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Found 11 results

  1. We have built out a new Change management flow and have realised that the system allows the owner of the RFC (typically a person in the user role) to be able to approve their own change request. Is there any system settings to prevent this?
  2. I am not sure if this is designed or something that is not working. when I log a RFC, non of the details fields are being populated: All my RFC PCF forms have the correct Field ID populated e.g. - but nothing is coming across
  3. Good Afternoon We want to move our Change Management process away from Sharepoint and use Hornbill Service Manager instead, one question I have is when a change has been approved is there a way for the Business Process Workflow to create a calendar event automatically for a CAB Meeting. Thanks Deejay
  4. Hi, Here at Milton Keynes Council we've been looking at replacing our RFC system (sharepoint) with Hornbill Service Manager. We've come across some obstacles and were wondering what existing 'tools' in Hornbill Service Manager we can use to achieve them. Authorisers; we have multiple approvers spread across 5 teams (total of 11 potential approvers), is there any way to send an email for approval to all but just log the first response from each team? Is there any way to do this without allowing more than one approval per team? Allowing the change requestor to update the R
  5. I have managed to set up an email routing rule that will raise a service request for any email sent to change@... The idea is for staff to raise a change request using a word change request form which will be stored in SharePoint and reviewed. If a change is authorised then a change will be raised in Hornbill and follow that BPM. The problem I have is that the word attachment gets removed when the ticket is raised in service manager All help appreciated - or recommendation on how you deal with Change Management that isn't just IT related.
  6. Hi All, Hoping to post for some advice regarding service requests that are ultimately requests for change and advice on how to action/streamline these requests. According to ITIL, any such change, should be recorded as a CR, however, as we do a lot of in house development, we get a lot of change requests that come in via service requests. This causes my IT staff to pull their hair out because they are literally wasting time re-typing out change requests from a service request. Anyone have a better way? Or should we simply allow low risk/standard changes to be resolved via
  7. Hi How do you display change requests on service portal? It only seems to display service and incident request
  8. Hi, Is there a way of adding multiple items to the change schedule from one change/release request? For example, we may have three different outages across three days but all are in relation to one change notification. We therefore wouldn’t log three changes for this – we’d log one and have three entries on the change calendar. Thanks Lauren
  9. We would like to implement a Change Management workflow to manage our service subscriptions in Hornbill Service Manage itself. The idea being is that our internal project management team would raise requests for new services for a site to be taken in to 'Support' would raise a Change Request, which as part go the workflow process after authorisation would then automatically add the subscription to the selected organisation. To do this without manual intervention, would require a number of additional features. Data Provider in Progressive capture to allow selection the below and capture in
  10. Morning all, Can someone tell me how easy it is to create a query to pull back all change requests in a select date range but also to show the date they have been scheduled for? I cannot easily do/find this? Thanks Alex
  11. Good morning, Can you let me know if you are due to release any form of update around the configuration of catalogue items? The reason i ask is my business would like to use specific catalog items for things such as change management, therefore those items need to be hidden from all other request types. IN order to do this could we have an option for each catalogue item to switch it on/off or be visible/not visible in the services section of service manager? Many thanks Alex
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