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  1. Hi Some of our request forms are quite lengthy (e.g. HR recruitment) and can take some time to complete. Customers find that sometimes they lose their request part way through filling out the form due to poor network (local issues - we have many staff working from home at the moment!) If it were possible to save a request before a customer submits it, this would not only mitigate network problems that may occur during form completion, but would also significantly expand the business potential of the product. We could create far more in-depth Progressive Capture forms (e.g. questionaires, self-assessments, fully detailed change request forms, etc.) I appreciate this may require significant development work. Is this a direction Hornbill would consider for the Service Manager product? Kind regards Stuart
  2. The previous issue affecting the attachment Outlook emails from the same email trail, i.e. has the same name as an existing attachment, via the Request List, has returned. A fix was provided in an earlier build which appended a suffix to the attachment name automatically to make it unique. Cheers Martyn
  3. With the recent hardening of the Databsae Direct admin option, it is no longer possible to update requests in bulk using SQL Update commands. Unlike the other import tool for Contact/Organisations etc, the Request Import Tool only allows for the creation of new requests, not the updating of existing one. Can a Request Update Tool be implemented to allow updating of Request fields including custom fields. In our example we are wanting to retrospectively update the Resolution Categories for the last two quarters of closed requests to match our revised categories to aid with new trend analysis going forward. Cheers Martyn
  4. The Employee Portal Request Widget allow the user to view requests where they are added as a connection which is a great addition, however the "How can we help?" Search is not including requests of these type within the scope, so therefore at the moment you have to page through the Request Widget with the connections option to open the request. Cheers Martyn
  5. If people are willing, can I ask for other companies/users to share images of their homepage screens in the Employee Portal? I just wanted to get a feel for what others are doing well and if there anything that we can steal/use in our set up...I will go first and include an image of our homepage!
  6. At the moment you are not able to use the Email option when a request is on hold, but you are able to use the update option. Is this a configurable option, as there are quite often the requirement to generate an email from the request when it is on hold, even if it is to chase up the customer. In SupportWorks you can undertake a Call Update actions and email when the incident is any status other than closed. Cheers Martyn
  7. Hi, I have been asked to rename "Analyst" to "Technician" when looking at a request. I've started the translate mode, but when I try an rename it (it lets me do it within the popup): But when I click OK I get the following error: I've tried editing it in the languages section of admin but that seems to make no difference: Anyone able to advise me what I am missing? Thanks James
  8. Can I have an update on defect PM00157953 in relation to "Timesheet entries are not saved when updating a request with time spent", which was identified in October 2019. We are trying to records time spent against all our requests in Service Manager to allow analysis of effort and support ability of different products, but having inconsistent saving of time spent is meaning this data is incomplete. Thanks. Martyn
  9. We are looking to to use Board Manager for tracking Service Manager Requests which are approaching SLA targets using the Escalation Actions, however to make it more useful, we need to look at displaying some additional information on the cards for each request. Is the default card content currently configurable? i.e. so we can include additional fields from the request entity? Cheers Martyn
  10. Hello, Since I am beginning to automate some of the Asset Manager tasks, where an Asset is an Application, if I can pull the information from an Application that is "SQL" based, or has an API, I intend to update the Asset in Hornbill with the list of users with access. What would be extremely useful is to be able to define the Shared User type. This would need to be configurable, but at the moment I need to know who the Super Users are, which we can include in any reporting. Are there any plans to add this functionality to Hornbill? If not can I have this as something to be added in the future? Thanks, Samuel
  11. Hi I saw a post from a couple of years ago that seems to cover this. What we envisage is an option for the customer to share their request with another customer so they can ideally view it on the portal and receive notifications when it is updated. I'm often having to copy in various parties to keep them up-to-date with a particular request. They are normally a group of basic users who are either experiencing the same issue. This would be particularly handy where we've had several requests logged for the same issue, linked them and then just use one request to track progress to solution and keep everyone who reported the issue informed. It there anything in the pipeline?
  12. Please see the image of the questions section where the text is not displaying correctly... Ironically when booking to come to Insights!
