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  1. Hi all, Is there a way of hiding the labels on the question tab on a request? We use the labels as definition descriptions mainly (as the description field doesnt allow wiki formatting) but they quickly clog up the questions view as you can see by the attached Thanks Dan
  2. When using the 'is in' condition on a conditional branch in Intelligent (Progressive) Capture, the condition appears to always appears to evaluate as true even though the condition is not met. Example Condition used to branch to form with custom Priorities 1 to 5 on. Added Organisation Id is set, in case it was evaluation of nulls, but issue persists. Example using internal contact, so organisation id not set. Example using external contact in organisation id is not 772 or 245. Cheers Martyn
  3. Can I request an enhancement to add the 'is in' login operation to the Branch custom expressions in Progressive Capture, so that it is easier to include multiple values without an excessive list of OR conditions. For example Cheers Martyn
  4. We have recently created a number of video guides and would like to embed these into a progressive capture. I have reviewed the Wiki Markup guidance on the Hornbill Wiki pages but there is no reference to videos, and after various attempts at using suggestions via a Google search I have drawn a blank. Is it possible to embed Youtube videos on to a progressive capture, if so can you provide a sample of the code required. Thanks Jon
  5. Hi all, I am trying to create an equipment disposal BPM but cannot get the information into the description field from the built in asset PC. When I have a node 'Get Progressive Capture Answers' followed by update Summary and Desc the description field is as below: Disposal Request for the following assets: undefined The code in the description taken from the variable picker is "Disposal Request for the following assets: &[global["flowcode"]["syspcfanswers"]]" (minus enclosing quotes) I am guessing that currently there is no way to take the information from that PC form so does anyone have a way around it? I just need a list of asset tags in the description so that I can email the list to our disposal supplier. Thanks Dan
  6. When logging a request in the Employee Portal the Knowledgebase lookup results is expanded by default and also does not respect the sizing of the Employee Portal window. Either window need to be resized to allow for content or scroll bar used for results. Cheers Martyn
  7. We are using the h_workaround field name as the 'Field ID' in the Progressive capture for a Problem record, but the value entered which is visible in 'Questions' is not being stored in the field in the created request. Cheers Martyn
  8. Hello all, I have a dashboard view currently set up, where a colleague is able to extract all smartphone requests captured in a month. Currently a colleague from the Procurement team, goes through all tickets, to find the cost code, which is a question in the progressive capture of the catalogue item. What would be handy to save the Procurement team going through each ticket manually, as on average there is around 100 per month, if I can add the cost code field into the report so this information is pulled into the Excel Spreadsheet extract. Would be keen to know if this is something that is possible, and if other members of the Hornbill community have been able to do this? Many Thanks. Adam
  9. At the moment it is not possible to implement different problem management, known error and release progressive captures on your instance as you are limited to a PCF specified in the settings, rather than being able to set this at a 'Service' level as these three request types have not have the catalog level items implemented in them. This makes it restrictive where we have multiple service desk implemented within the same instance, as well as not allowing for testing/development of new PCF in these area's without affecting the current live one. Cheers Martyn
  10. is there a way to customize the "Select Site" form. I would like to show to the customer what i wroted at the business process level
  11. Hi I'm using the Group Picker set to filter by Departments in a ProCap I've built. When the customer selects the department they want, the request form shows both the name and the code of the department selected (see screenshot). Please can design be changed so that the code does not show for customers. Thank you
  12. At Insights19 I saw a progressive capture form that included a greeting to the customer using their name. This was a nice touch, but I'd like to push it a bit further. I want to build a form that shows the following customer details on the form when they log the request: Telephone number Mobile Number Site Manager Organisations they belong to Other fields like Custom Attributes? Is any of this possible please?
