as below. This started sporadically after the latest updates. The emails are all attached from a generic mailbox by the same group of users and there doesn't appear to be any connection between the emails that error like this.
  11. Hi all, I have at least one user who gets this error when trying to open conversations. They have been using it fine up to today. Thanks Dan
  12. Could the SQL Importer be extended to give a reason/warning in the log when skipping or failing to process a contact record. This way it would be easier to locate those updates which have not been able to be applied. The only way to locate them at the moment is page through the log file and look for the single line. Also, when the tool errors can the text just be a normal colour rather than red on black which is quite hard to read. I have tried changing the command prompt to change the default background colour, but to no avail as the tool sets both the background and foreground colours for the error message output. Cheers Martyn
  13. Hi, We are getting the following error on tickets where the BPM assigns an authorisation task using the variable for users manager: This BPM has worked fine for a number of months now. The user does infact exist. Account is active, user can logon fine, no other issues I can see. Any ideas? Edit: I should also say the service is available to everyone and the user has a collaboration licence.
  14. Hi, At least one of our tickets, which has been working fine up to now, has suddenly stated throwing an error when the BPM sets the status to 'Resolved'. Clicking the restart BPM icon fixes this everytime, but not everyone has the ability to do this (mainly so that I can find the cause of issues instead of people just restarting the workflow). This time however I cant find the issue. The error I have is: The workflow section is here (with the troublesome node highlighted): I thought that maybe it was because one of the analysts had changed the status manually prior to the node being reached, but it has also happened on a ticket where this hasnt been done. Any ideas?
  15. Following the application of ESP Build 3129 automatically last night, we are now getting a new error in Service Manager. The example below was when sending an email from the Request - "Unable to add the value. The text size provided (2221 characters) is greater than the maximum allowable size of 512 characters for column h_new_value" Can you please advise. Cheers Martyn
  16. So today we are experiencing the issue in the image below on several peoples logins to various applications, there are also reports of slowness and 'cannot connect to database' errors.... is there something that is going on that we need to be aware of?
  17. One of our user's is getting the the 'Error Could not load the filter All Open', when opening the request list. It is shared view and the user has it set as their default view. The view does load and display. Using the browser refresh option regenerates the error, but using the request list refresh option does not. I thought it might be down to the account for the person who created the shared view being archived, but I re-enabled the account and it still occurred. Cheers Martyn
  18. Hi, I have this error message coming up in a process (TEST HRA Honorarium Process (NEW) BSO selects HoS) when its supposed to move to human task. I've never seen this before. The User in the h/t is System Administrator so I don't know where its getting specified user 'SYS_BPM_MANAGER' from? Any pointers as to what this might be please? I'm sure i've tested this process before and it didn't error? Thanks Sam
  19. Afternoon, We have a issue where we are unable to reassign re-opened calls to new teams since the most recent update? Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Hayley.
  20. Hi All, Since the recent update which changed the functionality of the emails back to the original state, it appears that we have been having errors occur when sending emails out from within requests. After automating a lot of the processes for the Service desk emails we haven't been cheeking the inbox as often and have only just noticed this is happening. When sending the email from within the request is gives the confirmation the email has been sent but we don't know its failed without going in and checking. I am unable to currently find any reason these would be failing and System Engineers here are unable to see the emails leaving the Servicedesk@xxxxxxxx Outbox. Any Help would be appreciated, Josh
  21. Hi everyone!

    Happy New Year!

    As you probably noticed I was away from forums for the past month as I took some time off. I am back(ish) now  (because I am caught up in some other work as well so I might not be able to be on forums as much for now) and slowly catching up on all activity (including all notifications and PMs). I will get back to each of them eventually however it might take a bit longer until I will be able to get to yours. As usual, if you are subscribed to a success plan you can always raise a request with support to expedite a forum discussion/answer.


  22. Hello, Can someone help me to fix this issue urgently. It having a huge impact with my work and unable to carry out my projects. I am not sure what caused this and I have tried few steps: Refresh Hard refresh Restart computer Shut down Clear cookies None fix the issue. I have screenshot from console of the error if that help to identify the issue(s): Can someone get back to me ASAP to get this fix please. Kind regards, Aaron Summers
  23. Hi there, We keep getting this error when trying to log a change. This is hard coded somewhere but not sure where, can you advise please? Thanks, L
  24. Hello, As the title states: User with full access to a "Library" cannot read the "Revisions" against the documents within - The user does not have permissions to view the specified document. I have a library which i've allowed full permissions to 4 teams and 2 users (besides myself). I have 4 reports which will be sheduled into this Library: (there are 2 seperate reports, but there are 2 each to be run at different times of the day... I was hoping to be able to schedule 2 reports to run on the same day at different times within the same report... but this is a different issue). I have already created the 2 document which will be where the scheduled reports go to. I have already done a dummy run for these reports so the Documents within the Library are now the correct file type (XLSX). When one of the user's who has "Full" access to the library attempt to read the "Revisions" against the documents, they are presented with an error message: I really hope I don't have to start adding individual users to each of these documents as they come and go and more reports may be required in the future. I think this relates to the issues I raised about the documents in the past, thankfully we are now able to change owners in bulk but not being able to allow Groups to amend or view revisions against document makes it rather tricky to maintain. Is the above a potential issue if the permissions (i hope) cascade down from Library to document level? If not can I request this feature... and can someone provide me with a potential workaround that doesn't involve me adding in users individually one-by-one to each document? Thanks, Samuel
  25. Hello, A customer has been trying to upload a .DAT file via the Self Service Portal AFTER a ticket has been created, but she is met with an error. Her workaround... is to log a new request and upload the EXACT same file using the Portal Attachment form rather than do it via the request itself. I had a look at the WebDav file type settings but nothing seems to be amiss, and what's odd is that .DAT is not defined anywhere as a restriction... So why is the file allowed to be uploaded via the logging of a request, and not after a request has been logged? Regardless... we need to remove this restriction to allow this file type to be upload via the request in the Self Service Portal. Thanks, Samuel
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