  13. We have some requests the keep reopening themselves and emailing the analysts and the customer the resolution details over and over again (see below) The only way to stop this is to 'close' the request but this is supposed to be happening automatically, I have included our ending stage of the BPM below: The only difference between ours and the one that Hornbill has is that you have an expiry out of the suspend from the last decision, before we try adding this in we are wondering if the above should work? This issue only affects a certain number of our requests and we cannot find any pattens yet. Any help is appreciated....
  14. Hi, Is it possible to extend the list of fields available when retrieving the request details in a BPM? What I am trying to achieve is detecting if the customer has closed the request him/herself via the self service portal. The idea is to send the customer an email to tell him that: she / he did not respond in the last 3 working days so we closed the call on his / her behalf she / he has 20 days left to provide some feedback. The ultimate goal is to get people to log onto the service portal a lot more often. One of the method to do it is like so: I would like to compare Flowcodes -> Customer to Flowcodes -> Closed By? Is that something you can help me with? I am happy with another new field too! Whatever is the easiest solution really
  15. At the moment when you have the external customer on a request, the Customer summary section when not expanded only shows their name. Would it be possible to have the option to display the organisation on the heading line as well? I know we can pin the customer section down to display all the details, but that then takes up more space. Cheers Martyn
  16. Hello! At least once a day our service desk receive the below error when attaching an email to a request. The only way to do it is to copy and paste it manually into the request. Any idea how we can figure out why this is occurring? Thanks.
  17. Would it be possible to extend the Raise New button to the Email section so that we can raise jobs from this window as well?
  18. Hi, Is there a way to delete all (or some) attachments of a request, without this being visible to the customer? Reason being, we have an old request where people have not followed best practice resulting in 467 documents attached! Only 10 of them are relevant. I would like to get rid of the other 457 in a quick way (e.g. not manual) and don't want to clutter the customer's timeline. Any ideas??
  19. Hi all, Looking at the results of some of our progressive capture self-service jobs, it shows varying amounts of questions and answers before having to click to the next page to view more. Attached is an example of one question showing on its own with 7 questions on page 2. We have looked at everything structurally in the PCF that we can think of (branches, questions that are just labels, hidden things) and none seem to have any repeatable impact. Does any one know why the page breaks occur in seemingly random places?
  20. SR00039184 has not pulled any of the procap data into the request. We've been getting this every now and again for a month or so now, but we are unable replicate the behaviour in tests. Do you have any idea what might be causing this please? The BPM used in this case normally works fine.
  21. When you print a request details in Service Manager with the timeline details included, the contents of a comment made on a timeline post are not included, only the name of the person who created the comment. Can this be included please. Cheers Martyn
  22. Hi One of our staff has changed name. This means she has a new Active Directory account and through LDAP provisioning, a new Service Manager. How does she access requests she logged prior to her name change? (i.e. logged under her old user name
  23. Hello, I wold like to request for there to be more information on the Wiki regarding LDAP 3.0 As of current the Wiki isn't fully up to date with regards to the new feature so am struggling to find answers. In the meantime can someone answer the following for me: 1. In the LDAP Server tab - what does the "Types only" box do? 2. In the User Account tab, what do we put in for the Time Zone and Date Formats and the other similar fields? 3. In the User Options tab what is the "Member Of" field in the Organisations region and how does this differ from the "Value" field? Many thanks, Samuel
  24. Hi, Are there any plans to improve the search facility in Service Manager? We migrated from Supportworks to Service Manager this past weekend and I am already getting frustrated with the global search facility at the top to find requests. The search in Supportworks was far from perfect but it gave me far more options to narrow down my search/filter and it also allowed me to do some sorting on the results. This ability to sort the results doesn't seem to be available in Service Manager. By default, it seems to be sort by type and then by reference but I might want to just do by reference or by customer or owner etc. I also can't see anything like log or resolve date to limit results or a summary or description field to target my search a bit more. As such a search for a keyword like 'portal' returns 14000+ results I would quite like to configure the results view to limit/expand the info shown too. I am also seeing results for Services that I don't support which inflates the results. Is that because I am an admin? It has been mentioned to me that when linking requests the search facility there included results from services not supported by the analyst doing the search, and they did not have any admin rights. Is there a setting I can change for this? Thanks Chris
  25. Hopefully a simple question. If you are a 'Member' on a request, will you get a automatic Hornbill Notification when the request is updated, like the owner? Cheers Martyn
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