  13. Hi, A couple of queries regarding linking requests via progressive captures: 1) Is there a way to link a request to another request via the progressive capture, without using the knowledge centre? As an example, if we know the reference of an open Critical priority incident, is there a way we can type in the reference of that incident and link it that way? I can't see that there is a way to make the knowledge centre only display incidents of a certain priority, or sub-status etc. 2) Is there a way to show a list of requests that meet certain criteria (e.g. Incidents with Critical priority and Parent sub-status) in the progressive capture at all? This will help analysts to link to current P1 incidents if they do not know the reference. Again, as I don't think we can filter the results in the knowledge centre, this would be a quicker and easier approach. Thanks Lauren Is there a way to make a list of incidents that meet certain criteria (e.g. Critical priority, Parent sub-status) appear in the progressive capture to lin
  14. Is there a character limit on either the 'Single line text field' or 'Multi line text field' in custom forms within progressive captures? Thanks Lauren
  15. Hi, We wish to amend the wording on the site details progressive capture form - the "out of the box" one. We know that this can be completed in "Translations" (as we've done it before for the "Add Attachments" form) - however, we're struggling to find the translation key. Is someone able to confirm what the key is we require - or a list of the keys associated with default progressive capture forms? Many thanks Lauren
  16. At the moment we can display all the Pritners by selecting "Get Asset By Class" and flitering on the "Class ID" and then users can search for the printer. We would like their to be the ability to select an asset during progressive caputre based on the Site that the User is located in. E.g. If logging a request for additional Toner for a printer we would like the system to narrow down the list of assets to the pritners that are in the users site.
  17. Hello, Our applications are going to be loaded in as Assets. It would be really handy to have an Assets option in the Group Picker, so we can filter out the different asset types. For example, we would like customers to pick the relevant application that they require access to in a Progressive Capture. Instead of picking from 'All Assets', which would also show assets such as hardware and third party, we would like just the applications to show. This would be much easier than creating a simple list, since we have so many applications. Would this be possible to implement please? Many thanks, Alisha
  18. Hello, I have added a label in a progressive capture, but once the request is logged, it duplicates the text. Is there a way to not have the text show twice (other than using different text for the first line, as it's just intended for information only)? Many thanks, Alisha
  19. Would it be possible to have the addition of a Link Request Node in Progressive capture, which would allow the end user or analyst to link existing requests to the new request being logged. For us, we are looking at implementing a project release process where the project manager submits a new request at the point of 'sign off' of a project to be accepted into the Service Desk for support. Our Project and Consultancy teams are also using Hornbill to record there project issues and sometime a customer will sign off a project with some caveats of existing project issues to be fixed. We would like to capture these and add them as linked requests as part of the project manager logging the release request via Progressive Capture. I can also see that having this ability in the Progressive Capture would also be useful for other processes and organisations. Cheers Martyn
  20. Hi, I am trying to get a report, with details added through a progressive capture, using the form node. These details are in field_13, field_21, etc, in which table are these values store?
  21. Hi, It would be useful to include the original email into a timeline when using progressive capture when raising a ticket manually via an analyst. At the moment, whenever a progressive capture is used, the original email is discarded. Regards, Mike.
  22. We currently have a functioning and working Progressive capture which has warnings in it because we use a common formID in a number of Custom Forms to capture the customer priority. We use branch nodes to select the appropriate one ( and only one) that is used in the flow thorough the process. We use a common formID, so the BPM can pick up the question value, without having to put multiple branches in the the BPM as well to identify the appropriate value to set the priority too. We do not use the standard priority drop down as there is no linkage or filtering between priorities and Services/SLA/Customer, as the list would be too long and contain values which are not applicable to the Service/Customer. This has worked okay since we went live over 2 years ago, but now I am no longer able to amend the progressive capture and make it active. When attempting to make it active it just advises there are warnings and does not activate the PC. Is there a setting to configure to allow us to activate a PC with warnings or is this a bug introduced by the newest builds? Cheers Martyn
  23. Hi, we are about to launch a new product to our customer and with it we want to capture all issues during the training\bedding in period, during normal hours this is fine but out of hours, our servicedesk is closed. I'm thinking if we setup a separate email address and hornbill mailbox would it be possible to automate call logging so that the ticket is raised automatically out of hours? as anything hitting this mailbox would be assigned to the same categories and team each time, I need to make sure that out of hours calls are assigned to a 3rd line team so they would get notified by email. I do have a plan B which is just create a shared mailbox with a distribution group to third line and then service desk staff can log calls in the morning, but just wondered if anyone does anything clever with Hornbill. Any thoughts? Thanks Chris
  24. I am searching for an ESP condition to pull through a custom field under the given scenario: In the progressive capture, I have given the customer an option to add a 'current job title' as well as a 'new job title' if applicable. I would like to pull through the new job title into an automated email, BUT if this is left blank, I would require an ESP condition to instead pull through the current job title. Is there an expression that would allow for this?
  25. Hello All, I've been thinking for a while that the BPM and Progressive Capture could really make use of an optional "Grid Guideline" feature to make it easier to view/format/display BPM and PC. I've attached a couple of images from a digital signage system we use, it feels like a simpleish feature but is so so useful. What do you think? Tom
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